A BIG EVENT IS COMING UP! IF TIME IS RUNNING OUT… god message, god message today

my beloved child I want you to know how

deeply I care for you I long to see you

thrive and embrace the life I’ve

prepared for you your faith and trust in

me have touched my heart and I will be

with you every step of the way I have

watched you come this far guiding your

steps and placing people in your life to


blessings if you wish to multiply the

gifts talents and possessions I’ve given

you seek out those who have supported

you even those you’ve never seen SE act

selflessly expecting nothing in return

for this is the path to abundance many

have blessed you already and now it’s

your turn to show gratitude and become

an instrument of my love you understand

my heart and I know you can do it go now

assist those who occupy your thoughts

and witness how I will prosper you With

Every Act of gratitude I will multiply

your gifts open the windows of heaven

and pour blessings upon you

this beautiful attitude of recognizing

others will bring not only abundance but

also emotional and Financial Freedom

I’ll break the chains of debt provide

employment and create opportunities for

you to start Ventures you’ll become a

beacon of wisdom guiding others to your

source of prosperity in times of Trials

remember the tools I’ve given you my

word your faith your prayer and your

grateful heart take them to heart and

you’ll live Victorious even in a

troubled world honey and blessings will

flow around you and harm will not touch

you you’ll see the wicked face their

consequences while your family and loved

ones will be greatly blessed I’ll remove

thoughts of misery and laziness from

their minds instilling A Renewed desire

to grow study and bring prosperity to

humanity through their

professions those who love and obey me

are like trees planted by flowing Waters

bearing fruit in due season and their

leaves never wither this has always been

true even in challenging times do not

conform to the world’s negativity While

others predict defeat and Calamity I’ll

strengthen you to succeed amidst life

storms you’ll stand firm and your

countenance will shine today I lift you

up to carry the banner of Victory those

who oppose you will be ashamed and

you’ll have Tranquility even in the face

of struggles fear not when problems

arise nor despair when Provisions run

thin face these conflicts with courage

holding my hand and remembering the

truth you’ve embraced if you truly

believe in me lift your head high and

dive into the battle without hesitation

I fill you with courage and confidence

leading you to a land of abundance keep

your gaze fixed on my word ignoring

empty threats acknowledge me today say

it aloud I believe in you my beloved God

confess that I am your Shepherd and you

shall not want even when the earth

trembles you will rest beside Still

Waters on Green Pastures I anoint your

soul with Heavenly honey leading you

along righteous paths you will not lack

because I love you and I’ll always be

with you you know this and you possess

powerful unshakable faith it will lift

you on your worst days in the midst of

the harshest struggles your trust in me

makes your enemies falter I’ll bless

your table with peace and provision my

Commandments and guidance will

strengthen you and your face will shine

with Heavenly anointing goodness and

mercy will follow you my word will speak

to your heart and you’ll dwell in my

presence every day it’s not difficult to

believe it requires humility and

simplicity recognize your limitations

and I’ll make you stronger when you

can’t go on I’ll carry you in my arms

until you reach your goal when worries

consume you I’ll bring peace to your

mind and calm to your heart enemies May

surround you but you’ll never be alone

I’ll always embrace you with love and be

your Shield I’ll raise my sword to

defend you against the world giving you

rest you can walk confidently with a

smile reflecting peace people will see

your shining face and you’ll tell them

my almighty God my heavenly father loves

me protects me and cares for me your

faith will grow stronger and your

enemies will scream in confusion I am

listening I want my will to be fulfilled

in your life and my power to manifest in

a way that’s evident to those around you

you will be the instrument through which

I bring blessings to humanity start with

your family Inspire them to seek me more

pray for them and I will touch them with

my power healing their illnesses erasing

poverty wiping away their sorrows ending

hatred and disputes and restoring

forgiveness and Harmony peace will reign

in your home so be courageous and do not

fear share with them my grace and

faithfulness let them recognize that

Their Blessings don’t come from luck or

chance help them understand that I am

the one who blesses and sustains them

encourage them to acknowledge me in all

their ways and to place me first in

their hearts if they want

transformation my blessing is with you

and it is also with your family I desire

your home to be illuminated with my

light at night becoming a refuge for

those in need of me everyone who enters

your door will leave their illnesses

behind they will feel my presence in

their hearts and miracles will occur in

your home I have a profound purpose for

you and for all you love that purpose

will be fulfilled even if you don’t see

or understand it right now

many may have high expectations of you

but my perspective is different my

intentions are perfect and I will bless

you in such a way that you will receive

blessings more beautiful and powerful

than you or anyone else can anticipate

that’s why I ask you to pray without

ceasing seek my word align with my will

and listen to my voice in the early

morning hours I want to provide you with

the map and instructions so you don’t

walk in darkness I want you to go out in

Triumph every day not following the path

that others take succumbing to the

defeats and discouragements that this

world offers them I have come to bring

you Abundant Life if you hold on to my

hand and believe in my word my blessings

will overtake you at times problems may

seem to pile up so I ask you to give me

just a moment close your eyes and listen

to me I place my right hand on your head

cleansing your soul of all worries a

river of living water flows from my

Throne washing away all fear enemies May

surround you but I give you peace I hold

your destiny in my hands the situation

you face today is not your end remember

my words they bring healing to your body

and encouragement to your mind you will

rise from that bed of Despair and feel

transformed my Holy Spirit Embraces and

lifts you up so that no harm will befall

you your enemies know that I have placed

my my anointing on you a supernatural

blessing and with it you will conquer

the world I am renewing your purpose and

vision starting today you will see the

Affairs of this life differently you

will not be a person without motivation

and hope anxiety will not overwhelm you

when things get complicated I am giving

you the wisdom to fight so that no

emotion of defeat will ever dominate you

again I am with you you are greatly

blessed you the beautiful gifts I’ve

given you for good and treat those

around you kindly value those who have

helped place you where you are now

recognize that you haven’t achieved

everything solely through your

intelligence many people have extended a

helping hand to you they’ve opened doors

and offered

opportunities I myself have protected

you from hidden dangers thieves and


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