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my beloved child hear my voice calling

out to you I have seen the sadness

weighing heavy on your spirit the grief

that fills your songs of praise for too

long you have approached my altar with

tears of Sorrow seeking answers to unmet

longings miracles for unhealed

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till the end to feel the vibe of God

each note of your worship has echoed the

unspoken cries of your soul and though

my heart breaks to hear your pain I tell

you your days of mourning have reached

their end a new dawn is stirring within

you even now I am kindling The Embers of

joy that have laid dormant under the

ashes of your grief reigniting a flame

of Hope and promise that no Darkness can

overcome the shout of victory that is

soon to pour forth from your lips has

been building in its potency from the

first moment you chose surrender it has

gained momentum With Every Act of trust

every Whisper of Praise down through

quivering lips when you had no song left

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blessings like a stream winding its way

through resistance carving out a course

for its Waters your worship has been

making a way for this breakthrough even

when you could not see the path ahead

just as I opened Hannah’s womb after

years of barren weeping I am opening up

Springs of Life within the wastelands of


Circumstance the dreams I planted

promises I Penn over you in ages past

are ripening into manifestations before

your eyes what was once Hollow is being

filled what was once Barren is yielding

forth fruit where you have wept now you

will dance where you have labored under

the weight of possibility now you will

bask in the lightness of Victory and

accomplishment I know the moments of

your deepest dismay when every Ember of

Hope grew cold and dark I saw the

temptation to doubt to give yourself

over to resignation or despair more

times than you could ever know I caught

the words of accusation before they

could pass your lips words that said I

had left you had forsaken you when all

along I was there carrying you shaping

you loving you into

wholeness if only you could Glimpse the

scope of my Providence how intricately I

have choreographed your story how custom

I have crafted your journey not one

moment of your suffering has gone unseen

or unfelt by me I know the sting of

every wound the ache of every

disappointment because I bore them on


behalf I have tasted the bitterness of

every grief you were spared because I

intervened I have shouldered Sorrows

intended for your back though storm

clouds gathered above you I commanded

angels to hold them back until your

roots grew deep in my love I have

charted the course of your life through

suffering and lack because I saw the

astounding Masterpiece it would shape

your soul into the cries that tore

through your defenses broke my heart but

even they were

necessary tiny deaths had to preced the

expansive life I envisioned for you you

likely did not feel my presence in the

darkness but you will see my

fingerprints all over tomorrow’s Dawning

what the enemy meant to destroy you with

will become the very materials I Ed to

launch you into higher places of

influence and freedom words spoken over

you that sought to limit and diminish

will fuel a messaging that frees

countless captive Hearts the losses

meant to bankrupt you only served to

clear away lesser desires that I might

entrust you with true Eternal

riches the tragedies you wept over laid

foundations for miracles that will

Ripple through

generations type in the comment box

my beloved nothing has been wasted soon

all will stand in awe at the Mastery

with which I take the dust of your past

and reshape it into a destiny Beyond

Your Wildest Dreams the certificate of

impossibilities that limited your

identity rerouted your path closed doors

of opportunity soon I will use them to

Light My Fire of blessing and prosperity

in your life what you have endured has

qualified you for more than you can

fathom your small seed of willingness

planted in the desolate soil of

disappointment is about to burst forth

into a magnificent tree of influence

discipleship and fruitfulness

listen for the sound of shifting on your

behalf the walls erected against your

purpose are beginning to crack and

crumble systems will soon open up to

welcome the giftings I have nurtured in

you people of affluence and influence

will extend hands of favor and

partnership welcoming your vision into

rooms of

increase breakthrough that you pleaded

for is now searching for you and when it

finds you you will suddenly awake to a

realm of more than enough more open

doors than you have gifts to fill more

resources than you have projects to fund

what you have gained in obscurity will

endow you with credibility for larger

spheres the boundaries of impossibility

that hemmed you in on every side have

now become launching paths for

demonstrations of my glory beloved child

the meaning behind your suffering is

about to come full circle as I leave

lead you out of this

Wilderness leaning upon your beloved you

will never again doubt my faithfulness

or my goodness you will look back at all

you have overcome and your joy will be

unwavering in the knowledge that I was

with you through it all never leaving

never forsaking crafting Beauty even in

your Valley of

Shadows I am calling your name my


Warrior I am rousing your spirit to

Awakening lift your head above the fog

of battle weariness open your eyes to

see all that has been prepared for this

moment your extremity has become my

opportunity as you abandon yourself in

trust once more to my faithful Flawless

leadership I am taking your pathway

working stories of impossibilities and

awing the heavens with the Epic Saga I

am weaving through your

Surrender Your season of weeping has

passed already I am close clothing you

in my robe of righteousness as you

emerge from the grave clothes of your


identity the shouts of Praise that are

now rising from your innermost being are

the very Keys unlocking this new realm

though the Revelation Dawning in your

spirit overwhelms you with its vastness

do not shrink back do not withdraw into

smallness out of self-doubt do not

diminish what I am pronouncing over you

with joy you will draw water from the

wells of of Salvation I have opened up

to you as you walk forward in confident

trust the old limitations will fall away

like shackles that have lost their hold

no longer will cacophonies of lack

compete with my melody of Plenty

resounding through your soul no longer

will you cower in the corner of

self-protective fear when boldness and

courage are yours for the taking type

love you my savior lord inside you

swells a song that will shatter

strongholds of Injustice release

captives from oppression and awaken

Destinies that have laid dormant for

ages do not hold it back step forward

into the vastness I have prepared for

you with Palms open to receive the

outpouring I have stored up open your

mouth for the sound that will unlock

prison doors and topple Thrones of

iniquity I will heal wounds decades old

and steer my children clear of the

snares that have held back their

Elders Heaven stands poised at attention

awaiting the high praises from the lips

of those who know their God is mighty to

save beloved there is a shout arising

from the internal Chambers where I have

hid you protected you empowered you and

holy exchange of suffering into Glory as

you yield to my wisdom that time beloved

child has dawned and you are the


the moment moments that defined you

broke you remade you now culminate in

this breathless hour of long awaited

launch as you fix your gaze upon me Dark

Shadows of all that sought to war

against and limit my expressions of life

through you now flee strongholds of

Doubt dissolve as you allow the Deep

truth of my delight to Define you no

more wavering between two opinions when

you behold my pleasure beaming upon you

trust unfurls its leafy branches within

you bearing Rich fruit of boldness as my

perfect love permeates every defense


fears the sound of laughter and joyful

feasting resounds through our Abiding

Place together as I call you to now Lean

Back Into My Embrace allowing my

nurturing life to overflow into Barren

places within and surrounding scars

recount stories of transformation now

flowering into sourc of healing for

others journeying through parallel

wounds your Battleground becomes their

Proving Ground as you Steward victories

Hard One to equip them in overcoming The

Crucible of adversity that threatened to

crush and

diminish type one believe in you my lord

now shines as refiner fire removing draw

to reveal hidden gold my nature

reflecting true worth long disguised

under false perception

this very moment you are seizing Victory

you are forging a path through the

Wilderness of Trials the adversary

believed you would falter imagining you

vanquished before the year’s end but

rise up and Proclaim I am resilient I am

fortified I stand in unity with my Lord

Jesus Christ seated in Celestial Realms

alongside me your every struggle your

every burden you shall see them undone

their chains broken Proclaim to the

deceiver your schemes have failed your

efforts are in vain remember the walls

of Jericho how they crumbled at the

sound of triumphant

shouts it was a moment of divine seizing

a time to claim what was

promised and now I declare unto you it

is your time seize what is yours take

hold of your destiny stand firm in faith

for in me you are more than a conqueror

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blessings my dear child let’s talk heart

tohe heart you’ve been feeling

overwhelmed haven’t you it’s like a tide

of spiritual battles one after the other

and you’re left wondering why you see

this struggle this push and pull it’s

there because there’s something vital

missing your praises to me your

unshakable faith remember how the

no curse no weapon no Shadow against you

shall Prevail so raise your voice in

triumphant praise not in fear but in

certainty it’s your time to conquer not

just to

endure this victory is yours claim not

in silence but in a joyous resounding

shout of faith I sense there are those

among you questioning is this word truly

for me doubt is natural but hear me


it may not be your moment to Triumph

just yet but see yourself as I see you a

conqueror victorious in every sense your

name is etched next to words like

Victorious favored blessed beyond

measure you are beautiful magnificent a

reflection of my goodness connected to

my grace and mercy Victory becomes your

Birthright remember in my resurrection

your victory was sealed along alongside

mine you my precious child Are

Victorious and I am not just a silent

Observer I am actively backing your

faith your engagement your willingness

to listen and

believe even through this connection

it’s a testament to your faith and I am

here to support it sending angels to

guard and guide you type amen my dear

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