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my child don’t be dismayed when the

timing of my promises doesn’t align with


expectations for my ways are higher than

your ways I’m the alpha and omega the

beginning and end of all things I see

the full tapestry while you grasp at


threads this day when flames of

frustration rage around you my spirit

Whispers this delay shall protect you

While others see the and spit venom your

heart remains calm you discern that

deeper forces are at

play and you are right my

child what man deems delays I decree is

development every detour is an

opportunity to cultivate patience Grace


Trust will you learn my lessons here

while you wait or will you stubbornly

stamp your foot demanding things change

in an instant haven’t I called you to

walk by faith not sight to trust in my

infinite Vision though yours remains

limited every delay allows me to secure

protections for you along the path you

cannot see will you relinquish control

and refrain from questioning my

timing what if I desire to shift you to

another situation entirely to spare you

unnecessary turbulence will you yield to

my signals or stubbornly insist on your

current path my beloved take

heart haven’t I said my plans will

surely come to pass and will not

delay what promise of mine has failed to

reach its appointed time yet in your

Earthly existence I understand how time

moves slowly when anticipation runs

high how a day can feel like a decade

when your heart yearns

intensely you’re unable to conceive of

the intricate behind the scenes activity

during times of

delay when I delay a promise unseen to

Mortal eyes foundations are fortified to

properly sustain Monumental blessings

soon to

arrive during delays resources amass to

fuel bold Kingdom

Visions delays provide intervals to

fasten my protective armor securely

around you before launching into enemy

territory delays development

breakthrough such is my process

predictable as the seasons a seed must

crack open under Winter’s chill before


germination caterpillars must enter

cramped cocoons before emerging radiant

butterflies precious metals are purified

by fiery trials and so too must My

Children Of Promise endure necessary

delays designed to cultivate character

faith and power for divine assignments

require resilient

Messengers messages of Hope shine

brighter conveyed through broken vessels

mended by Mercy’s Golden Light listen

and understand the greater the pending

promise the deeper its roots must reach

to Anchor its towering

height deep calls to deep power calls to

power fruitful Visions require expansive

spiritual infrastructure to

flourish and so when I delay a dream I

amplify its

foundations I widen your wells of

resources I br broaden your borders of

influence I strengthen strategic

connections I ignite holy passions and

rally angels to your

cause behind curtain delays my glory is


work though invisible Realms May confuse

you take comfort that I see I guide and

I equip in secret have I not said I will

never leave you stranded trust in my

timing I do not delay my promises I

prepare my profits I do not not stall my

plans I will expand your proportions I

do not inhibit my Visions I incubate


destiny can you conceive of my Majestic

workings transpiring while you wait and

wonder why nothing is

happening but so very much is happening

precious one reams of Revelation and

wisdom pour forth equipping you richly

to Steward accelerating blessings at the


hour battalions of angels hone

strategies to clear obstacles from your

path mountains of unmar favor stack High

to thrust you into Realms of increase

streams of Living Water Bubble Up from

Deep Wells I dig in your soul prayers

amass into veritable storm clouds

pregnant with power do you see do you

understand when you feel I’m not doing

anything I’m doing everything to promote

you just because you can’t discern my

hidden activity doesn’t mean that

absolutely nothing is happening Divine

Ultra activity surges powerfully on your

behalf and so when I delay a dream’s

departure I direct your gaze to

Revelation I anchor your mind not in

what is being delayed externally but

what is being developed

internally character trust power these

require time and testing to

Blossom but how beautiful is the outcome

emerging from fiery Seasons shining like

gold heart abounding with compassion

Spirit resilient with wisdom delay

produces depth and Beauty if you let it

don’t demand justification for delays

for often reasons remain shrouded in

mystery instead pray for grace growth

and Trust the delay taught you much did

it not my

child how people reveal their private

worlds through public trial s some

hearts overflow with Grace While others

choke on bitterness when

frustrated yours remains a sanctuary of

peace and perspective allowing higher

thoughts to take root and grow you

welcome my whisper and discern my

protective purpose in a perplexing

delay others spew hostility

demonstrating how quickly Comfort

corrodes without me yes delays expose

human hearts but rapturous is the sight

of one who keeps their lamp filled with

oil even as watching Through The Dark

Night tests their

patience blessed is the one who sings

songs in the fire while the clock ticks

mockingly slow peaceful is the one who

breathes prayers and poetry while

windows fog and feet grow numb with

waiting to endure delays with hope and

trust polished to a high shine this

showcases deepest Devotion to me and how

I Rave over you my faithful one your

your devoted heart gladdens mine delays

call for different responses at shifting

seasons of life this I

acknowledge as a youth filled with Zeal

you raced impatiently towards every

Endeavor later years mellowed your

momentum as experience taught the value

of careful preparation now older wiser

and more worn you’ve learned delays can

signify imminent danger requiring

redirection yes at every age delays

demand fresh responses as contexts

change yet one constant remains delays

provide pods for my seeds of purpose to

safely germinate under your Soul’s

Tender Care attend closely now are you

listening my beloved child so weary of

waiting here comes the wind of wisdom

Beneath Your Wings regardless what

stalls the grounding of your long

awaited breakthrough while stationary

determine that increased Glory shall

germinate from its soil allow a peaceful

perspective to permeate your gaze my

delay delivers you from unseen danger

dot instead of boning its

discomforts Delight in knowing I protect

strengthen and equip you powerfully in


Realms will you perceive delays through

my loving eyes will you trust in my

infinite Vision though yours remains

Earthbound take heart beloved child

rejoice in breakthrough revelation that

launch you higher once more I am the

voice in The Waiting

Whispering all will be well I am the

energy propelling you towards promise

despite perplexing

delays I am the endless reservoir of

power pouring purpose into your pain I

am the master artist shaping Beauty from

baress Destiny from

delays I am the light of the world

illuminating your next steps through the

fog I am I am the shepherd guiding his

flock on paths they’ve never traversed

before I am the cloud by day and Pillar

of Fire by Night leading Wanderers

home I do not delay my promises I

manifest them flawlessly in my perfect

timing I do not diminish my children’s

dreams I expand them exponentially by

continually increasing their spiritual

capacity to contain more of my

glory the completion of your character

the richness of your relationship with

me your Readiness to responsibly Steward


blessings all these increase intricately

during delays designed for your

development oh precious child fret no

more over delayed dreams only soak

deeper into my love until you discern

the deeper workings at

play allow this respit to Open the Eyes

of your heart wider still you say you

want increased Revelation wisdom favor

and resources to fulfill the callings on

your life with Excellence then Embrace

delays as Rich breakthroughs primed for

future takeoff into Realms of

acceleration my dearest child as the sun

Faithfully Rises each day so too does my

unwavering commitment to your ultimate

good in these moments of pause where

your soul aches for

fulfillment remember that I am the

sculptor of time and Circumstance

do you not

see in the quiet in the Stillness there

is profound transformation taking place

within you consider the mightiest of

trees how they grow tall and strong yet

their strength is not gained in the

Swift sprouting of their

branches but in the slow steady

deepening of their

Roots so too must your faith deepen

anchoring you firmly in the soil will of

trust and surrender you are being

transformed not into what you once were

but into something more

magnificent in these times of delay do

not despair look around and see the

beauty of the present for in this pause

there is life to be lived joy to be

found and lessons to be learned embrace

the now for it too is a gift a Sacred

Space where wisdom is gleaned and kep


forged and know this my beloved that

when the time is right when your spirit

is ready when the story demands it the

next chapter will unfold in an instant

The Waiting will cease the page will

turn and you will step into the new with

a spirit matured a faith deepened a


strengthened so hold on my child hold on

with a heart full of Faith eyes full of


and a spirit full of trust for I am not

just the god of the fulfilled promise

but also the god of the journey towards

it in me you will find not only the

Fulfillment of your dreams but the

strength to endure the weight in me you

will find not only the destination but

also the joy in the

journey rest in my love abide in my

peace and rejoice in the assurance that

I am with you in the waiting and in the

receiving for in my perfect timing all

things will come together for your good

for your growth For Your

Glory remember at Journey’s End the

delay will prove powerless to deny any

promise I have uttered over you not one

word of mine will fall void Steward The

Waiting process with Grace and

expectation fortifying your foundations

for increased influence allow me to

prepare and position you strategically

for even greater impact through every

detour lean into me

trusting in my infinite Vision soon

enough you’ll soar majestically on Winds

of holy purpose towards lands of promise

for now keep building and believe

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