today I come to you to bring three

verses that have the power to transform

your lives forever if you believe I have

the power to touch your souls and shape

your Destinies don’t miss this message

these are words that have transcended

time Crossing centuries to reach you at

this exact moment allow this Divine

message to guide your steps toward the

purpose I have for each of you the first

verse is in Jeremiah

for I know the plans I have for you

declares the Lord plans to prosper you

and not to harm you plans to give you

hope in a

future these words are a reminder of the

unconditional love I have for you I not

only created you with a specific purpose

but also desire to see you thrive in all

areas of your lives Amid uncertainties

and challenges remember I have a perfect

plan for you full of Hope and Promises

in this verse I invite you to trust in

the plans I have for you it is a promise

of hope a gentle reminder that even when

circumstances seem Bleak I am working in

your favor every challenge you face is

an opportunity to grow in your faith and

draw closer to the purpose for which you


created may this truth resonate in your

hearts filling you with courage and

determination to face the days ahead my

plans are not simply a vague idea or an

abstract concept but rather a tangible

reality unfolding before you each new

day when you Embrace this truth you are

able to find peace and content

knowing you are walking in the direction

of the purpose for which you were

created the second verse is found in


I can do all things through him who

strengthens me these words are a

powerful reminder of the strength you

possess through faith in me no matter

what circumstances you may be facing

know that you are not alone I am always

by your side empowering you to overcome

any obstacle and reach New Heights you

are stronger than you imagine for my

divine power resides within you

Philippians reminds you of the

inexhaustible source of strength you

have in me in moments of weakness and

doubt it’s easy to forget the power that

resides within you however when you

surrender to my will and Trust in my

guidance you discover a strength that

surpasses your own abilities there is no

obstacle you cannot overcome no mountain

you cannot climb when you rely on me I

remind you of the strength that dwells

within you through divine power you are

not left at the mercy of circumstances

or limited by your own weaknesses but

rather empowered to overcome any

challenge life presents to you may these

words be a constant reminder that you

are not alone in your battles but

strengthened by my loving presence in

Romans it is written we know that

God works all things together for the

good of those who love him who are

called according to his purpose even in

the toughest moments know that I am

working in your favor I can turn even

the most challenging situations into

opportunities for your growth and

strengthening trust in my plan and know

that I am always working for your

benefit guiding you towards my Divine

Purpose find comfort in the certainty

that I act in all things for your good

even in the moments of greatest despair

you can trust that I am working behind

the scenes weaving the threads of your

story every tear shed every challenge

faced is part of a divine plan that

shapes and transforms you in the image

of my love in Romans you find

comfort in the promise that all things

work together for your good even in the

darkest and seemingly hopeless moments

you can trust that I am working in your

favor turning your struggles into

triumphs and your tears into Joy may

this certainty be a source of comfort

and encouragement guiding you through

life storms with confidence and serenity

always remember that you are loved

beyond words and that I have great plans

for you allow these truths to transform

your lives and lead you to the

extraordinary Destiny I have prepared

for you may these verses become more

than just Bible passages but a source of

inspiration and guidance on your Journey

of Faith may you walk with confidence

and determination knowing that I am

always by your side guiding you with

love and grace if you believe in this

message leave your


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