20 Million People Will PASSOVER….URGENT Prophetic Warning from the LORD…Prophetic Word!

my beloved children I am the one who was

and is and is to come the almighty

Eternal and everpresent

God Let My Words ReSound within the

depths of your souls for I bring forth a

message of profound truth and profound

warning hearken unto my voice for my

sovereignty extends over all creation

and none can escape the weight of my

judgment or the radiance of my

Mercy from times

immemorial I have established signs and

wonders in the Heavens to declare my

majesty and deliver proclamations to

humanity my beloved child throughout the

ages I have demonstrated my sovereignty

and Justice while also extending Mercy

to those who turn from their Wicked

Ways in the days of Nebuchadnezzar I

delivered three Faithful Servants

Shadrach m and Abednego who refused to

bow down to an idol that exalted human

desires above my holy precepts though

they face the fiery furnace I rescued

them revealing my power and the depths

of my love for those who remain

steadfast in their Devotion to me I also

called forth my servant Jonah to

proclaim a message of repentance to the

wicked city of

Nineveh though Jonah initially fled from

this task I pursued him demonstrating my

unwavering commitment to offering Mercy

to those who turn from their sinful

ways when Jonah finally obeyed and the

ninevites repented I withheld my

judgment showcasing my compassion and

desire for all to come to

repentance these stories serve as a

reminder that I am a god of both Justice

and mercy I will not allow wickedness to

go unpunished but I also Delight in

extending forgiveness to those who

humbly seek my face

my heart’s desire is for all to turn

from their transgressions and experience

the Abundant Life I have in store for

them in the days of Jonah I sent my

servant to the wicked city of Nineveh

calling its inhabitants to

repentance as Jonah approached the

city’s borders I orchestrated a

Celestial phenomenon a solar eclipse

visible from Nev’s

Gates this Cosmic event undoubtedly

struck fear into the hearts of the


when Jonah entered the city proclaiming

my impending judgment upon their

wickedness the ninevites responded with

humble Contrition donning sackcloth and

Ashes symbols of penitence and humility

they heeded my call to repentance

through Jonah’s obedience and the

ninevites repentance I demonstrated my

mercy and desire for the Redemption of

those who turn from their sinful

ways in this present age I continue to

employ the marvels of the celestial

realm to awaken Humanity to matters of


consequence it serves as a reminder of

my sovereignty over all creation and the

importance of heeding my call to

repentance as you behold the Stars

before you let it stir within you

contemplation of the deeper spiritual

meanings woven into the fabric of time

in the forthcoming season of Passover

set aside to commemorate the ancient

liberation of my chosen people

there lies a subtle echo of a grander

narrative a tale of deliverance from the

shackles of bondage both physical and

spiritual just as I once provided

Avenues of Escape for the repentant and

sheltered the faithful under the shadow

of sacrificial

protection so too do I extend my mercy

and Grace to all who earnestly seek me

with contrite hearts and unwavering

trust I urge you to maintain unwavering

vigilance and steadfast faith for in my

movements that I have ordained profound

truths and solemn warnings are encoded

awaiting those with eyes to see and ears

to hear the events that shall transpire

within this -day window and Beyond

carry weighty

implications both for the temporal realm

and the Eternal Destinies of

souls let not your hearts be troubled

for I Am The Sovereign Lord who guides

you with Infinite Wisdom and omnipotent

control though the path ahead may seem

shrouded in darkness and

uncertainty my light shall pierce

through the Shadows Illuminating the way

for those who place their trust in me

heed my voice and humble yourselves

before my

Throne cast off the shackles of Pride

and Rebellion that have bound you to the

ways of

wickedness and embrace the path of

righteousness and

repentance for as I have demonstrated

time and again my judgment is severe

upon those who defy my

will but my Mercy is boundless for those

who seek my face with contrite

hearts look to the heavens and discern

the signs I have set forth for they

Herald the unfolding of my eternal

purposes let my wonders ignite within

you a fervent desire to align your ways

with my will that you may be found

worthy to stand before me on that day

when I shall judge the Nations and

separate the wheat from the

chaff I am the Alpha and the Omega the

beginning and the end the Eternal one

who Reigns Supreme Over the vast expanse

of the

universe my words are Eternal and

immutable and my judgments are righteous

and just hearken unto my call O children

of Earth and let what I have ordained

compel you to seek me with all your

heart soul and strength for in the end

all knees shall bow and every tongue

shall confess that I alone am the Lord

The Sovereign ruler of the celestial

Realms and the terrestrial domains

embrace my Mercy while it can yet be

found and walk in the light of my truth

that you may inherit the Eternal glories

I have prepared for those who love and

rever me this is my decree spoken forth

from the Throne of Eternity let it

reverberate through the corridors of

time and ReSound in the hearts of all

who have ears to hear seek me diligently

for I am the way the truth and the life

and in me alone can true peace and

salvation be

found my beloved child just as Darkness

fell during a crucial sacrifice at

Calvary the upcoming alignment holds

profound meaning the timing of this

heavenly event is no coincidence as it

mirrors the cycles of renewal and

Redemption the celestial alignment will

Herald a time of important developments

in the world issues of Justice

accountability and Leadership will come

to the Forefront as the workings of

Power are scrutinized and

evaluated the heavens will bear witness

to these unfolding events when you

witness this Celestial wonder and hear

of the momentous events

unfolding know that they are all part of

a greater plan they are reminders of my

my enduring presence and love for all my

children Trust In the Journey even when

the path may seem uncertain for

everything has its purpose in the grand

scheme of existence remember that you

are forever held in my loving Embrace

and that my light will always guide you

through the

Shadows I am the God of Wonders the

author of redemption and the source of


wisdom my precious child for I the Lord

of of Heaven and Earth have orchestrated

the heavens as a testament to my

sovereign power and as a sign of my deep

love for

you in the alignment of stars and the

marriage of light and Shadow there are

profound spiritual truths to be

discerned by those who seek my face just

as I delivered my people from bondage in

Egypt and led them through the

Wilderness by a pillar of cloud by day

and a pillar of Fire by night so too

will I guide gu you through the

challenges and uncertainties that lie

ahead the Passover season is a sacred

time a reminder of my Covenant

faithfulness and my unwavering

commitment to your

Redemption as you contemplate the

sacrifice of the Spotless lamb let it

Point your heart to the ultimate

sacrifice made on your behalf the

precious blood shed for the Forgiveness

of your sins and the reconciliation of

your soul to

me in the midst of a world that often

seems shrouded in darkness I call you to

be a light reflecting the radiance of my

glory and the truth of my

word let your life be a Living testament

to the transformative power of my grace

as you walk in Humble obedience and

steadfast Faith as the heavens declare

my handiwork and the firmament shows

forth my glory Let The Wonder of it all

inspire you to a deeper level of trust

and devotion

for I am the god who calls forth the

Stars by name and upholds the universe

by the word of my

power no circumstance or challenge you

face is beyond my sovereign control or

my ability to work all things together

for your ultimate good and my eternal

glory in the days to come as you witness

the unfolding of events on the world

stage remember that I am the king of

kings and the Lord of Lords and that my

purposes will not be

thwarted though the nations may rage and

the rulers of the earth May conspire

against me I will have the final word

and my kingdom will endure

forever when you feel overwhelmed by the

chaos and confusion of these times find

rest and refuge in my unchanging

character and my unfailing

promises I am your rock your Fortress

and and your deliverer and I will never

leave you nor forsake you as you fix

your eyes on me and seek my face with

all your heart I will reveal myself to

you in New and profound ways I will give

you wisdom and discernment to navigate

the challenges of these days and I will

Empower you with my spirit to live a

life that glorifies me and advances my

kingdom remember that you are not alone

in this journey you are part of a vast

and Eternal family united by faith in me

and love for one another encourage and

exhort one another bearing each other’s

burdens and spurring one another on

toward love and good deeds and when the

final day comes and I return in power

and great Glory you will stand before me

with confidence knowing that your

Redemption has been secured and your

Eternal future is assured my beloved

child hold fast to the hope that is

within you and let your light shine

brightly in a world that desperately

needs to see a reflection of my love and

grace I Am With You Always even to the

end of the age and my love for you knows

no bounds may your heart be filled with

joy and peace this Passover season and

may you experience A Renewed wonder and

awe at the unfolding of my Cosmic Plan


Redemption my cherished one as you

witness the Marvels in the heavens above

let your your heart be drawn into deeper

contemplation of the spiritual realities


signify for just as the celestial bodies

move in Perfect Harmony according to my

grand design so too are the events of

your life and the world around you

unfolding in accordance with my


plan in the alignment of the stars and

the interplay of light and darkness

there are profound lessons to be learned

about the nature of my grace and the

power of my

Redemption just as the darkness of night

gives way to the radiant Dawn so too

will the shadows of sin and suffering

ultimately be dispelled by the

triumphant light of my

love during this sacred Passover season

as you remember the Deliverance of my

people from bondage and the sacrifice of

the Spotless lamb let your heart be

filled with

gratitude in a world that often feels

engulfed in chaos and

uncertainty I call you to be a Beacon of

Hope hope and a messenger of my truth

let your words and actions be a

reflection of my character and a

testament to the transformative power of

my spirit at work within

you as you navigate the challenges and

trials that lie ahead trust in my

unfailing love and my infallible wisdom

for I am the god who works all things

together for the good of those who love

me and are called according to my

purpose no weapon formed against you

shall prosper and no scheme of the enemy

can thwart my plans for your

life when the storms of life rage around

you and the Darkness seems overwhelming

remember that I am your everpresent help

in times of trouble I will be your

shelter and your strength your comfort

and your guide lean into my Everlasting

Arms and find rest for your weary Soul

as you fix your eyes on the wonders of

the heavens and Ponder the mysteries of

my creation let your heart be filled

with reverence and awe for the same God

who set the stars in their courses and

upholds the universe by his mighty power

is the one who has engraved your name

upon the palms of his hands and holds

you close to his

heart in the days to come as you witness

the unfolding of my plans and purposes

on the earth remember that you are a

vital part of my eternal

story I have called you to be a light in

the darkness a voice of Hope in a world

filled with Despair and a living

embodiment of my love and

grace as you walk in obedience to my

word and surrender your life to my will

I will Empower you with my spirit and

equip you with every good thing you need

to fulfill your god-given

destiny trust in my timing my provision

and my perfect plan even when the path

ahead seems uncertain or

unclear keep your eyes fixed on the

horizon of my return for the day is

coming when every wrong will be made

right every tear will be wiped away and

every knee will bow in worship before my

Throne on that glorious day you will

enter into the fullness of my presence

and the joy of your Eternal inheritance

my cherished child I am the Eternal one

the Weaver of Worlds the sculptor of

souls with meticulous care I have shaped

every facet of your existence pouring my

boundless love into each delicate

detail as the tides of turmoil surge

across the earth I stand as your

unwavering anchor though the tempests of

War disease and suffering lash against

the shores of your life do not allow

despair to erode your faith amidst the

birth pangs of a world in transition I

am orchestrating a glorious unveiling

the present tribulations are but

fleeting Shadows soon to be dispersed by

the radiant Dawn of my eternal Kingdom

in that realm of unending Splendor every

wound will be healed every sorrow

transmuted into unbridled Joy arise my

beloved and prepare your hearts for the

sands of time are swiftly falling align

your priorities with the Eternal

shedding the encumbrances of temporal

Pursuits speak forth truth with courage

allowing my words to flow through you

embody the wisdom and character of

Christ in every interaction fostering

Unity among my people you’re a true

citizenship rooted in my eternal Kingdom

invest in the imperishable treasures of

serving me and loving others for therein

lies the true measure of a life


I impart to you a peace that surpasses

the grasp of human intellect a joy that

bubbles up from the Wellspring of my

presence within you

human history is Shifting the

foundations of worldly power crumbling

beneath the weight of my impending

glory for those with eyes attuned to the

Eternal the signs of my advancing

kingdom are

unmistakable yet even as the Tempest

rages anchor your soul in the unshakable

promises of my

word do not let the chaos and confusion

of your Earthly Journey discourage you

my beloved every twist and turn every

trial and Triumph is ordained by my hand

before the foundation of the

world as you relinquish control and lean

wholly upon my grace you will discover

the effortless flow of a life

surrendered to my

purposes pour your energy into the

furthering of my kingdom store up for

yourselves Treasures that will endure

Riches of the spirit accumulated through

humble acts of love and service rendered

in the secret place seen only by your


father as the dawn of this new era

approaches never forget that you are a

vessel Chosen and consecrated for my

purposes a living Epistle of my grace to

a world shrouded in

darkness plant your feet firmly upon the

Bedrock of my unchanging word for it is

a lamp to guide your steps and a light

to illuminate your

path as my ambassador on the earth you

are called to embody Kingdom virtues in

every facet of your

life be a living demonstration of a

different way of being a witness to the

transformative power of my love where

Division and strife threaten to tear

apart the fabric of community step in as

agents of

reconciliation sowing seeds of peace and

understanding as the final pages of this

age are being written and the hour of my

appearing draws near

let your hearts be filled not with

trepidation but with a holy

anticipation stay alert keep watch for

the hour of my return will come like a

thief in the night live each day as a

precious gift in joyful surrender to my

perfect plan know this my child nothing

in all creation can separate you from my

love my love for you is a consuming fire

an unquenchable Blaze that will never

never dim or fade you are mine forever

and always held fast in the grip of my

unfailing grace so take heart lift up

your head and fix your eyes on the glory

that is to come until then my beloved

walk in the light of my countenance

abide in the shelter of my presence and

rest in the Assurance of my unfailing

love amen

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