11:11 God Says: You Will receive MILLION DOLLARS After Listening To This… God Message Today

God is saying to you today my precious child today I want you to know that I

have always been with you I have shared in your Joys and Sorrows seen your successes and your

failures I know every step you take and understand the burdens you

carry I have always noticed every moment of your life I have always wanted the best for

you even when you might not have noticed like this video If you

believe now I ask you to let me be a part of your life invite me into your heart and let

me fill it with happiness blessings and joy let me be your safe place when life

becomes too hard it doesn’t matter how long you felt distant or how often you’ve doubted my

presence my love for you is unchanging I am here patiently waiting ready to

come into your life if you just open your heart to me do you trust me my

child type if you trust God I want to be your constant support

to help you through tough times and celebrate with you in happy moments even though daily challenges

might distract you and delay our connection please let me into your heart

let me show you how much I love and care for you with me in your life I can change it

heal your deepest wounds and bring you peace even in chaos you don’t have to feel

alone come close to me when you feel overwhelmed trust me with your worries

and rely on me when making tough decisions seek my wisdom I will always

be here to live listen to you from morning till night at every moment of your life even in the quiet of the

night I want to guide your way and watch over you but you must truly believe in

me I am your life your future your strength and your

protector believe that you will receive the Miracles that you currently cannot

see expect Wonders that your eyes cannot yet Witness

you might think your faith is weak but that small amount of faith is all I ask of you and it is enough to continue

receiving my Abundant Blessings type to receive

Miracles no matter how big your mistakes or how great your faults I am here

listening to your prayers and my forgiveness is always ready for

you you are valuable and dearly loved

don’t let feelings of guilt or regret convince you otherwise or keep you away

from me my Mercy is endless and my grace is

always ready to warmly welcome you in my love you’ll find peace comfort

and blessings that’s why I’m a child I’m asking you now to

think don’t hesitate to open your heart to me well lies ahead will bring happiness

not sadness I understand some may find it hard to believe but trust me if you

donate super thanks of $ in jesus’ name you and your family will receive

longlasting health happiness Financial stability and

peace believe me sometimes doing small things can make a big

difference I I know life can sometimes feel overwhelming and the challenges

ahead might seem too hard to face but remember I am always right

there with you I won’t let you get stuck nor will I let go of your hand during tough

times I’ll guide you to Peaceful loving places on our

journey just give me a chance in your life and let me be a part of everything

you do don’t ignore my advice avoid looking for happiness in

temporary shallow things because I promise you that path leads only to

difficulty and sadness now open your heart to me and

let me transform your life let my grace reach you filling you

with peace and joy for in me you will find a true

sincere love that goes beyond all your expectations and will never leave

you open the doors of your heart now and let me in let me be your companion in life your

safe haven your strength when you are weak don’t be afraid to move forward and

don’t keep thinking about past mistakes type God is my strength to

embrace his love these hard times will come to an end and you will feel peace in your

heart again you have acted in good ways and I see

this I am here to reward those who do good remember I am your

God I knew you even before you were born the challenges you face are there

to make your belief in me stronger more solid like I make the storms in nature

quiet down I will calm the storms in your life even better don’t think that I have forgotten

about you I’ve told you before you are safe with

me I Am All About Love Peace fairness and

kindness I am here for you and things will get better you will smile again feel peace

and realize that it was all my work in your life hold on to the promises and feel

the peace I bring I love you I am taking away your feelings of

being alone I am covering you with my endless love so you don’t feel lonely ever

again your faith and thankful heart make me very happy now I want to ask you do you love

me my child pray to me again

I want to hear your voice it is precious to me I miss it when you call me your

father when you tell me you love me remember you have not forgotten the

tough place from which I rescued you you have kept your courage your

willingness to believe and keep moving forward I reached up to you and saved

you when you were about to fall my child stay with me till the end

of this video message because I really want to talk to you I changed your heart and made you

different through my love and faithfulness you have overcome many

challenges your successes and escapes from danger were not done by your

strength alone I want you to recognize this to really understand and accept

it being close to me is where you find the true Joy you need right

now in your thankfulness and humility you will unlock great blessings avoiding

the troubles you faced before when your weaknesses were exploited and you met with

failure I was there with you and you remember that today I see how thankful you

are type thank you God for everything I know you realize you need

me you long for my presence you seek me because you know I’m here to enrich your

life with blessings go back to the path that leads you away from

disaster take my hand remember how I saved you from great

danger before with my hand in yours surrounded

by my care and protected by my love you won’t be harmed so keep in mind what what I have

told you I miss hearing your quiet prayers and conversations with

me the passion in your voice and the love in your prayers bring me a lot of

Joy it warms my heart to see that I am the most important to

you I am very happy when I see you have left behind Disobedience and

pride feel the Divine warmth growing inside you and be filled with my

presence face today’s challenges expect many wonderful

things tell me you believe in me and love me deeply when you feel sad call out to

me when fear takes over your faith shout my name talk to me share your deepest

thoughts say Jesus I trust in you

I will quickly come to comfort you I will strengthen you with my spirit

make you feel more capable and remind you of my love your life and your family’s lives

are safely held in my care when you face things that you can’t

discuss with anyone else when you are filled with doubts and seek answers that

no one else can provide ask me take a moment come to me and

listen please subscribe to this channel of God so that you can talk to God every

day as you listen to me I will take your hand and guide you to a beautiful pool

of clear water where the light from my gaze reaches deep into your heart I see so many things you keep

hidden things you need to share tell them to me I understand you

you let go of all your secrets together we will throw them into

the deep sea and forget them forever and if you ever feel too tired

to fight stay here rest in my arms I will fight for

you I want our relationship to grow stronger every

day I want you to be so sure of me that every morning you wake up feeling my my

presence with you everywhere you go the dream you’ve been holding on to

is about to come true get ready great blessings and new

opportunities are coming your way you’ll meet new friends who bring

positivity into your life and move away from those who criticize and try to pull

you down they plot against you but I want peace and calm for you

I don’t want you to feel alone find friends who support your growth not those who mislead

you when you need help you call me and I

answer right now you’re hearing my voice and these words will stick with you

whether spoken or read I keep writing to you the sound of my voice strengthens

and encourages you letter by letter my teachings are deep in your

heart tell me who can hurt you if anyone tries tell me their

name come into my presence close your eyes kneel down and pray for

them they are lost in darkness and wrongdoing forgive those who chase you

and those who threaten you I will take care of your

enemies but keep your heart good don’t hold on the

anger I don’t want any bad words or judgments to come from you I’ve talked to you many

times you’re becoming more sensitive your spiritual vision

clearer now you can truly see and feel that I love you in my book I have your name and

beneath it all your your prayers and requests are written down be strong and courageous and

remember my timing is always right when you’re in trouble I answer

you when you’re in danger I protect you when you need help I am there for

you type God is with me I have given you my support forever

for your family and all your gener ations don’t be

afraid I am here with you my beloved child I am the ultimate solution for all

your problems both physical and emotional I want your faith your honesty

your obedience your patience your determination and your unwavering

dedication to me to my teachings and to being in my presence

listen carefully to my guidance trust obey and be

patient don’t worry about the future your job is to keep

going follow my lead and leave everything in my care I am your father and your

God therefore the days I give you are not meant for worry if you choose not to trust me in

giv into anxiety you hurt my love you bring sadness to your spirit

and sickness to your body I know there are times when you’re tired and unsure of The Next Step

feeling unsteady but I’ll always be there to remind you that I’m not here to

judge I’m also your friend today I want to share words that

bring hope and strength to your heart I want to remind you that my love

for you is stronger than any challenge you might face put your trust in me and you will

witness my power performing wonders in your life hand over your worries dreams and

desires to me and you will be amazed by my kindness and mercy today feel the peace of my

unchanging love and loyalty walk with the knowledge that I

am with you every step of the way on your destined path I hold you dear my

child believe in The Amazing plan I have for your life and watch as a grand

Miracle unfolds before you your tough times and challenges will

soon pass don’t lose heart your courage will be rewarded my

beloved I won’t judge or blame you for what you share

your secrets are safe with me I sacrificed my life for you so I

could offer you forgiveness I don’t want you to be consumed by worry stress or fear any

longer I have spoken to you many times to bring you peace and

Assurance letting worries overwhelm you can hurt your health and affect your

family if bad news shakes your faith you will open the door to defeat and

sadness I am not upset with you nor do I plan to punish

you you face many challenges but because of my love I promise to turn every

difficulty into something positive so do not be afraid and feel

free to talk to me I am here to share my plans with you

to guide you and to provide you with the wisdom to make make wise choices about your

future now is not the time to waste your days or neglect careful planning for

your future now more than ever as you are close to achieving great things I want

you to know how much I love you I hope you live a life filled with

peace knowing that both your present and future are safe with me when I say you will be blessed I

truly mean it your blessing is on its way and it will be here

soon I ask you to welcome all the good things I am sending to you with open arms and a humble

heart start each day thinking about my words let them lift your spirit and help

you forget your worries and fears forever your faith is real my power is

extraordinary your prayers are powerful and will lead to the results you

want begin your day with hope for better things instead of dwelling on the

bad trust that I will answer you moreover let light into your house

open your windows and let in the sunshine dear friends we really need

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thanks donation in jesus’ name even $ can make a big

difference your support means a lot and keeps us going sharing God’s

message thank you so much and may God bless you with love and

joy amen reach out to me and I will fill your heart with my

presence remember my teachings and push away all feelings of

sadness don’t hold on to anger or resentment I do not want such feelings

in your heart and you should not keep them there either do not dwell on them speak of

them or repeat them ignore any rumors in Gossip Others

May spread they do not define who you are in this world you will face a lot of

negativity remember you are meant to be different and stay that way

do not let negative people into your life or home they might try to share their worries with you which are neither

your concern nor your benefit focus and stay strong in what

you are doing in your hopes dreams and Faith be steadfast and courageous moving

forward like a loyal Soldier Fearless sometimes all you might see are

problems but I see a group of angels that I have sent to protect you listen carefully pay attention to

what I say and ignore hurtful words trust me today you will receive a

great blessing filled with my power love and

peace I love you let my will guide you as you move forward concentrate on your goals in

align with my plans my intentions for you include peace

health and prosperity for you and your loved ones when you ask for something I am

here to provide put me first in everything you do immerse yourself in my

teachings dive into this sea of Hope strength and

confidence I’ll be with you on this sacred Journey you’ll walk confidently

step by by step without doubt or fear I always have something better

planned for you every challenge is an opportunity to demonstrate your faith and

courage when you are confused or worried refer to my teachings sit quietly and

listen my spirit will come to you giving you wisdom so you know what to

do when times are hard and problems are near fear no longer has a place in your

heart you will see there is a solution to every problem you

face I am the captain of your ship guiding you to a safe harbor full of

blessings even when storms are strong and winds are Fierce Don’t Be Afraid

just believe stand firm and you will stay above

water any frightening news you hear will not affect you it has no control over

you I am also removing your anxiety which fills your mind with doubt and

fear stealing your peace now is your time to live well your

moment to be joyful as arrive today I am holding your hand showing you

the strength you possess which is even greater than you realize especially

under my care I give you the power to achieve all the wonderful dreams you

have you are being prepared to be a champion who wins every battle because

my spirit is with you my angels are beside you stand with faith and courage as

Triumph and incredible blessings are on their way to you you have given your heart to me with

all its honesty and Faith be confident of my deep love for

you I won’t let you falter today I am your strength giving you a

lasting Spirit to face upcoming challenges move forward confidently

knowing I am with you whether you see me or feel my presence declare Yourself Strong and

victorious in your struggles my Divine Essence will energize you providing you

with renewed strength patience intelligence tranquility and clear

thinking I will remind you of the wonderful promises written on your heart

driving away those spiritual foes as my cherished child always feel

loved and embraced by me yet I also speak to you as a warrior

for you are not a victim or overcome by fear my words are your armor

strengthening your hands to wield your sword effective ly in battle ensuring your

Victory type amen if you believe in God and share this wonderful video with

seven people who believe in God to receive blessings and

miracles the days when fear made you Retreat are over now is a time for change listen to

my guidance and recognize who you really are a person of deep love and great

bravery you do not b back down from your challenges like others might you are

strong and unique you move forward with determination knowing that with my love

and power you need nothing else to win you don’t have to wait for years

months or days to stand with faith and seek your joy today is the day to pay attention to

what I am saying to you I am reaching out to you urging you to take my my hand and proceeded with

confidence approach those doors for I will open them step into the new chapter of joy

peace abundance and prosperity that I have prepared for you this is the truth and it will

happen I am always with you but you must first confirm your belief in

me say it out loud write it down I want to hear your

affirmation listen to me completely with true faith and soon your soul will find

calm and your heart will be at peace I am always next to you even

during times when you feel stuck or that your life isn’t moving forward while time continues to pass and

you may not see progress know that I am right there with you waiting for you to

recognize my plan and my word my precious child always remember that

you are surrounded by my love and embrace think of me as a brave leader

guiding you for you are not helpless or controlled by fear the words I share are like a suit

of armor giving you the strength to fight your battle successfully and Achieve

Victory fear no longer has a hold on you pushing you into hiding

instead Embrace this time of change listen to my advice and see your true

nature a person filled with immense love and bravery you do not run from your

challenges like others might you are strong and unique you walk with purpose knowing my

love and strength are all you need to win there’s no need to wait any longer

to start living bravely and chasing your joy my dear child before this month ends I

will show you how much I care surrounding you with my kindness I will hear your sincere

prayers and surprise you by giving more than you ask for helping you more than you think and blessing you beyond what

you imagine the wonderful things I have planned for you are huge and

beautiful don’t let doubt or fear stop you from accepting the blessings I have

for you I’ve forgiven and lifted you up clearing your

past you deserve love don’t hesitate to accept what I’m

offering don’t turn away from the joy and satisfaction waiting for

you don’t close yourself off from the happiness or from receiving the things

you’ve sincerely prayed for in truly need I will bless you bringing freedom

and filling your life with joy and plenty so you can share these gifts with your family and

others I appreciate those who give happily help the needy and support the

less fortunate I’ve given you a lot and will continue to give

more but if you keep your blessings to yourself and don’t share them they will

lessen and vanish true blessings are only truly understood by those who receive them

them I give you seeds to plant Grace to grow them intelligence to nurture them

strength to gather them and wisdom to make them Thrive being blessed by your heavenly

father is something you desire but you must be ready to seek me give me your

heart and get rid of any sense of defeat in your life don’t let anyone tell you that

these Miracles are for you you are my child I love you deeply no

one can separate you from me yet you struggle with BS that steal

your joy let go of these negative thoughts I’ve saved you and will bless you in my

own way without needing anyone’s approval I love you just as you are even

as you strive to improve don’t look to others for what I can provide

I am talking to you I am the true faithful and everlasting

God my blessing I have promised you my word I have declared and I will make it

happen because I love you listen to my word stay firm until

the end here and cherish these wonderful things I want to share with

you I am in control no detail escapes me when troubles come your feelings stir

your mind automatically worries but from today don’t be

disturbed it’s unnecessary though it may seem that

situations defy my plan everything is falling into place like a

puzzle all will be well my blessing won’t be delayed it’s coming

fast don’t be fooled by what you see it’s time to think differently

Don’t Fear the Future my promise is with you everything will work out well for

those who love me just like you do I will raise you up and guide you on

the right path just let me calm your worries listen to my words and think about them

as you prepare to rest let my peace my calm and my

heavenly quiet fill your heart focus on the good in your life for

you have many blessings that make you happy but when problems arise your focus

might shift keep me in your thoughts to prevent this and when you face tough times look

ahead and see a different peaceful future coming your way God says Dear beloved child I’ve

provided you with everything so why are you feeling unsure

sure about giving could you please donate $ in my

name this is how I want to see you my dear child keep trying be

brave my help is all you need I love you deeply accept and

believe it I’ll say it again I love you and from

this day on you will see these words written in the sky and the clouds

the sun will mark them on your walls as each day begins the birds will sing them to you

joyfully even in the SC of beautiful flowers you will sense

them embrace my words feel their energy as they resonate with your

soul only in my presence can you feel this Divine emotion you now

experience you will rise from here and as you go about your daily tasks it will

stay in your heart like a flame burning away sadness insecurity every

nerve-wracking fear you and your family are in my

hands listen I won’t leave you alone in this situation I don’t want you to react in

anger towards anyone I will Ure you emerge triumphantly from all these

trials that’s why I urge you to seek me to pray to embrace the peace I offer and

to be still I’ll unveil my plans to you and Signal the right

time I will place in your hands the glowing sword of my mighty

word I will notify you when it’s your time to take action I will accompany you you will

face no defeat that day will indeed arrive but

for now I’m asking you to look for me in prayer await my cue not to worry to

accept my peace and to remain calm

amen you reach out for my Aid knowing I cherish you and my promises stand

firm certainly I will assist you rest with ease approach life with

the steadfastness peace and joy that come from no knowing your heavenly father is

Forever by your side even in times of Frailty when you

feel you’ve stumbled be assured that even when things don’t go as planned and

you hear my grace is boundless my Mercy endless I didn’t let you down before I

won’t fail you now when you’re most in need when your heart aches when your spirit

weeps wake up each morning filled with hope listen to my words again to find

the strength to face your day trust me when I say there’s a future

filled with peace and joy waiting for you hold on to my love and live with all

your might you need to live to continue to persevere through

challenges focus on the Promises I’ve made to you don’t lose heart when difficulties come don’t give into

despair when problems surface and remember your courage and my

presence when threats Lo if people scorn you believe with all

your heart in my truth this year is significant for you

from the lessons you’ve learned great spiritual and eternal wealth will

emerge I plan to bless and prosper you because you are dearly

chosen reach out to me in prayer humble your heart and earnestly present your

requests daily rejoice in being with me and I will

fulfill the noble desires deep within you I’m glad you’ve heard these

words I understand you’re taking your life and responsibilities seriously this

year hold on to that thought and don’t let it slip away this moment is yours grasp it for

yourself and your loved ones I promise to bless you in front of

others you might seem strong on the outside but I see your heart and feel

your pain it’s okay to cry when you need to my love for you is

steadfast When Storms rage when life gets complicated when unexpected

challenges arise and when others hurt you remember I have always loved

you I love you now and I will keep loving you no matter

what this truth is vital for you to embrace I’ll keep reminding you

Whispering my love gently throughout your day and at night while you

sleep each morning as you wake you’ll notice a difference you’ve spent years working

hard giving your all dedicating yourself to people who may not have appreciated

your efforts but hear this essential truth continue

to love and persevere to bless those around you because you are dearly loved

by the creator of the universe my love surpasses any affection

or acknowledgement you could receive from others despite their failures Remember My Love Remains

unwavering my love for you is steadfast and eternal always yours and no one can

take it away you mattered greatly to me let that be your Solace when you feel weary

believing your strength is depleted and your efforts seem

fruitless I always have something greater planned for you each challenge you faced is an opportunity to

demonstrate your faith and courage when you feel puzzled or

troubled turn to my teachings sit quietly and listen

my spirit will visit you granting wisdom so you’ll know how to

proceed when times are tough and problems arise do not allow fear a place

in your heart you’ll discover there is a solution to every issue you

face I am the captain of your ship steering you to a safe harbor filled

with blessings even When Storms hit hard and winds seem strong enough to knock you

down do not fear here just believe stand firm and you’ll stay

afloat disturbing news you hear won’t harm you it has no power over

you sail on like a child full of trust looking up with innocent eyes feeling

secure in the arms that hold it similarly trust in and envision The

Joy coming your way the peace you are receiving today and the moment you’ll

receive all the wonderful things you’ve requested from me the skies above and the earth below

may disappear but my words will last forever they never lose their power they

are alive eternally cling to them whenever you’re afraid say them aloud and you’ll feel

their strength it’s time to stop blaming

yourself if you can’t meet everyone’s expectations it’s

okay spend some time with me and let me handle those tough people for

you keep praying and stay strong I will take care of what you

need no more making promises to others or getting tangled in

debts I will help you resist the urge to always say yes which can let some people

take advantage of you don’t let the unfair judgments of others weigh you

down I am not judging you I have already forgiven you why keep suffering overlies others

create to bring you down there is no condemnation for those

who have invited me into their lives who regret their wrongdoings leave behind their past

faults and permanently avoid negative influences and insincere friends

I promise you a life free from guilt and a soul that is clean this is the greatest Miracle you

could ask for accept and anticipate everything else you need will come your

way freedom from debt unity in your family enough for your daily needs the

chance for a meaningful job and the pride that comes with honest

work these are the gifts I long to give you accept this wonderful Miracle of

Love in Your Heart today declare with all your heart that you trust in me and feel the Holy Spirit

completely filling you I care for you face today with

courage and confidence for I will do amazing things in your life start the day with joy get up with

enthusiasm and walk proudly because your Victory is closer than you

think I’m giving you the peace you asked for in prayer you wanted patience now I

add wisdom you asked for courage and I give you divine

strength I’m granting you strong faith to move toward your Victory you will

achieve it don’t worry your goal is near stay focused keep your eyes on the

prize and don’t get distracted now is the time to fight with all your

might heart and Faith now is the time to face your fears

and limitations the blessings I’m sending are not just for you I’m also thinking

of your family I am building a protective shield around everyone you love even those who

don’t want to acknowledge or speak to you but their thinking will change I

will make sure of it soon they will come back to your home

Guided by my hand the division in your family will end I will remove all

Discord forgiveness will be restored and unity will

prevail I can change you so that your family can see that my power is

real even though the world may attack them for their faith even though people

may say I don’t exist and that I can’t and help you believe me now that my glory will show in your

home your neighbors will see my light at night and angels will light up every

corner of your house people will be amazed by the Supernatural and miraculous things that

happen in your home many people will come to you and you will lay your hands on

them when you pray I will heal the sick solve their problems and heal their

wounds you might feel like you are being attacked as if everyone is trying to

bring you down but trust that I will lift you up even among your relatives there will

come a time when they will look up to you regret their actions and

cry and you will forgive them just as I forgive you will offer them your love

but be careful with your heart protecting it from more hurt give your heart to me instead I

will protect it nothing bad will happen to you stand up today look ahead with hope

because I am sending many blessings your way and toward your family but I need your commitment you

will seek me you will follow my commands and you will let me do what I plan to do

through you you will let me use your voice to spread my message you will let me use

your hands to heal those who are hurting and to free those who are trapped you have enough faith for me to

perform miracles in your life I know I can count on you and you

can approach me with confidence anything good pure and

positive that you ask from me I will give to you I have a book that is always open

and in it I write today that you and I have renewed our agreement that you have chosen to serve and trust in me and that

I love you and will do wonderful things with you this is already guaranteed by my

sacrifice and my coming back to life now make your decision to sign this

agreement with dedication and love you have my firm promise in this

life you will succeed with your humble spirit and your faith you will get past the tough

times I am your God you are my Champion you serve me with all your

heart and I will not let you down keep your guard up stay

alert I will assist you but your mind and your spirit must be prepared and

alert you have told me that you think there is no rest for you but you must

Trust and come to me when you feel troubled I will help you find

rest do not let your worries take away your faith or your peace the enemy does not rest they try

to make you fall setting traps to weaken your spirit and make you give up your

faith this has always been the case but I watch over you and protect you from

the attacks of your enemies even when you sleep you might feel the harsh and violent

struggle yet you have also gone through big battles without even realizing

it I defend you in the spiritual realm fighting against evil

forces they won’t get close when they try to harm you you are deeply favored

and have a big advantage over those who oppose you because I am with you I’m your heavenly father all

powerful and unbeatable don’t see your problems as bigger or stronger than

me don’t let tough times corner you or crush your spirit Don’t Be Afraid when you hear

their shouts or threats stay steadfast in your

belief avoid doubt and complaints do not speak negatively about

this Divine love that holds you so dearly and wants the best for

you even when you feel weak or if you’ve stumbled cling to your faith because my

forgiveness is available to you when you come back to me turning away from

sin no enemy can overpower you when you are under my protective

care listen closely grasp my words and learn from

them I am your God your Redeemer the one who forgives your mistakes and purifies

your heart I have overcome those who accuse you rescued you from Despair and filled

your mouth with songs of Thanksgiving I am real as you’ve

experienced when you kneel and talk to me extraordinary things

happen I will support you through the toughest times and even when storms rage and

strike you hard you will find Refuge in my affection safe from Harm’s

reach you won’t be trapped in sadness if you’re feeling overwhelmed

now if fighting seems pointless hold on to me tightly ignore the criticisms and

attacks from others keep holding on to me and don’t let go nor be swayed by

fear in the entire universe there’s no love deeper than than mine for

you nor is there anyone else who can save and free you from the repercussions

of your wrongdoings the harsh and unjust criticisms of so-called friends or the

shame imposed On You by family members today they try to knock you down

but I’ll lift you up right in the middle of your family the time is coming when they’ll

see the truth regret their actions and cry over the hurt they’ve caused

you you’ll forgive them just like I forgive but you won’t let them close

enough to break your heart again give your heart to me

instead I’ll protect it and keep it safe this is your day to Stand

Tall look ahead with hope because I’ve got many blessings in store for you and

your loved ones but I need you to commit to me

seek me follow my commands and let me guide your life I want to use your voice to spread

my message your hands to heal and free those who are suffering your faith allows me to do

amazing things in your life I trust you and you can trust in

being in my presence ask for anything that’s good

pure and uplifting and I’ll give it to you you picture a book where I’m writing

about us today renewing our promise to each other that you choose to serve and believe in

me I love you and I will do incredible things through you backed by my

sacrifice and coming back to life now it’s your turn to agree with

dedication and love remember this you will overcome and

succeed in this life with your humility in faith despite any challenges I’m your God

you’re my warrior you serve me with a whole heart and I will not fail

you do not let your guard down stay

alert I will help you but your mind and soul must be ready and

awake you have told me that you feel there is no rest for you but you must trust in come into my

presence when you are troubled I will help you find

rest do not let your distress take away your faith or your peace you are aware of this I am steady

and observe your efforts your willingness to follow my guidance and pursue what is

right I recognize your deepening faith and even when you don’t see all my

answers your devotion remains firm I compare you to my Faithful Servants

from the past those early Believers filled with my spirit who endured thefts

persecutions imprisonments whippings and pain yet remained

unbroken you were like them you have seen my glory in your life realize that

I am the way the truth in your life you know that Miracles are real

that super natural events happen in the Heavenly Realms we will face Fierce battles

together and come out Victorious so you may receive even greater

blessings I will always be true to you even if you stumble I will give you

extra strength during hard times so you won’t fall I won’t let any challenge be too

much for the strength I give you if I allow a problem I’ll also provide the

solution if I lead you down a path I’ll show you the way

out when you feel trapped hold this firmly in your heart if you make a

mistake I won’t reject you or destroy you I understand you don’t want to live

in wrongdoing forever just as you’ve turned away from Bad actions and repented I will give you the same

commitment and endurance that my Apostles had those who saw me in person

and now witness my true nature greatness and the Marvels I

perform I know you understand me my blessing is on your

spirit I plan to do incredible things with you your age doesn’t matter your

spirit will always stay young what’s important is your strong

faith and your Readiness to stand firm when I call you even when difficulties come you will

succeed opening doors and breaking down barriers set against

you a beautiful Spiritual Awakening is happening in your

family you are living in significant times and many people are curious about

the secrets of my return however they often don’t

genuinely look for me in their hearts I will share my love only with

those who truly believe in me and are honest those who are not afraid to devote their soul to me spread my

teachings and dedicate their lives to this message and the love of

others this is the important message that I am planting within you listen carefully to this message

remember this moment where you are and what time it is stand tall and gaze into the

distance I intend to use your life to extend my glory far away to places

you’ve never been where you will your languages you do not know even so I will be there with you

and my holy spirit will work through you and your family a spiritual renewal starts within

you today you will see changes in your life a better financial situation and more

love in your heart I know about the challenges you face your hard efforts and your feelings

of Despair I am so moved by your situation that I cry along with

you remember I too suffered and Shed My Blood on the cross so that you could

live a joyful and fulfilling life you are carrying a weight of guilt

that you don’t need to your heart is clean and

simple life does not have to be so hard you are not to blame for all your

troubles you’ve just been trying to do what is right you’ve made promises but sometimes

people expect too much from you you’re under a lot of pressure and

those demanding things from you do not show Mercy stop blaming yourself stop feeling

bad if you can’t meet their demands I have loved you you I love you

now and I will always love you dive into my words absorb them and

let them be engraved on your soul never to be forgotten don’t doubt my love it is

unwavering feel not abandoned I have always valued you I have acted on your

behalf and I trust you remember this the words I speak to

you now will stick with you each day you will remember them and from now on when

you wake up your first words will honor my name expressing gratitude for your

life you mean so much to me which is why I will grant you plentiful and unique

blessings therefore stand firm and keep going do not be swayed by gossip or

slander so you do not forget your guard Guardian Angels keep a

close eye on their plans and dreams watching over them day and

night as they sleep I am actively shaping their future much like you hope

for I am busy changing their environment and building their character to help

them succeed I want them to move through life wisely and enjoy my

gifts it’s important that they stay away from people who might lead them off the

right path I keep a watchful eye on who your children spend time with and the

intentions of those around them I will stop certain plans to keep

them from getting involved in conflicts or troubles I know you worry about your

family’s well-being their jobs and their basic needs what they will eat where

they will live and what they might lose these worries are heavy but I encourage

you to keep praying to study my teachings and to maintain your faith in

me as Psalm says I am your Shepherd your caring father your healer and your

provider I hear your prayers and joyfully answer them my blessings are always ready for

you I don’t want you to be overwhelmed by worries when you see mistakes or wrong actions

in your family choose your words carefully don’t shout or get angry and

don’t insult your loved ones instead keep praying for them and

trust them into my care I am still working in their

lives it’s okay to address their mistakes or intervene in their

disputes you can steer them away from errors protect them from danger and

prevent them from getting too involved in worldly distractions that’s why I placed You by

their side continue to pray tirelessly for all that you need from

me with love and care I will provide my dear child remember that I am

always here to help you don’t let doubts stop you from feeling my

love I will also perform miracles in your life do you

believe feel how your heart fills with my love my presence and my

power you don’t have to feel empty I am the same yesterday today and

always even when you didn’t look for me I loved you and saved

you now as you seek and love me more I am with

you I am here to support you make you stronger give you hope and uplift your

spirits see how my divine power changes your life you are reaching a new level of

Faith it’s time to see the amazing things I’m about to do I have made promises and now they

will come to life listen closely to my voice and pay

attention to my scriptures follow the Divine guidance in your heart and prepare for a year full

of blessings While others may feel discouraged and ready to give up you

will shine as a Beacon of Hope offering encouragement and strength not just for

yourself but for others too people will be amazed by the

incredible ways my power is shown in your life life don’t think that I don’t love you

or care about what happens in your life I encourage you to open your eyes

wide and just like you welcome each New Day begin to notice my presence all

around you I want you to feel deeply loved whether it be in the brightness of day

or the darkness of night during times of Joy or moments of

bitterness my love for you transcends transient emotions that wrestle within you challenging your

faith my promises are genuine and eternal regardless of the negativity

surrounding you the adversary is testing you urging you to lose Faith to abandon

hope and to sink into despair therefore when the time comes

know that my love endures but the choice is yours who will you

believe if you believe in me you will have eternal life complete peace

unyielding strength and immense happiness if you listen to the enemy

you’ll stay confused desperate and hurt but I believe you’ll trust in me

which is why I’m reaching out from this moment forward place all

your trust in me come and embrace the wisdom I share with you each

day plant these words in your heart like seeds in a garden and care for them

diligently as you nurture them with faith and hard work you will soon witness the growth of beautiful plants

vibrant flowers and Lush trees everyone around you will notice

the powerful and extraordinary changes taking place in your life

you will no longer be misled or played with because I am giving you my wisdom

and spiritual awareness this will help you listen carefully watch closely and make smart

decisions without being pushed around by others you will find peace again the

chaos around you will disappear and your troubles will fade away this year I promise to bring you

happiness strong health and energy but remember you need to spend

time with me every day also make sure you give your family

the attention they deserve start each day with a smile for

them don’t go to sleep angry don’t judge and don’t shout at

anyone I will give you the strength to stay calm when you have important choices to make

don’t try to fix everything when you’re tired leave your work issues at

work remember a gentle response quiets anger never use harsh words or act

violently be kind and avoid causing pain to others I want to bless you abundantly

but I also want your actions to show my power love kindness and purity

every day I hope your home is free from harsh words even in

joking be mindful of your words let your home be as clean and pure

as water from a sacred well free from any spiritual pollution may your home always feel

peaceful let a sense of spiritual Harmony fill your home you don’t have to be perfect but

name for it there’s nothing at risk fill your home with my words let

songs of praise echo through its walls decorate your space with simple

artworks that carry uplifting messages if you want to make me happy

show me that these holy words are changing you as you change your home will

transform too all those you care about will be inspired to open their hearts to

me they will come to understand that I am the true God not just a routine to be

followed I am your powerful holy and genuine

protector I will shower you with mercy and stand against those who try to harm

you I hold my loved ones close keeping them safe in my

hands those who love me listen to my voice spend time understanding my words

live by my teachings share my message and seek me in quiet and

Solitude their lives are transformed their personalities grow

stronger the darkness will dissipate your heart will overflow with my

truth your spirit will gain strength and doubts will disappear from your mind

I encourage you to commit to prayer to actively seek me to dedicate time to put

aside distractions and to align your decisions and Thoughts with my

guidance you face significant challenges and confusing

situations sometimes you might feel unsure about what to do next therefore I emphasize I affirm I

declare and I ask of you live by faith everything is possible for those

who trust in me who recognize my existence who commit fully to my

care even as numerous trials challenge those who follow my path and embrace my

love and even as foes might suggest that I neglect them they remain confident in

the Everlasting and unwavering nature of my love remember my PR promises and follow

my teachings every day let go of your mistakes dedicate

your life to me I know you believe in me and you will continue to walk by

faith suddenly when you least expect it you will feel immense Joy dreams you

thought were dead will come back to life and hopes that you had hidden away because of Despair will be

renewed your life will be filled with faith you once thought about giving up

believed you couldn’t go on your struggles seemed too big to

overcome you wanted to escape the burden of living but today I am here to offer

you my love and shower you with plentiful gifts great joy and deep

blessings prepare your mind and heart for I foretell that people you thought were gone will come back into your life

you have grown in faith now it’s time to assist those who need help get ready for when door swing open

and locks break the barriers blocking your blessings will be

cleared everything is achievable when you trust my words for with me there are

no limits my child get ready for an incredible future

greater than what you’ve imagined reconciliation within your family is Within

Reach There’s an opportunity for forgiveness and healing right at your door

step offer forgiveness freely don’t hold back your love I’m ready to bless you with better

job opportunities and true Prosperity people who recognize and

value your hard work and skills will enter your life stay true to your path avoid disign

honesty or hurtful words speak well of others ignore those

who cause trouble with rumors and lies stay vigilant against those trying

to take your blessings away I’ve been guiding you for some time now it’s time to go deeper into my

teachings and trust me completely don’t depend on money or get

upset over lost possessions or jobs I I have something much greater

planned for you give me your complete faith and Surrender Your

Heart the time has come to start a remarkable Journey confirm your love and faith in

me and you will see how I touch your life and your family’s life with my love and

power I love you my child and I am eager to be a part of your home to create a

wonderful miracle I am just outside inviting you

will you let me in to do something new amazing powerful and Beyond the

ordinary I have seen your difficulties and will never let lack affect your home or your

family I will flood your household with an abundance of

blessings for many years you have been faithful you have prayed fasted and

prioritized me in all your actions and thoughts the time to harvest what you

have sown is near I will fill your home with abundance happiness courage and

Health Trust in my promise for everything I have promised you I will

fulfill I’m reaching out to you always ready to listen to your

worries take time to sit and chat with me share your thoughts

alow tell me about your plans your desires and your

feelings talking with me will soothe your soul and clear your mind bringing

you peace by expressing your feelings aloud you activate your faith and miracles

will start to happen today is your chance to say everything you want to me but also to

listen to my responses I’m not here to judge or scold you nor to remind you of past

mistakes my spirit speaks softly to you affirming my

love I look forward to each new day eager to hear you acknowledge your need

for me and your love for me these loving words of yours are your

praise which reach up to my Throne as the day begins my presence

fills your life your family in your home with love and

protection so remember that whatever challenges you face I am ready to

help I will not withhold the good things you ask for in faith I will quickly respond surrounding

them with my love it’s not by your effort but by mine that wonders will happen in your family

your finances your health and your life be brave and make an effort but don’t

lose hope trying to change what you can’t with me all things are possible

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