11:11 ? God Says: You’re Blessed If You See This Before 6th March | God Message Today

my child I sense you are needing to hear

a message

today for I your lord desire you to walk

the path of

Faith as it is written in scripture the

righteous will live by

faith when you chose to accept my gift


Salvation it was by grace through faith

that you became my own and it is by that

same faith I now call you to actively

live many Proclaim faith yet fail to tr

walk in it

daily but I am faithful not only to save

you but to uphold you each moment

thereafter I will unold you in perfect

peace a peace far beyond human reasoning

I give it freely as you abide in me for

I long for your companionship along

life’s journey my deepest desire is to

disciple you that you may grow ever more

into my likeness and fulfill my

purposes with me as your Shepherd you

shall not

want my responsibility is to lead and

guide yours is but to follow me

wholeheartedly wherever I direct your

path as you Embark upon a journey

steadfast following ensures arrival at

the destined end in

safety yet trailing far behind Harbors

the risk of Separation at crucial

Crossroads seeking to shortcut the path

I guide may result in ing essential

stations I have set forth every one of

these holds importance in the unfolding

of what I am crafting within you and in

the achievement of my grander designs

but as you stay close you will clearly

hear my gentle

Whispers go here do this there help

them for I have good works prepared for

you that you should walk in them they

flow from our intimate relationship and

time spent together

seeking me first enables you to be led

by my spirit who lives within this daily

dependence was modeled by my disciple

Peter whom I called to walk upon the

waters beckoning him to come Peter

stepped out in faith his Focus

steadfastly fixed on me yet as soon as

his eyes shifted to the surrounding

storm his trust in me wavered losing

confidence in my ability to uphold him

he began to sink oh if only he knew

no wave or wind could ever overpower my

might for even the winds and sea obey my

voice I allowed the adverse conditions

to reveal his faltering Faith then

reaching to catch him I lifted him to

safety for I will never forsake my own

nor allow them to be engulfed in that

which seeks to overwhelm I remain

Sovereign over all created things now

Peter at that moment faced a critical

Choice whether to remain safely aboard

the boat

or to walk upon the waters with me and

herein lies the Crux of your decision as

well my child for there are always

Myriad reasons that will try convincing

you to stay put where it is comfortable

and secure yet do not be deceived true

security is only found in close

dependence on

me what may falsely promise safety is

often disguised bondage keeping you from

stepping into all I have destined for

your life

let not popular opinion nor fear of the

unknown prevent you from boldly

following me for nothing is impossible

for those who believe did I not Proclaim

that Greater Works than these shall you

also do as you trust in my ability

working through you so doubt no longer

that you are well able to undertake

whatever I am calling you

to for it is through faith my divine

power permeates your Humanity

accomplishing the

supernatural remember when Peter first

peered out at me through the storm he

was already walking upon the Water but

the instant doubt crept in his footing

faltered causing him to sink so keep

your spiritual eyes anchored steadfastly

on me ignore the winds swirling

disregard the waves roarings for they

shall not Prevail against you I am

upholding you thus determine in your

heart not to retreat back to the

perceived safety of old ways and habits

remain fixed on me and you shall walk

supernaturally through every stormy

trial just as your instruments are

continually refined to possess enhanced

faculties so I desire to bestow upon you

heightened discernment and spiritual

strength this requires first silencing

the clamor of worldly diversions and

disturbances to humbly accept what I

offer unlike the unexpected halts

brought by the Turning of Seasons or the

sudden rains that pause the day’s labor

I choose the most propitious times to

endow your spirit with new understanding

and wisdom as you yield to my

handiwork so let today be a fresh start

in pursuing intimacy with Me Above All

Else even small gestures towards me are

most meaningful when proferred out of

genuine love rather than religious

routine something anything no matter how

tiny when given wholeheartedly pleases


greatly for I cherish fellowship with

you who are the Delight of my heart I am

always wooing you to draw nearer still

will you choose to walk in faith today

by responding to my prompting for I

promise to uplift and uphold You by my

strength and Grace sufficient for each

step ahead listen for my whisper bidding

you to come then boldly arise to follow

wherever I lead as you walk through the

tumultuous Waters of life be sure to

keep my teachings close for they shall

energize your faith when it grows

weak fear is a Sly

adversary capable of immobilizing even

the most Resolute among my followers

planting seeds of uncertainty that can

halt your

progress yet Faith beloved Faith

invigorates have you not pondered the

words bestowed upon my servants in the

scriptures now Faith is the Assurance of

things hoped for the conviction of

Things Not

Seen without hope faith wanders

aimlessly akin to a vessel devoid of its

steering they must operate in Concord

empowering each

other just as the joining of oil and

Flame brings light to the

darkness walk always with the eyes of

Faith open wide envisioning the glories

I have prepared for you not Blinded By

The Shadow the enemy casts to frighten

you whenever false evidence appears real

denying its deception saying no I will

not cower before these Illusions face

your fears Trace them back to their

sources of untruth erase them from your

mind and replace them wholly with my

word if fear still plagues you recall my

goodness which never fails do not

Envision the worst outcomes but trust in

my plans to prosper you and do not

accept defeat prematurely nor reject the

ways I have set out before you stand

firmly on my promises choosing a path

illuminated by faith not obscured by

anxious doubts you must persist ahead

even when the way seems dark and


arise what other choice is there to give

in to despair to stop short of the

purposes I have for you no my child you

must keep walking in faith believing

that the light will Dawn and your trials

too shall pass if you stumble fall

forward and if you fail fail forward for

nothing is final as long as breath

remains a setback does not indicate

defeat no more than losing early rounds

spells Doom for the determined

boxer as long as your will to strive

remains Victory shall be yours in due



have I not written it thus that you

overcome in the

end the author of your story has already

seen the closing lines though the middle

chapters remain yours to write take

heart that the one who began this good

work in you shall surely complete it I

am not hindered by your past errors for

when you asked my forgiveness were you

not washed clean as freshly fallen

snow therefore let not old regrets weigh

you down

needlessly A New Day Has dawned you

cannot change what came before but you

can transform what comes after so begin

again with the end goal firmly in sight

fulfill the purpose I’ve ordained for

you staying true to my call in your

spirit moving forward in faith fueled

positivity for your outlook helps

determine the heights your dreams shall


my beloved child the Journey of Faith I

have called you to is not one you walk

alone but one we Embark upon

together I am with you always your

constant guide and faithful companion

along the way the course ahead May at

time seem dim and obscured but I have

not left you without a compass to chart

your path my word my spirit my very

presence within you will illuminate The

Way Forward even in the darkest Valley

fix your eyes Eyes Upon me let my voice

echo in your ear be led by my gentle

nudges within your spirit and though the

way may Wind Through uncertain terrain I

will lead you safely to the destination

I have prepared for

you in a world that offers fleeting

Treasures false hopefuls I call you to

root yourself in me

alone I am the true source of the life

peace meaning and purpose your soul

truly thirsts

for anchoring yourself in my presence is

what will carry you through the storms

that rage without for in me you have an

enduring refuge and strength the trials

you encounter along the journey are not

meant to defeat you but rather to

strengthen and refine you consider the

Propet by the Brook sustained By Ravens

in famine the season of lack was a test

of trust meant to remove faulty

foundations and EST establish faith in

me alone likewise the challenges

permitted into your life have purpose to

awaken hunger For Me Above All Else to

nurture endurance and persevering

hope my goal is not to break you but to

take what the world uses to break you

and make you stronger there are seasons

appointed for you under Heaven times of

flourishing and Times of

pruning in the difficulty when it seems

I am cutting back carving away with

careful Strokes consider am I clearing

away excess in order to bring forth New

Growth trust that I see what you cannot

it is the blog removed so the rose May

Bloom even brighter stay close let this

season of letting go make space for all

I have yet to implant within you the

most fruitful Vines are the ones that

yield to The Gardener’s blade what I do

I do with purpose your perspective is

limited but I view eternity in its

fullness that delay that impass that

seems senseless from where you

stand consider that perhaps I am using

it to prepare the precise moment for you

to intersect with another I am readying

for your

path what seems accidental is

ordained wait with expectant patience

for my plans to

unfold allow your steps to fall in time

with mine I make no misstep do not

discount the power of prayerful

conversation with me along the

way in the quiet as you open your soul

to me I meet you listen for the

promptings of my spirit implanting

strength Vision Direction deep within

the fertile soil of your inner life many

critical Junctions and decisions along

your path are made clear in these times

with me neglect them not and as you

Journey take special care to nurture

gratitude a thankful heart can endure

famine loss upheaval with resiliency and

hope always seeing the evidence of my

faithfulness regardless of

circumstances gratitude clears away

resentfulness over unmet desires and

perceived losses anchoring you instead

in Rich contentment for all you have

been given lift your eyes from

comparison lack hardship choose rather

to set your gaze upon my goodness

remember as you travel through the

terrain of your days you do not walk

alone others Journey alongside you and

your shared road is intended to bless

those Travelers as

well The Light Within You is meant to

illuminate each path you cross extend to

others the Comfort Grace and kindness

shown you see each person as the

treasure they are worthy vessels that

carry my image Reach Out out to the

lonely bind up the broken lift up the

weary the love I have freely poured upon

you is love meant to freely flow through

you do not neglect this sacred

stewardship there will be deafening

noise urgent demands constantly

contending for your focus as you walk

with me do not let them drown out the

sweet sound of my voice gently

Whispering guidance deep within

regularly Retreat into the quiet

sanctuary of my presence training your

soul to find its rest in communion with


alone as you learn to soar with eagles

Rising Above The Fray you gain necessary

perspective for each unfolding leg of

your journey you cannot endure its

demands Running on

Empty let me fill you a new my child I

walk each step alongside you do not lose

heart or yield to fear of what lies

ahead the course May hold hardship but

greater still is my promise of Victory

purpose and profound joy as you walk in

trust with me I know the plans I have

for you plans not to harm but to prosper

to give you hope in a

future what I have started in you I

myself will

complete let this journey of faith we

share strengthen your trust in my

promise and provision that never

fails for I am with you I am for you I

am working all things for your good this

is my pledge for all your

days continue your way trusting in my

power my purpose and my plan that never

fails great is your reward as you follow

in faith with your hand held securely in


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