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here God said my beloved child the time

has come for your gifts to shine your

purpose to soar and your dreams to

manifest indeed the time has come for

your gifts to shine your purpose to take

flight and your dreams to come to

fruition a spotlight of favor is

descending upon you and the promotion is

yours for I will withhold no good thing

from you my beloved as it says in Romans

and we know that in all things God

works for the good of those who love him

who have been called according to his

purpose those who rejected you will be

engulfed in regret remorse and self-pity

but do not pay them any mind their time

of access and involvement in your life

has elapsed though they may be filled

with questions and regrets it is too

late they have made their choices and

must now live with the consequences as

they look from afar with desire and envy

wishing for the chance they carelessly

discarded you will not even notice for

your eyes will be fixed only on me and

all distraction will fade away

unspeakable joy and peace that surpasses

all understanding are yours stand in the

path of obedience to which I have called

you to continue walk in integrity and

uprightness for the righteous are my

delight as you follow my ways blessings

beyond measure will pursue you until

they overtake you the Broken Road will

lead you to a place of increase favor


Vindication my Mercy has kept you and my

Grace has sustained you all along the

way I have been with you through

everything every battle wound and Scar

and now it is my great joy to restore

and compensate you for all you have

suffered your enemies intended evil

against you but I intended it for your

good to refine and shape you for greater

glory now those who underestimated you

will see you promoted above them the

loneliness isolation and despair of your

younger years are now but a distant

memory for behold I am doing a new thing

in your life where you felt stuck there

is now movement where there was scarcity

I I am bringing fruitfulness dry places

are being flooded with Living Waters

failed dreams are resurrecting there

will be abundance where once there was

lack for the wealth of the wicked is

stored up for the righteous yes the very

resources used to oppress you are being

transferred into your hands as

inheritance for I am reclaiming what

belongs to you if you are grateful for

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everything the years that the locusts

have eaten will be restored Sorrows are

being turned into Joy mourning into

dancing ashes into Beauty everything

that was broken is coming back together

the pain of your past has prepared and

qualified you for this amazing future

now you will go forth and do the

greatest things promised in my word for

my glory and the purpose of the Kingdom

the rejection betrayal and and Injustice

you endured have developed in you a

maturity wisdom and discernment beyond

your years you have an authority

influence and credibility that can only

be gained through suffering your scars

have become your credentials qualifying

you for higher levels of leadership

favor and

responsibility continue to forgive those

who have hurt you leave it in my hands

and align your heart with Heaven by

doing so you will rise higher and higher

Out Of Reach of your enemies my ways are

higher than man’s ways entrust your

personal disappointments to me and in

return receive my Supernatural peace the

high road of mercy and Grace qualifies

you for promotion and advancement in My

Kingdom but offense always leads to

decline Choose Wisely your destiny is at

stake forgive and release this is now in

my hand hands trust me to restore your

joy vindicate your name and correct all

wrongs in due time and proper season but

for now keep moving forward do not look

back fix your eyes on me I have much

reserved for you with me The Best Is Yet

To Come our journey together is just

beginning you have only tasted the first

fruits of what is to come stand firm you

are a corresponding Glory GL and reward

for my strength is made perfect in human

weakness the lower I brought you the

higher I will lift you the greater the

pain the greater the supernatural joy

that will replace it surely those who

face adversity and water the Earth with

tears will abundantly reap the joy that

Springs forth as the fruit of their

perseverance for in every challenge the

Divine hand extends with mercy and

Justice never fail failing in its

purpose there is no loneliness that is

not witnessed by the comforting presence

of the Divine who silently watches over

us in our most intimate moments thus

with Faith and Hope we lift our prayers

trusting that the god of love never

forgets us knowing every one of our

tears and listening to every plea that

Springs from the depths of our being

amen we thank you for joining us until

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