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God is saying to you today if something

is meant for you it will come to you as

long as feed it positive energy nothing

and no one can prevent it from finding

you but

you hang tight and avoid fueling

feelings of Doubt otherwise they will


resistance type I believe in myself to

airm Universe message for you

your most difficult moments weren’t for

nothing being taken advantage of taught

you to Value yourself more being

disrespected taught you to respect

yourself more the instability taught you

that peace was one of your primary

desires you can heal while keeping the

growth that was spawned through your

past you’re in the process of creating

an entirely New Life life now and

embracing all that got you here is an

undeniable awareness of strength

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today’s message one day it just clicks

you realize what’s important and what

isn’t you learn to care less about what

other people think of you and more about

what you think of yourself you realize

how far you’ve come and you remember

when you thought things were such a mess

that you would never recover and you

smile you smile because you are truly

proud of yourself and the person you’ve

fought to

become today’s

message the universe is not making you

wait you are simply in the space between

realizing where you’re meant to be and

feeling you’re ready to go there this is

when you phase out of denial release the

anchors the attachments the false

beliefs this is not a punishment for


unfinished it’s a sacred part of your

journey you are not stuck you are just

becoming the person who can finally take


leap type yes if you feel this angels

are saying to you today there’s a part

of you that wants everything to manifest

right now there’s another part of you

that knows your soul isn’t entirely

ready to receive the gifts it’s asking

for listen to the part of your intuition

that keeps it real with you no matter

how disappointing the message is you’ll

get to where you’re trying to go but

rushing the process will only create

chaos along the way ease into your

Journey with the comfort of knowing that

everything is working in your favor it’s

all coming together so beautifully for

you type


six six if you believe this God is

saying you can’t fake it with the

universe you can’t pretend to be kind

loving and positive your vibration will

suggest otherwise and the universe will

match your frequency take care of

yourself internally and your life will

change externally for the

better God message

tonight sometimes it is best to let

things go and let people and situations

be stop looking for

explanations apologies closure

validation or answers move past living a

life centered on what others did or did

not not focus on how you want to feel

and what you can do about it peace comes

when you realize your happiness was

created by you you are your

responsibility type six

if you believe this God is saying to

you today be thankful that you’re not

where you used to be in life you’ve

outgrown so much and you are still

learning you’ve survived a lot and it

made you a better person give yourself

credit for making it this far some of

your best days are ahead of you keep

going and don’t give up type I am aware

if you

are Angel says you’re not stuck you’re

resisting it’s okay if you’re having a

hard time surrendering to the universe

and allowing life to Simply happen the

things you’re letting go of are not not

easy to part with the habits you’re

dropping are not easy to cease at once

the attachments you’re severing are not

easy to cut off

indefinitely learning to give up control

in any area of your life is going to

come with a certain set of challenges

but the benefits of trusting your

process is worth every obstacle you’ll

face mimic the energy of water go with

the flow until your effortless L

cascading over every test that tries to

disrupt your inner peace embrace all the

lessons that have shaped you into the

Magnificent being you are today if you

trust in the universe’s plan for you

prove it with patience gratitude and

Faith you don’t have to witness the

preparation of your blessings to know

that you’re still going to experience

them they’re headed your way regardless

type I believe in myself to affirm

today’s message for me cherish and

appreciate what you have before it’s too

late you never know when is the last

time life is simple before we make it

complicated don’t take anything for

granted live with your heart open and be

thankful for each and every day no

matter how difficult it may sometimes


what’s meant to come into your life will

come everything will work out sooner or

later and it will work out in the most

magnificent ways that you didn’t even

see coming let go of your worries and

overthinking surrender to the infinite


possibilities type I’m optimistic if

you’re ready Universe message for you

everything will happen the way it happen

has to happen everything you’re

stressing about will eventually fall

into place and you will be able to see

that you’re guided and protected there

is nothing to worry about just be

present and be your best you can be stop

expecting healthy responses from people

who have unhealthy habits stop torturing

Yourself by trying to heal those who

refuse to do their own own inner work

stop convincing your soul that you can

change others for the better despite

knowing that they don’t want to change

for themselves let certain energies

simply be their behavior is out of your

control their traumas are out of your

control their lack of emotional

self-discipline is out of your control

stop trying to fix something that isn’t

your job to fix your only responsibility

is you don’t walk around with other

people’s burdens in your hands they’re

not yours to carry let go of what

doesn’t belong to you to make room for

what does know your worth your energy is

too valuable to be played with to

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