?️ Embracing Faith in the Midst of Spiritual Battles: A Prayer of Trust and Patience ?️



Jesus my beloved child know that I am

God and my loving presence can make even

the worst day better because you are my

follower you are always fighting

spiritual battles let me walk you

through each day step by step small

spiritual fights can happen even on the

most normal days watch out for the evil

one’s fiery arrows as You Follow Me

Through Life use your faith as a shield

to protect yourself let’s pause for a

moment and offer a prayer together

heavenly father as I embark on this

journey through the challenges of life I

come to you with a heart full of

gratitude and trust you are the

everpresent guide and protector leading

me through spiritual battles and

everyday struggles help me to hold on to

my faith as a shield and to recognize

your loving presence amidst the storms

Grant me the courage to surrender to

your will even when it seems difficult

knowing that your timing is perfect and

your plans are for my ultimate good may

my waiting be a time of prayer

meditation and growth in my relationship

with you Lord in your steadfast love and

unwavering promises I find strength hope

and peace amen find the lies that are

trying to trick you and reject them take

comfort in the fact that you are a loved

child in my eyes fear me and be humble

under my strong hand I am working in

your life whether you know it or not

there may be times when you feel like my

sovereign will is holding you down and

that you can’t change the way things are

at times like these I want to get angry

at myself and my ways that being said

this will only make us angry and push us

apart when your problems seem too much

to handle change your view by looking up

to me get the courage to say Lord I bow

down before your Mighty hand follow my

way even when you long for Freedom this

keeps you from fighting the one who made

and keeps the universe going instead of

fighting a battle you can’t win use your

energy to get through it and learn

something from it believe that I will

eventually help you and ease your pain

at the perfect time for me despite how

weak you may feel I beg you to be brave

and strong what makes you strong is your

faith that I am with you and for you not

what is going on around you when you

feel weak look at me I am the one who

walks in front of you and calls you

forward one step at a time refrain from

giving up even when it seems like

everything is going wrong remember that

I am a god of surprises and I am not

limited by what you think is possible or

what you can understand everything is

possible with me people say that the

longer they wait for their prayers to be

answered the closer they get to a

breakthrough as you wait for my perfect

time remember remember to be patient you

can count on me to keep my promises

because I always do hold on to your

faith in me even when things seem to be

going wrong or taking too long I am

working everything out for your good

while you’re waiting don’t give in to

the urge to do something yourself

instead give up your plans and desires

and trust that my timing is perfect I

know what’s best for you because I can

see the bigger picture please remember

that waiting on me is not a passive

thing to do today pray meditate and read

my word to get closer to me and make

your relationship with me

stronger let me change you and get you

ready for the good things I have in

store for you keep your mind on me

instead of what’s going on with you

while you wait change your focus from

worry to excitement and know that I’m

working hard behind the scenes to help

you you will be rewarded for your

patience and you will come out stronger

and more resilient than before trust in

the right time for me my good and the

fact that I love you I promise that I

Will Never Let You Down knowing that I

am with you every step of the way will

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