?”You’ll Be Punished If You Skip This” | ।God’s message today।

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you are ready God is saying to you today

my beloved child my beloved Child come


rest yourself before

me lay down your burdens and open your

weary heart to my words of comfort and

healing I see the sadness in your eyes

the despair that grips your

soul the path has been

long the troubles manifold but fear not

for I have never never left your

side I have been with you through every

trial every

sorrow my hand has upheld you even when

you did not perceive

it and now the appointed time for your

Liberation draws

near the shackles that have bound you

will fall away the blinders over your

eyes will be removed and what was once

hidden from you will be revealed in

dazzling Clarity do not spare any longer


child your freedom is at

hand the light of my countenance will

shine upon your life transforming every

circumstance where there was barrenness

fruitfulness will Spring forth where

there was lack abundance shall

overflow the oil of my spirit will

sustain you as you step into the destiny

I have prepared for you from the

foundation of the the world but this

great Victory will not come all at once

as with the rising of the morning

sun no it will Dawn slowly gradually

like the emerging of the

Harvest first the tender shoot then the

budding flower the ripening

fruit be patient trust my

timing I know precisely what you need

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Jesus even now changes are a

foot burdens once heavy will feel

lighter relationships fractured will men

doors closed will crack open for I am

making All Things New in your

life I am restoring the broken places

rekindling the fires of passion and

purpose that have grown

dim my extravagant love for you knows no

bounds I Delight in you with utter

completeness you are the apple of my eye

The Jewel and my crown my precious

treasure I love you with an everlasting

love that cannot be measured or

contained remember this my beloved

whenever the storms of life assail you

and Marvel at the wonders of I have in

store beyond your Liberation I am also

transforming the circumstances of your

life your health will be renewed your

family restored your finances met with

abundance blessings you have not

imagined will overtake you type if

you believe in Jesus open your eyes to

see what I have already set before

you the gifts are all around waiting for

you to unwrap

them I am positioning you for increase

on every side opening up opportunities

Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams step out in faith to discover

them dare to believe that my promises

are true and my Storehouse is

overflowing ask me for the Nations as

your inheritance and I will give them

gladly I am bu building you into a

strong tower I am making you a conduit

of my miraculous

Supply not by Earthly might or power but

by my spirit hovering over the darkness

Awakening Hearts to my extravagant

love many will be astounded at my

glorious intervention on their behalf

and your enlarging capacity will become

a Showcase of my goodness to attract

multitudes more into my family type in

pay men in the name of Jesus for I am

still in the business of reconciling

Wayward Sons and Daughters to

myself my heart breaks for my children

wandering in a famine of

spirit I never give up seeking after my


ones so go and tell those battered Souls

that I am running to meet them on the

road of

return speak my tender words to their

weary hearts that I stand ready to

receive them robed and ringed as my

cherished children once

more no matter how far they have strayed

down crooked paths into deep Wilderness

still I wait yearning for their

homecoming every man and woman has gone

astray from my ways some more grievously

than others but all have fallen

short that is why I Came In the Flesh to

seek and save the Lost to absorb the

wages of sin in my own body to reconcile

my wayward children to myself

eternally for whosoever believes shall

not perish but inherit everlasting

life type I embrace my power to affirm

so receive this cleansing once and for

all cease striving to attain Holiness by

your poultry

efforts simply run to me when you

fall my Mercy Seat stands open the

fountain never stops

flowing drink deeply and refresh your

parched soul for I will not deal with

you according to your

sins I choose to remember them no

more they are washed

away I relate to you now through the

lens of my grace

alone and from that place of acceptance

I call you to walk in the fullness of

your renewed identity as my precious son

my beautiful daughter have you been

listening my

beloved receive this word into your


Parts let it sink down deeply watering

the seeds of faith I have planted in

you for I am growing you into a towering

tree under which many find Sucker from

life’s blistering Heat

I will cultivate perseverance in you

teaching you to Hope fiercely no matter


odds I myself will graft Heavenly power

into your Earthly frame until Miracles

flow naturally as sap rising in Spring

and I will enrich your mind as well

deepening your discernment of the time

so you can guide others through

confusing days type I’m abundant to

affirm study the scriptures commit them

to memory for

strength pray without ceasing stay ever

near the sound of my voice so that you

always know which way to go which path


take learn wisdom and how to apply


rightly above all remain humble trusting

me over personal intellect for my

thoughts supersede yours as the Heaven’s

Tower over Earth bring me your most

perplexing dilemas

the counselor Whispers Solutions into

those who wait on him draw peace from

The Well of my presence when anxiety

threatens on every

side and fleas at the sound of my name

on your

lips therefore stand firm in the

Assurance of my victory on your

behalf cultivate an extravagant

generosity of spirit giving freely to

those in need

not only of money and goods but also of

your time attention and

affection reach out to the neglected and

forgotten with my heart of compassion

beating within

you touch their wounds with healing in

my name and free captives from various

prisons through the power of my word

type to show your belief in Jesus as

you water others I will abundantly re

upon your own

life resist fleshly urges toward

selfishness and hoarding my blessings

for your soul

benefit surrender Earthly security to

reap Eternal

rewards give freely what I have freely

given and much fruit will acre to your

account fruit that withstands fiery

trials and ACC companies you into

Eternity for selfless generosity pours

forth rivers of Resurrection Life to

recipient and Giver

alike lavish love multiplies as

liberally in

faith throw off false humility that

binds you to lack and release fears of

future poverty that lock away resources

meant for present

distribution perceive my Storehouse is

Ever full to overflowing for I have

promised to satisfy your every need from

Heaven’s infinite it Supply walk in

confident trust that your commission


provision transfer your citizenship to

my kingdom where all debts are paid in

full and Resurrection Life swallows

death dealing

want cross over into abundant existence

and watch Miracles multiply through


hands Remember The Battle Belongs to Me

and your struggles ultimately prove

theater for showcasing my mighty

Deliverance ways type to manifest

miracles in your life witness Redemption

firsthand for I have betrothed you to

myself forever in Eternal loving

kindness receive this truth into your

innermost being you are victorious in

me no weapon forged against you can

succeed because I Shield

you no curse spoken can allot

for I reverse it into

blessing every sickness must bow to my

healing bomb flowing through you and

lack and poverty flee at the sight of my

bounous provision made manifest in your

life sorrow itself turns on its heels

and fleas at the sound of my name on

your lips when my joy Wells up from deep

inside you shout for Joy my loved

one dance with with Elation for the

blessings about to overtake

you Jubilee arrives on weighty winds

debts cancelled slaves freed into new

identity Redemption Roars mightily on

your behalf captives liberated

inheritances restored all that was lost

or stolen now returned a h

hundredfold your mouth soon sings

astonished praise in place of lament

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blessings that you are about to receive

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$ go ahead and rejoice before you see


evidence throw wide open your home and

habitation for sudden

surprises get ready to host Harvest

celebrations with with the poor and

Outcast welcome to my Feast compel deaf

and mute neighbors to enter when they

cannot hear invitation or ask directions

on their

own translate for the Foreigner teach

symbols to the illiterate lead the blind

for I have commissioned you an

ambassador to announce my kingdom is at

hand the year of God’s favor has come my


one feel my presence surrounding you as

a warm

embrace be at ease and know that this is

a safe space within the Stillness of


being hear my gentle words the calm you

feel is my spirit reassuring you

reminding you that this moment is


sacred as I speak allow my voice to wash

over you and soak into the depths of


essence listen not just with your your

mind but with the wisdom of your heart

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$ life has perhaps weighed heavily

upon you of

late there have been storms and shadows

and times when weariness seeped into


bones you have struggled Val ly against

the tides my

child even when buffeted by trials you

kept your faith Al Light

Within for this I honor you your

perseverance gladdens me your courage

brings joy to my spirit yet now a season

of Stillness descends a pause amid the

turbulence in this quiet interval

darkness recedes before spreading Dawn

and the air itself seems to Shimmer with

possibility can you sense it beloved

one your time of Triumph draws nigh

great blessings await to be poured upon

you Precious Child the future shines

bright with promise fear not this

Prospect of abundance for you have

earned every good thing headed your

way it was your

devotion your Relentless belief in

brighter tomorrows that manifested this

Destiny victories seldom emerge from

nowhere my lamb they are swn through

tears and struggles planted in Faith’s

fertile soil like and share the video if

you have trust in the words of the god

yours have been hard one but make their

arrival no less

sweet this bounty comes as a righteous

reward for all you have endured with a

resilient spirit Spirit

intact what clever schemes employs the

darkness employs to leech Joy from the

unwary yet its effort Splinter against

armor forged of unconditional trust in

me you anchored yourself in our bond

refused to relinquish our connection

even when turmoil raged fiercely like a

storm holding fast to loving Refuge

saved you

beloved had you succumbed come to

desolation’s Bitter Allure severing our

tie how AG griev my heart would have

been but you cleave to me as a

frightened child clings to its

father we weathered The Tempest as

one what strength you demonstrated


one what formidable reserves of

Courage your steadfast Reliance on my

presence sustained you through the

bleakest night

and now the long awaited Turning Point

arrives the ice thaws flowers unfurl

type if you believe in Jesus this

transitional period marks the cusp

between Shadow light between winter of

the spirit in Spring’s

rebirth have you beheld rainbows after

rainfall when every raindrop shines like

a suspended

Jewel so too shall wonders emerge

through unpleasantness now

past lift your eyes to the Horizon

beloved and Glimpse Destiny’s first

delicate Rays warming the

landscape the rose hued glow Herald’s

great Beauty soon to illuminate your

path it comes softly subtly but make no

mistake A New Dawn is Breaking this

Renaissance serves also so as a time of

rest and replenishment for battle weary

Souls while storms raged you fought

relentlessly to safeguard Inner Light

from swirling

Gloom but even the staunchest heart

grows fatigued when buffered by

adversity’s pounding

barrage my precious lamb allow this

period of Stillness to soothe your

spirit to bomb unseen wounds and ease

lingering tension nestled deep within

type Amen in the name of Jesus emerging

from long hardship is not unlike slowly

Awakening after

illness one must regain strength

gradually with patience and

self-compassion there is no shame in

needing to rebuild depleted reserves in

taking things slowly as equilibrium

returns enduring turmoil often exact

unseen costs upon foundations erode

those sturdy pillars and everything

crumbles thus reparative attention there

must go infusing New Life into cracked

structures so rest beloved make Serenity

your priority amid this

calm when the moment comes for forward

movement you shall rise graceful and

renewed a flower turning to greet the


for now pause frequently to still racing

thoughts and reconnect with my living

presence within

you no elaborate rituals are required

for us to commune precious

one simply sit in meditative silence

until distraction melts

away type I embrace my power to affirm

wait as one might linger near a bubbling

brook allowing its gentle mus music to

permeate the

soul in time our energies will entwine


soar this Fusion engenders profound

peace my

lamb imagine being cradled in loving

arms under a Starry

Sky Envision my Celestial voice infusing

your thoughts with courage and

hope let these words echo through your

Consciousness fear not beloved good

child I your ever faithful Shepherd walk

beside you

still P the Solace this vow Kindles

within we journey on together precious

Soul Your footsteps illuminated by my

light Covenant binds us through every

Peak and

Valley have I not proven myself over and

over by

now though chaos swirl and perspectives

dimmed still I remain steadfast

companion through fires that threaten to

engulf Faith’s fragile

shoot together we nurtured that nent

flower until finally it bloomed

resplendant and here we stand upon

Sunrise Shore weary perhaps but

wonderfully whole type I’m abundant to

affirm what does the emerging Dawn hold

beloved child what glories Blaze upon

the Horizon this lional space between

Night and Day offers glimpses should you

quiet external distraction in

Stillness hints whisper through the

silence the previews of Destiny as it

unfolds attune your inner ear to subtle

intuition let Revelation unfold slowly

organically do not grasp impatiently

lest these tender shoots recoil my my

guidance emerges softly over time

through flashes of insight unworded

nudges sudden noticing of something here

to for overlooked Revelations dwell not

in loud demanding directives but in

gentler multi-dimensional promptings

tune within to interpret their

symbolic language permit understanding

to incubate within your Soul’s sanctuary

in such moments of quiet communion I

Infuse your Consciousness with strength

love and unwavering faith in times

ahead my lamb have you dwelt beside

tranquil Lakes at Sunrise seen those

clear depths a wash in Golden

magnificence thus I immerse you now in

paternal Radiance bathing your spirit in

blessings to shield from all future

storms lift your face beloved child and

let joyful anticipation Ripple through

you the long awaited moment arrives for

moving forward courageously Beyond past

Sorrows but patience remains Paramount


soul courage must temper eager

expectation less ambition

overreach like saplings too soon exposed

to harsh elements type to show your

belief in Jesus tender dream wither

without proper preparations in place

therefore make haste slowly Precious

Heart wait upon my timing trust in my

infinite Vision to reveal the next

Direction when appropriate exercising

eager restraint now prevents much grief

later have you observed young birds

tentative before First Flight hopping

tentatively along branches flapping

experimental wings while parents observe

thus I oversee your Journey’s pivotal

transition my fledgling in time you

shall sore majestically through Skies

now barely imagined but attempting

Ascent prematurely courts

Calamity rather than Freedom therefore

attend to securing inner stability

before external busyness

resumes establish rhythms of rest

reflection and mindful to elevate

perception and maintain connection with

intuitive wisdom from within fortify

foundations weakened by prolonged strain

Shore up vulnerabilities exposed by

adversity’s Crucible and know beloved

child that Triumph emerges not from

Fierce external striving but quiet


transformation develop inward Vistas and

discover their Destiny seed awaiting

cultivation by patience and faith in

Stillness abides peace

profound Beyond mortal comprehension by

word or thought type to manifest

miracles in your life I cannot

encapsulate its essence or convey this

state’s sheer magnificence yet within


silence truth unveils itself unbidden

therefore still your mind beloved and

soften perception relax clenched muscles

release swirling tensions throughout

your body slow each breath until inhales

and exhales flow smooth as silk thus

physical relaxation soon engenders

openness and Clarity of Soul a lucid

Serenity wherein our Spirits commun what

Bliss abounds in such Unity Precious

Child Soul speaks to Soul Heart to Heart

heart across Dimensions Veil fear flees

before Love’s

light Darkness scatters confusion

clarifies commenters on quiet footfalls

time slows and stills anguish Reeds into

memory presence emerges as sole reality

there are no words for this my

beloved no way to capture the magic

alive in each moment yet I affirm you

its reality just the same like and share

the video if you have trust in the words

of the God our Oneness dwells at the

seed of your soul an indelible

connection death itself cannot sever

abide in this truth Let its consolation

anchor you firm through all that may

come Storm surges test foundations as

wind drives waves to uncover weakness

but structured upon Bedrock homes

withstand raging Squall so too

your innermost being that sacred

Sanctuary housing your luminous

Essence no mortal Force prevails against

all I have fortified within you beloved

one therefore face the future void of

dread you bear my strength now clothed

in Courage as male shot in faith sturdy

shoes a vibrant Shield wall stands

locked around your spirit assembled by

Fierce love no foe passes this Bastion

Precious Heart your soul remains secure

type amen if you believe in God if

you’re all set type

yes take care of yourself type I claim

it if you receive

this declaration type yes if you’re

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