I have decreed Triumph Tranquility healing and financial benefits over your

life and God is making this announcement to you now always keep in mind that my

word is last my word is that you will be rich and happy as a result of what I’ve

said in order to unwind you need to give yourself time to rest and heal similarly

I have said that these things will bring you Joy because of what I’ve said to you throughout your lives all the things

I’ve said about your lives and the hard work I’ve put in for you may lead to this I will not stand idly by watching

those who oppose you harm you you have experienced Financial wealth nothing bad

will happen your opponent isn’t planning a devastating strike to bring you to your knees and make you watch your

family weep in front of you you are aware that God dreams you will be humiliated to the point where your own

family is weeping over this attack regardless of of your true intentions I will not stop you from trying to weaken

your position in the market watch this video on YouTube if you want miracles to

happen in your life if your only possession is faith in God then you have all you could possibly want please

remember that shouldn’t that be the situation this warning is irrelevant

this is irrelevant if your only asset is your trust in God God can accomplish all

things for those who believe in him and embrace him as truth many rewards come

from prioritizing God’s service in our lives provided we put our confidence in God and depend on him for Aid all it

takes is trust in something or someone other than that for God to fix and restore Beauty to things that God can

break given its little stature and flavor it requires little in the way of

accompaniment the devil uses your fears about your fate to keep you from enjoying the good things in life as

deceit is one of the ways the devil differs from other people he tells fibs

in such a situation you should not burden other people with details about your life remain steadfast in your faith

live each day to the fullest in his honor and to thank him for what he’s done please show your support by sharing

and liking this video If you believe this to be accurate in relation to God writing your last piece while under

attack can help you discover groundbreaking answers to the problems you’re facing right now Faith is a

country that by definition always achieves a peaceful resolution what it involves is letting

go of the concept that you should be able to figure everything out and instead letting yourself be directed by

the part of the case that is most troubling you nothing more needs doing than that since the assignment is now

known to be real you won’t have to worry about reacting to the concerns it raises

or overanalyzing the topic everything will work out just as it should and it

won’t be long now from this point on everything will be of the highest

standard you are steadily preparing yourselves for it instead of doing anything just sit down come back and let

things unfold as they usually would pay careful heed to the suggestions others provide you and start running harder to

improve all the time if you want to be great recognize current events for what they really are stop stressing about the

unknown and start enjoying an exciting game that Will Reveal Your Fate and how

things will unfold for you instead of trying to predict what will happen you could get promoted to a job that offers

a plethora of impressive incentives and prizes quite soon fast action will be

taken in this merchandising it is anticipated that the promotion event will take place soon the people around

you will long for and be happy because of your impending life celebration which your good fortune will bring about and

which you will Relish in because of your good fortune being content and in a

fantastic mood are prerequisites for having a great attitude Miracles may

still happen in your life even if you don’t seek them out you will achieve your objectives and see the magical

fulfillment of your dreams if you stay on this road and I promise you that if

you keep moving forward the idea that this might ever happen is ridiculous

it’s hard to see that your journey has to never be different from everyone else’s on this planet since everything

is in the dark things don’t have to be that way develop a deep psychological

and emotional investment in future events whose outcomes are completely unpredictable put yourself in the

position of having total control over comprehending all of your most significant aims and Ambitions for a

short while you you have to get rid of any ideas that may make your dreams come

true no matter how horrible they are your romantic life is about to undergo a

radical transformation that will eventually Bloom into something so wonderful that it will almost cure you

and give you a new lease on life it’s possible that this shift in your romantic life may strengthen you

physically and mentally any and all aspects of your Fitness may be immediately affected by this change God

wanted us to know that he is a blessing so he sent us this message I would want

to be of service to you and shower you with affection my feelings for you are strong

there’s no denying that the good things God has planned for you will in most cases surpass the bad things you’ve done

try to keep your cool and remember to thank God for everything he has done for you it’s far more pleasant to be at ease

when everyone else is happy and to experience severe sadness when everyone else is unhappy the ideal life is living

a life of simultaneous contentment and excruciating misery everything you owe

will be paid off and you’ll be able to offer your kids something special all at once you will be absolutely astounded

just as God promised in the Bible therefore things are being reorganized so that we can finally serve you better

I hope you find this helpful put your whole trust in Jesus Christ and realize that God is is more important than

everything else in pursuit of the highest possible level of success and happiness this is the way to go when the

moment is right you will noticeably change for the better as a result of the exceptional riches power healings and

blessings that the sector is showering upon you I am mending the broken parts of your life God has said in response to

your prayer get ready for your faith to be restored know that I’m setting you up

to get all your prayers answered but I’m also aware of the times when I think they are being unjust everything is

provided for by God assuming there not being completely forthright is something I can do now and I’ll acknowledge it

when I do nevertheless as I reflect on certain events Lord God I realize that

even though I didn’t realize it at the time you were always working things out for my benefit things were going well

for me and I’m grateful that you’ve been figuring things out and organizing them

so that they work for me this situation is too important to ignore and must be

resolved I pray that something significant happens in your life next week that you won’t be able to comment

on and I hope that something good happens for you in the not too distant future a willingness to learn tolerance

and an open mind are all needed even though I know I am Unworthy of your love

I just wanted to take a second to express my gratitude for all you’ve youve done for me throughout this whole

method you have been really patient with me I just wanted to say how much you mean to me and how much your actions

have improved my life I give thanks to the father who is Immortal you are

esteemed a change within your plans is the form that God has arranged for your deliverance the door is in the right

place and shouldn’t be modified if it can be closed after being opened and closed can you promise that you won’t

get completely disoriented due to the fact that many other forms of dishonesty stem from a desire to enrich

oneself at the expense of others some individuals have lost touch with their faith and caused themselves great Pain

by engaging in these practices the week after this one is when all the money

love and healing that are meant to come into your life will begin to manifest according to your modern

accounts and God’s work everything will begin to unfold as it should and you are

all interconnected Ed in a grand scheme for a destiny that only he can see as

far as anybody can tell he is preparing for an unknown future we are laying the

groundwork for a fate that will ultimately benefit him the actions he has taken thus far are precursors to the

future goals he has imagined this is a well-known fact that has given you a

great deal of grief although I really hate it you must know that no matter how

much I care for you I will never put you in a position that is too difficult or

beyond your capabilities I swear I won’t put you in a situation where you can’t handle it or

where it’s too tough to find another way to phrase it I really care about you and

that’s why I’m doing this regardless of how many days you want unique end outcomes nothing will exchange so it’s

pointless to want them wishing things were different is therefore pointless

when things do not go as disastrously as they are right now I will be here to soothe you excuse me as I explain never

ever quit we must never lose sight of the fact that the number of seeds planted directly affects Harvest yield

sewing a small number of seeds will produce a meager crop whereas sewing many seeds will provide a large Harvest

listen closely for God has something to say to you today first and foremost

remember that the difficulties you’re facing ing right now are just temporary this is a fact that you should remember

of course I’m cognizant of the fact that you are now somewhat weary in due time

God will examine Your Existence and reward you in some way it may not be long before new options become available

things seem to be getting worse for a while until they finally began to improve the capacity to overcome mishaps

is beginning to show symptoms that are becoming more apparent as we approach the end of the world keep this in mind

in case you see it as a sign from above that your life’s high points are drawing near at this point enjoying them may be

your first priority keep in mind all the factors that are contributing to the problem you

are now trying to solve and don’t let any bad thoughts enter your head in

contrast you should constantly have an optimistic Outlook I beseech the Lord to

show you his boundless mercy and Grace if you hold on to him tightly he may be

able to solve all your issues and make your life better that is the root of all

the problems that have Arisen as a result of your attachment to him permit a considerable amount of time to pass

before taking any action there are a lot of opportunities coming your way right now you shouldn’t let your wants get in

the way of seizing them chorus from allowing this desire to detour your

thoughts I implore you not to do this not being able to see the immediate

convergence of events does not indicate that wonderful things are planned or on their way to you the fact that you may

be blissfully unaware of dreadful things happening to you at the moment is no excuse for their non-occurrence do not

be alarmed if it seems like nothing is happening in the meantime wonderful things will return success may come to

you even if you don’t see it coming at first please wait for a little longer

May maintaining unwavering commitment and patience is crucial at all times

always put your whole trust in God God tells you that even if you have a lot of potential you won’t be able to thrive at

whatever you set your mind to unless you’re fully committed to it without dedication you won’t be able to do

anything at all your undivided focus is required by sharing this video you can

help me get the word out there I am really grateful please do everything that is necess necessary to ensure that

I will effectively mild you your ideas and I will base my choices on what I think would make you a happy character

so please let me know all of your plans immediately ultimately I will ensure

that they align with my beliefs about what will ultimately bring you the most joy as a character for me you are the

highlight of every day the fact that no one accomplishes anything anymore because you don’t want anybody to hear

you out is real give it your all disappoint no one anymore I see things

from your perspective for me you are the highlight of every day you are presently

seeing the miracle that you have been hoping for take root the people who matter most to you will always Prevail

and no matter how difficult things become a great opportunity for your life will still arrive so there’s no need to

be afraid never again will you give into pressure you must remember remind

yourself you need not worry that your present problems will drag me down I am strong enough to support the whole

planet roughly speaking you don’t have anything to do to be taken advantage of

you need not participate for this reason I hope you will give it some thought my

will not yours will be done if you prioritize me in everything that you do according to God you should strive to be

cheerful this week as a new week has begun I implore God to take on your

flesh and forgive you for all that is happening to you right now at their most

loving a person is situated at The Highest Potential frequency they behave

admiringly toward others once they get praise and thanks all of the books listed below are considered Sacred

Scriptures the ancient Hebrews had the belief that benefiting another person

would improve their life in every aspect and offer them Joy this position’s

original assumption is that the the Bible has a long history of Praise people who had been blessed by the gods

were powerful and they knew it without asking why the ones who have high

aspirations and lead more pragmatic lives are usually the ones that are able to handle the most challenging and

demanding circumstances as God is trying to teach us the most difficult

circumstances are often faced by those with the highest Ambitions and who are up for a much greater task God wants us

to know this so that we may overcome adversity and become structured to live

the life we want in the future success will come to those who can manage the

kind of lives they want to have in the future every challenge you encounter has

been strategically placed to help you grow and I believe that everything that has happened to you has been for your

benefit in many cases climbing to the top of the world requires navigating a

Labyrinth of obstacles if you could lend a hand I may be almost impressed please

know how much I would appreciate your help in releasing the past so that I may face the present with an open mind and

heart the most important thing to me is that the things I’ve accomplished and seen may help other people see the

greatness in themselves the people I interact with and the world around them

the same applies to me I need your assistance if you could help me identify

my own abilities that would be great it would mean a lot to me if you could think of me positively and gratefully at

all times what you did for me is really appreciated I feel compelled to tell you

how much I appreciate everything you’ve done to assist me and how your life has been as selfless and full of passion as

the one you’ve chosen for yourself could you perhaps lend me a hand with this you

asked God for help the night before and he answered your petition he was well aware of the pain anxiety stress and

despair that his current circumstances were causing him in case you believe

that your anger was directed towards your friends children family and the situation you were in he saw you cry he

saw you cry because you felt helpless and he saw you cry because you were worried about your health in these days

you are hearing from God I have a blessing for you for every tear and every sleepless night and you may

ultimately pass out of this this place he says these Heavenly beings will show up in a moment to organize crucial

details for a skip this pain has been with you for quite some time so there’s no need to worry that it will go away

soon that is my solemn vow to you in the Garden of Eden my wish will be granted

by you wonders of recovery and solutions to all your problems will be yours from

here keep telling yourself that good things are coming out of this until you believe it someday this will be

discovered regardless of what happens to take the edge off your ability to learn

about relevant topics increases in proportion to the number of individuals you talk to when you Triumph against

adversity you’ll experience a surge of Joy unlike any other feeling in your

life for the rest of your life including all the times before this one you could

be happier than you have ever been in comparison to the Past don’t you think

this is a positive change regardless of your current location or past experiences the fate of your whole life

is hanging in the balance right now starting to choose your thoughts gives

you the power to control your life you have the power to change your life if you start to choose the ideas you have

there is no such thing as an unchangeable bad condition and there is no such thing as an unchangeable

Dreadful scenario so long as you take control of your ideas you can change your life at least one opportunity for

private growth exists in every scenario almost every aspect of your life is up

for grabs right now your ideas are the single most important factor in

determining the course of your life’s events at the moment the main thing that determines your way of life is how you

experience your ideas your incessant curiosity explains why you seem to have a handful of major interests that you

pursue without fail no matter your perspective the things that catch your eye and occupy your

thoughts the most might shape your life the most I agree with this statement feeling

good about the good ideas that have been floating around in your mind lately is impossible when you’re happy and include

negative thoughts you are Limitless or put another way your own ideas are the

only thing holding you back from realizing your full potential nevertheless engaging in it requires an

exceptional frame of mind you seem to have gathered all the necessary items

the ACT is not flawed despite widespread opinion to the contrary we are seeing

the manifestation of your beauty before our own eyes truly God is Magnificent

the gentle Direction you’re given is Illuminating and revealing things that are already set in Motion in your life

everyone and everything will not be able to stop them you should get closer to

your ultimate goal you may request that your friends watch the video If you so

choose keeping an attitude of gratitude can help you tremendously no matter what

challenges you face there is still a great deal for you to learn even if you have gone this far you’ll keep getting

better in the years to come keep in mind how much you appreciate what you have

decided at all times by making the most of the options that are available to you

you can take advantage of both both the current situation and what may be happening the will of God for your life

is now crystal clear to you executed with Precision everything improved when

you triumphed over your challenging situation experiencing the high quality things going on around you must be

possible once you’ve implemented these modifications you should start to feel better

immediately yes I did choose you if you want to improve your regular happiness financial situation

and health additionally I chose you because it enables me to provide you

with complete joy as you effortlessly transition to a task with a clear

objective you’ll be eligible for a plethora of rewards and recognitions since your overwhelming happiness will

instantly bring joy and optimism to those closest to you this is going to

happen since you can discover that you should always be interested in anything new this one will need some thought so

be ready the Lord’s message for today is this keep in mind that your mental

attitude is the single most important component in determining the quality of

your day to get through each day you must realize that you alone are

responsible for building the power that comprises each day it is the shest way

to succeed it’s the same as having the weekend off but you have to be careful

not to allow your personal responsibilities to dictate how you live your life in the event that anything

happens you are entirely responsible for handling your own travel Arrangements every second seems like a

precious gift that life is constantly bestowing on us a word from God has been

sent to you and it is not for public consumption it is common knowledge today

that there are certain aspects of your life that you just can’t alter if things get get out of hand however you can

count on me to see to it that they’re taken care of you will know everything

there is to know about the problem since I will be here when you read this in precisely days God is ensuring your

safety in case of an emergency because of this deviation from your original plan meanwhile he developed romantic

feelings for her since she was the most interesting character in the story second only to himself you may safely

assume that he is not more than a reasonable distance away from you you will be able to provide the best care

for your loved ones avoid depending on the generosity of others for financial assistance and instead engage in sports

that provide you with joy by giving the video a thumbs up you’re expressing your approval of the author in the next week

your good fortune will double three-fold prepare to accept them into your established order when they arrive if

you believe in God you should see this film in its entirety put your hands over your eyes

and picture yourself enjoying the life you’ve always wanted for yourself at this very moment when you describe how

it looks smells and feels be very precise and attentive to detail in the

end all you have to do is shut your eyes for a little while and open them again

if the criteria you have imagined come to pass in the real world because it is really a approaching very fast you need

to be prepared to be astounded in a short period of time by possessing a fantastic recollection of a very

important occasion that is swiftly approaching you may have an overwhelming

sense of Pride and fulfillment that is almost impossible to contain feelings of elation and Triumph

could consume you you won’t be able to keep up with the events happening in your life since they happen so quickly

the question of whether it sprang from any other fact may even start to baffle you in an attempt to comprehend how

quickly everything is progressing for you it will be difficult you should get yourself ready so that you can figure

out a way to solve this problem it is critical that you prepare for it since

we can say with absolute certainty that it has delivered the desired results

eventually all the terrible things that have happened to you and caused you to cry will be a part of the Hereafter and

you will no longer be hidden from them either feelings of delight contentment

love and presence will accompany them on their Journey this fabric encompasses

anything that has ever saddened you throughout your whole life as a result

you will feel fortunate in a highquality way your efforts May pay off in the near

future allowing you to enjoy a great deal of success do everything in your

power to keep your worries from dominating your life maintaining your faith in the face of adversity can help

you realize that all your hard work was worthwhile in the end uncertainty is

inevitable danger will eventually knock on your door a guest from the far future

is on the way due to the fact that all of your payments may be paid in full you

won’t have to worry about any bills being late there will probably be a lot of major changes to your present

Financial circumstances in the not too distant future and they will probably happen very fast it is quite probable

that these changes will be implemented to fully appreciate the significance it has in your life you must acknowledge

that it is a gift and use it in a positive way the water I can give him on

the other hand will turn into an inner spring and from there it will rise into

eternal life I am able to provide him with this water everything said here

will really transpire the Savior makes it plain once he turns the water into

liquid form that anyone who drinks the water I will give them will never thirst

again what the Bible says about your love life is that it’s time to start over from the beginning you’re going to

start laughing trusting and loving again so that you might make up for all that

you have let slip through your fingers you could anticipate that I would provide assistance in the future God is

currently writing your tale and he is paying close attention to every single detail from the beginning to the end

even though you have not yet had the chance to personally experience everything that is available to you you

shouldn’t just ignore your intelligence because you haven’t put in the time to study why we can fix all your problems

and make sure everything follows the plan right now you’d rather not be engaged with anything trust the process

and pay attention to to the reality that you are solely responsible for the power

you bring into the area your next step should be to put your trust in the process and watch as your wishes

materialize before your eyes the way you’re handling things and the amount of work you’re putting in are very

motivating to me you are doing an admirable job of completing this task and our Lord God has spoken when you do

this you put me at the center of your Universe you are really gorgeous I have

a strategy for your life that takes into account the current circumstances and aims to ensure that everything works out

for the greatest practicable end outcome making sure everyone works out in a method that yields the best possible

outcomes under the current conditions is the plan’s main objective no matter how

angry or confused you may be right now you can’t ignore the reality that I’ve

recently come to realize the people who live on this planet are forced to endure

tremendous suffering and hardship as a result of the current situation and they often feel

deceived this is because of the state of the world but on the flip side it opens

the door to the prospect of finding a whole lot of Joy wonder and beauty within its confines as the principle

awareness of your fundamental mind you should focus most of your energy on the extraordinary experiences and

possibilities that this planet May provide it could be wise to try to pay attention to the things that Earth has

to offer in addition you should Endeavor to create something fruitful from the

pain that is now prevalent on a glob scale you should definitely do it it’s crucial that you give it the freedom to

shape your identity by guiding your personal growth into a more advanced version of yourself if you are eager to

receive God’s benefits he promises they will surround you after some time has

passed if you are open to receiving them you will realize that you are are exactly where you need to be right now

where you must be in any situation where you need help people are more inclined

to go out of their way to assist you if they have a nice picture of you whenever

you find yourself in a tough spot you must always remember this thing my best

wishes and prayers are being sent your way from every corner of the globe for some reason the possibility exists that

God shielded you from anything that may end your life life remove your typical

position on this planet and alter the course of your destiny by giving you the impression that you were being rejected

this idea must always be front of mind and you must never lose sight of the fact that God has great things planned

for you that is something that you should be aware of at all times fantastic mental and physical health

contented thinking plenty of money healthy relationships meaningful connections Serenity and growth in every

area of your life mental spiritual and financial are all within your reach

everything listed here will be yours when you ask for it in the end all of

these things will be bypassed which will only make matters worse through the work

we do together I guarantee that you will achieve a level of amazing Fitness and fine contentment in all areas of your

life whatever you’re intended to do this week we I pray that your heart’s desires

and God’s will be accomplished through your labor may all your dreams come true

and may your work bring you spiritual fulfillment when you set your mind to anything I have no doubt that you will

achieve your goal to the best of my knowledge you have the potential to break through whatever barrier you

encounter and find answers to any problems you face if you are determined

to succeed on the path you have chosen I have complete faith that you will be able able to overcome any obstacles that

may appear I believe you to be entirely honest the next week is going to be a

milestone and it will significantly alter the trajectory that the rest of your lives will follow after this I can

guarantee that the one doing the analysis will have a fantastic day filled with presence and appropriate

Fortune as I’m promising them this I ask that God bestow His blessings on all of

you who are studying this please God if you are a believer in God I beg you Lord

to hear their prayers and to reveal new opportunities for them to overcome their

illnesses meet all of their needs Vanquish their enemies and experience an

endless flow of blessings no matter how far you flee my love for you will always

follow and find you there’s no way to deny that nothing will ever be able to keep you from this if you have a track

record of reliability it is much more reasonable to assume that you will be there at the appointed time and place

the reason being you have a track record of dependability when it comes to situations where you want support having

a positive impression of you makes others more willing to go out of their way to assist you despite the difficulty

of the circumstances this will eventually become crystal clear all the wonderful things I have trained for you

are being bestowed upon you right now and I’m delivering them to you right now

the following event will occur in your life but you shouldn’t be concerned about it since it won’t Define you it’s

not worth the time the only thing I require from you is that you work really hard and give my words a lot of thought

the appropriate people will contact you as soon as they can and they will do all in their power to respond immediately so

I can guarantee that this will happen in the next several days as I have done before I shall keep a careful watch on

you I can maintain eye contact with you there is absolutely no way I will stop

watching the program I can assist you in reaching your objective of improving your mood if you are now sad and want to

feel better I will find a way out of this tough situation no matter how hopeless it may seem when you feel like

you can’t go on no matter how hard you try God promises that he will give you the power to keep going eliminating all

Concepts should be your main OB objective so give it your full attention on the other hand you should look for

help with everything God has already accomplished so much for you and the first and foremost thing you should do

is thank him for it then explain to him what you want by going ahead of schedule

because it is a promise God has given you the doors that will hopefully open for you in the future will make it such

that you will never have to borrow money beg or battle for anything again we need

need to be committed to accomplishing anything and that is the EXP reason for it what I was trying to tell Moses was

that I was going to provide you with resources both human and financial that

you could never have suspected quickly it appears like things are going to change for the better in

your situation if you can bear to wait for what seems like an eternity God will

reveal to you the reason it took him so long possibly happening right now are

moves on God’s part that are much greater than anything you can imagine or even hope for they are superior to all

you can possibly think of or even contemplate knowing that you still have a desire should provide you with some

comfort no matter how bad the torture becomes you must remain composed and

make prayer a daily habit I pray that God will bless you abundantly no matter

how bad things become people may have conversations with God and and God will speak to them for example my baby came

to me eagerly knowing that I am the god who would provide all of his needs I

will alleviate your frustration by assisting you in resolving it in order

to overcome its illness I will lend you a hand you will have the opportunity to

lead a life that is more normally seen as normal if you are released from jail

the day we had been anticipating has finally arrived and with it I’m going to put you in a position of joy and want

like you’ve never been in before maintain a positive outlook and seek out ways to inspire those closest to you

during this time we truly appreciate your efforts it’s reasonable to expect

that I will intervene immediately to prevent such a situation from happening if something is completely against God’s

Will and there’s no way to stop it from happening then there’s no need to try to stop it it’s hard to stop anything that

isn’t part of God’s plan from happening and even if it doesn’t which is highly unlikely God has something even better

in store for us God has something better planned for us in spite of your current

behavior you are aware of this truth relax and accept it by saying I’m going

to bring you from obscurity to repute God responded to Elijah’s concern

regarding the many paths his life may follow concerning the possible path that

Elijah’s life may follow he baffled God you have shown me how much you value Me

by being Dependable trying so hard and showing me this kind of respect so arm

yourselves because I’m about to provide some very valuable information to you the best party of your whole life is

about to happen right now from what we can see things are moving in the right direction or more accurately the way

they should be moving every so often it’s as if a jigsaw puzzle piece is fitting together to form the final

picture prepare your ideas to be implemented there may be moments when you really need to give up but are

unable to do so and there will be tears shed in order to get this gift at this

time the Lord has spoken to you in a way that says to wait you will weep over this sentence though there are reasons

to have an optimistic Outlook you should be ready to have your hopes dashed Additionally you should be ready to be

let down I anticipate that there will be challenging times ahead God will provide

the strength to keep going when you’re ready but you may feel that power all the time make the most of the Limitless

opportunities that will present themselves to you in the years to come because you need to Be watchful and look

at the big picture your persistence will pay off in the end and it will probably be identified in more ways than one your

worries will melt away since you know that everything will turn out well in the end huge benefits that will Astound

you will be bestowed upon on you and the people that matter most to you you and

your family may be blessed with such benefits to start there are many reasons for you to feel proud of who you are

right now you’re not tight enough to go further with this approach the most unbelievable thing is that I am no

longer informed of the major news stories and that is mind-boggling to me

you should not miss out on the wonderful things that God is going to do in your life this week if there’s any chance you

can get them instead of the pain suffering and worry you’re feeling right now I will give you blessings like love

healing Serenity and plenty my deepest hope is that this

serves a purpose I vow to you my love and I will keep my word in the midst of

becoming members of one another let all people pray to the Lord gratitude has

overtaken my heart and I come to you today God the Father I’m quite thankful

giving you an explanation is a great way for me to show you how much I appreciate this everything you’ve done for my

family and your kids is much appreciated your complete accomplishment is much

appreciated in addition I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the beautiful weather we’ve been having recently in

addition to the helpful opportunities you’ve opened up for me I’d also like to thank you for the resources you’ve given

me so that I may follow my aspirations your kindness and consideration allow me to face each day

and do any tasks that may be assigned to me I am grateful given everything that

you have achieved I will always have a soft spot for you and hold you in the highest regard I owe you the utmost

respect right now even if you’ve already brought it to my attention I can generally conf find a solution to the

problem by having a personal conversation with you in his words I am

the god you worship and I will assist you in your endeavor Endeavors this is a

commonly held belief It is believed that this commitment was conveyed via him you

can count on me to be there for you through the good times and the bad the wonderful and the awful and everything

in between I firmly pledge that I will never leave you behind in this world if

you have faith in God you may express your support by sharing and liking this

video it is not always easy to accept as truth what one knows to be true within

one’s own abilities that is absolutely correct in certain cases I don’t always

have an innate sense of self assurance in my abilities and accomplishments I created you with an

enormous amount of potential that has not yet been fulfilled so please know that it is important that you remember

this assuming it is feasible for other people to achieve satisfaction it must

likewise be feasible for you to achieve fulfillment something is possible as a

means to an end if it is possible for other people to do it as a person I have

full trust in you you have my unwavering confidence I implore you to strive for

an exceptionally positive outlook on life avoid starting at the same level as everyone else and instead focus on

establishing your own reputation do not act in a way that indicates you are unable to participate in anything even

when faced with other Rivals despite facing adversity you maintained your composure and ultimately achieved

success seeking my assistance is your one option for improving your attitude

instead of using alcohol as a crutch you may depend on me to be your strong support system when times are rough even

if everything starts again you can’t give up hope just yet since I’m the one responsible on top of that I know full

well that you’d want to change the way things are now in your life I can be here for for you every step of the way

regardless of the decision you make in this scenario or you may not get much of a return on this interest unless you put

in a lot of work initially what this implies is that if you stick to your old habits after you’ve decided to make

changes you won’t be able to achieve the improvements you want in your life life will start to improve once you decide to

make me the most important thing in your life and break ties with the negative individuals who have been a part of it

if you decide to cut ties this might happen right away if you do this your

first year of college will begin to improve are you in the mood to take it easy and relax have you been trying to

find a secluded spot where you can relax if you are interested in reading the Bible for yourself I highly recommend

getting a copy and reading the first page as soon as you have it you will realize that you are becoming more

capable of being self-sufficient as our relationship deepens and our time together

increases please subscribe to receive more of God’s words and may the Lord be glorified in everything that you do


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