listen closely my dear friend for in the next few minutes I have a message that might alter the course of your life you

must realize first and foremost that you are a beloved child of God who has welcomed you into his own life you are

free from disease and misery and death no longer has any power over you God

promises you enough and he will provide all you need even this video the hard

times and difficult courses you’ve taken are not in vain if you have faith in God

you can trust him to protect you and lead you through any challenge find solace in his loving presence as you

take a deep breath no one is going to stand in your way and the enemy will

lose the fight for your life you will experience an abundance of benefits in your life as God restores what you have

lost consider the abundance of everything that Calvary offers God’s mercy has no limits you have done what

is right in God’s eyes and he has pardoned your transgressions and failings just as the East is from the

West so too has God eliminated your sins so you should not let your heart condemn

you instead become one with the regenerative energy csing through you

and embrace the metamorphosis taking place within you please accept this prayer as an affirmation that you are a

Healer sent by God who has empowered you to revive and bless everyone in your life put yourself in God’s shoes and let

his mercy and love flow through you not only is God fantastic but he is also

attractive in and of himself as his character develops in you you will share in his kindness take advantage of his

generosity and push yourself to make a significant decision in the next year

God is changing your tale into a happy restored and successful one believe in

his perfect plan know that everything is working for your good live in the Plenty

that God is giving you and have faith that he will grant your every desire

focus on God’s promises for the future rather than dwelling on the tragedies of the last year he will accompany you on

all your missions and provide you with guidance along the way trust in his perfect timing and find Serenity in his

presence God loves and cherishes you and he will never abandon you or forsake you

therefore have courage and do not let fear stop you from achieving your objectives you will succeed because God

is on your side the th comment is that you are capable of anything because

Christ supports you God has already taken care of everything so let your

anxieties and your focus on his kindness intersect even if it’s no longer what

you desire you should pause for a moment to appreciate what you have have faith

that God is protecting you and leading you to a better place his purposes for

your life are greater than anything you can comprehend while you wait seek God’s

presence and contentment in him surrender control and find solace in his provision and protection God is

Overjoyed for you loves you without condition and is always on your side you

must keep going because he has wonderful things planned for you have faith that

things may suddenly turn around for the better embrace the possibility of a different result and trust that God is

working everything out for your benefit remember that nothing is ever definitive

since that is the last thing to say let this be a sign of your tranquility and

hope for a better tomorrow you may always count on God’s unending presence

to guide you towards the many benefits that await you statement if you love God pause for a minute to

think about those words and let the meaning enter your heart seize the assurance insurances that God has given

you about your existence and embrace them as part of his holy purpose you will achieve greatness because you are

liked and treasured furthermore may the blessings and serenity of God always be

with you I am reaching out to you my beloved with a message of change and optimism listen closely for those words

have the power to influence your destiny significantly in God’s perspective you

are a priceless little Heavenly being a thread in the tapestry of existence You

Are unencumbered by any disease and no force can Crush you you wholeheartedly

accept the promise of Plenty because you know that it contains the key to fulfilling all of your desires on this

shared path God is prepared to wash away the filth that has settled into your heart and ruined your love dreams and

joys get ready to experience life to the fullest as calvary’s Grace lifts you up

in the face of life life’s obstacles and barriers remember that God is on your side keep your head held high and take

the initiative because in times of need help will come from above God comforts

you and leads you to unspoiled places of gentle Victory so find peace in his arms

Darkness solidified by enemies vanquished to your life beyond your failings and Disobedience you are not

defined in God’s sight you have a perfect character the weight of your misdeeds has been lifted did like the

east from the West so that you may go on from this place of Shame celebrate the

life-giving force that is already residing within you a metamorphosis is

taking place and every obstacle is being transformed into an opportunity for greater success breakthroughs are

waiting for you to claim them and God’s decision is on you find your inner

healer and share the life-giving water of God with others who are suffering love and compassion when poured forth

have the power to alter lives regardless of who else is involved no matter what

always remember that God loves you and is rooting for you providing unfaltering

support as he cheers you on as the new year begins may you be showered with

blessings and prosperity embrace the truth in light of God’s purpose put your anxieties about

the past in the past and welcome the Plenty that is coming your way follow his perfect timing and you will reach

New Heights and discover new possibilities know that God is in control and you are seeking solace in

his presence in the midst of the world’s transient calm may his Serenity Shield

your heart and mind rejoice in the guarantee that the love of God has no bounds in the midst of life’s

uncertainty Jesus loves and corrects you leading you to a joyful and purposeful

life keep your courage and resolve in the depths of Despair your trust in

God’s promises will illuminate the way you will triumph over every obstacle with his help the power of change is

ahead in therefore accept it as truth recovery and its satisfaction are at the

heart of your narrative a better future is on the horizon and God is guiding

your actions in the correct direction start worrying about the future with the assurance that God will provide rest in

his plenty and watch as debts are paid bills are settled and financial

blessings flow listen to God’s voice as he leads you through life’s challenges

it will keep you from straying from the path of righteousness and Purity no matter how many times you mess up you

are still valuable because you are a channel for God’s love his Mercy has no

bounds he will wipe the Slate clean of your transgressions prepare to be amazed by God’s wonders which are always just

around the corner the course of your life is heading in the direction of a more significant purpose and

accomplishment indulge in God’s kindness because it grows inside you revealing

his infinite Essence Embrace his generosity and Ascend to a position of immense favor and

blessing may you welcome God’s protection and direction as you navigate through the year

his love will protect you from harm and being in his presence will quiet the

storms find peace and quiet In God’s Presence let go of your need to manage

your life and have faith that he has a purpose for everything despite your skepticism keep in mind that God loves

you no matter what he’s always by your side encouraging you and helping you succeed keep your faith because no

matter what happens God’s promises will come true even when faced with uncertainty his love and passion will

carry you through every Endeavor hold on to the love of God you are being mentioned in rooms that have not yet

been explored and his intentions of great quality are being realized through you God is changing your narrative so be

a living embodiment of his transforming power you will know that God has never left your side because of the following

gift rejoice in the fact that you are a beloved child of God with great

potential for great things to come he loves and supports you because you deserve it prepare to face the year

fearlessly in search of God’s presence forget the past and present and become a

living embodiment of hope for a better tomorrow if you want this know that

God’s love is Limitless and that he is ready to lead you through the difficulties of Life give up on God’s

perfect will and rest easy in his assurances agree with his reliable Supply and Security in times of waiting

seek God’s peace and contentment in his presence pray that you may experience

the metamorphosis that God is arranging so that you might reap rewards that surpass measure as you go on in your

path God is your Advocate your shield and your guide this much is true you are

already surrounded by his adoration and you have all of his benefits God is with

you so be brave and unwavering wait for his perfect timing believe that his

promises are sure live out the Abundant lives he has planned for you and don’t

worry he has taken care of everything keep in mind that no matter what obstacles you face on your journey God

is pulling for you loving you no matter what and is proud of you he is your biggest fan that God’s love and wisdom

will bring you victory in life and that Miracles will happen out of nowhere is something I wholeheartedly believe

believe without question that he is in charge and has Grand plans for you sit

with these words for a while and let their meaning sink in in living out God’s love and Promises is the shest way

to achieve your heart’s desires furthermore May His blessings and Tranquility always accompany you Ammon

my dear friend as we continue on this path of desire and change I want you to

know that God’s love and support for you will never wne he brought you into this

world for a reason that is beyond human comprehension you are his beloved child

you are free from the bomb of chaos and sadness in God’s sight you are in him

connected to the source of everlasting lives thus death has no power over you

feel the power of this truth and let it inspire you to be courageous God is

removing an obstacle that has reduced Your Love dreams and joys to material

possessions and he is returning you to the fullness of your lifestyle free from the weight of your previous troubles

give himself over to you and let his Grace work in all your dealings fear disillusionment and financial

difficulties will not influence you your family and you are about to embark on a

new chapter in God’s plan embrace the arrival of a new season filled with joy plenty and unexpected Marvels I concur

that this is about to transpire inside the thrilling and top-notch news someone

is going to give you a new house as a present and your dad wants you to choose a quiet place to settle down keep your

senses sharp because wonders are just around the corner you are entering a season of boundless love and Rich

blessings as God shows it everything will fall into place according to your wishes when the moment is Right In God’s

abundant plan for your life you will have perfect health a sound mentality and great success you will also have

fulfilling relationships meaningful connections spiritual and intellectual development and material abundance you

may come out stronger because God has a plan to convert every obstacle into a stepping stone to your

recovery so long as you love him through it all remember that everything is

working for your benefit feel the thrill of the journey as you know he is by your

side the whole time studying those words isn’t a stroke of luck it’s a sign that

you’re about to face a double whammy the chance to follow your heart and live the

life you’ve always imagined the truth and the life Lifestyles come through me Jesus declared I am the only one

involved with the father everything he says is true and I follow his lead

living in accordance with his teachings has incalculable benefits as we go ahead

know that a wonderful event is about to happen in your life in mysterious and wonderful ways the whole Cosmos is

working behind the scenes to amaze you be receptive to the Marvels that await you with an open heart while the clock

strikes p.m. am something that has been teaching you for years is about to go tonight there

will be possibilities and rewards are plenty when a fullscale reversal happens

you may be certain that there is plenty for which to be thankful even beyond your greatest dreams even if you have

also faced challenges along the way you have managed to overcome them and emerge even stronger do not give up your

greatest moments are still to come feeling sad or hurt is normal just just keep in mind that you aren’t down and

out everything will work out in the end if you factor in that it is all happening according to God’s plan every

negative influence will be revealed by God in your immediate vicinity he will confront those who cause you problems

and stand up against any wrongdoing find solace in his protection and love at the

core of your existence realize that God’s love for you has no bounds his

love for you has no bounds and he takes great joy in leading you God wants you to pay attention to the next minutes

and every second is full of potential so make a comment to reinforce that Ammon they are capable of completely altering

your way of life you are a sacred Temple and God has vowed to remove any impurity

from your life from inside in the midst of adversity and uncertainty submit to

his Divine Direction and see the miraculous blessings he brings out remember that God’s promises are always

available everything he has promised you will come to pass in due time since he is the source of Plenty think about his

purposes and the time that he has orchestrated find refuge in God’s Serenity and all knowing knowledge as

you protect your mind and heart from the Mayhem of the Arena allow this Serenity to accompany you while you weather life

storms whenever you feel like giving up or giving in remind yourself that you

are righteous in God’s eyes he has forgiven you for your transgressions and failings and his grace is more abundant

than you can ever imagine rather than being transitory or conditional the

peace that God brings is an enduring deep calmness that permeates your whole

existence in each situation let this Tranquility serve as your foundation

strive fearlessly for the path of Holiness and righteousness because living in accordance with God’s word

leads to genuine success and purpose hold on to your whole heart heart

replete with references for his call you may be certain that God hears your

heart’s wishes and will provide them to those who seek them according to his perfect timing and Justice the heavens

are smiling on you embrace the possibilities that come your way and watch as God’s ultimate plan for your

lives unfolds the years to come may be filled with excellent trade and change

keep in mind that God is in charge in times of both preparedness and UNC

certainty a time of Joy healing and satisfaction is about to break upon your

life and he’s racing backstage to make it happen love from God has no bounds

mistakes and catastrophes don’t stop him from correcting and mending you gently leading you towards the Abundant Life he

has planned for you remind yourself that you are not the only one dealing with the difficult challenges such Lifestyles

inevitably bring God would never let anything deprive you of his favor because he is with you his love is like

a shield that keeps you safe and gives you strength believe this message wholeheartedly knowing that he is

bestowing benefits upon you that you cannot possibly fathom find solace in

God in times of trouble by submitting to his will having faith in his protection

and provision and following his ideal even though your journey may be challenging at times know that God is

with you his love and support will never fade and he will do all in his power to

see that you succeed and be happy as you patiently await God’s timing keep in

mind that what is ahead is much better than what is past think about his plan

and have patience he is creating something lovely only for you just sit

quietly for a second and let yourself be soothed by God’s presence his Tranquility calms your spirit and goes

beyond all comprehension remember that God’s timing is Flawless even when

everything seems chaotic and unsettling there is no variation or irregularity in

God’s love for you he is very pleased with your progress and Improvement and is your biggest Advocate when you put

your trust in God even in the darkest of times he will work a miracle in your life transforming your trials into

triumphs keep in mind that I am not alone God will protect you from harm and

Lead You Through Every Storm the last year may have been difficult as well but

God’s promises are still true keep looking to him and believe that he is reliable in providing for and protecting

you remember that God is with you even when you don’t see it you carry his

wisdom power and peace inside you because he lives in you embrace the

thrill of new ways of living with unwavering conviction beyond your greatest dreams

God has a plan for your life that is rich with joy restoration and

satisfaction keep in mind that God is in charge and that he is attacking on your

behalf to bring you Victory and Glory even while you see outward signs of movement and turmoil stay hopeful and

Trust in God’s Abundant Blessings when you’re prepared he is leading you through Stormy Waters so keep looking

for him and enjoying being with him embrace your unique Mission draw

strength from the love of God God and the gifts he has given you and learn to overcome obstacles by claiming what is

rightfully yours God is turning your situation upside down so keep that in

mind despite the difficulties you may be experiencing you should embrace this

reality with steadfast confidence because improvements and victories are around the corner bravely stand firm

through thick and thin God Is by your side leading and safeguarding you a message of Desire and abundance in your

business career or process is being sent to you by God at this time he assures

you that your financial situation will improve and that you will see a substantial increase in wealth get ready

for the life-changing rewards that may be yours by aligning yourself with God’s immense might not only will his favor

affect your financial situation but it will also improve your health and alter your way of life in profound ways

Optimal Health wealth abundant wealth and joy beyond your wildest dreams are on their way to you as God promised be

prepared to receive those benefits with trust and thankfulness he says your heavenly father has blessed you with

unexpected chances the promise of having all of your debts forgiven and all of your expenses paid in full by the end of

the year and a windfall of $ million God stresses that he has the

power to completely transform your life rescuing you from a financial crisis and

leading you into a period of Plenty it is said that this year will be the most

wonderful year for you and your loved ones full of joy health and excellent Fortune he can transform Dark Nights

into brilliant Dawns since he is the deity of Miracles he says Miracles real

knowledge and unexpected benefits may come to you at any time during the year

God will shower you with life-changing blessings and miracles which will open doors to success success health and

wealth this message which is universal promises a life full of blessings

prosperity and wonders via its strong message of religion desire and God’s

advantages you may see the fruition of God’s words in your life as you keep including his promises in your

unfaltering faith he promises that his plans for your life are right and will bring you success free from damage your

health Fitness level business con connections and money May all see significant improvements in the next

week God is going to do miraculous things in your life that will have an everlasting impact on this path the

presence of God is a constant source of strength and wisdom whether you are experiencing Joy or sorrow he is a

reliable companion whose affection is Limitless finding comfort and strength

in God’s presence during times of suffering sadness or loss is possible

in most cases the message will stress how powerful prayers affirmations and statements of Faith may be if you want

to know what God has in store for you he wants you to pray and declare it to the universe believing that his love and

grace will open doors for you through prayer you may tap into these possibilities and experience Miracles

additionally God wants you to remember that he is your provider and guardian he

promises to meet your needs and to open the gates of Heaven so that you may be showered with

benefits as you trust in God’s timing and power your financial circumstances will change your debts may be forgiven

and you will experience abundant riches Beyond Your Wildest Dreams he promises

that Miracles will happen in your life that his promises are not limited to this world and that he can change any

circumstance so that you get benefits and miracles in the way that you want them since he is the deity of Mercy

rather than wroth God discusses His function by highlighting his love forgiveness and the promise of a fresh

start God is always with you ready to restore your peace and prosperity and

regain what the adversary has stolen no matter what problems you face he is

there the importance of being grateful is emphasized in this message as well we

pray that you will give thanks to God for his benefits wisdom and unending love by letting God’s love and care

shine through gratitude unlocks even larger benefits and sets the stage for a

joyful wealthy and happy life it assures you that you are never alone he assures

you that he will defend you calm your storms and guide you to a life of Plenty

keep in mind that you have the power to co-create with God as you go through life if your religious statements and

actions are in harmony with his purposes he will bless you and and your descendants abundantly God is with you

always directing your steps keeping you from harm and loving you no matter what

this is true regardless of the challenge you’re facing or the outcome of your endeavors Embrace his promises trust in

his love and Savor the delight and wonder of being in the author’s presence

if you have received this message and believe it to be real because of God’s love and benefits then share it with

others you care about to promote hope faith and the awareness that with God

everything is possible beloved keep walking in faith and trusting in God’s

promises his love and concern for you will last forever so keep that in mind

most of the time he’s working behind the scenes Conjuring up Marvels for you never lose sight of the fact that God

has wonderful intentions for your lives and will bring blessings and prosperity your way no matter how low you may feel

in the present whether your problems are dependent or depressed God knows them all he is a

deity of Liberation and whether you are bound by financial difficulties or marital Strife he can break the bonds

that bind you and restore health and happiness to every part of your life God

wants you to know that he is there for you whenever you need comfort believe

that he is at your side bringing Solace throughout your grief and leading you through the worst times

you will be guided toward better times by his love which is a Guiding Light you

may affirm your confidence in God’s intentions and access the blessings he has in store for you by praying and

making public professions of your faith take credit for succeeding despite difficulties overcoming obstacles and

experiencing much while you don’t have as you walk closely with God doors will

open to you sooner than you think and blessings will pour into into your life in every season of your life know that

God is your faithful companion he will provide for all your needs so you will never be in need trust that his timing

is perfect and he will work everything out for your good as you look forward to what the future holds remember that

God’s promises are yes and amen he will restore what the enemy has taken from you replacing sorrow with joy fear with

courage and healing with strength hold fast to search sech in for God’s presence for in him you will find power

comfort and peace he is the source of all benefits and his love knows no

bounds as you walk in alignment with his Divine will you will experience the fullness of his blessings you will be

guided by his love to a future that is full of unfathomable Marvels abundant

joy and success please forward this message to others in the hopes that it

will help them discover their desires their faith and the fact that God’s love illuminates their path through life’s

Journeys if you have received it with appreciation and joy for the promises it contains like a newborn child of God may

you always walk in his grace and enjoy the fullness of his gifts in your lives keep in mind that no matter where life

takes you you are never really alone no matter what you’re doing God is with you

the whole time providing wisdom strength and guidance his love is endless like a

river that that pours richly into your lives giving joy and success even when times are tough keep in mind that you

may draw power from God if you pray to him when you are weak or discouraged he

will give you strength to overcome your difficulties no obstacle is too great for you to overcome when God is on your

side have faith in God’s perfect timing he is aware of your heart’s wishes you

will be led to possibilities beyond your wildest dreams as he synchronizes your your path with his Flawless will as you

give him control of your goals and Ambitions even when you don’t know what the future holds financially the creator

of the world has your back and is orchestrating every turn for your benefit you should pray to God as your

issuer since he controls the globe and owns all the livestock on a thousand hills pray that he will grant your every

want according to his glorious riches Proclaim his promises of Plenty over your lives

and see his benefits pour forth into your money music as you go through

relationships and try to mend damaged places remember that God closes the Gap

his love is strong enough to mend broken hearts mend broken marriages and bring people together again in your quest for

reason and success let your heart be open to forgiveness and let his love flow through you restoring yourself and

others around you always keep praying for God’s wisdom and direction you will find satisfaction which is

immeasurably meaningful when you conform your aspirations to his reasons he has

specific intentions for your life in Times of uncertainty or concern doors of

opportunity will fly open when you assert your desire over your activities keep in mind that God has

promised to instill in you a spirit of power love and sound mind rather than a

spirit of fear let his Flawless love envelop you eradicating all trace of

panic and embody love which drives away fear a life full of Wonders and

blessings may be yours as long as you walk in faith and trust in God embark on

an experience that will testify to the kindness of God grace and unfaltering affection cling steadfastly to his

promises and comprehend that anything is possible with God if you have received this message with an attitude of

thankfulness and expectation for the wonderful things God has planned for your life then you should share it with

others so that they too may have hope faith and the knowledge that God’s love

is the key to a life that is both abundant and reasonable also my darling

may you confidently walk in his grace and enjoy all of his benefits every day

remember that God’s love is an endless source of compassion and Grace that he is your everpresent support in times of

need and that his promise provide a solid foundation upon which to

build your life when times are uncertain as you continue to travel along the road of Faith realize that God has a purpose

for your life and that you are fearfully and wonderfully formed with unique abilities and

capabilities Embrace who you are as a beloved child of God and let his love

lead you while you navigate difficult times so that you may enjoy his purpose for your life God is in control so you

may take comfort in that he has the power to transform your hardships into strengths your pain into fortitude and

your failures into opportunities for growth and success have faith that he is

orchestrating everything for your benefit let God be your compass even when the path ahead seems steep as you

pursue your Ambitions seek his wisdom and direction in whatever you do his

word will be a comfort to you and a light to guide you in the midst of celebrating successes remember to show

appreciation for the light that has led you this far being thankful releases a

deluge of blessings from God when you take the time to be grateful for all the good things happening in your life no

matter how big or small you’ll attract even more good things God’s Mercy is

boundless and his love is unconditional it doesn’t matter whether you’ve messed up in the past the

Forgiveness of God is easily accessible consider his forgiveness as well let his

love wash away your shame and remorse and forgive yourself be faithful even

when you don’t understand to experience God’s miraculous Works religion is the

key his Marvels will unfold right before your eyes if you agree with his promises

take hold of his promises and let them shape your lives his words may shape the

reality you want come be an examp example of God’s compassion and kindness to everyone around you as you walk with

him show kindness and understanding to others around you let your actions

reflect God’s love and be a rock for those who are struggling when they’re ready and persistent God is always on

time and he will fulfill his promises when it is most convenient for him keep

this in mind as you continue on your path with God and realize that you are never really alone be persistent in your

prayers and keep in mind that his plans are much greater than yours his grace is

sufficient for all needs and his love is ever present maintain close contact with

his assurances enjoy a life full of joy contentment and success as you stroll in

his love if you are filled with appreciation and refreshed in your religion as you receive this message

then please share it with others so that they too may have desire faith and the

knowledge that God’s love illuminates their path furthermore may you always

confidently go forward in his grace and Savor the abundance of his benefits treasured each day think about how

powerful your faith is because it still incorporates God’s love and promises you

will attract God’s favor and blessings into your life through your unfaltering

faith give your faith the power to steady you keeping you true when you’re tired and unsure amid tough times find

your strength in God his love is like a Wellspring of eternal life it never runs

dry you will be bestowed with the power to soar Beyond life’s challenges as he

carries you aoft on Eagle wings when you have God on your side you can tackle

adversity head on finding God’s country should be your primary Pursuit for

fulfillment align your desires with God’s goals by making him the focal point of your life and activities and he

will will bless you abundantly you consistently fail to recognize the transformative power of prayer even when

your endeavors are Guided by a higher power resulting in more satisfaction and

achievement you can talk to God right now via prayer and he hears everything you say share your deepest desires with

him let him in on your hopes and fears and ask for his Direction in all your

decisions believe that his intentions are typically accurate in your dealings with others others even when his answers

don’t always arrive in the way you anticipate give yourself over so that the love of God might radiate from

within spread knowledge empathy and kindness give those in need a helping

hand that will be heard doing so shows the world what God is like and how much he cares think about how Limitless God’s

love is how endless his forgiveness is and how freely he gives his grace no

matter how much you’ve messed up in the past feel ings of uncertainty or dread are inevitable but God’s love is always

there to cleanse you and Lead You In the correct direction lean on the Promises of God words of Promise strength and

consolation abound throughout the Bible think about what he has promised commit

his words to memory and let them flourish in your heart his promises are solid Like a Rock so that you may stand

firmly as you continue your journey with God anticipate the unexpected his favor

may also be accessible to you in ways you haven’t even thought about yet keep your heart and mind malleable so that

you may receive the Wonders he has in store for you every step you take keep your heart and eyes open to the Delights

of his love and Charisma allow thankfulness to swell inside you give thanks to God because he has provided

for you and is watching over you being grateful not only makes you happier but

it also brings more good things into your life life as you go on keep in mind that God’s love is constant it never

changes and his grace is sufficient for all your needs he accepts love has faith

in his intentions and researches the many benefits of being in harmony with the creator of the

world share this message with others to spread wishes religion and the knowledge

that God’s love is a beacon of light at every stage of the journey if you accept it with thankfulness and A Renewed sense

of purpose on your path with God may you also continue to confidently walk in his

grace and enjoy his benefits to the fullest every day keep in mind that his

Divine Design is directing your every move pursuing his will will lead you to

success that surpasses academic credentials he created you for a purpose

in times of Doubt follow the path he’s already paved it leads to fulfillment of longing happiness and change let Faith

serve as your moing recognize God’s consistency he hasn’t changed from the

beginning of time to the end you may find Solace and calm in his unchanging love and his vows will stand the test of

time instead of letting yourself be disheartened by difficult circumstances

try seeing them as opportunities for growth and learning God will work through your trials to make you more

desirable to mold your partner and to prepare you for future marital blessings

love should serve as your compass reflect the Selfless Love of God by showing Mercy being forgiving and being

a positive influence on people in your life in Times of Crisis your love has

the power to affect many lives and leave a lasting impression allow yourself to

be moved while maintaining faith in God’s perfect timetable in his perfect

timing he makes all things beautiful during this time of preparation get near

to God by seeking his guidance in prayer and meditation and by actively seeking his presence the power of thankfulness

should not be underestimated always keep in mind the positive things that have happened to

you and offer gratitude to God for them being grateful allows you to experience

all of his benefits to the fullest and opens your heart to receive much more

keep in mind that God’s power is more evident in times of weakness whenever you have moments of uncertainty

allow his grace to strengthen you so that you may overcome any challenge you have been given abundantly by God thus

walk in generosity lend a helping hand to those in need share his love via acts

of kindness and be a condu it for his compassion in the world may you continue to walk with God and cultivate a

worshipful heart remembering that he deserves all the praise and credit praise him no matter what be a walking

testimony to his kindness of Beauty in your life devote your life to following God’s message give yourself up to the

Bible and allow its teachings to guide you and keep you on your toes no matter

what you face in life the Bible has the answers wisdom and consolation you need

if you want to know where your strength and Hope come from look no further than God he makes everything possible and his

love sees you through thick and thin may it be so if you have received this

message with appreciation and A Renewed sense of purpose please share it with others so that they too may have hope

faith and the knowledge that God’s love illuminates their path may you continue

to confidently walk in his grace and relish in the abundance of His blessings every day as you embark on this journey

starting now God gives you the ability to simply pull large sums of money to

Aid you in this endeavor a renegade scientist from the National Security Agency has uncovered some rich secrets

you are urged to read the LinkedIn comments that follow to find out more about them God is trying to tell you my

dear friend that things are about to change and that he will open doors that no one can shut he knows your struggles

and vows to walk by your side through every difficulty you face and he is guiding you toward your destiny at that

time keep in mind that your heavenly father rather than the economy your

family or your level of Education decides your fate if you believe what

God is saying to you in this message then you should stand firm because I am with you at all times I am your power

source and I will never leave your side or betray you your prayers have been answered and I am here to serve as your

helper I am the rock upon which you may rest certain that I will protect you

strengthen you and show you the way through whatever difficulty that life throws at you

it is true that I will hold you if you accept it take control of your environment and release your emotions

from burdensome worries just in case you’re having difficulties sleeping right now because of all your worries I

want you to know that I genuinely like you we can do it together tonight this is something I really want

you to realize tonight so you may rest easy in him as you sleep he’s handling

the details his hands are busy with labor you and and your loved ones will be blessed as all the places where you

are experiencing pain right now will be healed believe in him and get some sleep

tonight I offer prayers to all who want a better life free from the things that bind them and to all those who are

suffering and going through unfathomable hardships God knows everything that’s

going on with you even if I don’t personally know you dear heavenly father

I humbly acknowledge and repent of my known and un discovered transgressions I’m grateful for everything your

kindness my health my family my friends my home and everything in between I will

still bless and Elevate you God says today regardless of how much people

dislike you or how much they talk about you they won’t be able to stop the future I’m going to weave for you I am

prepared to confirm that God knows you’re are going through a tough moment right now even if you’re dealing with a

lot of situations and emotional suffering remember that even though God can quiet the storm outside there will

still be times when the storm is within you he’s fortifying you in ways you can’t see at this moment so hold on

everything could work out in the end and you might be able to overcome this obstacle as a team this is a message

from God I know you’re privately suffering never mind that I’m not trying to annoy anybody what you need to know

is that I care about you and can see all the things I’m doing to to help you even if You Weep yourself to sleep every

night I am fully committed to seeing that you are taken care of perhaps you will feel revitalized and brimming with

Insight the next day anyone who loves God should join our Channel listen to what God is saying to

you I am aware that your heart is being harmed despite how hard it is I know

that I am near the bereaved so that you may recover I can bandage and protect your wounds you may find the strength to

rise and embrace my love love benefits and future when you reenter my presence every day throughout the rehabilitation

process which will take time here’s a little something to cheer you up God has heard your prayer and he is preparing a

way for you angels have been sent to ease your fears and you will be all right God has a wonderful plan for your

life and you will be able to accomplish all things through Christ blessings are

on the way and you must trust that they are coming your way you are important

and God loves you and wants you back I remember how often you carried me and

how you did things I couldn’t do on my own I will be eternally grateful for it

Miracles according to God are flooding into your lives at an Unstoppable rate

all aspects of your life including Your Mind Body Soul emotions and bank account

are improving got everything you need you’re about to get some unexpected Rewards as I Proclaim to you if you’re

reading this you can go from Barely getting by to having enough for you God

will provide extraordinary opportunities allow me to make a solemn Proclamation no obstacle is too great

for our God even if it seems insurmountable at the moment this includes mountains of debt illness

Despair and addiction he can transform the mountain into a stage floor with

only one touch of his choosing both your future and your destiny are under God’s

protection with God on your side you have nothing to be scared of Might there be someone or something working against

you in order for God to comprehend you he seeks out the right individuals he

will unlock doors that you are unable to open when you push yourself to your limits you’ll achieve more than you ever

imagine possible and realize your entire potential this is what God is saying to

you right now I am aware that you are dealing with many challenges and a great

deal of emotional pain as you navigate this difficult period in your life it

would seem that just as you think you figured out one problem another one pops up does it matter whether the storm is

Raging around you or not I can still feel the storm inside you every once in a while you won’t faint anymore I am

fortifying you in places you can’t even perceive at this moment as always we

will be able to overcome this obstacle as a team all of it may be just fine is it

possible for the Lord to light a lamp upon you God is always Victorious just

when you think things are getting worse God will save you you weren’t made to handle the stresses of Life on your own

and you’re his toddler so you’re basically one with your dad Before Dawn it’s the darkest why are you so anxious

that God is concerned about the number of hairs on your head if he is God and you are his baby God has planned someone

special for your future if you look to him you could find that character’s path

if you just remain committed it may not be mere chance or a Twist of Destiny but

rather a Heavenly link if you want to attract large sums of money readily right now God put that person in your

life for a purpose Rogue Nessa scientists have uncovered the shocking richest secrets to learn more see the

link in the comments below anyone who loves God should join our Channel in these days God is telling you I am aware

that your heart is shattered I am aware of how close I am to the bereaved and I know how hard it is to go on in order

for you to recover I will bandage and protect your wounds it will take time for you to recover but I promise that

when you return to my presence every day I will give you the strength to stand up and embrace the love blessings and

Destiny that I have planned for you in case you’re having trouble concentrating tonight I wanted to remind you you

prayed and God heard it will all work out for the best he is preparing a path

for you to follow to ease your pain Angels were sent you are a part of a

magnificent plan that God has for your life in Christ you are able to do all

things I am grateful good things are about to happen for you you tally up the

figures you have significance you have great value when I look back I can see

all the times you helped me and carried me I am eternally thankful because I am

incapable of doing it on my own you are being showered with Miracles at an Unstoppable rate according to God

everything about you is improving psychologically physically spiritually

emotionally and monetarily can you handle it surprising advantages are on

the road to you if you are evaluating this I State as time goes on you you’ll

go from having just enough to having enough God will provide you with opportunities that seem impossible a

mountain of debt a mountain of disease a mountain of depression a mountain of

dependency whatever it is that is trying to keep you from reaching your full potential it may seem insurmountable to

you but it is not fit for our God he plans to flatten the mountain with only

one touch of his passion God has covered your history and ensured her future with

God on your side you can face your fears head on who or what may be coming your

way God will send the right people to find and capture you he will unlock doors that you were unable to open

achieve the Pinnacle of your destiny rise beyond your circumstances and achieve more than you ever imagined

possible I know you’re dealing with a lot of emotional suffering and many situations right now and I want you to

know that God is speaking to you about it even if you manage to overcome one

obstacle it seems like something else always pops up in your life I am the

constant Tempest despite this there are moments when I am the storm that is brewing inside of you you won’t faint

anymore I’m fortifying you in ways you can’t even perceive at this moment we

can overcome this together just as we always do everything may be okay someone

special is waiting for you in your destiny handpicked by God your path May intersect with that

person’s if you only remain loyal it will likely be more than just a coincidence it will be a Heavenly

connection if that person was purposefully placed in your life by God your current difficulties May soon come

to an end God is aware that you are in the fireplace but he is using it to soften your edges and create floor

impurity have faith in the process God is doing wonders in your life upon

emerging from this this you will possess enhanced strength Clarity and self-confidence when this happens you

will be completely transformed prepared for what is ahead and experiencing the life that God has in store for you God

is going to show you benefits that you can’t even begin to Fathom that’s enough time you’ve spent here you are being

raised to a higher level by the Holy Spirit you are making progress and the adversary has canceled all of their

missions have faith that things are changing for you and your family because God is at work get over asking who what

when and how every other night Angels were sent to you and it is really God’s

job not yours he works throughout the night make sure to take a few breaks

while this performance is going on it may be a win if you call it when you’re up next always keep in mind that God’s

purpose is bigger than your faith in him have faith in his timing he has the power to change your sorrow into Elation

shame into Triumph disappointment into success and wealth into Delight in all

of your difficulties you have company even in the depths of Despair God is with you directing your steps remain

determined excuse me but I must proceed unexpectedly you are inching closer to

your breakthrough I have more than enough to tell you about the blessings that God has in store for you likewise

we will not bother with this keep your faith strong and believe that Jesus Christ the son of God is telling

you to unwind tonight since I’m already at work every bad thing that has happened to you may be turned around for

your good and I can bless you and your family and heal any injured places I’m

going to check your electricity by using my own power again God was aware of your

anxiety pain bewilderment and anguish as you prayed last night now that God has

observed your anguish over your loved ones and your situation he has something to say to you every tearra and restless

night I have a blessing in store for you out of this you are emerging to clear

the way I have sent a legion of angels you will soon no longer experience this

pain my heavenly preferences benefits restoration Miracles and answers are on

their way to you remember that although it’s possible to cry all night long the

dawn brings true pleasure I assert that if you get this Proclamation God becomes

as extraordinary in your way of life as something that has been concealed for a considerable while instantaneously

healing and Recovery will be made available and miracles will start to

happen the most fruitful and prosperous times of your life are just around the corner carry on proceed with caution you

could get a lot of congrats this week fantastic new news is on its way to you and you have the authority to receive it

this will happen at some point some wonderful things will happen in your life this week because of God put your

trust in Jesus’s call and you may claim and accept it if you accept that then I

think God is real God proceeds to work a miracle turning your sorrow into Joy you

are being prepared for something very remarkable and God is transforming your humiliation into Glory your failure into

achievement and your loss into Victory your leap ahead is on the horizon have

faith that God is working all things for your good he will rescue you from your worst crisis and turn it into an

opportunity For Your Glory the setbacks and disappointments you’re experiencing

will eventually go away this season be a champion and a real encourager you may

trust that God is responding to your requests since he is your source for doors that have been closed for so long

God will soon unlock them do not give up your goals will be accomplished and you

will experience progress development and advantages in every facet of your life

maintain your devotion by praying reading his word and taking care of yourself you could be celebrating a

milestone this week as your breakthrough draws closer remember that God is actively working for your benefit so

that you might reap this reward tell him your problems and go to sleep knowing that he’s already working to improve

your circumstances since he feels your sorrow feel rejuvenated and prepare to

take on the new day as soon as you open your eyes in months you can find

yourself in a very different place emotionally spiritually and financially

rest easy knowing that your precious little one is in the capable hands of a peacemaker of course assuming you have

the means to take care of yourself that is have faith that God has a plan and

that he will perfect you perfectly your faith will grow stronger as you patiently await his arrival and you will

be able to see the Magnificent plans God has for your life unfathomable benefits

are on their way from God remind yourself that you aren’t in this alone and get pumped up again even in the face

of adversity God has sent his angels to watch over you relax and trust him he

has a fantastic ending plan for you Jesu I adore you God will reward you abundantly so that

you may show him how much you love and appreciate him your life is about to be turned upside down by him you may put

your trust in him and know that he will turn your test into a sworn statement and your uncertainty into Clarity he is

always by your side helping you through every storm and showering you with many blessings to affirm your Authority in

God I am including my electricity feelings of loneliness and hardship are not unique to you you are

passionately cared about by God and he sees everything he has already begun to intervene on your behalf lifting you out

of your lowest point and leading you to a place of fulfillment and ambition you

have spent enough time in this area and now the holy spirit is transferring you to a whole new level something is

changing for you and your family as you take this next step avoid spending the night somewhere else I’m prepared to

light a light to confirm that you are prepared to incorporate God’s plan into your daily life put your trust in God

with great anticipation because he is about to rescue you from the trials and tribulations you are now facing the wait

is done and soon you will reap the rewards I have more than enough to say

about the Plenty that God has planned for you trust that God is working in

your favor he will bring light into your darkness and use it to strengthen your Covenant with with him even when you

can’t see it realize that everything may be okay in proclaiming your unfaltering

faith in him I am in agreement with God keep on that is what God is telling you

I’m fortifying you in places you can’t even perceive at the moment if we are together we can overcome this and

everything will be well in order to confirm your connection with God I am returning my energy in all of this

hardship You Are Not Alone whatever you’re going going through know that God sees it and is actively helping you get

on board with him and realize that he has you completely under his control you could wake up the next day revitalized

and brimming with new Knowledge and Skills God tells you to unwind tonight because I’m already at work I will make

all of your bad luck disappear we should all unwind you are completely under my control God has great blessings in store

for you and I have plenty to tell you about them feelings of loneliness and hardship are not unique to you whatever

you’re going through know that God is with you and is actively working to help you need not be concerned he has you

completely under his control God is telling you that I can rescue you from the worst crisis you may use it to

strengthen your faith in me and realize that I am your source of strength the

holdup is terminated come highly recommended and best wishes for this holiday season to me God is your

steadfast trust in him unfathomable blessings are about to be bestowed upon you by God you have spent sufficient

time in this area a higher plane is being lifted up by the Holy Spirit you are making progress and the opponent has

scrapped all of their plans your fears anguish bewilderment and suffering were

heard by God last night your loved ones and your situation have been on God’s heart and now he has a message for you

for every cry and every night of worry I have a blessing in store for you out of this you are emerging a legion of

guardian angels has been sent to clear the way for you the suffering you’ve been experiencing is about to stop my

heavenly wants benefits restoration Miracles and answers are on their way to

you bear in mind that although it may rain down for a night the dawn brings gladness a sign that God has great plans

for your life long locked doors will be unlocked for you by his hand healing and

restoration could be initiated and miracles might start to happen the most fruitful and prosperous times of your

life are just around the corner keep going keep moving forward congratulations could be piling up for

you this week impressive news is on its way to you and you have been accredited it will happen sooner rather than later

this week God will perform miracles in your life God will turn your sorrow into

rejoicing your guilt into magnificent your disappointment into satisfaction

and your loss into Victory God is preparing you for an amazing future and

your breakthrough is imminent you may trust that God is working all things out for your good and will rescue you from

the pit of despair there will come a day when you are no longer limited or

disappointed get the word out and cheer like a boss this season you may trust

that God will provide for you since he is already fulfilling your requests if you ask God he will unlock doors that

you have been trying to open for a very long time stay the course and your dreams will materialize along with

prosperity success and blessings in every facet of your life persevere in

your prayers study his word and strive for self-improvement this is going to be a

week of Celebration since the Breakthrough is almost here your Miracle is on its way to you God is aware of

your pain and is actively working to change your situation so don’t lose heart just tell him your problems and go

to sleep he’ll figure out a solution you will feel revitalized and ready to face

the day ahead as you open your eyes you will be in a whole different place emotionally spiritually and financially

in months soothe yourself with your beloved when he holds you tenderly in

his peaceful hands trusting in God’s plan and having confidence that he will

provide for you in every way is the way to go if you’re ready to take care of

yourself patience will be yours as you wait on him and you will see the wonderful things that God has planned

for your life unfathomable benefits are about to be showered upon you by God you

are not fighting this battle alone therefore it is time to reawaken your excitement You Are Not Alone God has

sent his angels to help you with your difficult circumstances raise an agreement with him and release the

tension he has a spectacular finale planned for you more than you can imagine God will bless you her

deficiency will be transformed into bulk by his hand he will transform your

examination into an affidavit and your uncertainty into Clarity so have faith

in him and know that he is by your side at all times helping you weather every storm and showering you with blessings

abound I demonstrate my power to affirm your faith in God in all your pain and

difficulty You are not alone you are sincerely cared about by God who sees

everything his hand is already at work lifting you from the depths of Despair

and placing you in a position of favor and prosperity you have spent enough time here and now the holy spirit is

elevating you to a higher plane God is rearranging circumstances so that you

and your loved ones may take your next step ahead forget about spending in the night how open you are to incorporating

God’s will into your life he will lead you out of your troubled situation so put your faith in him and wait for him

with great anticipation the delay is over and benefits are approaching I have

more than enough to tell you about the Plenty that God has planned for you have faith that God is working in your favor

even in The Darkest Hours he will rescue you and use it to strengthen your faith

get over it everything will be okay your unfaltering faith in him has been

proclaimed by God in my opinion do not give up is the message God is sending

you in ways you can’t even begin to Fathom I am fortifying you in the end

everything will be well since we’re in this together I’m going to return my energy in order to confirm your energy

your nighttime plea reached God and he understood your fear suffering bewilderment and pain he is is aware of

the sorrow you feel for your family and the situation you are in also you should

hear God’s word I have a blessing for you for every tiedra and every night that you don’t sleep you’ll emerge

Victorious from this a legion of guardian angels has been sent to clear the way for you the pain you’re

experiencing is going away Good Fortune healing miraculous occurrences Solutions

and my highest wish are on their way to you even when when Joy arrives in the morning remember that crying might

continue all night if you believe this I say that God is just as amazing as

everything else in your life all of a sudden doors that have been shut for a long time will be opened for you Marvels

will begin to manifest and repair and restoration may be initiated your most

fruitful and prosperous days are just around the corner keep going excuse me

but I must proceed this might be your weekly dose of congrats amazing news is on its way to you and you have

permission to do so and in the end it’s happening this week God will accomplish

something wonderful in your life Proclaim it and receive it by relying on faith in the name of Jesus when you

think about how God can change your sorrow into Joy your shame into Glory

your loss into gain and your Victory into Victory I believe in God the time

for your breakthrough has come and God is preparing you for an extraordinary event



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