beloved child of mine in this moment I reach out to you across the expanse of

all that is my heart overflowing with a message your soul yearns to

receive though the path ahead may seem shrouded in Shadows and the very ground

Beneath Your Feet threatens to give way I am here an unwavering presence a

constant companion the truest source of strength you will ever know you find

yourself navigating a treacherous landscape do you not each new Step brings another challenge to conquer

another hurdle to surmount the forces arrayed against you loom large their Whispers of doubt and

despair echoing in the chambers of your mind yet even as these trials seek to

Define you I remind you that they are but fleeting moments in the grand tapestry of your

existence every hardship you endure every battle you face is a sacred invitation an opportunity to reaffirm

your faith to Anchor yourself in the unshakable truth of who you are and who

created you as the tempests rage and the Darkness presses in remember this You

are not alone and you are not forgotten in the midst of the chaos I

stand with you my love an impenetrable shield my grace a Guiding Light the very

same power that spoke the universe into being resides within you a glorious

inheritance bestowed upon you as my child when the enemy’s taunts grow louder and your own strength falters

lean into that power let it flow through you infusing every fiber of your being with resilience and hope for you see my

beloved the struggles you face are not designed to break you they are an invitation to rise with each trial you

are being forged in The Crucible of adversity your faith refined like the p purest gold and as you emerge from the

flames you will discover a strength you never knew you possessed a beauty that

can only be born of surrender and Trust so Let Your Heart Take courage even in

the face of the unknown when the path ahead seems uncertain and the Shadows

Loom large fix your gaze upon me I am the unshakable foundation Beneath Your

Feet the steadfast anchor amidst the storm in my presence since fear

dissipates like Mist in the morning sun and the lies that once held you captive are exposed for the Illusions they truly

are remember my child that your story is far from Over the chapters yet Unwritten

hold more Beauty and wonder than you can possibly imagine as you continue on this journey

know that I am with you now and always my love for you is a vast ocean

an endless well spring of grace and mercy when you feel overwhelmed when the

burdens seem too heavy to Bear simply rest in that love allow it to wash over

you saturating every hidden Place healing every wound restoring every

broken dream and in those moments when the world seems to press in from all sides

remember the truth of who you are you are my beloved my cherished one

a masterpiece crafted with infinite care and precision no weapon formed against

you can prosper no scheme of the enemy can thwart the Glorious Destiny I have ordained for you so rise up my child and

stand tall in the face of adversity let your faith be your Shield your trust in

me your Guiding Light embrace the challenges that come your way knowing that each one is an opportunity to grow

to stretch to become more full alive and as you walk this path Dare To

Dream audacious dreams to believe in the impossible for with me all things are

possible the dreams that stir in the depths of your heart the desires that

burn within your spirit they are Whispers of the extraordinary plan I have for you glimpses of the Abundant

Life I have called you to live in every trial every struggle every moment of

uncertainty remember this I am your God your father

your unfailing source of strength I will never leave you never forsake you never

abandon you to face the trials of this life alone my love for you is unshakable

unbreakable and utterly unconditional so lift your eyes to the

heavens my beloved and let your heart be filled with hope the Dawn is Breaking

and with it comes a new beginning a fresh start a chance to step into the fullness of all that I have called you

to be let my love be your anchor my truth your compass and my presence your

constant companion and as you Journey onward remember that you are never

alone my spirit dwells within you a Wellspring of wisdom strength and

unshakable peace lean into that presence allow it to guide your every step and

Trust in the unfolding of my perfect plan for I declare over you today that

victory is yours a glorious Triumph that awaits you on the other side of every trial no matter how dark the night may

seem know that Joy comes in the morning a radiant Dawn that will illuminate every corner of your being so take heart

my child and press on with unwavering Faith the path may be Steep and the

journey may be long but I am with you every step of the way my love will sustain you

my grace will Empower you and my presence will guide you into a future more beautiful than you can possibly

imagine rest in my love my beloved and Trust in the goodness of my

plans for I am the author of your story and every page is written with Infinite

Wisdom boundless compassion and a love that knows no end my precious child breathe in the

truth that shatters every shackle you are no prisoner of your past or Pawn of

your pain the royal blood flowing through your veins declares a different Destiny for you are called as a child of

an unshakable Kingdom rise up and revel in your god-given

identity let it saturate every fiber of your being you are a Victor not a victim

a Fearless Warrior not a wounded Wai a dazzling reflection of divine Glory not

a fractured Soul grasping for pieces of purpose Embrace this truth and watch it

illuminate the path before you dispelling every shadow that dares to whisper

defeat for here is the Glorious Paradox with each battle you gain territory with

each resistance you fortify strength when the enemy taunts you dig

deeper into the Bedrock of my word and find the unshakable foundation that

propels you to victories yet unseen as you Faithfully choose to stand

Supernatural stamina Rises within you a Wellspring of peace that subdues any

unrest in The Crucible of testing I am fashioning you into a force to be

reckoned with the very trials designed to break you will be the making of you

as you emerge with a resilience that astonishes both Heaven and Earth for in the fire your faith is forged into pure

gold a treasure of unwavering trust and unassailable

Assurance beloved this is the vision I call you to fix your gaze upon the

reality of who you are becoming in me even now I am unlocking New

Dimensions of our Union leading you into a profound place of my

grace as you walk through the Flames undaunted the fragrance of your

faithfulness reaches my throne and unleashes blessings held in reserve for

such a time as this so lift up your eyes from the momentary struggles and behold the

Glorious future that awaits the Overcomers my presence is sweeping away

every obstacle clearing the path for the torrential outpouring of favor and divine

appointments you will not limp into your destiny weary and worn but you will

advance from strength to strength glory to ever increasing ing Glory let this Revelation anchor your

soul no opposition can overthrow the purposes I have established for you no

weariness can outrun the Boundless Energy of my spirit at work within you and no measure of Doubt can dilute the

potency of the promises I have spoken over your life you are fashioned for victory designed to display the

Limitless power of your father’s Kingdom so yield yourself fully to the

transformation I am working in the depths of your being surrender to the process of

becoming for I am shaping you into a vessel that can receive and release the fullness of my

blessings as you align your heart with mine an Unstoppable force is forged a

Living testament to the greatness of your God and in those moments when the battle grows Fierce and the enemy’s

Arrows fly thick and fast remember this unchanging truth your adversary is no

match for your all Mighty father in my eyes the most formidable foe is nothing

more than a feeble ant easily crushed Beneath Your Feet The Authority I have

invested in you renders his schemes powerless his resistance futle for the

one who holds the universe in the palm of his hand has chosen to take up residence within you to make your heart

his throne room and from that place of unshakable Union you can speak a word

and watch the demons tremble praise your way into Freedom silence the

taunts of the enemy as he sees his own defeat on the

horizon when you fix your eyes on me the author and perfector of your faith the

Giants that Loom large in your land begin to shrink in my light melting like Wax before the all-c consuming blaze of

my presence beloved this is the secret to your unassailable

Victory Worship in the midst of warfare adoration in the arena of

Affliction as you lift your voice in unbridled praise the very atmosphere

begins to shift chains that once constrained you disintegrate into

dust despair that cast its shadow over your soul dissipates like Mist under the

Noonday sun when you choose to magnify my name above every other I set ambushes

against your adversaries and cause the Earth itself to rise R up and fight on your behalf for praise is the protocol

of Heaven the language of the Overcomers it is the secret weapon that silences

the voice of the accuser and sets captives free when you give me the sacrifice of Thanksgiving even in the

midst of the storm I open portals of provision and Revelation that the enemy

cannot shut Miracles that seemed impossible suddenly become your new normal

breakthroughs that once felt Out Of Reach become your Daily Bread so let your Hallelujah be your

Battle Cry Your shout of victory in the face of every opposition let it rise like incense

before my Throne a fragrant offering that touches my heart and unleashes my

hand to work Wonders on your behalf for when you praise you prophesy

your own future declaring the inevitable Triumph of my purposes in your life and

as you stand your ground refusing to bow to the pressure of the present or the taunts of the past know this I am using

even the fiercest battles to Fashion you into a warrior of unshakable Faith just as I set limits on the

enemy’s assault against my servant job so I have drawn boundaries around your

life that no force of Darkness can cross the trials that I allow are not to

destroy you but to develop you to strip away every trace of self Reliance and

anchor your heart in the unshakable reality of my love for in the fire of

Affliction the gold of your faith is refined the dross of your doubts consumed and as you emerge from The

Crucible tested and tried you carry a depth of intimacy with me that can only

be forged in the furnace of suffering so take heart my child for

your story does not end in the Valley of the Shadow just as I I brought job through

to a place of double portion blessing so I am leading you into a spacious place a

land flowing with milk and honey the very Wilderness that has been your

testing ground will soon Blossom with new life a testament to the resurrection power at work within you for I am the

god of the suddenly the one who breaks in with miraculous provision when all

hope seems lost I am the way maker who Parts the Red Sea and brings water from the Rock

and even now I am orchestrating your Exodus from the place of lack and limitation into a realm of Supernatural

abundance and unhindered fruitfulness as you lift your eyes to the Horizon of my promises you will see

the first signs of the shift the barren places will soon burst forth with new growth the broken places mended by my

hand relationships that have been strained to the breaking point will experience a sudden

reconciliation as I turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their

fathers and in the midst of this Divine reversal you will find yourself standing in the very Destiny I have prepared for

you a place of purpose and power influence and impact no longer will you

wander in the wilderness of uncertainty wondering if you missed your moment for I am aligning every step ordering every

season even the most painful chapters into Grace and Redemption so rise up my

beloved one and take your place in the unfolding story of my kingdom let your

life be a living epistle a testament to the transforming power of my

love as you walk in the fullness of your identity courageously wielding The

Authority I have entrusted to you the world will see a glimpse of the glory to come a foraste of the day when every

knee will bow and every tongue confess that I Am Lord for you are not just a

conqueror but more than a conqueror through me who loves you you are not just an overcomer but a catalyst of

Kingdom breakthrough a conduit of Heaven’s invading presence and as you Faithfully Steward

the trials and triumphs of this journey eternity itself will bear witness to the

fruit of your unwavering Faith the legacy of a life laid down in love

so fix your eyes on the joy set before you the Glorious future that awaits the

faithful let the anticipation of that day fuel your obedience in the present

knowing that every sacrifice is sowing towards an unimaginable Harvest and in

the face of every challenge every opposition every voice that Whispers defeat let your heart be anchored in

this unshakable assurance The Best Is Yet To Come and the one who began a good

work in you will be faithful to complete it for I am the author and perfector of

your faith the Alpha and Omega of your story and I declare over you today no

weapon formed against you shall prosper no tongue raised against you in judgment

shall stand for You Are My Chosen One my treasured possession and I will move

Heaven and Earth to fulfill every promise I have spoken over your life so arise my beloved and

Shine Let Your Light Break Forth like the dawn your healing spring up speedily

for I am pouring out my spirit upon you as you step into your kingdom Destiny

you will see the Earth filled with the knowledge of my glory as the waters cover the sea and on that day you will

look back on the battles that once seemed insurmountable The Valleys that felt

interminable and you will see them as but a light and momentary Affliction not

worth comparing to the Eternal weight of Glory they produced for every tear swn in sorrow

will be reaped in joy every midnight of the Soul giving way to the Blazing brightness of an unending day so take

courage my child and press on in faith knowing that I am with you always even

to the end of the age I am your strength and your Shield your very present help

in time of trouble and I am working all things together for your good so let

your heart be set Ablaze with holy passion and your feet Swift to carry the good news for I am pouring out my spirit

without measure and the world is waiting for the revelation of the Sons and Daughters of

God as you step into your kingdom identity you will see mountains move and Giants fall strongholds crumble and

captives set free my child we’re created for such a time as this to display my

glory to advance my kingdom and to leave an eternal mark on the

world my beloved child tune your spirit to the frequency of my heart quiet the

clamor of the temporal realm and incline your ear to the Whispers of Eternity for I am orchestrating a

symphony of restoration healing and abundance that will reverberate through every fiber of your being the enemy

cruel thievery will be swallowed up in the Relentless tide of my Redemption where once pain and Brokenness held sway

my healing balm will now flow unhindered the shattered fragments of your soul will be divinely mended each

scar transformed into a luminous Testament to my grace your body once

weakened by the ravages of infirmity will surge with renewed Vitality as I

breathe my resurrection power into every cell and the lack that cast its looming

Shadow over your life will dissolve in the radiance of my favor I am unlocking the storehouses of

Heaven releasing a deluge of provision that will astound and humble you Wealth

Beyond measure is yours to Steward not for selfish gain but as a sacred trust

to further my kingdom purposes you will become a conduit of my

generosity a living Fountain from which streams of blessing will perpetually flow in the hallowed Crucible of

adversity the dross of your soul has been consumed leaving behind a vessel

purified and prepared for my indwelling glory the very trials designed to crush

you have instead refined you forging an unbreakable strength

within now as you emerge from the flames you carry the fragrance of my presence a

balm to the Broken Heart still groping in darkness the seeds of your god-given

dreams once dormant beneath the unyielding soil of circumstances are now

stirring with Divine Life the barrenness of the past will give way to the Lush

abundance of a new season From the Ashes of disappointment I am causing Beauty to Blossom forth the

sound of laughter will dispel The Echoes of weeping as Joy overtakes you like a cresting wave do not allow the

limitations of your own understanding to diminish the scope of my plans for you

for I am the god of the impossible the one who calls forth life from the very womb of death the

obstacles that once towered like immovable Sentinels will crumble to dust beneath the weight of my

favor as you step forward in the authority I have bestowed upon you the

course of your destiny will be irrevocably altered if the immensity of

these promises staggers your finite mind anchor your heart in the unfailing reality of my love for you have not

merely endured the darkness you have been forged in its very depths for such a time as this now Rise From the Ashes

of yesterday shake off the dust of doubt and take hold of my outstretched hand

together we will cross the threshold into the Uncharted territories of Grace

where the unfolding of your true identity will leave an indelible mark on

eternity fix your gaze upon the Horizon of Hope for the doors I am opening

before you beckon with the light of new beginnings opportunities born of Divine

Providence are arrayed like Jewels awaiting your Discovery refuse to be

Shackled by the memories of past lack for abundance is your Birthright as a

child of the king each step you take in obedience obedience will bring you closer to the manifestation of my

unbridled blessings in your life let gratitude be the melody that underg

guards your every breath for a heart rooted in thankfulness cannot long be held captive by

despair as you choose to magnify my goodness the shadows of adversity will

recede unable to withstand the Brilliance of your praise even in the midst of the

Wilderness let your worship rise like a battlecry for the sound of your Thanksgiving will scatter the forces of

darkness and clear the path for my glory to break through beloved do not cling to

the familiarity of the past season for I am doing a new thing the discomfort of

transition is but a fleeting Shadow a Prelude to the unfolding of my Divine

purposes in your life embrace the uncertainty with a heart full of anticipation knowing that I am leading

you into a spacious place a land flowing with milk and honey as you navigate the uncharted

waters of this new season let my word be your compass and my presence your anchor

for in the face of the enemy’s lies and the tumult of circumstances my truth

remains an unshakable Foundation I have engraved you upon the palms of my hands and my plans for you

are plans of wholeness prosperity and peace when the storms of adversity rage

against you remember that the intensity of the battle is a measure of the immensity of the Breakthrough that

awaits you each fiery Dart of the enemy is a confirmation that you are on the cusp of

a Divine Tipping Point as you stand firm in faith wielding The Shield of my promises you

will witness the miraculous made manifest in your life do not allow the

temporary circumstances of the natural realm to dictate the de arations of your

mouth let your words align with the unshakable truth of my word the

challenges you have faced have not been in vain for in The Crucible of testing

your trust in me has been forged into an unsalable Fortress like a seasoned

Warrior you have emerged from each battle with a deeper understanding of your true identity and the authority you

possess in my name the scars you bear are not marks of defeat but Badges of

Honor testifying to the overcoming power that resides within you and now my

beloved Champion the stage is set for the greatest triumphs of your journey

the prayers you have sown with tears will reap a harvest so arise with boldness for this

is your finest hour let Hope be The Wind Beneath Your Wings propelling you to

soar above the constraints of doubt and fear fix Your Eyes Upon My radiant face

for in my presence every impossibility bows in surrender let your Praises

ReSound like a mighty Anthem declaring the truth of who you are in me a royal

priesthood a holy nation a people set apart for my glory this is the

inheritance I have purchased for you with my own blood a life of abundant grace unshakable Authority and wholeness

in every dimension of your being step into the fullness of your Destiny for every promise is yes and amen in me I

have withheld nothing from you my child all that is mine is yours a sacred trust

a steward for the advancement of my kingdom on the earth come beloved and rest in the sanctuary of my presence for

here you will find the strength to run and not grow weary to walk and not faint

allow my love to wash over you renewing your vision and igniting your passion as

you linger in the light of of my countenance you will be transformed from glory to glory reflecting my image with

ever increasing Clarity I Rejoice over you with gladness my precious one as you

continue to step out in obedience trusting me for greater exploits than ever before my favor will surround you

like an impenetrable shield Your Capacity to receive has been enlarged

making way for an outpouring of blessing that will cover you from the crown of of your head to the souls of your feet

prepare your heart for you are embarking on a new chapter in your walk with me

the dreams I have placed within you are seeds of Destiny waiting to be watered by your faith and nurtured by my grace

The Embers of your passion are now being fanned into a holy Blaze consuming every fear and doubt that has held you back my

ways are higher than the limitations of human reasoning so trust in my Infinite Wisdom as I lead you into to Uncharted

territories surrender your plans and embrace the adventure of partnering with me in the

impossible my eternal beloved you are unfolded in the depths of my unending

affection secure within the sanctuary of my sovereign orchestration in the fullness of time I

will unveil your god-ordained role in this life revealing the profound significance of your unique

Journey rest assured precious one for I am directing your steps with flawless

Precision towards the Magnificent fulfillment of your Divine

calling though the bitter sting of loss and betrayal has pierced your soul today

marks a pivotal juncture in your story what the adversary meant for

Destruction I am transforming into a glorious Renaissance lavishing upon you a double

portion of restoration and blessing as you courageously embrace forgiveness

speaking life and benediction over those who have wounded you you align yourself with my Redemptive power to

revolutionize even the most hardened hearts in this act of Grace you break

free from the shackles of resentment liberating yourself to advance unencumbered into the destiny I have

prepared for you now is the appointed season for reconstruction for establishing your

life upon the unshakable foundation of my love truth and wisdom

these Essential Elements when fully embraced yield an abundance of life beyond your most expansive imaginings my

skillful hands are upon you meticulously crafting an indestructible framework

that will withstand every Tempest and trial From the Ashes of expired

relationships and Endeavors a tested and refined character will emerge radiating

my image with the Brilliance of purified gold your new life will blossom forth in

breathtaking Splendor as you relinquish all that fails to align with my eternal

purposes dying to the Allure of self-reliance and the desire for personal

exaltation this courageous leap of faith will prove to be the very portal to the

life your soul has yearned for I am intimately acquainted with your

Brokenness and it is in this Sacred Space of surrendered obedience that I

meet you with with an all-encompassing Grace that defies description as you empty yourself of all

that hinders I will fill you with the fullness of my presence igniting a joy

within you that knows no bounds come my child and find Solace beneath the canopy

of my unfailing love quiet your spirit in my presence

allowing my peace to permeate your being and transcend every trace of anxiety and ter o and trust each concern every

intricate detail of your life into my capable hands resting in the assurance

that I will bring all things to Perfection on your behalf no circumstance escapes my watchful eye and

my reach extends far beyond any limitation to hold you steady and secure

each challenge you encounter serves as an invitation to remember who holds the Reigns of your present and the keys to

your future release the grip of Fear for I am already present in every tomorrow that

awaits you resist the temptation to despise your current place of planting

no matter how mundane or insignificant it may appear instead cultivate a deep intimacy

with me right where you stand recognizing that this season of preparation holds great purpose waiting

to be birthed embrace the process with unwavering Joy anchoring your heart in

the Assurance of my constant presence and the knowledge that I am shaping and equipping you for a pivotal moment that

approaches with each passing day your present assignment though it

may seem small carries immense significance in the grand scheme of your

life trust that where I guide you I also Empower and transform you yield yourself

fully to my refining work and in due course you will bear an abundant Harvest

of lasting fruit one day you will stand in awe as you witness how I strategically used your current

circumstances to propel you to new heights expand your influence deepen your faith and overflow your life with

blessing have I not demonstrated this pattern consistently throughout your journey with me my methods for

prospering my beloved children know no limits for I am infinitely creative and

perfectly wise what may appear to be Barren soil today contains the very nutrients

necessary for exponential growth and unprecedented fruitfulness tomorrow place your unwavering trust in

the wisdom of my ways even when they defy human understanding my cherished

one I accept you unreservedly in this very moment beholding the fullness of

who you are destined to become as you daily yield to my transformative work in your

life my gaze upon you is the only one that matters a gaze brimming with unconditional love

and acceptance allow the light of my countenance to dispel every shadow of Shame and fear liberating you from their

suffocating grip in me you have nothing left to prove and nothing more to earn

for you are already approved celebrated and made complete through my finished work this is your unassailable identity

the solid rock from which you can confidently wage war against the forces of Darkness that seek to ensnare you

with their Insidious lies rise up now my beloved Warrior and

declare Freedom over every captive Soul beginning with the emancipation of your own mind and heart renounce any

agreement you have made with the deceptive Whispers that exalt themselves against the knowledge of my

truth as you stand firm in the identity I have bestowed upon you the very foundations of Hell tremble and crumble

Beneath Your Feet step boldly into the authority granted to you through my name

and my victory on the cross watching in Wonder as I display my mighty power

through your yielded life my precious child your unwavering perseverance

amidst the intensity of the battle brings me immense Delight though weariness May at times

creep into your bones and your spirit grows heavy under the weight of opposition still you press onward

compelled by your passionate obedience to my call this this steadfast commitment this refusal to succumb to

resignation or defeat is a pleasing Aroma before my Throne I have witnessed

your unyielding determination your Resolute decision to stand firm even as the storms rage

around you your unwavering yes to my purposes resounds with greater Clarity

and conviction than ever before birthed from a deep well of courage and Faith

forged in The Crucible of adversity this Relentless pursuit of my

will even in the face of great resistance has become the Catalyst for a mighty work of transformation within you

you have placed the raw materials of your life the crushed Grapes of disappointment the broken shards of

Shattered Dreams into my capable hands and trusting me to craft Something Beautiful from the seeming

chaos and oh how I Delight in this sacred Act of surrender for it is in the

yielding of your broken that I pour out the new wine of my spirit infusing your being with a

strength and purpose that defies human understanding from the formless void of

your pain in the face of overwhelming weakness I am birthing a strength that

flows not from your own striving but from a deep abiding connection to my Limitless

power this has always been the way of my kingdom beloved bringing forth Abundant

Life from the most Barren of places igniting the flame of unshakable Hope

amidst the ashes of disappointment to fully unveil the magnitude of my glory I require a heart

that is wholly surrendered a vessel emptied of self and willing to be reshaped by the skillful hands of the

Divine Potter it is only through this process of being broken and remade that

you come to understand the profound depths of your true identity in me for

in The Crucible of suffering the true Brilliance of your spirit is revealed each facet reflecting my radiant light

with breathtaking Clarity the pressures you have endured serve to polish the rough edges of your

character until they gleam with the Luminous beauty of Christlike virtue and as you Faithfully persevere

allowing the friction of Trials to refine you a glorious transformation

takes place the hidden gems of your inner being are brought forth sparkling

with the very essence of Heaven itself it is in these places of greatest

weakness these moments of total dependence upon my strength that my

power and Glory find their most profound expression so drink deeply from the

inexhaustible well of my spirit allowing my love to restore and refresh your

weary Soul embrace the Abundant Life that is already yours in me for the ultimate

victory has been won Through My Sacrifice on the cross no weapon formed against you can

prosper no Arrow of the enemy can penetrate The Shield of faith that surrounds you lift up your head with

confident Assurance knowing that you are more than a conqueror through the one who loves you with an everlasting love

my Divine Purpose pulsates through every fiber of your being propelling you forward into the Grand Adventure I have

prepared for you since before the found found ation of the world though trials may come though Temptations May

assail nothing can deter you from the Glorious destiny that awaits for you are rooted in me the very

source of life and strength and in this unbreakable connection you will bear

lasting fruit that endures for all eternity so rise up my beloved and step

boldly into the spacious places of authority influence and inheritance that I have laid before you dare to ask

largely to petition my throne with unwavering faith for every provision and resource needed to fulfill the Great

Commission upon your life the boundless Riches of Heaven are yours to claim my Limitless power

available to you in every moment receive now the Abundant Blessings that are yours by virtue of

your Royal identity in My Kingdom allow your faith tested and proven through the

fires of adversity to lay hold of the extraordinary largess of my

promises embrace the expansion of your spirit the healing of your body the

restoration of your soul all of these gifts are freely given to you purchased

by the Precious Blood of my son the Harvest you have longed for the fruitfulness you have diligently labored

towards is already ripe and waiting to be gathered believe with unwavering

conviction that I am able to do far more abundant ly than you could ever ask or imagine open wide your heart and your

hands to receive the overflowing Bounty I have prepared for you a bounty that

will not only satisfy your deepest longings but will also spill over to bless countless others in its

wake For You Are My Chosen vessel my treasured possession created for such a

time as this you are loved beyond measure cherished beyond words and

destined for a future filled with with unimaginable hope and blessing

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