currently God is telling you that someone you put a lot of faith in is being dishonest behind your back and

intends to hurt you physically and cause you a big Financial loss they act in

this way because they are trying to make you think they are giving up something important in exchange for your enjoyment

of your favorite activities remembering your life and your achievements could make them very bitter jealousy affects

them the benefits are as follows I have proclaimed Triumph Tranquility healing

and financial blessings over your lives always keep in mind that my sentence comes last what I’ve said will bring you

health prosperity joy and contentment for the remainder of your life I promise

it on top of that I’ve already told you that these things would happen to you as

a result of what I’ve said to you in the past because of everything I’ve said about your lifestyle you could like

these things the fruit of my labor on your behalf is financial satisfaction I promise that while I keep

an eye on you not even the people who don’t trust you will be able to hurt you you are under immense strain to watch as

your family disintegrates before your eyes while your enemy readies a powerful strike to knock you to the ground it is

God’s will that you grasp this even while you and your loved ones re from this horrific event you will be

genuflecting over your rival’s efforts to discredit you in the marketplace in order to make miracles

happen in your life I am unable to offer a rattling make sure you watch the whole

video if your only source of strength is faith in God then you already have all

you could possibly need just remember that when you’re in that situation and disregard my warning nothing will change

if you rely on your trust in God alone for hope God is capable of all we want

him to accomplish if we trust him God will help us if we put our trust in him

and rely on him a life devoted to serving God first has numerous

advantages to begin God can fix damaged things and make them seem new again this

is the miraculous arrival of God have faith in yourself that’s all nothing is

necessary for anything or anybody else save that despite its small size it has

a flavor about equal to that of a mustard seed in order to keep you from enjoying the here and now the devil

wants you to worry about what’s to come aside from lounging about the devil has

a propensity to lie which is one thing that unites him let yourself be consumed

by contemplation of your unique situation as an example maintain your

focus on God do everything in your power to honor him and thank him for what he has done for you by staying put every

day if you believe this to be true in God’s eyes then please share and like this video to show your support an

Innovative solution to the challenge you are now confronting will be within your reach to be able to keep your cool under

pressure and accept it as true a kingdom that brings Harmony no matter what means

to let go of the idea that you need to be able to handle every problem and follow a specific path through the case

which is causing you the most pain there is nothing else to do except this we

have completed this vital job no problems will arise and everything will go smoothly and quickly if you know this

you won’t have to worry about overanalyzing the topic or react negatively to the problems it raises you

are now making preparations for it just sit tight and wait for everything to become Crystal Clear if you want to be

great you shouldn’t attempt to stop them you need to really think about the suggestion and work harder to make it

better always be your yourself belief in the Here and Now is more important than making predictions about the future

which is a fun game that aims to show you what’s coming and how things will work out for you you’re about to embark

on a journey that will swiftly Propel you to a new career where you’ll be handsomely rewarded you should expect to

see these ads appear shortly it is possible that the promotions event may occur shortly your incredible Good

Fortune will provide pleasure and fulfillment to the people in your life the reason being you’re going to have a

blast this is the way your exceptional wealth will manifest something will happen to you because of your incredible

Good Fortune being both kind and joyful requires a top-notch frame of mind even

if you aren’t looking for miracles they will happen to you I am certain that your goals will be achieved and your

dreams will come true if you stick to your strategy it would be great if you

could complete all of your goals all of of your dreams and goals will come true your continued belief that this might

ever make you feel ridiculous is well ridiculous it is not easy to see from

any part of the world nothing you do on your journey should ever be repeated since everything is shrouded in darkness

sometimes that’s not the way things should be develop a strong mental and emotional attachment to the Future and

all the things that may happen in it think about it this way for a second you will you already have all the ability to

achieve all your greatest goals and desires and all the ideas for a beautiful future even if it’s true you

should erase it from your memory as you grow into something so endearing it will nearly heal and Revitalize you this is

all because of the change that will occur in your love life now that your love life is altering in a physical and

mental way you could feel stronger than before your Fitness factors will be

consistently affected by this change to make us aware of his presence

God gave us this message let me be there to help and reassure you you have my

deepest admiration you will always be greater than the terrible things you’ve done regardless of how many good things

God has planned for you always keep your cool and remember to thank God for what he has done for you it is common to

experience profound sadness when others are experiencing profound joy and vice versa an ideal existence consists of

experiencing both tremendous joy and terrible misery simultaneously just like God said in the

Bible you will have more than enough money to cover all of your expenses and give your children something unique

factors will be rearranged to assist you in advance and you will be surprised by this I hope you find that helpful submit

your will your desires and your fears to God and put your trust and confidence in Jesus Christ

you will encounter unparalleled prosperity and achievement as you travel this path you will be able to see the

ways in which your lives have been transformed by the miraculous riches healings and advantages that the world

has bestowed upon you this may be adjusted when the moment is appropriate

acquire ready for me to regain your trust and convince you that what I’m doing will put you in a position to

acquire what you want God is making it known that when you listen to Christ I

will fix the broken parts of your lives I will admit that there are times when I

feel like they’re treating me unfairly however when I reflect on the good things that have happened Lord God

I can see how you’ve continued to work even though I didn’t realize it before I will confess that there are times when I

can convince myself that they are being dishonest about how they are performing now that things are going well for me

you have still managed to come up with ideas that I can really follow even if you have been busy sorting things out

and making arrangements there is no way around this requirement it must be met in every case in the next week you could

be able to share details about a major event in your life eventually at some

unknowable point in the future all of your wishes and prayers will be answered you will still need to be tolerant of

others curious about new things and open-minded in the near future I know I

don’t deserve your love but I still want to take this chance to thank you for everything you’ve done for me you have

been there for me an impacted person throughout the whole ordeal for all the

ways you’ve improved my quality of life I wanted to take this chance to express my gratitude the daddy is forever

praised and honored and we ask that you please know this as long as the door can

be opened and closed I have a lot of respect for you and God’s rescue plan for for you may not look like what you

had imagined you shouldn’t relocate it since it’s in the right spot since the

desire for financial gains motivates many different types of dishonesty including doing things people know are

horrible in order to amass wealth how convinced are you that you won’t go

completely insane trying to keep up with everything a small percentage of the

population has severed ties with their faith and spiritual Community the weak

after this all the money love and healing that are supposed to enter your life will start to do that since its

intended demise is imminent the whole thing will begin to spread everything that is happening to you right now is

part of a larger picture that no one else can see including the artwork that God is creating inside you he is

preparing for a future that he can see independently in him I can see the

beginnings of a future that I’m helping to shape there are tears to the process

of making plans that he may find most apparent in the future you have been experiencing a great deal of trouble due

to that well-known ailment I will not put you in circumstances that are too challenging or beyond your abilities

again I am sorry for that no matter how much I care about you I will never put

you in a situation where you are challenged beyond what you can handle alternatively I am making this move

because because my feelings for you are obvious and nothing will alter no matter how much you want it because wishing for

different outcomes is pointless there’s no value in lamenting the past allow me

to be your Soother never give up remember that the quantity of seed sewn

immediately influences the Harvest this will come in handy when things aren’t going as badly as they are right now

when you sew seeds you may expect a little Harvest stitching together many seeds will produce a Bountiful Harvest

you should pay attention to what God has to say today because he has something important to say to you remember that

the problems you are now facing are temporary you must always keep in mind your current fatigue as time goes on God

will evaluate your way of life and bless you with a miracle things don’t start to get better until other options are

considered the ability to overcome injuries is starting to show itself more clearly in the near future

and they appear to be getting worse for a while you should take this as a sign from above that the best times of your

life are almost here assuming you’re still here the only thing left to do is

enjoy yourself it’s more important that you don’t let any negative ideas cross

your mind and instead focus on the many components of the work at hand you

should instead imagine the best possible ideas as you follow the lord my prayer

is that he showers you you with his boundless love and compassion he has the extraordinary power to alleviate your

troubles and enhance your way of life everything that has happened because of your dependence on him stems from this

hold off on doing anything until a long period has passed the multitude of choices at your fingertips should not be

overshadowed by your immediate Necessities stay focused on your goals and don’t let this call derail you

please do not do that even when things AR coming together immediately it

doesn’t imply that great things aren’t on the horizon for you just because terrible things aren’t visible to you at

the moment doesn’t mean they aren’t happening do not fret if it seems as if nothing has transpired during this

period there could be much more on the horizon it may not seem like it now but

you will succeed keep it for a little while longer music always keeps in mind

how important it is to be engaged and moved always keep in mind that you are totally dependent on God if you lack the

ability to control your impulses it doesn’t matter how many skills you have according to God none of these will turn

out well if you try if you’re not fully dedicated you may not have what it takes

to succeed in any of them help me get the word out there by sharing this video if you haven’t already much obliged it

would be really appreciated if you could do whatever is necessary to let me know your plans as soon as possible I will

shape them and make decisions according to what I think will bring you the most satisfaction in the long run I will

shape them into what I think will eventually bring you the most Joy you bring the most joy to my life even

though you may think that everyone is listening to you the reality is that this is not always the case attempt to

ensure that no one is disappointed at any cost your perspective is valued you

bring the most joy to my life you are now seeing the beginning of the miracle you have been

anticipating stay calm since you are about to go through one of the most life-altering studies ever you can

always come out on top no matter how tough circumstances become or who offers

the most advice never again will you have to cave in to peer pressure or

worry that your modern problems will drag you down if you’re afraid of being taken advantage of now that a new week

has started you may want to reevaluate your worries I can handle any hardship

that comes my way be happy if you can this is something that God wants you to

consider I will ensure that everything goes well for you this week if you prioritize me in all your plans I beg

God to forgive you and wrap you in his arms for all that is happening to you right now someone is connected to the

highest love frequency since they have expressed gratitude and admiration

because they care about other people they behave in this manner all of the books listed below are considered Sacred

Scriptures the ancient Hebrews believed that receiving benefits from others could improve one’s life in every way

the idea that the Bible is replete with praise is the foundation of this view

those who had received God’s blessing were instantly identifiable by their electric charge God is trying to teach

us that those who have higher ambitions and a purpose in life frequently overcome the most challenging and

terrifying situations sometimes the most difficult obstacles are thrown at people because

they have high aspirations and are fighting for a larger cause God intends for us to understand that those who

participate in that program will face trials and tribulations as they grow into adults prepared to live the life

they want for themselves their ultimate goal is to get you to do what they want

with your life so that they can control your future whether you’re climbing to the top of the world or navigating a

maze of obstacles every experience you have has the potential to shape you into

the person you will become greetings God I beg you please help me to release the

past so that I may embrace the present with an open mind and heart in such a

case I could be very appreciative of your assistance just as before I need

your help figuring out what my strengths and weaknesses are it would mean the world to me if you could have a positive

and inspiring attitude toward me at all times I appreciate you taking care of it

I want to thank you for guiding me toward a life that is as selfless and kind as the one you’ve chosen would you

be so kind as to assist me with this God really did hear your supplication for help the night before that much is more

real every bit of pain anguish doubt and worry that he was experiencing as a

result of his contemporary circumstances was known to him as you prayed if you

felt like venting your frustrations about your loved ones and the situation you’re in he could tell because you were

crying he also heard you because you knew you couldn’t do anything about it

and he saw that your tears were driven by fears for your own safety during this time you are hearing from God quickly

this heavenly host will show up to stir up the crucial measures necessary to ensure your protection you are free to

leave the area after this and he assures you that I have a blessing in store for you for every tear and restless night

fear not the agony you’ve been experiencing may not last for much longer than it has so far my vow to you

in Paradise is this in the end you’ll get my vote all of your problems will be

solved Miracles will be performed and you will be healed regardless of what happens to put you off your game keep in

mind that all that is suitable emanates from this scenario until you give it some thought that will become

commonplace at some point more useful records will be created as a result of more conversations with more people if

this is the case you may be experiencing the happiest feelings of your life you won’t have felt happier than you are

right now if you have overcome adversity in comparison to the other situation

don’t you believe this one is better at this very moment your whole life is on the line no matter

where you are or what has happened to you so far you will be able to change your life once you begin to pick your

ideals if you start to choose the beliefs you support you have the power to change your life you have the power

to change your life if you choose your thoughts in the same way that every

serious problem may be improved any bad situation can be made much worse there

is always a chance to grow as a a person in every given circumstance right now

you have the ability to change your life’s trajectory and almost every aspect of it the concepts you are now

dealing with May often help Define the root your way of life is mostly supported by your intellect it is

reasonable to assume that you are always contemplating and doing meaningful tasks

what matters most to you is the stuff that occupies your thoughts and Reflections the most no matter your

perspective it is an official Proclamation no amount of certainty or

pessimism can make you feel authentic to the first class intellect that has been occupying your thoughts at the same

moment unless you believe in yourself and your limitations there is nothing stopping you from realizing your full

potential in this world but participating calls for an excellent demeanor we are starting to see your

magnificence all praise is due to God the subtle Direction you’re getting is

fading and becoming stronger things that are predetermined cannot be prevented by

anyone or anything maybe you should get closer to your closing Target feel free

to invite your friends to watch the video if you choose as you get closer to the moment you must cultivate an

attitude of gratitude upon your arrival it will prove to be quite advantageous

for you you’ve come a long way but there’s still a lot to remember over the

next many years is you will keep getting better make sure to convey your appreciation for everything that you

have learned using all of your options will allow you to make the most of every contemporary circumstance and current

event God’s plans for your life are now open and visible to you well

done despite your difficult situation everything went well throughout the

purchase you need to be perceptive to the possibility of excellent things happening in your immediate vicinity you

should have better signals by now after applying these changes in order to improve your Collective Health financial

status and physical condition yes I did choose you also I really wanted to give

you my undivided attention when I picked you so that’s true a substantial amount

of perks and Prestige will be yours to enjoy if you’re lucky a role will be assigned to you soon because your

boundless Joy will make those closest to you feel very happy and optimistic

you’ll find that you’re passionate about everything and anything you may have to take the Reigns on this one for a little

what do you think of God’s message for today in order to maintain a positive attitude every day keep in mind that it

is the single most important factor in determining whether you have a good or poor day the power it contains must be

built by you and you must realize this if you want to win that’s the best

strategy you can use this is analogous to taking the weekend off if you don’t

let your personal interests interfere with your job whatever occurs you will

be fully responsible for it you are now solely responsible for organizing your own transportation schedule as time

passes it seems as if we were showered with a beautiful glittering gift today

you are receiving God’s personal message once you’ve established certain habits

that you can’t change it’s time to move on time cannot be changed by you in any

way assuming I am here you can bet that I will oversee them and see that they

can be resolved everything you need to know about the issue will be clear to you once you have studied this for

precisely days this deviation from your original plan was a divine

intervention that protected you during a dangerous situation for the time being

she is the only non-human character he is considering dating in all likelihood

he is at least some distance away from you are you confident in your ability to provide your loved ones with the

greatest care possible have fun and don’t depend on other people’s generosity for your financial needs by

doing so you express your gratitude to the writer three occurrences of Good Fortune will occur in the following week

if you choose to appreciate this video get ready to greet them as soon as they are arrive at your company let your mind

wander to a place where you are living the life you have always imagined for a second while you cover your eyes with

your fingers imagine yourself lingering on that existence pay close attention to

the details when you describe the smell feel and appearance of anything just

shut your eyes for a while and then open them again you are only obligated to do

that you should be prepared to be astounded if the standards you are considering materialize in the real

world today and tomorrow due to the fact that it is approaching at such a rapid

Pace you may have time to prepare for the really important event that is approaching very soon it’s possible you

won’t be able to internalize the extreme joy and Delight that’s coming your way

you will feel a tremendous surge of joy and satisfaction you will never be able to

keep up with everything going on in your life everything will happen so fast that you won’t have time to process it all

and you could start to question its Origins if you think it came from another world it will be hard to

comprehend how quickly things are getting out of your way after you’ve experienced it it is quite crucial that

you prepare yourself well for your instructions if you want to complete this assignment successfully we can say

with absolute certainty at this time that it has fulfilled all of your wildest fantasies and made you cry every

single day of your life therefore it’s likely that the artwork you’ve created

will provide you with a great deal of satisfaction in the not too distant future to the best of your ability you

should strive to keep your worries from dominating your life you will find that

your perseverance during this difficult period was really worthwhile if you were able to maintain your faith at some

point in the future an unknown person will approach your private residents and wrap on your door he could be trying to

find you all of your payments are fully refundable so every star system is going

to send someone to collect them all of the payments that are overdue will be safe from your problems big changes to

your Current financial situation could also happen a long time before you anticipate them these changes are

probably going to happen at this time realizing that something is a gift and making good use of it are pre

prerequisites to fully appreciating its significance in your life on the other hand the water I can give him will grow

into an underground spring and then it will endlessly pour upward into Eternal

lives everything that may happen here can happen once he has eaten the water

with all his heart the Savior said whoever drinks of the water that I will

provide to him will by no means again be thirsty if you are thirsty for your

destinies you may depend on me to help you lessen the impact of all that you have surrendered to if you want to start

living your romantic life again from the beginning then you need to listen to God’s word which says that you will

laugh trust and love again currently God is crafting your story and he is

carefully reviewing each and every detail beginning with the very first letter just because you haven’t had the

chance to personally experience all that’s accessible to you doesn’t mean you should discard all of your ideas

please choose yes if you can confirm your agreement everything may be handled

and proceed according to the plans that have been put in place so there’s no need for you to worry about anything

right now rejoice in the fact that the style will be well received and remember

that you alone are responsible for the power you release into the universe what

comes next is having trust in the process and seeing your aspirations come

to life right before your eyes regarding the amount of work you are doing I want you to know how much I

appreciate it and how happy I am about it what makes me very happy is the enormous amount of work that you are

doing in accordance with what the Lord God has spoken I want you to know how

much I love you and how much I appreciate your efforts to see this project through to its conclusion if it

would be an enormous undertaking to ensure that everything works out for the best possible outcome while

simultaneously considering the current and existing issues but I do have a plan for you making sure everything fits

together in a way that yields the most positive outcomes possible is the goal of the

plan remember that I called you not long ago even though you were angry or confused when I gave you my number

people are put through an incredible amount of suffering ing in agony as a result of the current situation and they

often feel lied to this situation is a result of the world’s modern Renown

conversely it opens the door to the possibility of finding a great deal of Joy wonder and Beauty inside its

confines Focus your deepest emotions and thoughts on the wonderful reviews and

possibilities that may be waiting for you on this planet they deserve your whole attention your element May benefit

from paying close attention to the things this world has to offer amidst the world’s current human suffering you

must also strive to create something extraordinary carrying out this step is

highly advised to change who you eat or who you consume it is much more vital

that you allow it to transform you into a better version of yourself if you are open to receiving them God promises they

will envelop and embody you completely you may gradually realize that you are

exactly where you should be right now in the middle of a tough situation after some time has passed people are more

inclined to come through for you and lend you a hand if they think highly of you it is critical that you have this

documentation on hand in case you ever find yourself in a tough spot despite my

best efforts people from all around the world are now diverting my sincere thoughts and prayers in other

directions maybe God gave you the idea that you’re being rejected so you wouldn’t have to deal with anything that

may end your life Take Your Role here on Earth or alter your Fate’s trajectory that and the incredible

things God has planned for your life should always be front and center in your thoughts that is something that

should be brought to your attention often you may be fortunate enough to have perfect mental and physical health

a thriving financial situation meaningful relationships deep connections and an abundance of

blessings may your life be filled with tranquility and prosperity in every aspect whether it is intellectual

spiritual or financial all of these things could end up in my possession at some point in the future and I am now

making that announcement everything said above will of course happen in addition I assure

you that you will be in the best possible shape and that you have every chance of being famous the situation

will become much more more challenging for you as a result of it no matter what

you’ve planned to do this week we pray that God’s Will and blessings will be evident and that our labor will one day

bring about the Fulfillment of our aspirations and dreams if you put your mind to it I’m sure you can pull it off

I can promise you that no matter what obstacle you face you will be able to conquer it and that you will find

solutions to whatever problems you encounter along the way the very least shred of doubt exists in my mind that

you will be able to overcome any obstacles that may emerge in my opinion you are quite forthright you can expect

this week to be extraordinary and it will shape the rest of your life in significant ways considering I said to

anyone reading this that they would have a wonderful day full of good fortune and presence I will make sure it happens

every one of you who is devoting yourself fully to learning this may God bless you abundantly Lord I beg you to

hear their prayers and answer them in a dazzling way making opportunities for

them to overcome their sicknesses meet all of their needs Prevail over their

enemies and receive blessings without limit it is an immutable fact that no

matter where your path takes you my love for you will follow relentlessly until it reaches you this is an impass from

which there is no way to escape maybe there’s no way to escape this occurrence you should should be confident in Your

Capacity to appear at the perfect spot at the appropriate time as you have already shown your

dependability this is due to the fact that despite being in a difficult situation you have validated a Non-Stop

song of dependability they are more inclined to return the favor and lend you a hand if

they think highly of you this will become Crystal Clear when you find yourself in a situation that is

difficult to handle everything I have pain Stak takingly prepared in the form of instructions for our meeting right

now is being presented to you with the utmost Joy I’ll make an offer to you

about them being worried about the next major event in your life is pointless

since it will no longer Define who you are stay away from it at all costs it’s pointless you only need to give it a few

tries and have a lot of faith in what I say if you want to figure out what I’m saying assuming it’s within their

capabilities to do so the key team of employees will contact you as quickly as possible to confirm

your approval the onus is on me to make sure this happens just as I have done

internally and externally I will maintain a careful watch on you for the next several days in the future I will

be able to keep a close eye on my objective is to continue using the software completely in case you are now

disappointed and want more feeling better is your goal and I can help you

get there even though it may seem impossible I will be able to find a solution to this challenging

situation God assures you that he will give you the strength to keep going even

when you feel like giving up no matter how hard you try so that you might achieve your primary objective the

elimination of all Temptations acknowledge the whole focus

on this task your best bet is to look for someone to help you out with all of this on the other hand

the first and foremost thing you need to do is surrender to God for everything that he has planned for you after that

you need to have a conversation with him about the number of kilometers you need from him going forward God has promised

you this so you can stop relying on loans begging or fighting for what you need since you will have plenty of

opportunities in the future as we make our way through the many entrances the truth that we

committed to acting upon will reveal the reason for this things seem to be going your way soon in terms of trading I will

send you human assets and money that you cannot imagine said Moses eventually

this became the phrase that was communicated to Moses god may have you wait for a purpose and you may

eventually come to understand that reason if you pay attention God is doing things right now that are better than

anything you can think of or imagine doing on your own and they could be happening right now compared to

everything else you could think of or consider regardless of how bad things become you should take comfort in the

fact that there is hope remain composed when things get tough and make prayer a

habit no matter what may you be shielded from harm and showered with blessings from above my number one priority is

alleviating your suffering so that you may go on with your life it is quite

feasible for humans to establish a relation relationship with God and during that time God will communicate

with them in a manner that includes statements like my baby trusts in me

with great anticipation knowing that I am their God it’s important to have a

positive outlook and learn how to inspire people close to you at the age of months the cost of your attempt

might be simply excessive but I can help you recover from the aggravation it causes once you’re released from prison

you’ll have the chance to live a more normal lifestyle since the moment we were waiting for has finally arrived I’m

going to put you in a happy and superb state that you have never been in before

I’m a person that you are probably able to rely on to immediately put a stop to the State of Affairs that has advanced

if there’s something that is God’s will then there may be nothing that may stop it from going on and there may

additionally be nothing that can save it from virtually going on in the event that anything anything is God’s will

there may be no way to save it from happening and it’s literally impossible to save it from taking place to add

insult to injury even supposing this seems to be the truth that is a totally

remote chance God nevertheless has even greater plans for us something sincerely

wonderful is in the shop for us in step with God you want to take a deep breath

and realize that you are aware of this fact despite the fact that you are now behaving this way in reaction to his

inquiry about the route that his existence could take God answered by means of announcing I’m going to carry

you from obscurity to reputation Elijah had inquired about the

path that his existence could take you’ve shown me how much you value Me by being Dependable working hard and

showing me this kind of respect so brace yourselves because I’m about to share

some fantastic news with you the most wonderful pleasure of your whole life is about to happen right now one cannot

deny that things are now heading in the correct direction and becoming closer to their desired destination another way of

putting it is that the picture seems to be fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle piece if you want others to value your

ideas you need to get them ready first when you’re not prepared to give up just

yet there will be moments when you want to weep and feel like giving up completely although there are reasons to

be hopeful you must be ready for the derailment of your Ambitions you may wait according to the word the Lord has

given you this is going to cause you to grieve in the same vein you must be

ready to be disappointed time constraints which may be challenging in the future are

inevitable in spite of how long this waiting time appears to go on and on God

will give you the strength to persevere it is highly recommended that you take

full advantage AG of the primary opportunities that will be presented to you in the future when everything is

said and done your unwavering commitment might be acknowledged and rewarded in many ways since the universe is often

seen as a whole you may be certain that everything will work out for the best in

the end and that you and the people you care about will be showered with an

abundance of extraordinary blessings that will Astound you as well as members

of your immediate family you will also be qualified to receive these favors

that above all else is why you should be content with your own identity you are

now free to proceed with this challenge in whatever manner you see fit and there are many good reasons for that the most

excellent piece of knowledge which is so fantastic that it makes my head spin was

presented to me not long ago you risk missing out on the wonderful things God has planned for your life if you try to

fit everything everything into this week’s schedule I assure you that I can alleviate the current state of affairs

by providing you with benefits like love healing and Tranquility in exchange for

the pain and pressure that you are suffering as a result of your troubles in return for you I am able to

accomplish that my deepest wish is that this won’t cost you too much with all

seriousness I swear to you my best friend that I will keep my word we

should unite in prayer for the Lord it would be best if we tackled this as a group I come to you today God the Father

with a heart full of gratitude I am really appreciative in order for you to grasp the depth of my gratitude for this

I would go to Great length to clarify everything for you all of your efforts on behalf of your baby and myself Are

Much appreciated please let me know how much your accomplishments mean to me

similarly I would like to personally express my my gratitude for the wonderful weather we have been

experiencing recently please accept my deepest appreciation for all the wonderful opportunities you have given

me and the support you have given me as I have worked to realize my dreams your

kindness and generosity have given me the strength to face each day and do the

tasks that have been assigned to me because of what you have achieved I owe you the highest possible regard and I am

grateful I can usually identify and respect you your gratitude will be in my

heart forever God is now engaging in an intimate discussion with each and every

one of you no matter how many times the problem is brought to my attention I can

always find a solution I am the deity you adore and I will help you succeed or

so the story goes this is the confidence he was trying to instill in you it will

serve you well no matter what comes your way you may count on me to be your your constant companion for the duration of

my whole life I firmly promise that I will never leave you no matter how good

or bad things are having faith in my own talents and accomplishments is one area

where that is very relevant when I think about it it doesn’t always come to me

mechanically never forget that I had a great deal of skill before I had you and that you have only just started to

realize your full potential this is important to remember definitely it’s crucial you too have what it takes to

succeed since different people can accomplish various things you can be successful in any Endeavor you choose if

it is doable for other people as a person you have my full trust you are

the one in whom I have total faith it would mean a lot to me if you could try to see things in a more positive light

in your daily life instead of trying to outdo other people put yourself in their shoes and focus on building your own

reputation do your best to avoid giving the idea that you are helpless and positioned instead you have managed to

succeed and get first place despite the fact that there has been other

competition if you want to improve your mood the best thing you can do is ask for my Aid you can count on me to be

there for you when you’re dealing with a tough situation no matter how Fresh Starts are happening you must not give

up on your desires just because life throws you a curveball and you don’t feel like drinking to smooth over the

pain I alone am responsible for this circumstance additionally I aware of the

fact that you are keen on altering the ingredients of your present existence in any case I vow that no matter what you

decide to do in this situation I will be here to support you on the other hand

unless you put in a lot of work this interest will not provide you with a lot of return on your

investment if you continue leading your life in in the same way as before you decided to make changes today it’s

possible that you won’t be able to achieve the improvements you want in terms of your

lifestyle when you decide to put me first and cut links with the impoverished people who have supported

your lavish lives in the past things will start to improve immediately you

will see this you can’t help but feel that this is the first step toward a

more fulfilling life feel free to subscribe if you would like to hear additional proclamations from God Amen

at this time God wants to speak to you over the next days doors will open and

everything will seem right according to what God has taught you you may even get your hands on a possible desire plus he

assured you that this would appear more often than before the dream message you brought had details like these it dawned

on him that engaging in such Pursuits may lead you through an experience that

would Astound you for sure you should give it a go the Lord is very

magnificent and you will realize this for yourself when you find out for those

who are able to avoid him the next few days will bring many correct issues to a close and God will accomplish something

amazing for you because of him doors will open for you that you haven’t been able to risk using for quite some time

there will be a plethora of amazing opportunities for personal growth presented to you out of nowhere do you

have what it takes to initiate change I think he’s interested in every facet of

your identity if you conform to his will and follow his Direction in your daily life he plans to use this tactic to make

it seem like he’s on your side manipulating your reality your love for your children is immeasurable Father in

Heaven keep this in the back of your mind as you go about your day because of the boundless joy and

love that are csing through their hearts there is nothing else that could possibly bring them closer together

would it be possible for us to never stop appreciating all that you’ve done for us and to never stop paying

attention to the fact that you love and care for us watch this video all the way

to the end if you want miracles to happen in your life put your trust in the wish granter and may you be filled

to the brim with his boundless pleasure and Delight as you place yourself inside

the god of Desire can the power of the Holy Spirit fill you with hope

additionally he has the potential to fill you with his own boundless delight and

excitement regardless of how daunting the situation may seem the Lord promises

that his people will discover a way to overcome it I can put things right with you and provide you with optimism I’ll

take care of everything I am able to restore your health and complete you again I can show you the eror your

current location is very different from where you were before some of the areas

this will show up in months later are in your spirit your heart and your possessions and sources the fact that

your living environment has changed a lot can help you remember this doing even one of these exercises may help you

feel better about your circumstances but if you want major changes to happen in your life you need to keep praying and

trusting in a high power vote and like this video if you can if you have faith

in God I may accompany you making it so that the rivers and streams cannot carry you away you are also Untouchable by the

Sea as you are prepared to navigate the private Waters I will be by your side to

provide assistance in the absence of any precautions to prevent the fire from starting within you you may be able to

walk straight into the Flames without risking Burns or starting a fire if you

don’t don’t take precautions it will forget if you follow Jesus the next year

will offer an abundance of love that no one can handle an infinite variety of goods and riches that surpass all your

wildest dreams additionally he guarantees that you will see the manifestation of all of

these things throughout the next months you have been suppressing your feelings of loss and sadness for quite

some time they are being released by Jesus with the removal of his robe he is

removing them as well he knows a lot of the things you’ve gone through if you want to know what it’s like to live in

plenty and Tranquility you can’t afford to ignore this danger In Heaven There

Are Holy humans who look out for you like a parent or Guardian Angel regarding you specifically God is now

working in a way that will benefit you these things are taking place right now

all that has happened is because of you to you and your loved ones we wish you a

week filled with joy and prosperity knowing that you can rely on him to provide you with several benefits is

intriguing it is possible that prayers may have answers once closed doors reopen new connections will materialize

Dreams May Come True and goals will be accomplished just give it a little while

I adjust things so they suit your needs when everything is said and done you will always be my safe haven I can sing

of your power whatsoever but when things get tough Lord tell everyone on the planet about this a great variety of

things including love joy and happiness will replace the things that have hurt you throughout the years according to

God if you keep this promise we guarantee that you will experience an

abundance of Joy love and pleasure in your life you will find the fortitude to

mend and begin over in the coming days with the goal of becoming exceptionally

high quality and financially prosperous individuals if you take advantage of

this opportunity you may get back on your feet and start a new nothing no

matter how great or deep can ever separate us from the love of God which is shown in Christ Jesus our lord the

reason for this is because the love of God is derived from Jesus Christ the

love of God which is in Christ Jesus the Lord is immutable and unending a gift of

a wonderful opportunity to change your life’s trajectory is on its way to you get ready to get it via religion it’s

going to alter your life right now God is reclaiming lost time and missed

opportunities and as a result some very significant things will come to light this evening your enemies will be taken

aback by God’s intervention in your life and they may start to fear for the safety of your world God is about to

perform a miracle in your life and you need to be prepared when you go out into battle the Lord

your God is there to fight by your side and deliver your Triumph remember this

at all costs if you believe that I am the God who provides answers even when they seem to be

non-existent so that I may be of any assistance to you I really ask that you pray for me I did not want to see you

suffer as the Lord told us keep on praying until you see the

transformation you’re hoping for a amazing things happen every day so you can’t give up hope that things will

improve God has the power to drastically transform your life without delay

problems are inevitable everyone does so you should study for the tests that are

about to be upon you it is still possible says God even after I’ve told you everything you need to know to find

peace in me just like every other battle I’ve ever fought I’ve emerged victorious in this one as well I beg you God to

show me how to say the right word at the right moment with the right tone of voice so that I may live a life full of

qualities that bring me joy and peace and the timing is just right your

ability to grasp the gist of what I said in this manner is astounding I have the

ability to live a whole life unburdened by pain and joy you have shown that

Miracles are possible and because God can accomplish anything even healing Miracles people will learn about your

lives by seeing how you remain and this will come to pass Jesus teaches us to be

content While We’re Young and God instructs us to be ready for the unexpected because this month will bring

things we can’t understand also he reminds us to be ready for some

incredible things to happen this month you are really afraid Jesus says to the younger man as he draws near remind your

kid I will handle whatever comes my way and and say it again you’ve been through

a lot of trauma According To Jesus I will improve your quality of life in a

significant way there are people in the room yelling your name but you still haven’t shown up it is inappropriate for

you to be present during this a fantastic occurrence will flip your life

upside down and drastically alter your circumstances God operates in that way

God reportedly asks his people have I no longer commanded in the Bible stay

strong and composed as things come together don’t be afraid or give up on your dreams the Lord your God will guide

you resist the temptation to give up and be poor the Bible says that the Lord

will wipe away your tears ease your pain and open doors of opportunity not only that but he has

also promised that these things will come to pass there will be a great miracle to solve all your financial

problems this this miracle will solve all your problems your worries will fade away right now remember that you can

handle anything that comes your way my child you’re under too much pressure God

says to the child I can pray for the people’s long-term return I’m praying for everyone I suppose who may want a

miracle God is the most effective person who can do things that seem impossible to do and open doors that seem like they

are locked this form of Marvel can be finished by God let me tell you that the long

awaited event has finally come to an end I know how you feel I assure you that my

present is on its way to you so don’t worry that you might miss it you have brightened my entire day God hopes that

by giving us these guidelines we can find ways to there is a truth that you can look at this is causing your

strength to be used in a totally different way than before you shouldn’t worry about the success of your business

or find find ing love these things will come to you in due time you shouldn’t be

sad about the way real life works out everything that happens will make you very happy God has told me that I am

inclined to assist you the most important thing I need is to ask so I trust you will decide for yourself if

you love and care for me the problem that has been troubling you for a while will soon be constant taking your mind

off of it so you might not be afraid of it this week week instead look for any

major changes in your lifestyle and be ready to act if they happen before the

weekends God will send you more opportunities bigger Smiles Financial breakthroughs and benefits Beyond Your

Wildest Dreams by the end of this week you should have all of these things in your possession God loves you so much

that he might treat you this way please help me spread the word by sharing this video I appreciate it remember that God

is with you always even in the hard times this should improve your experience you should feel better now

that you know this he will always be by your side no matter how bad things get

you always know you can count on him try to unwind and clear your schedule so God

can finish the wonderful work he has started in your life you will receive a reward from him occasionally I may need

to hold you back until the road is clear and it’s safe to go again I will do do that until I have more time to finish it

it’s not necessary for me to do that so I won’t forget how important it is to always be joyful about the ride

especially because nothing destined for you will ever allow you to miss the opportunity to say thank you the two

most important things that can influence your fate are your modern mental state and your emotions being aware of both is

essential worrying about something that is already bothersome makes it much harder to handle

when someone is Happy their level of happiness is consistently increasing for your personal well-being and

happiness try not to worry and let yourself enjoy Life’s good things that is what you should be mindful of you

should live quietly and trusting God he will handle the struggle for those whose

actions indicate they are walking on the righteous path now we praise honor and

give thanks to God who can do far more than we could ever hope for or imagine

this is because of the great power at work in us but God requires a lot of strength from everyone God has shown you

that you are almost ready to record your Victory if you can keep your courage

your desires have been considered and soon you will receive answers that are encouraging your needs were satisfied

after much consideration you must be responsible for the tools I gave you and for your

actions I want you to know that my my love for you will never end and that you

are my favorite person in the world I have many admirations for you in addition I assure you that I will never

let you down again I will do everything in my power to fulfill our agreement I

want you to know that I love you unconditionally because God wants us to be together if you choose to help other

people the universe will reward you handsomely if you follow my rules and

agree with me I can make you rich Rich we should be aware that people in our community Will Mock and hurt us because

we love God you don’t have to rely on your strength and courage alone because I will always be there to support you

you can rely on me to provide you with the support you desire to reach your maximum potential you’ve brightened my

entire day you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed by choices to overwhelmed by

selections things improve after what seems like an endless amount of pain

there is always a chance that there might be a moment of pure joy please know that I will endure it to make good

on the vow you made to be loyal the outcome has been superb and you will have good fortune in the future if you

choose Faith over doubt believe in things that cannot be seen and press on with this new bankruptcy you must be

thankful for all that you have and praise God that you are alive danger is irrelevant here soon you may have a

great deal of good fortune that will alter your life forever meditation makes people more genuine and open which is

great for real love relationships because it speeds up the bonding process something big and real has fallen into

one’s budget recently cells heal through regeneration which can cause unexpected

spikes or bursts of intelligence paintings have a lot of potential now that they’ve grown you’re almost through

with something that has been bothering you for a long time and and now that this release is over you can move on

with your life get ready for a major life change now that you’re on your own

you won’t have to think about anything money is a sign to me it follows me around even when I’m not attempting to

acquire it it always follows me in different ways my dear little one please don’t forget that I’m here to help you

I’m by your side I’m here tonight because I love you so much I’ll do all in my power to ensure you get enough

sleep because you’re about to experience something really cool I can pray that you’re lucky to have had great Studies

have great relationships I’m telling you this because I want what’s best for you God knows you need to listen to him

because you were studying this you’ve been given other hazards in life you could now achieve your dreams and keep

the lifestyles you’ve always dreamed of don’t miss this awesome chance indulging

it to the fullest the joy of contentment is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced you won’t won’t believe how

wonderful it is to receive this blessing and that’s only the beginning of the joy you’re about to experience which will

enable you to be much more than the joy they took away from you until now you

may have gotten answers to your prayers in a multiplicity of ways in a very short period of time if you were in this

situation you could either go to a doctor or hire a lawyer to protect your life or you could join the military and

live a peaceful life but God is the best provider of a life that lasts forever

please God give me the strength to finish this test and the wisdom to find the wisdom and secrets within it may you

kindly grant me these privileges at this very moment in response to the call of Jesus Christ I humbly ask that you also

guide my thoughts deeds and words in such a way that I can choose the path that leads to love and peace rather than

the path that ends in human conflict and strife it is my sincere desire that you fulfill

this Duty in a similar vein I ask that you grant me the strength to go on with my day-to-day Endeavors I humbly beg

that you relinquish these things immediately regardless of who tries to dissuade you from achieving your goals

if God is on your side you will succeed regardless of what they do if God is

with you you will be able to access his future blessings no one can hinder you from attaining these Rewards nothing in

a person could hinder you I’m grateful for what the Divine says I am Consulting

with you often and sending you many precise wishes it took longer than expected but it was finally granted now

is the time to receive the benefit you’ve been hoping for you’ve been patient for a long time and now that

you’re really trying it will take even longer to get the blessings you’ve been waiting for but if you increase your

frequency God will shower you with Benefits God is proud of you here you

don’t have to hold your breath you’re about to witness A great miracle raise your frequency and blessings will pour

down on you are you ready to begin God is congratulating you now you don’t have

to hold your breath your opportunity will come to you very soon in fact it

will show up very quickly there have been many significant breakthroughs in the past few years there are many

astonishing things look at the changes God is making in your life if you have Faith and Hope in

what he is doing I can direct your steps and put you on a Divine Collision Course

full of blessings healing desire love and New Opportunities according to God

don’t give up now and pray constantly for guidance as you go in my relationship with God I learned that if

you want to change your life you have to learn to accept the situations you’re in right now no matter how how tough they

are if you’re the Center of My Universe I beg you to forgive yourself for what

you’ve done and to let me bear the burden of your suffering when you get the job that’s coming your way soon

you’ll be promoted to a position with much more perks than what you have now that’s because those around you will be

filled with joy and faith knowing that you’ll be happy with your always keep an open mind and be prepared to make any

choice I want to thank you for sticking with me and promise you that I will Captivate you with my beautiful Beauty I

will answer your questions in a clear and understandable way suddenly you’re

about to enter the main section of the next segment after everything is said and done you will be the winner and you

will go straight from the waiting area to the circle reserved for winners it is

my deepest desire that you never doubt the magnitude of my love for you or the

fact that miles is the the one who brings that Joy my greatest wish is that

you never let yourself be burdened by my identity I hope my efforts to ensure

that everyone has an equal chance of achieving what they need have been effective I cannot express enough how

much I value you it is a commandment from God that we keep a low profile and

be humble in this room there is no way to tell you apart from the seatmate across from you maybe nobody can tell

you’re not one and the same thank to you I would have been able to show God that

I could pull off a First Rate transaction the enormous potential you possess right now is a direct result of

your questioning style if anything good has ever occurred to me it is because of

you what you set your mind to you can accomplish it is because of you that I

am satisfied the next hours might bring you a great deal of joy and

success your hard work could pay off in the form of material prosperity erity romantic success and personal financial

success it is critical that you get used to the idea that all of these things

will happen by the end of this month almost everyone working on finding a solution to this problem should have a

good idea of how it should look whenever you’re feeling down and out the Lord has told you to seek my support and I will

see you through this difficult time at this moment you should not be afraid I

am now on stage stus so please be specific about what you want spending the day with you is the highlight of my

life you should seek my assistance when you are feeling sad and depressed the author says since I can help you

overcome such emotions preserving our faith in God and refusing to let go of this commandment are of the utmost

significance he has studied extensively on the topic you’re interested in so he already has complete knowledge about it

and you may schedule the session whenever it is most suitable for you stop being a complete and admit

that maybe something is wrong with the way things are right now all the many ways you might improve and demonstrate

it must be kept in mind the fact that every issue facing the world today has a global answer is well known by the

majority of people strive to persevere I firmly pledge that I will never leave

you truly I can tell you absolutely nothing it hurts so much whenever I’m

around you that I think my heart would explode from the pressure if you give me the numbers that have

been keeping you up at night I will do my best to help you overcome whatever is causing you stress the Bible teaches

that we can do more when we work together which is true even if no one can do it all by themselves despite how

terrible it is I will be by your side although I understand that embracing

change isn’t always easy it’s crucial that I give you the chance to keep moving in the direction you need I I

look up to you more than everyone else on the planet you don’t need to be anxious about anything because when you

choose to Express gratitude without expecting anything in return everything will turn out better than you could have

imagined or expected if you believe that I can help you overcome the obstacles

you’re facing and show you the way to accomplish your objective in a way that is fitting for your God then it’s as if

the universe were to execute a miracle on your behalf just as I built the Earth

in six days and then rested on the seventh so too was the cosmos created by

me the cosmos came into existence in this manner I went to sleep on the

seventh day after creating the universe which took days I have faith in my

abilities this coming Friday will Astound you in a manner you could never have imagined for yourself I had a

revelation about it from God this is exactly what will happen according to God’s promises

think of things that may be very enormous in every respect the years that lie ahead of you may mirror this one for

the rest of your lives because you followed God’s instructions your request was considered and you got a response

this is your chance to take charge and make it your own by claiming ownership over a long period of time and with a

lot of persistence the long awaited event you’ve been anticipating will eventually

be held in the area a very comforting document will be sent your way to let

you know that you are still heading in the right direction despite all that has happened recently you’re giving me a

thorough explanation of what’s happening is of the utmost importance God has decided to share this

knowledge with you so don’t put it off any longer than necessary that they would have faith

that God would provide for them is essential and you should always keep in mind that miracles happen often until

you see a significant Improvement in the circumstances you are facing you shouldn’t stop praying in light of your

current state of mind it’s possible that I have a broad impression of your likelihood of striking it big and

winning the lottery allowing you to put your words into action because God’s

kindness has not diminished with the passing of time it is imperative that he cultivate an attitude of thankfulness

toward God and his master my devotion to you is unwavering and does not change

direction quickly when you finally see the door that you’ve been begging for it will be because God has answered your

petition stop being such a downer all the time and start praising yourself more you must stop being so critical of

yourself and putting yourself down on your own ideas put simply you’re really

caring and you’ve reached a place in your life where you don’t need anything else you have plenty of money love

support for a lovely house the perfect job and great luck just about anything is going to happen right

now to make the current situation even more advantageous for you than it is right now nothing else is necessary for

you today nothing you have ever experienced in your whole life compares

to the success you are now enjoying clearly the universe is trying to tell

you that you need to start feeling enthusiastic about life now that you are having one of the the best days of your

life no need to be scared I have something very wonderful planned for you

your whole life is about to be turned upside down by me set aside your problems and have faith that I can

completely change your situation so that you may take advantage of some unforeseen benefits that are coming your

way the trial and tribulation we’ve gone through will soon be over and I will be

able to Grant your requests and fulfill your hopes presently I’m able to open the

gates of heaven and grant you all that you have longed for and sought after throughout the years knowing full well

that the path ahead is paved with opportunities for healing love and fulfillment as well as presenting you

with delightful new Endeavors because I have faith in you you can always count on me to provide for all of your needs I

will ensure that you never fall without your trust I am utterly powerless for

that reason I have always been close to you in every Endeavor the answer God gives you to your question is that I am

aware of your love for me and that my ability to meet all of your religious needs is Central to my response please

know that God wants you to know that just because you are concerned about anything does not mean you do not accept

him as real when I’m with you my day is at its best sometimes it’s hard to know

who to trust not only do I know that but I also know that it’s normal for me to

be worried about it both of these things as far as I can tell stem from the fact

that you’re a human being and anytime you ask for help you can bet on that person’s emotions which might range from

mild irritation to extreme despair any way you can think of it I’m

here to provide it to you you have my whole attention your worries pain and

troubles will soon pass they will be replaced with joy love healing and a

plethora of other wonderful things according to God’s promise God is trying to tell you something and he wants you

to know that the doors that are about to open will put you in a position where you can take care of yourself and your

needs no longer will you have to rely on loans no matter how effective they are

at advancing their own interests if you start fighting back whenever someone challenges you or your path they will

have their say while you were going through the hell of rejection God began protecting you from

a threat that might have stolen your success and derailed all your hard work

because you needed it this protection came at the exact time you needed it

which became exactly the moment you needed it always remember that God has

great things planned for you and that you must not lose sight of this truth please know that my intentions with

these plans for you are not to do you any harm rather I want them to pave the

way for a brighter more optimistic future for you according to God there is

a fresh fight that has to be fought every day and each day is its own Battleground nonetheless you shouldn’t

give up since I will be there for you / to lend you a hand and show you the way through this challenging time I

promise I won’t leave you to fend for yourself in this battle rather I will exert all effort in my power to see that

you succeed now that you’ve won you’ve arrived at this moment in your life and

the bankruptcy you’re going through is almost over you have accomplished an enormous feat something somehow was

causing me concern you should try not to get caught up in anything since the following chapter will bring about some

great events keep in mind the significance of being thankful for what you have and enjoying the good fortune

that has been given to you as you to go forward in a similar vein this weekend

is a good time to release whatever grip you may have on matters beyond your control there will be a transformation

in your life and something wonderful and wonderful will take the place of something unpleasant and unpleasant all

you have to do is trust in the method and everything will work out perfectly

the Lord says even though there’s no guarantee that your life will be easier if you do what I did I can assure you

that I I will never leave you I promise you on my honor that I will never abandon you do not become involved until

you decide to adopt my way of life and go with me then we may be able to complete this task together assuming

everything will go according to plan isn’t always within our budget but I’m confident in our ability to succeed in

the end be kind and forgiving to one another just as God has been merciful

and forgiving to you through Christ show kindness tolerance and forgiveness

to everyone because you are worthy of God’s love and forgiveness you are obligated to act in this manner as God

has bestowed compassion and forgiveness upon you this is the ideal way to act

toward other people when you really mean it stay strong and don’t let anything

discourage you fear not because I am your God and my presence will put an end

to your Terror stay strong and don’t let anything discourage you you build

resilience over time and I can be by your side throughout the process to help you you may be certain that I will stand

by your side and fight for justice no matter what throughout this week God

will use various tactics to achieve his purpose of showing you how much assistance he is providing in every area

this variety will have far-reaching effects on your relationships career finances health and business if you want

to achieve success in all areas of your life positive changes will be seen in

all four of these domains in the near future this is the area where all four of these events will transpire these

days they make up a tale based on their lives God has promised you a lot

recently a large divine proposal an unexpected Improvement in your financial

situation the chance to hear some excellent news and the ability to brighten the lives of those around you

simply by being yourself his new more Cooperative demeanor is proof that he is

fully aware of all that has transpired thanks to your covenants with God and

your unwavering faith in his eventual arrival your faith in him and your pleading for him to hear your prayers

even if he hasn’t yet are something I really appreciate and I want you to know how much I appreciate your love

forgiveness support throughout my rehabilitation and assurance that you will never leave me all of these

petitions are made in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ please God there is a

certain Rhythm to the passage of time and the changing of the seasons across the cosmos birth burial planting and

harvesting are all parts of a larger cycle that may have their own ideal times all of those things illustrate how

the passing of time and the changing of the seasons affect everything as there

are seasons for planting seeds and seasons for tearing down old structures there are times when you should heal

kill tear down and build up similar to what you see when you gaze into a mirror

there are periods when you must heal and times When You Must Destroy Reflections

within the confines of our near future we will be able to see one another in a simultaneous manner I have partial

comprehension now but I will have full comprehension in the future for the simple reason that I’m in possession of

certain numbers thanks to my little amount of personal knowledge we put a

tremendous focus on giving back to the Christian Network we are a part of so for the time being I can provide you

with accurate data to have you as a member of our channel would mean the

world to us it will resemble a tree that is first planted in soil next to a water

source and then little by little spreads its roots into the water source cre

creating a water feature the trees’s leaves keep their vibrant youthful color

even when faced with the worst possible circumstances in addition to seeming

unconcerned about the increasing heat the tree also seems unconcerned with the frequency and intensity of rainfall and

it yields fruit regardless of these factors looking at the amount of love our dad has given us thus far is very

overwhelming without his love it would have been very difficult for us to be called children of

God humans are confused about our identity since the sector isn’t necessarily aware of our father’s life

this is a far cry from reality no matter how attractive a person seems you should

never make a snap judgment about them based on that alone put as much unconventional flare into it as you can

your life will be filled with joy and generosity if you can find comfort and safety in him God has promised that even

though you may experience storms in your life he will also bring about certain things for you no matter how much our

external selves change throughout the course of Our Lives no matter how much our circumstances change at our very

core we will always undergo a transformation for the better the fact

that we are focusing on invisible things rather than those that could be apparent

shouldn’t make you give up we are preparing for an infinite beautiful and

unfathomable weight of Beauty by experiencing this short and slight

sadness this is because our emphasis is on things that are not immediately apparent this is because things that can

be seen with the naked eye have a limited lifetime whereas those that can’t be seen have no such limit I will

not alter them no matter how far down the timeline they have been set you should make sure your children hear the

advice and suggestions I’m about to give you several times so they can remember them if you believe that Jesus is the

Lord that way you can be confident that the words of wisdom and instruction I’m

about to impart will really sink in listed below are a few of the best times

to attempt to bring them up in conversation such as in the living room when you’re lying down in the morning or

on the way to work due to my faith that God will rescue me from my current situation I will no longer let anything

cause me anxiety the Lord is not only The Giver of strength and protection but

also the one who delivers me from danger my heart’s desire is to spend the

remainder of my days in the Lord’s dwelling place where I may fully appreciate his teachings and seek him

out in his house of worship I ask the Lord to Grant this desire of mine this is all I want

everything I seek and everything I ask for I am with you so you need not fear

or be disheartened I am the god who will help you with the steadfastness of my right hand

I can lend you a helping hand provide you with support and Elevate you keep

your head up I am your God and you need not fear or be

disheartened rest certain that the Lord will keep a close watch on your life and every step you take both now and in the

days to come since he will be keeping a close eye on you it is something you can

ideally anticipate happening at all times nothing bad could happen to you since since you won’t be worried about

it please come much obliged for your time get more messages from God by

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