🛑”They Are Looking At You Right Now” | ।God’s message today।

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yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you make sure you watch

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type if you are ready God is saying

to you today my beloved Child come

closer and open your heart to

me I ask for your complete attention my

deepest desire is for you to be happy to

feel light and free to leave behind

restless nights where sleep evades you

to move past grief and step out of

sadness Shadow forever my love for you

has no limits I have demonstrated it

time and again yet I long for you to

truly know this love to feel it deep

within tell me are you ready for change

in your

life do you yearn to be released from

burdens that have weighed you down do

you wish for for a heart bursting with

joy answer me quickly if you truly want

to emerge from Darkness listen closely

now begin today without delay no more

putting things off see how I am right

here ready to erase your doubts speaking

to you directly you know in your soul

that I am real you need no more proof of

my devotion still I will reveal myself

again not just to bolster your faith

Faith but also to be

a light for doubters around you like and

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channel if you love Jesus start this

very day first thing when you

wake even before rising to offer

thanks even if you don’t feel grateful

even if yesterday left you Tangled Up

make the effort close weird eyes and

give thanks for your life for the chance

to connect with me for the little faith

you have appreciate those around you

even when they make life hard they love

you in their way be grateful for your

mind your ability to read and absorb

these words and to choose perspective

over dwelling in negativity with each

new morning seek The Good the pure the

kind in

every circumstance

s even in Trials look for the bright

side for what you can learn remember

that which does not destroy you makes

you stronger here you stand unconquered

the tests you have faced have made you

wiser proving your resilience though

times were hard you still draw breath

you have become so very courageous even

in darkest moments you turn to me for

guidance I Infuse your heart with joy Jo

beyond words here is my promise begin

your days giving thanks then delve into

my word and let

it revolutionize your life read absorb

write down Ponder my teachings speak

them aloud and When Trials Come pause

and give thanks for the chance to grow

recalling my words to you my holy spirit

will move through

you guiding you in New ways the key to

feeling my Supernatural presence is

unceasing gratitude and immersion in my

word without wavering I share these

truths out of utmost love and care which

even now you perceive as a gentle touch

upon your soul reminiscent of youthful

Joy pay attention and you will sense my

arms encircling you in protection my

spirit leading you in the way you should

go type if you believe in

Jesus start today as I have shown you

give thanks then lean on

my word for strength absorb these

messages in prayerful silence write them

down and share from a Wellspring of love

I assure you blessings will flow for you

and yours lack will give way to plenty

in due

time for my promises are sure and will

bear fruit for all who wait with patient

faith I know precisely what you and your

family require what will benefit you

most I have Splendid plans for you so do

not fear present troubles cling to these

words I impart respond not with Fury or

despair but with hope and trust let me

bring you Joy my spirit lifting

confusion and darkness do not imagine I

would punish you for missteps yes

choices B

consequences hardship and pain result

yet it is not in me to further

despare do not point at me for your

losses I have taken nothing from you

consider when have you ever seen me

reclaim what I once gave someone may

have falsely accused me but I am truth

there is no ill intent here if I

sacrificed myself for you why would I

then curse you you turn from wrongs

repented and I forgave completely the

past is wiped away what more can you

ask vanish

misconceptions if conflicts arise

suddenly if foes seem to Prevail do not

panic or rage I bear You No Malice if

you were led to think otherwise question

those claims have you not read my word I

am the almighty loving you with

everlasting love promising you eternal

life it is not my desire you should

perish Ponder this deeply find a quiet

place to confess privately share your

doubts open your heart weep if you must

I want you freed from regrets and guilt

for good type Amen in the name of Jesus

I will minister to your soul and unveil

the beautiful plans I have for you do

not lose hope or be swallowed by sorrow

over your situation know that I cherish

you so as you start your days close your

eyes and thanks for all of it good and

bad let gratitude lift you to a


plane where you see beyond obstacles

before you within each challenge lies a

lesson or a blessing both meant to grow

you to set you apart with hard one

wisdom while some flaunt material

success your wisdom profound and

Powerful will shine through this wisdom

is not of this world but comes directly

from your Divine father as others boast

of their knowledge yours is a gift from

my Throne this wisdom blossoms from

practicing daily gratitude lighting your

spirit from within as you come to me

with thanks I am not angry with you I

keep no record of wrong

it gives me no pleasure to see you

suffer as morning Dawns I will make my

presence felt within and

wonderful Sensations will sweep over you

type I embrace my power to

airm I will demonstrate my boundless

Eternal genuine love until you know

beyond doubt that you are mine you

belong to me dear one I watch tenderly

over you night and day be troubled no

more nor entertain false Notions about

me what would I gain from afflicting you

surely you perceive that actions spawn

reactions a misstep naturally stirs up

trouble but I do not actively push you

toward ruin rather I await your turning

toward the light where we might discuss

your mistakes who

am I I am your godfather staunchest Ally

yes I am judge and cleansing fire but

remember also I am your Defender your

deliverer my hands bear the marks of

your Redemption my shed blood has

cleared your

record though consequences pursue you

here on Earth through those very trials

I make a way out my intent is that you

learn from errors so as not to repeat

them press on toward courage and

strength that you need not stumble again

my greatest desire is for you to

flourish in my blessings and fully

experience the freedom I provide

approach me boldly especially when

interceding for loved ones expect with

faith the good things you request from

me I will grant them and if they

come differently than you suppose no I

have something even better in mind dear

child never imagine I am unhappy with

you you my love for you transcends

limits and In My Embrace you are forever

precious my promises are sure if yours

seems delayed do not doubt my

willingness every season has purpose

just wait patiently a little longer and

soon your heart will leap for Joy type

I’m abundant to affirm declare it write

it Proclaim it boldly I believe do not

be afraid

I am your answer your peace your

breakthrough you have felt this in your

innermost being I have reassured you

over and over as your Shepherd you will

not want no matter the

tribulation you feel profound anxiety

about what is ahead your work career

looming decisions the prospect of losing

livelihood terrifies you as does the

notion of rejection of Clos doors you

feel trapped targeted by those who speak

against you yet again I urge you have no

fear my strength exceeds any challenge

you face fear no one not even the

influential consider those who scheme to

tear you down with words calculated to

undermine what I am building in you

wherever you are

carve out a quiet space and moment just

to listen you need no eloquent prayer

only silence and receptivity my voice

will penetrate your soul touching those

hidden wounds the ones that Rob your

nights of

Peace leaving you puzzled by the

darkness but now I say release these

burdens to me in my presence you

discover strength for my word holds

power and all the answers you need my

beloved child I come to you in this

quiet Dawn with an open heart though the

world sleeps I am attentive to your

innermost thoughts and feelings when

tears stream down your cheeks know that

I gently wipe them away when turmoil

leaves you speechless I hear your

spirits cry you needn’t utter a word

for me to understand the world aims to

smother your flame with its cold

indifference but I envelop you in UNC

conditional love a refuge against life’s

battering winds while some seek to see


downfall I lift you up to Soaring

Heights type to show your belief in

Jesus I Infuse you with courage to stand

firm through the storms hold fast to

This Promise my angels guard you day and

night their healing light illuminates

your path even in the Valley’s Darkness

as sleep claims you this night let these

words sink into your soul I abide in the

shadow of the almighty surrounded by

infinite love and

grace this simple truth is a Wellspring

of Peace when you wake anxious

and Afraid whisper it again let its

Comfort sustain

you the fears that Hound you cannot

withstand the force of my love doubt and

worry Wither in in its light I know your

deepest hurts the rejection and judgment

you’ve endured the world is quick to

criticize slow to understand but I see

you as you are and love you

unconditionally I understand your

struggles and potential more than you

know in time you will make changes on

your own terms not to please others but

because you value

yourself you will discover your worth

and treat yourself

with gentleness and respect this is no

selfish agenda but a divine plan love

your neighbor as yourself this summing

up of my law assumes you first love who

I created you to be as my

beloved you deserve to be happy healthy

whole understanding your true value will

unlock profound blessings you will

overflow with compassion toward others

even as you flourish in my gifts type

to manifest miracles in your life do

not refuse the good I desire for you out

of a twisted sense of unworthiness my

blessings flow from my joy in loving you

not from any goodness you earn they

spring from the pleasure I take in you

my precious child even when you stumble

I see your

hearts true longing I know the gifts to

deposited deep within you ready to bloom

in due season let these promises sink

into your soul I have appointed for you

a destiny of joy and abundance I am

restoring long broken places of loss and

grief Watering your souls Barren ground

with Living Waters what I plant will

bear good fruit in time the enemy tries

to drown out my voice with lies that you

are trapped doomed stuck but his is the

true dead end open your eyes already my

angels Marshall to defend you and open

the way forward people may arise to

undermine you but I live shield and

sword against every accusing tongue I

frustrate the schemes hatched in

darkness those who curse the ground you

walk on will

themselves stumble into the pit they dug


you no weapon formed against you can

ultim ly Prosper I Forge you into a

vessel of Honor through the fires of

Affliction where then is fear what power

competes with the most high empty curses

collapse in my presence baseless lies

burn away like Mist at dawn on the cross

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$ I cancel their Authority rendering

them null and void before my great love

sometimes demons wave the defeated bills

of your past trying to deceive you but I

erase the record of sins once and for

all in me you are free stay present in

this moment for now is where I meet you

the abundance promised for your future

begins to break in today what seems too

wonderful to be true is on the verge of

reality I have seen your patient

endurance and persistent trust after

long days of believing without seeing

your hopes will at last be fulfilled the

desires of your heart now can

concatenate into visible

form that which you imagined impossible

stands Within Reach stretch out

empty hands to receive my good gift open

your eyes to behold wonders beyond your

boldest prayers the closed doors are

opening wide what I have prepared for

you no one can take away you stand in a

pivotal moment between promise and

fulfillment between the origin of Hope

and the Advent of joy unspeakable

between the seed dream planted in

darkness and the Harvest Vision awakened

at last to Dawn’s gold Golden Light the

enormity of this moment transcends what

your eyes perceive in these small

temporal scenes but you are enlarged

even now to contain the glory I pour

through this narrow crack in time’s

walls here at the convergence of longing

and receiving dive deep into the depths

of my love for you gaze into this ocean

heart that ever beats in tune with

yours I have spoken my love not only in

transient words but in Eternal covenants

signed and sealed by my self-given life

I hold you as a pearl of immeasurable

worth know that you have an enduring

place a permanent home in my affections

your belonging with me transcends

passing storms each star expanse

contains a personalized message forged

in Cosmic fires you are

loved the dawn sings over you Redemptive

Melodies drawn from eternity’s Soul like

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constellations of this universe

materialize before your eyes according

to the imaginative capacity of my love


you son and moon Bow Low to Adorn you

with royal Robes of light for my only

begotten son’s blood has named you

Flawless one in being with me the apple

of my eye in Everlasting Love I hold you

secure not even the armies of hell can

Rend you from this stronghold in my

heart take deep Comfort here and refresh

your soul and Love Sweet Waters soon you

will emerge renewed and walk on but for

now just rest beside these Still

Waters in my peace allow me to gently


your foundations to shift your mind’s

eye toward Eternal Vistas receive now

Supernatural resilience for the inner

and outer battles ahead fortified here

in this secret place drinking deep from

this Fountain of

Life you will Traverse hot deserts and

scathed by the Wasteland scorching winds

having tapped into these Springs of

Living Hope no dark night will erode

your joy indestructible here beloved one

I refashion your heart to contain the

vastness of my love poured out for you

at Calvary after all you have suffered

my peace may seem alien upon this

foreign shore of your soul but I call

you into a land you have not known one I

have prepared just for you overflowing

with milk and honey

there past will retain no hold on you

and Brokenness will lose its

sting today I declare the dawning of

your Redemption day the night has passed

into new mercies align your heart with

mine beloved and together we will walk

into the Glorious unknown type if

you believe in Jesus do not cling

anymore to the pain that has defined you

for too long I cry out over this valley

of dry bones and already senu new and

flesh are forming over what was allow me

to call forth the UIC see shining Within

unencumbered by the grave clothes of

past defeat

I interject Resurrection Life into long

dead dreams and disappointing betrayals

watch as I reverse the irreversible

prepare to receive the abundance

reserved for you before time’s

Foundation what seems too wonderful must

soon give way to even more marvelous

truths forged in the Kiln of

adversity Your Capacity to contain Joy

expands in direct proportion to the

depth of your wounds as high as evil

exalted itself against you so much

higher will goodness and mercy now exalt

you indeed nothing compares to what I

have prepared for you therefore lift

buoyant hope to meet this cresting wave

of promises fulfilled the past will pale

before the Wonders that even now advance

from the horizons of your future

days I will show you a love deeper and

more powerful than all the

dark attempts to quench its light you

will yet arise shake off the grave dust

and shine brighter than Noonday today

salvation comes to Lost hopes long

grieved and given up for Dead Redemption

arrives and lifts you high above the s

ing chaos that once pulled you

down receive this new beginning as a

little child humble yet confident that

your father has good things in store to

give those who ask come now into this

sanctuary of my heart where no fears can

reach you let this unshakable Revelation

transform your seam type Amen in the

name of Jesus you are forever loved my

child I see you and know the burden

burdens you carry though storms rage

around you I am with you through it

all when you called out to me I heard

your cries I sent my angel in response

to bring you comfort and wisdom the keys

to unlock freedom in your life you are

precious to me even now unseen battles

are being fought over you between forces

of light in darkness but do not fear for

my angels guard you the challenges you

now face are not random but designed to

strengthen and refine you be alert the

enemy constantly looks for weaknesses to

exploit through deception and tricks but

you have favor a destiny beyond the

ordinary awaits you these trials are

temporary I will lift the heavy sadness

from your heart those who hurt you will

return seeking forgiveness when they do

meet them with my love and grace not

bitterness but never Place ultimate

trust in people regardless of what they

promise I alone have the power to

protect and bless you if you stop

relying on me and believe false promises

you risk losing blessings I intend for

you now is the time to cling to my

unchanging word soon you must choose

whom you will serve if you want my

comfort purpose and strength you must

seek me daily through prayer and wisdom

I provide here is your sign there help

you need is coming the burden you carry

will be lifted I have heard your cries

for Relief and deliverance Victory is

coming rewards for your persistence even

if weariness threatens to overtake

you I will renew your strength type I

embrace my power to a firm I am right

here to steady you for the next Triumph

it Grieves me to see you overwhelmed

with such heaviness so tonight as you

sleep I will whisper my loving Assurance

into your dreams banishing restless

nights you will rest peacefully as a

trusting child and each morning my

presence will greet you calming and

strengthening you for the new

day grace and joyful reunions await just

over the Horizon I am bringing

you out of this captivity into Freedom

promise me you will treasure this

Liberation as you embrace my words

courage arises within you your nobility

and perseverance in doing what is right

please me greatly and when my blessings

rain down on you filling your life with

joy stay close to me in gratitude no

matter how strong you become you you are

still my beloved child I know the agony

you have endured the depths of your

emotion your desperate cries for relief

in the darkest nights when you feel most

alone I am right there with you

surrounding comforting loving

I am always by your side when you

Retreat to your room to seek me in

prayer I am there invisible but ever

present I impart peace and bravery

reminding you of my faithful love I

stand guard over

you commanding angels to protect you

from all fears I Empower you aresh each

morning with strength to thrive I steady

you when doubts and despair try to Shake

Your Foundation how often have you

fallen asleep in sorrow only to wake

relieved type amen if you believe in God

if you’re all set type yes take care of

yourself type I claim it if you receive

this declaration type yes if you’re

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