?”They Are Looking At You Right Now” | ।God’s message today।

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you are ready God is saying to you today

my beloved child I call to you now to

offer reassurance in this moment of need

it pains me deeply to witness your

struggles though I comprehend the depth

of your Sorrows better than you

understand yourself you strive so

persistently to maintain a brave

face unwilling to expose the extent of

your anguish to others but you needn’t

hide your vulnerabilities from my my

sight please unburden yourself before me

without hesitation for I am here to

gather up each of your tears within my

hands lifting you tenderly from the

abyss of Despair doubt and uncertainty

May shroud your perception like

Gathering storm clouds obscuring your

view of the path ahead but my love and

presence remain constants in your

journey loyal companions on even the


of Roads lift your gaze from the trials

of this world and fix it firmly upon me

instead allow my light to pierce through

the Gloom Illuminating the way forward

through benevolence and

Grace You Are wearied by tribulations

and shaken by adversity feeling unequal

to the formidable challenges grayed

against you your fortitude grows thin

and falters your will buckles and

staggers but do not lose heart but

beloved I understand better than anyone

the Searing pain of Doubt fear’s cruel

bite and the sheer exhaustion born of


hardship but I have not abandoned you as

Forsaken and alone to Grapple with these

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Jesus my angels stand vigilant at your

side my spirit ready to intervene

against every weapon formed to destroy

you when the path seems shrouded and

uncertain trust that I yet see the way

clearly to guide your steps take my hand

and walk with me by faith through the

Valley’s deep Darkness not by sight

alone I will lead you in my

righteousness and the radiance of my

glory will be your rear

guard the light of my presence will

illuminate your soul soul from within

long after the skies

have grown dim and starless you need

only learn to Kindle its flame and tend

its glow the adversities arrayed against

you seem unconquerable in your mortal

sight looming as Giants while you remain

small and vulnerable as David before

Goliath but do not mistake their

formidable appearance for

invulnerability have I not given you

Stones enough for your sling encourag to

wield them stand boldly against the

Terrors of the night and declare with

conviction you come to me armed with

spear and Javelin but I come to you in

the name of the Lord Almighty for I have

not left you powerless nor without

weapons for this battle clothe yourself

daily in the armor I provide that you

may stand firm against all the devil’s

schemes wear my righteousness as a

breastplate to guard your your heart

take up the sword of my spirit to defend

against lies and carry always the shield

of Faith which will extinguish all the

flaming arrows aimed toward

destruction type if you believe in

Jesus held safely in my hands and folded

securely within My Embrace no evil can

Prevail to approve you from the home I

have prepared shake off the shackles of

past trauma that weigh heavily upon your

soul limiting movement and migration

toward promises yet unclaimed in

abundance before

you the Fetters that in chain can also

become the instruments of Deliverance

when yielded up to me for reshaping as I

declare within my Eternal Word behold I

make all


new what has been Twisted I will temper

what is tarnished I will polish what has

grown dull and lacking luster I will

restore where corrosion has eroded

Hope’s first fragile layers I will

overlay them with gleaming deposits of

redemption until Beauty emerges from

ashes once more for nothing is beyond

repair in my hands no Brokenness too

fragmented for mending no woundedness

exceeding my healing bomb

saturation the deepest layers of damage

be carried and boxed within your

innermost being remain accessible to me

I know the pain of concealing hurt of

hiding away Parts deemed too shameful or

too broken for the light of exposure but

there exists no fracture so severe I

cannot set

it no gash too deep for my binding I

cannot Stitch a scorched Earth inside

you inhospitable for seeds of New Birth

let these promises soak down into your

spirit seeping into soil too long left

dry and cracked beneath the withering

heat of condemnation allow my words to

revive and renew growth and meshed

beneath heartaches Rubble that proclaims

only messages of

infertility lift off the weight of those

pronouncements declared over you without

my leading you are unwanted

unworthy unloved such burdens were never

meant to be carried alone and certainly

not destined as a permanent garment

wrapped around your Soul’s frame type

Amen in the name of Jesus at a whispered

invitation made in the

quiet my spirit will lift this mantle

from your weary shoulders and break its

Chokehold grip constraining your

self-perception for no words crafted in

Malice against you can withstand the

authority of my bless blessing spoken

over your life just as light’s Advent

Heralds the scattering of all nocturnal

creatures that shun its Revelations so

my decree exposes Shifty Shadows

dispelling their power to diminish your

identity’s brightest

Tes their fading forms dissolve as Vapor

before the wind’s

breath but the vibrant colors emerging

under Heaven’s smile remain in you

beautiful as the dawn

beloved child you have endured much and

questioned long without receiving

answers that satisfy why sorrow why

suffering why promised hopes to further

dissolved before eyes that watched

wistfully in Waiting know that I

understand the ache of unmet expectation

of anticipating birth while end during

lingering labor but the appointed season

will come when patience has had its per

infecting work within you eventually

catharsis upwelling release the relief

of transition from

C blade at last and in my proper time

the fruition of long awaited promises

will also come to completion the bud

conceived will Bloom the egg nurtured

through lengthy incubation will unfurl


wings and the Cocoon of metamorphic

change will emerge and breathtaking

Splendor until then continue yielding

yourself to the process with trust in

its appointed purpose though The

Crucible glows hot with intensity allow

it to have its refining way within when

the fires of difficulty And Delay have

finished purifying your desires you will

gleam all the brighter for time spent

abiding in the

furnace for this season of contending

will not disappoint should you persist

relying wholly on

me for your strength sustenance and

strategy during the long campaign ahead

type I embrace my power to affirm I am

able to sustain you through the

Wilderness belov it take hold of my


daily drawing deeply from its depths the

resolve you require for each

confrontation between will and weariness

though your foes seem fiercely

formidable and inexhaustible remember

greater still is my Spirit Alive within

you transforming human Frailty into

fortified fearlessness unfurl this

Banner of belief high and proud above

the battlefield dwelling inside rally

around its standard allowing truth to

root itself firmly in your innermost

being before engaging the enemy forces


in subjugating your Soul’s domain

M and when the cruel taunts come seeking

to incite fear and disorder in the ranks

when Jagged arrows of accusation assault

the line of defense hold fast to this

charge I have commanded do not be afraid

or discouraged for the battle is not

yours but God’s stand then Upon This

Promise I have proclaimed over you and

over all creation from its first

unfolding that every one of my promises

proves trustworthy and

true they ReSound with certain hope

across years and lifetimes never faint

or feeble but infused with my spirit’s

ageless Vigor as the heavens cannot

contain the Brilliance of my glory so

too they cannot confine the reach of my

Redemption it streams from my throne in


abundance resourcing the vision casters

and dream catchers whose sights remain

fixed on me you were crafted in your

mother’s womb through intricate

workmanship that wo together creativity

and care imaginings of your person

taking tentative form then substantive

shape but I the most high God the author

of Life saw you already complete while

you took initial breath I envisioned you

whole healed restored and intimately one

with me before or external Eyes glimpsed

First Signs pointing

to Beginnings my sight scans well beyond

present pains to perceive the emerging

Masterpiece already ined into blueprints

your eyes have yet to Glimpse yet even

once beheld through lenses unclouded by


desires this Vision unfurled before you

may not conform to dreams you determine

for how fulfillment should appear Ty I’m

abundant to affirm expectations anchored

in temporal longing lack discernment of

Eternal intention woven into Destiny’s

tapestry but aligned with my Divine

Design and timing the cries of your

heart will find satisfying answers until

then you must trust in the goodness of

my character and the wisdom of my ways

that exceed finite

comprehension for as the heavens exceed

the limits of human reach so my plans

for you surpass the bounds of present

understanding herein lies the invitation

to deeper intimacy with me to release

perceived rights to control the outcomes

of another story and yield it fully into

my hands as the skilled author and

finisher of each life

Journey relinquishment brings Liberation

from the Restless striving to secure

your Life Path according to

self-determined conditions and freedom

and in this posture

of surrender beloved you live out the

boldness of belief that my ordering of

your steps eclipses and surpasses the

grandest of life dream self can conceive

the beauty of this Blessed Assurance

will unfold layers further as you

entrust yourself to

me not by compulsion but by affections

choice for when Souls scarce awaken to

my loving sovereignty seeking first

their role in stewarding stories not

wholly Theirs to govern deception

seduces reason to misconstrue identity

in overstep bounds you may guide with

humble care give of yourself with

compassion and model Truth by Integrity

in action all crucial acts of virtuous

influence yet only I remain qualified to

ultimately determine the time and means

through which another’s Redemption

ripens from verdant Chute to fruit

filled Vine and in due season growth

will testify to seeds sewn along the way

thus I caution restraint in gazes that

demand ripening before patients

perceives the Bounty prepared beneath

surface and

soil beloved The Sovereign Gardener

alone recognizes proper timing for

Harvest made ready through identical

means of sun and rain alike shed upon

the just and unjust therefore anchor

deepest longings for Change and Revival

in analogous elements that originated

creation as we know it the shared breath

of my spirit blown into humankind and

Beast kind alike type to show your

belief in

Jesus life’s winds shape Destiny as well

they Level Playing Fields governing


bid all arise and assume the stature I

intend not finite Minds conceive for my

ways rise higher than limited Visions

perceive pause here with me beloved

there is Grace to behold in simply being

apart from all urgent Crusades calling

for commission will you accept my

invitation to set aside angst stridden

striving in anticlimactic worry that

your role may prove incom

consequential consider creation’s

expanse unfurled in spectacular

diversity and consider the sparrow who’s

innocuous presence often goes overlooked

by indifferent eyes yet even Al lone

Sparrow’s seeming insignificance escapes

my intimate notice and acknowledgement

beloved child how much more do I see and


you remarkable Wonder wearing my own

treasured image and there exists no

arbitrary extra within the borders of my

family to me you are irreplaceable in

your belonging you are seen you are

loved you are never alone my beloved

child for too long the enemy has

whispered lies that you are alone

abandoned and without worth but know

this you have never left my sight not

for one moment have I turned my gaze


you you remain the apple of my eye the

Delight of my heart

my precious treasure trials and Sorrows

may come to test your faith but fear not

for I will be your Shield against every

arrow that flies by day my mighty hand

shall uphold you so that even as you

walk through the valley of deepest

Darkness you need not fear evil Vil no

power of Earth or hell can pluck you

from my hand once you have placed your

trust in me type to manifest

miracles in your life come to me weary

one when adversity leaves you spent I

will give you rest find Refuge Beneath

My Wings when the storms rage wild

around you nestled close against my

heart my perfect peace shall quiet every


thought the warmth of my love will chase

away every chill I will be your shelter

from life’s bitter

winds has someone spoken words meant to

cut you down or make you doubt your

worth pay them no heed child The only

voice that matters is mine I say you are

chosen dearly loved my special treasure

do not look to man for your validation

look to me alone in my eyes you have

always been beautiful even in your

Brokenness and sin let no guilt remain

to Mar your countenance my fair one the

price has been paid your slate is wiped

clean come to me beloved when Old Wounds


you still let me speak healing to the

damaged places of your heart I will bind

up every injury with tenderness where

shame leaves its ugly imprint I will

erase it with words of unfailing Grace

until you remember it no

more I will replace sorrow with laughter

Beauty for Ashes the oil of gladness

shall flow where once were only tears

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seemed I am slow in coming or deaf to

your cries take heart my child behind

the silence unseen to Mortal eyes ,

angels labor on your behalf I have set

them as Guardians over you they heed my

voice and watch for every sign to move

at my command in your

defense not one request Falls unnoticed

every tear contained in my bottle each

sorrow recorded in my book I have

planned an answer for your every need

long before you give them voice my

timing is Flawless even when events seem

against you wait on me in full Assurance

the appointed hour will come until then

take refuge in the shadow of my wings

where Sorrows cannot reach let my

presence be your Sanctuary my peace your

portion trust in me through the darkness

soon you will see

my faithfulness the dawn will break

revealing the light of my

goodness you need not strive to grasp my

plans or comprehend my ways the heavens

are higher than the earth my thoughts so

far beyond yours but know that all

things every disappointment delay even

desperate days of weeping all work

according to my purpose to conform you

ever closer to my image herein lies your

security in the furnace of Earthly

trials the dross is burned away to

reveal the gold the diamond formed under

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love Jesus my beloved is made perfect

through suffering do not despise these

gifts of Grace though painful for a

season one day you will understand and

give me

thanks until then walk in the confidence

that I am Sovereign over every care I

will lead you in Triumph from darkest

Valley to the Mountaintop soaked in

sunlight the weight of this world cannot

compete with the Eternal weight of Glory

I have prepared for you my precious

child you who have believed in me will

know Joy Everlasting its Fountain

Springs Eternal flows deep and wide as

my mercies which follow you all the days

of your life come now beloved one be

filled and refreshed in

my presence lay down the burdens that

wear you thin unload every care that

tries your soul take my yoke instead for

it is easy my burden light in exchange

for turmoil I will give you peace

perfect peace that passes

understanding it will stand Sentinal

over your heart an unassailable Fortress

against fear and frustration you will

travel untroubled through tumultuous

days receive now the fullness of my joy

unspeakable joy that no man can take

from you not all the dark powers of Hell

combined can separate you from this love

I lavish upon you always remember I go

before you to prepare the way my I guide

your path so you cannot

stumble type if you believe in Jesus

I am ever at your right hand

too steady and uphold

you when you lie down each night know I

have secured your tomorrow therefore do

not worry about anything but continue

bringing every request and concern to me

in in prayer and supplication with

Thanksgiving then my incomprehensible

peace which outshines all understanding

will guard your heart and Rule your

thoughts have I not said all things work

together for the good of those who love

me and are called according to my

purpose then you can be confident that

nothing not trouble

hardship persecution famine nakedness

danger or sore

not even death itself can separate you

from my boundless love my child you are

not your own but have been bought with a


therefore use your body as an instrument

of righteousness a Living Sacrifice holy

and pleasing to me for this is your

spiritual act of worship then through

the renewing of your mind you will know

my good and perfect will for you indeed

it was I who formed you in your mother’s

womb where I knit you together with

Divine skill and loving care I know you

better than you could ever comprehend

before you drew your first breath I saw

all the days of your life already

written and planned

out with meticulous detail my delight is

to lead you on a journey of discovering

your identity in me you shall truly know

in your heart that you have been made

complete in him who is is the head over

every power and

authority yes my precious one I have

made you Flawless in my sight regardless


circumstances therefore lift up your

countenance without spot or blemish and

rejoice in your salvation only believe

and it will be done for you according to

my promises type Amen in the name of

Jesus come now the table is set and the

feast awaits eat of my my bread and

drink the new wine of the Holy Spirit

taste and see how good I

am draw near with Clean Hands and a

purified heart that you might receive

all I have prepared for

you I invite you to draw on the vast

reservoir of my glory until you are

filled and overflowing with the full

measure of my grace and truth

transformed in my presence from glory to

ever increasing Glory this is my heart’s

cry for you this day to know me deeply

in the power of my Resurrection Life our

fellowship is so sweet walk with me

daily that our Oneness grows yet

stronger may my living words take root

and Blossom in you abundantly as you

abide in my love bear much fruit from

I Glory until you are filled with all my

fullness this brings me such Joy now now

you have my peace my beloved one more

than enough to carry you through type I

embrace my power to airm go in my

authority Faithfully represented as my

Ambassador Shine the light of my truth

wherever you go that many will see and

believe though Darkness covers the earth

radiate my glory that draws all men unto

me just as I said I would when lifted up

from the earth soon soon you will behold

my return splitting the Eastern sky but

until that glorious appearing when you

dance and dine at my table I have

assigned my angels to watch over you as

Heirs of my unshakable kingdom they

accompany you on

assignment to enforce my will my flaming

ministers serving those who inherit

Eternal salvation therefore obey their

voice for they speak my words it will

prosper for you and bring great reward

now move forward boldly on the path of

life with renewed vision and

vigor take hold of the Hope set before

you ever looking unto me the author and

finisher of your faith I have prepared

something greater ahead only believe and

you will receive allow me to shower you

with blessings from my heavenly

Storehouse sanctifying you completely

that my goals and desires become your

greatest Delight soon you shall know

perfect freedom in my joy and my love

which never fails my beloved child I see

you struggling under the weight of this

world type amen if you believe in God if

you’re all set type yes take care of

yourself type I claim it if you receive

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