?THE FINAL SIGN !! – “BE PREPARED FOR THIS DAY” | God’s Message Today #Prophecy | Lord Helps Ep~1470

are you trying to mock

God if not then stay here until the next

minutes because God is urgently

commanding your attention on this


matter something very horrible is about

to happen with you and if you will be

careless in this upcoming

scenario you may lose your most precious

thing ever

so pay attention right now and don’t

mock the word of

God child of God the Holy Spirit has

sent this message to you because he was

aware what is about to happen with you

and he wanted you to be prepared for

it there is nothing that can be hidden

from the magical side of

God God is aware of your past he’s aware

of your present and he knows how your

actions will lead you into your

future your tempted mind often suppress

the voice of your guided

intuition and this leads you to more


situations the enemy us this trick to

tempt your mind and derail you from your


purpose this is the reason the Holy

Spirit has issued a warning this


specifically for the

individuals who have strong faith in

God the holy spirit


listen dear child of the

Divine the holy spirit is speaking to

you urging you to pause and

reflect you have been walking

aart believing that you know what is

best for

you but the truth is the Divine has a

grander plan for

you a plan that surpasses your

understanding you have been expressing

the voice of your

intuition the voice that is Guided by


Divine this voice is not just a whisper

in your

mind but a powerful guide that can lead

you to your true

purpose but you have been ignoring it

letting the noise of the world drawn it

out you have been tempted by the enemy

L by the false promises and fleeting

Pleasures these

Temptations are not meant to bring you

Joy but to distract you from your Divine

Purpose they are traps set by the enemy

to lead you

estray but the holy spirit is urging you


stop stop thinking that you know what is

best for

you stop suppressing your

intuition stop being tempted by the

enemy for if you continue down this path

you will not only lose sight of your


Purpose but you may also lose the most

precious thing you have your connection

with the divine

the holy spirit is not saying this to

scare you but to awaken you to make you

realize that you are not alone in this

journey the Divine is with you guiding

you protecting you but you need to open

your heart and

listen you need to

realize whether you have fallowing in

the voice of your

Intuition or your

mind you need to trust in the Divine to

surrender your worries and

fears you need to let go of your ego

your desire to control

everything you need to embrace the

Divine guidance to follow the path that

has been laid out for

you so take care of these words dear

child of the Divine and

remember if you won’t prefer the voice

of God the voice of your guided

intuition you may lose your precious

Treasures of all

time says the Holy

Spirit now people of God did you hear

what the holy spirit is trying to convey


you keep keep pushing yourself with

faith in

God because everything is happening

according to his greatest

plan whatever God does he always does it

with a

purpose his plans are so important to

him that he doesn’t take them for

granted but the sad part is we who are

his children born out of God were

created by God

and very often take God and His words


granted many of his children use their

Free Will in the wrong ways disobeying

and rejecting God’s final

word the heaven is under the supervision

and control where his will always get

fulfilled but God willed the Earth to



says the heavens are the Lord’s Heavens

but the Earth he has given to the

children of

man this verse makes us clear that if

God has to fulfill his purpose on Earth

he has to do it with men so wherever God

wants to do any significant thing on


surface he calls men men but

unfortunately many of the men God calls

end up taking him for

granted this is why today God is asking

you to be a partner of him and

fulfilling his purposes here on Earth be

a cooperator of God in expanding The

Godly Works throughout the

Nations don’t take him for granted

spread up his good works give to others

and God will give you back remember that

when you can’t see anything

happening God is showing you that he

trusts you you don’t have to see

everything to keep moving

forward you have matured to the point

where you walk by faith and not by S

sight when you choose to walk by faith

instead of your physical sight you walk

in obedience to God and this encourages

you to do his works his good

works so if God has to make you blessed

if he has been gracious to you in

abundance it is your responsibility to

be a working hand of God and be a

blessing to someone else

some of you might be thinking that you

don’t have enough to give others but let

me tell you you always have something to

give the almighty God works in you and


you so as long as you have the power of

the most high living in you you can do

extraordinary work Galatians says

and let us not grow weary of doing good

for in due season we will rape if we do

not give

up it is no doubt that we live in a

sinful broken world people have Hurts

Habits and Hangups that create real

problems and needs in their lives in a

sinful and broken world when we might be

affected by what other people

do God wants us to be good to all

people this is not a

suggestion it is what he set out to do

in us before the foundation of the

world he ordained before the foundation

of the world that we do good

works Proverbs to

it says the generous soul will be

made rich and he who Waters will also be


himself the people will curse him who

withholds grain but blessing will be on

the head of him who sells

it so if you will live your life like a

Godly person by doing the good works

someone will get influenced by you and

this will initiate a process to help

each other without expecting anything in

return look we must help others without

any intention of getting something back

from them it’s not people who can give

you it is God who makes it possible who

make people eligible to give back to you

it is his grace that we receive good

things from

others so don’t ever try to suppress the

voice of the allmighty that reaches you

through various means such as dreams

messages or some other kinds of sign and

try to follow the voice of your

intuition and not of your tempted

mind if you are struggling with a

tempted mind and seeking God heart’s

divine intervention in this matter then

this prayer will surely help you so join

me in the prayer right now and ask God

to give us the strength for the

Fulfillment of our Purpose By following

his voice and his

will let’s pray

now oh gracious father we come before

you today with Humble Hearts

seeking your divine intervention in the

midst of our struggles and

temptations we acknowledge that we are

not perfect and that we often find

ourselves facing challenges that test

our faith and

resolve Lord we ask for your strength to

overcome The Temptations that surround

us we know that the enemy seeks to

distract us and lead us as free but we

trust in your power to guide us through


times help us to recognize the lies and

deceit of the enemy and to stand firm in


truth grant us the wisdom to discern

your voice amidst the noise of the

world may your words be a lamp to her

feet and a light to her path leading Us

in the way of

righteousness give us the courage to

follow your will even when it seems

difficult or

uncertain Lord we surrender our

struggles and weaknesses to you knowing

that your grace is sufficient for us

strengthen us in our times of weakness

and give us the perseverance to press on


faith help us to trust in your promises

and to rely on your unfailing

love as we seek your guidance and

Direction may your Holy Spirit fill us

with peace and

Assurance Let Your Presence be a

constant reminder of your faithfulness


goodness maybe find refuge in you

knowing that you are our everpresent

help in times of

trouble Lord we also pray for clarity of

purpose and

vision help us to understand the unique

calling you have placed on our lives and

to walk in obedience to your

will give us the courage to step out in

faith trusting that you will equip us

for every good

work father we thank you for hearing our

prayers and for your unwavering love and

mercy We Trust in your timing and your

plan for our lives knowing that you work

all things together only for our

good help us to remain steadfast in our

faith and to continue seeking you with

all our hearts body mind and

soul in Jesus name we pray


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believers who can never mock C then you

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