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beloved Son receive the peace that

transcends all understanding enveloping

your heart in this moment and in all the

moments to come know that you are

precisely where you need to be at this

exact moment I am here to share a

message inspired by the Holy Spirit an

expression of my unconditional love for

you I deeply understand the weight that

afflictions of the spirit can bring into

your life I am the one who knows all

things including the anguish and pain

that you face I want you to know that I

am always by your side ready to bring

relief and comfort to your heart when

life presents you with afflictions do

not despair for I Am The God Who calms

the storms and brings peace to your soul

trust in me for I will take care of all

your concerns in addition to the

afflictions of the spirit you may also

encounter false people who try to

approach you with selfish intentions I

urge you to be wise and discern true

friendships from those that are

superficial and deceitful do not allow

false people to negatively influence you

seek my wisdom to recognize them and

remove them from your life I am the god

of Truth and Justice and those who

follow follow my path find true peace

and joy I extend my Loving Hands toward

you enveloping you with the warmth of my

love and the strength of my presence

just as in the Holy scriptures in Isaiah

I tell you fear not for I am with

you be not dismayed for I am your God I

will strengthen you I will help you I

will uphold you with my righteous right

hand you are facing choices challenges

and and opportunities do not let fear

immobilize you for I am with you in

every step of your journey just as I

promised Jeremiah in Jeremiah

the plans I have for you are plans

for good and not for evil to give you a

future and a hope seek to surround

yourself with people who share your

faith and values for they will be

sources of inspiration and support in

difficult times the afflictions of the

spirit May arise from various sources

but I assure you that none of them is

greater than my love for you I love you

with an unconditional and eternal love

and I am always willing to give you the

strength and wisdom needed to face

life’s challenges do not let Affliction

shake you but seek in me the strength to

persevere I am the god who renews your

strength and if you place your trust in

me you will find the energy to move

forward even in the toughest times I am

always with you even in the moments of

greatest pain and suffering when you

encounter afflictions and false people

remember that I am your refuge and

strength I am the god who brings comfort

and protection to your heart do not be

overcome by adversity trust in me and my

power to transform any situation moving

away from the afflictions of the spirit

and false people may not be easy but I

am by your side to give you the courage

and deter termination you need remember

that I am the god who gives you victory

over all things and with my help you can

overcome any challenge do not dwell on

the past or worry about the future live

in the present trusting in me at every

step of the way I know your heart and I

have the best for you let me guide your

steps and you will find the peace and

contentment you desire receive my

blessing now immerse yourself in my

grace and move forward with confidence

for I am with you today tomorrow and

forever as I promised in Hebrews

Verse I will never leave you nor

forsake you believe firmly in me for I

am your greatest friend and Defender I

have empowered you to face life’s

battles to walk on turbulent Waters and

to overcome all evil forces that oppose

you do not fear for I am with you acting

in advance on your behalf

as for your family pray for them

fervently for your prayers are powerful

I will protect and bless each member

bringing peace and Harmony to your home

you will witness my presence reigning in

your house dissipating all afflictions

and bringing healing to wounded Hearts

declare now with all your strength and

faith that you believe in me hold firmly

to your faith for I am with you at all

times guiding and protecting you Rest in

Me for in my hands I hold your present

your future and all the blessings I have

reserved for you my son allow me to

speak to you of love and encouragement

through these words receive my heavenly

Embrace filling you with the certainty

of my constant care let me be your

unshakable rock your beacon in the

darkness your safe refuge in times of

storm do not forget my beloved that you

are a Divine creation molded with

perfection and love every fiber of your

being is woven with purpose and meaning

you are a shining star in this vast

universe and your brightness illuminates

the hearts of those around you may these

words resonate in your soul reminding

you of my infinite love for you do not

doubt do not fear for I am always by

your side guiding you with wisdom and

enveloping you with my eternal love May

the peace that surpasses is all

understanding fill your heart in this

moment and in all the moments to come

may you feel refreshed and strengthened

by the certainty of my constant presence

in your life in jesus’ name amen we

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until the next moment with God

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