?”Something Huge Is Going To Take Place In 4 Days ” | ।God’s message today।

after the next minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you God is saying to you

today my beloved Child come and rest in

my presence for a while I see the storms

raging around you the enemies Gathering

and the fears swelling but do not be

dismayed for I am with you now and

forever let me tell you the story of my


job some may read his tale and wrongly

believe that I turned my face from job

abandoning him to the enemy and

withdrawing my blessings but they have

not grasped the depths of my love I

allowed job’s suffering not to punish or

toy with him but to refine him through

his pain in the midst of his trials he

glimpsed more of my

power majesty and wisdom than all his

ease could ever reveal in the ashes he

gained a Priceless prize deeper intimacy

with me his latter days held far more

joy than those gone before beloved is

this not what your heart truly Longs for

Not Mere Earthly ease or abundance but

to know me better and walk with me

closer I see the gifts I have nurtured

within you from seed to sapling the

purposes I have forged for you from

Love’s fire

the calling on your life will release

waves of

my glory across a seemingly Barren life

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story is boundless and the trials you

face have not come to destroy you or

thwart my

plans but to propel you deeper into them

I am pruning and shaping you into a


a warrior a lionhearted champion after

my own heart of flame power is growing

inside you gifts igniting into brilliant

weapons for tearing down enemy

strongholds that have resisted me for

ages you are my secret weapon yes the

enemy watches raging at the glory soaked

Destiny hovering on the

horizon my glorious plans for you were

written in the Eternal books before the

ages has

dawned he has heard my promises over

your life and seen the seeds of

inheritance anointing and Authority I

have planted in your soul he knows the

many I will save and use through your

life offered fully to me so he has

Unleashed fiery darts and poured poison

in your ear hoping to Cloud your sight

and Lead You astray but it will not

succeed do not fear or dread the enemy’s

empty threat breaths child however loud

the roar he remains a toothless lion

towards all washed in my blood his

only real weapons are smoke screens of

Illusion to Blind stay steadfast my

beloved for I Am with You guiding you

through the storms and leading you to

victory type if you believe in

Jesus my beloved children who have

forgotten my loving protection you have

indeed begun walking in Authority

dispelling darkness in my name this has

captured the enemy’s attention so he has

attacked seeking to destroy you and

disrupt your destiny but take heart his

darts are but shadows and Mist which The

Winds of truth and light will sweep away

stand unshaken as my warrior with your

eyes fixed on me

alone the forces of evil will soon melt

like Dew under Summer’s first glare

my beloved haven’t you seen in your own

life how I take what the enemy means for

evil and turn it for your good how I

transform poison into medicine

graveyards into Gardens the greater the

threat against my

purposes the more majestically I

manifest my power breaking it you must

know in your soul that I do not abandon

My Chosen one’s midcourse I am guiding

your steps along Destiny’s path prepared

for you before I spoke time into being

you have only just begun precious ones

to explore the infinity I have in store

for you even now new dreams desires and

calling stirred deep within to carry you

into broader Realms of impact in my name

the enemy sees and Quakes but but lift

your head

beloved fighter his smoke screens cannot

stop what I have

ordained you shall rise above the storm

soon as an eagle on high wind currents

fire in your eyes and sword raised High

type Amen in the name of Jesus my heart

thrills as I foresee the warrior you

will become under my training the Fier

spread tactics holding you captive will

dissolve under the authority and power I

install in you child I have seen from

inception the hero I have forged you to

be with me at your

side but the spiritual muscles must be

stretched and tested before you wield

them weapons with which you will

decimate Evil’s ranks the testing time

is short soon you will stand astonished

at the unwavering courage power and

authority to which I have raised you up


me bright Destiny awaits but now my love

compels me to season you in the fires of

adversity so the world may Glimpse my

glory through an earn vessel tested and

found triumphant soon these trials will

pass and fear’s Shadow will fade under

Heaven’s Blaze within you victories Will

Rise Up from each death you suffer as

life Springs up from buried seed promise

silent Will shout aloud at last and

doubters will see my power unfurled in

you undiluted by your formerly trembling

Soul fear no more the Shadows my child

tread boldly toward the dazzling destiny

that even now unfolds awaiting your feet

shot in Grace and peace the pitfalls in

the path mean nothing to me I hold time

and space within my

hands you will leap over each in a

single bound until you stand triumphant

on the Mountain’s Crest looking into

your Promised Land you’ll break the

chains my power in you cannot fail your

weakness carries it further now come my

Champion there is work to be done the

enemy reies for battle against the

fierce Onslaught soon to batter down his

gates of hell but fear no more for I

parade before you declaring your Victory

assured raise your bold Battle Cry and

fix your Gaze on

me alone charge forward into your

destiny as I clear the way my beloved my

warrior type I embrace my power to

affirm my treasure for whom I

relentlessly fought you shall live

because I live you have felt battered

and besieged as if Sinister forces are

are relentlessly attacking you fiery

missiles have been launched explosions

have resounded and you are enveloped in

smoke that blinds you to my truth this

smoke and mirror illusion is a Sinister

Ploy conjured up by your adversary the

devil he desires nothing more than to

perplex you and erode your confidence in

my perfect will for your life but fear

not my beloved for his threats are

nothing but a mirage a magician’s trick

meant to intimidate but lacking true

power when the Smoky Haze lifts and the

conjured deception loses its

luster you will Glimpse my glory

awaiting you just around the corner the

devil’s frantic efforts to dismay you

are proof positive that I am about to

demonstrate my grace in your life

powerfully and tangibly he ramps up his

harassment to path pathological

intensity when blessings and

breakthroughs for you are imminent why

does he obsessively attack at such

times because he is aware of Destiny’s

clock counting down to a defining moment

that will change your life forever he

sees the Finishing

Line ahead before you do and he

desperately wants to thwart your

crossing over into a new dimension of

fulfillment and intimacy with me make no


your adversary strategies are custom

designed to Target your unique

weaknesses like a lethal Predator he has

observed your vulnerabilities and will

strike repeatedly at those susceptible

places but see his schemes for what they

are impotent Mind Games meant to

terrorize you back into captivity after

I have unlocked your prison door to

Freedom he may be crafty but he lacks

wisdom and perspective for if he truly

grasped the invincibility of my

sovereign power he would realize how

utterly feudal his efforts are against

my children whom I shield and

strengthen not once has he succeeded in

aborting my plans for any Soul walking

with me in obedient trust nor will you

be the first my beloved therefore be

fortified inwardly as you acknowledge

two immutable truths firstly the the

devil cannot override my ability to

answer prayer and release requested

blessings from my heavenly storehouses

and secondly his only effectual strategy

is to postpone manifestations of my

promises for a season before I overwhelm

his resistance type I’m abundant

to affirm my beloved you receive my

favorable reply when you first opened

your mouth in sincere petition according

to to my will what you perceive as

Divine delays are simply demonic

friction attempting to forestall visible

confirmation of guaranteed responses

from my throne

room but persevere with tenacious

confidence singing praises to me as

Weapons of warfare against infernal

opposition the resulting breakthrough

will more than compensate for the strain

endured as you lift your voice in

worshipful trust while the batt still

rages be assured that Heavenly help is

Shifting the situation behind the scenes

Angel armies are clearing obstacles

accelerating your trajectory and

neutralizing demonic static whatever it

takes to deliver prompt assistance

very soon you will stumble upon

astounding evidence that I was not deaf

to your please after all expect to

encounter startling confirmation that my

loving concern upheld you through the


Valley moreover train your eyes to see

through the fog of phantom threats that

seem so real in the moment focus on

piercing the veil of visible

circumstances with eyes of Faith to

witness what I am unfolding secretly in

the spirit realm hold fast to what my

word articulates concerning your life

purpose rather than succumbing to

Natural impression that ignore spiritual

causes resist the temptation to waver in

the face of physical disturbances and

the opposition of others as these

represent only a small visible part of a

much larger narrative beyond the

apparent chaos that confronts my

children lies a realm of spiritual

intricacies these unseen Dynamics demand

a discernment that transcends mere

physical reactions calling for a deeper

spiritual understanding to interpret and

navigate them wisely there are always

two competing kingdoms tugging at the


of Earthly events what appears random

and alarming may actually signal

clandestine maneuverings guaranteeing

your timely upgrade therefore I urge you

to exercise your Authority in me to

cancel satanic harassment aimed at

sabotaging your

ascent type to show your belief in

Jesus declare boldly this storm will not

prevent God’s chosen outcome from

manifesting in my life at the designated

moment I speak peace into these violent

winds I command this Tempest to cease

its Fury against me then watch in awe as

the Synergy between your faith

proclamations and my omnipotent

performances diffuses the tumult

granting safe passage into your prepared

Destiny moving forward utilize my armor

as standard equipment to

safeguard yourself from all demonic

schemes launch to derail your kingdom

assignments imagine soldiers on a

chaotic Battlefield missing pieces of

their protective armor consequently

enduring painful wounds in their


areas by contrast visualize yourself

completely suited up with helmet

breastplate Shield sword and all the

rest I have supplied you thus thoroughly

equipped internally you are immune to

penetration from the assaults stand

confident against Satanic sorceries

recognizing clearly that the true nature

of this great contest does not Center on

Flesh and Blood individuals though

people populate your sphere of influence

most behave as puppets performing

scripts generated by rival

spiritual Powers Waring for dominance


them you must learn to address the root

rather than the fruit in every scenario

ask for eyes to discern where divisive

agendas originate from request

Revelation to identify precisely whether

the spirit impelling difficult Souls

against you emerges from my headquarters

or the devil’s camp

the Holy Spirit within you will guide

you unfailingly as you confront the core

issues rather than reacting to merely

symptomatic eruptions of a deeper

problem type to manifest miracles in


life beloved dedicate yourself to

spiritual Breakthrough by filling your

inner being with my Living Word as your

primary sustenance set aside distraction

to bask longer in my Pres presence

building holy momentum that overcomes

demonic inertia dragging you

backward boldly wield scripture like a

piercing sword that shreds deceptive

projections seeking to intimidate you

into Retreat and remember always that I

have divinely empowered you to dominate

adverse circumstances for my glory no

counterforce Unleashed against you can

possibly override my Invincible might

manifesting Through Your Surrender life

then advancing from those conquests you

will Ascend to the high

places I have prepared for you an

inheritance and Seed of authority the

Vista is breathtaking as you gaze upon

fresh Revelations of my Majestic self

this my child is the climactic chapter

unfolding before you this is the bridge

you now cross after having weathered

demonic assaults meant to prevent

passage into

Fuller close partnership with me but do

not pause to congratulate yourself just

yet more ground remains to be possessed

for my kingdom goals even so the most

Mammoth obstacles have been surmounted

the most menacing Giants blocking your

way have fallen your assignment awaits

further down the path freshly

cleared my angel Army salute you with

celebration as you transition into this

next vital phase of occupying territory

that loudmouthed evil principalities can

no longer

contest so lift your gaze with eager

expectation of mounting Glory soon to

overtake you the Smoky veil of hellish

illusion lifts like fog burned Away by

morning sunlight before you manifest

breathtaking Revelations of my goodness

flowing freely at last asked after

extended delays be anticipant of my

extravagant recompense more than

counterbalancing your painful battles

listen expectantly for my approaching

footsteps coming to honor long awaited

promises yes my faithful one truly I

affirm that your relief is closer than

you know type yes if you are ready for

the blessings that you are about to

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$ behind the adversary’s swirling

smoke and flickering mirrors is

concealed magnificent Destiny in

Heritage custom designed for you alone

you are loved with an everlasting love

that cannot be measured or exhausted my

child I speak these words to uplift and

encourage you there is a spiritual

reality unfolding in the midst of your


struggles I want you to understand the

power that is at work behind the scenes

every human is inhabited

by a spirit either my Holy Spirit or the

spirit of the evil one when adversity

comes against you question what spirit

is behind it consider what Spirit drives

the thoughts and actions of those who

oppose my will for your

life this reveals an important truth

your real battle is not against flesh

and blood there are rulers authorities

and powers of darkness in operation

their aim is to hinder my kingdom but

you my child can withstand their evil

strategems take hold of the full

Spiritual armor in scripture is

eternally unchanging my promise is for

you are yes and amen wield these Divine

truths as a belt around your life also

cover your heart with Holiness and

righteousness resolve to

walk uprightly according to my desire


design guard your conscience and motives

not just external behaviors rivers of

Grace flow through a pure heart to

nourish the rest of your life like and

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bring my reconciling message wherever

you go proclaim the good news that I

have accomplished Victory and invite

others into my

salvation even in the face of hostility

cling to an

inner quietness and Tranquility above

all Lift High The Shield of Faith trust

completely in what I have declared over

you believe my word despite raging

storms or swirling confusion around

you let unwavering faith in me

extinguish every flame tipped Arrow the

enemy hurs toward you I am faithful and

I will fulfill my promises never forget

that I have delivered you the Salvation

I purchased for you sets you free from

sin’s curses and hell’s chains death and

darkness must release their grip as

Resurrection Life Springs up within this

is your joy and Hope finally Master the

sword of my spirit my Dynamic living

active word internalize scripture until

it fills

your inner being then my thoughts shape

your thoughts my truth permeates all you

say and do the sword will flow

effortlessly from your mouth to slice

through intense tangling lies and

pronounce Freedom over

captives skillful use of my word pushes

back the powers of Hell these elements

of Spiritual armor enable you to

withstand evil stand firm when shaken

and ultimately reap victory’s harvest in

due season type if you believe in

Jesus do not lose heart or grow weary

what I have spoken in scripture is

eternally unchanging and my promises for

you are yes and amen trust in me and you


prevail I will accomplish but you must

exercise tenacious Faith to partner with

my purposes

beloved one now listen for my voice of

authority addressing your stormy

situation peace be

still contrary winds blowing against my

will chaotic commotions in the heavens

settle into silence raging forces align

to hinder and harm but you shall go no

further The Sovereign Lord has issued

this decree watch closely my dear child

as I speak order into disorder Direction

into aimless driving life into death

light always overpowers darkness in the

end and already Victory is being forged

from this

trial Prosperity prepared from this lack

breakthrough awaken from

resistance stay your Gaze on me do not

be distracted or deterred by smoke and

mirrors by threats uttered through lying

Spirits I am sweeping away falsehoods

even now in ways you cannot yet see I am

causing deception to Boomerang back on


deceiver truth marches on Unstoppable

what I have determined will come to

fruition it cannot return void but will

succeed in its purpose the blessing

promised will Blossom the word declared

will manifest undeniably and you my

beloved will reap Joy if you persevere

and do not lose heart type Amen in the

name of Jesus I will never fail you my

angels guard you night and day my spirit

intercedes constant prayers for

you you are engraved on the palms of my

hands consider these

words hide them in your heart trust in

my promises and you will see them

fulfilled I make all things new a

destiny of beauty and fruitfulness

awaits you my beloved come to me when

you are weary and heavy

laden for I will give you rest lay your

burdens down give them to me trust that

I see you and know the very dep deps of

your soul my plans for you are for good

and not evil plans to prosper you and

give you hope in a future do not look to

the left or right at the circumstances

around you keep your eyes fixed on me

the author and perfector of your faith I

will direct your path through stormy

seas into peaceful

Harbors I know the false Whispers of the

enemy accusing you do not

believe them there is now no

condemnation for those who are with

me you are my beloved one bought at an

infinite price the old has passed away

you are a new creation nothing can

separate you from my love no height no

depth no power my grace is sufficient

for you my strength perfected in your

weakness type I embrace my power to

affirm come to me when you fall fall

short I forgive completely as far as the

East is from the West I remove your sin

from you not because you deserve it but

because I already paid the price though

your sins

once stained Crimson I make them white

as snow let not regret weigh you down

walk free in my forgiveness the past is

gone the dead erased this is the new day

I have made rejoice and be glad in

it do you not perceive it is I who holds

all things together by my word have you

not heard my ways are higher than your

ways the suffering you face serves a

purpose beyond your vision now but I

assure you one day every knee will bow

at the victory I am bringing through

your pain trust in me my thoughts bubble

up like the Sands of the sea more than

can be numbered how pre ious you are to

me if I clothe the lies in splendor will

I not also clothe you if I feed The

Sparrows will I not also feed you you

need not be anxious for anything bring

it all to me in prayer my storehouses

overflow with Bounty for you abide in my

love which has been poured Into Your

Heart by my

spirit as the branch draws life from the

vine draw deep from this endless

Wellspring within stay connected to me

apart from me you wither but oh if you

remain what Glory what fruit I will

produce in and through you rivers of

Living Water shall flow to the Thirsty

from your innermost being this is my

great desire that your joy may be made

full and complete in me not as the world

gives with its fleeting Pleasures but as

I give and unquenchable Joy Rising


forever Victorious life now pulsing

through your

veins type amen if you believe in God if

you’re all set type yes take care of

yourself type I claim it if you receive

this declaration type yes if you’re

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