dear child of God I want to share

something very wonderful with you today

there are countless Miracles waiting to

unfold in your life more than you can

imagine the angels and the

universe working under the guidance of

our miraculous Lord have chosen to be

kind to you and I urge you to pay

attention to this message

now it’s essential to understand

understand that the spiritual realm is

naturally more extensive than the

physical world we

see when you pray even the shortest

prayers they are heard in the spiritual

World once your prayers are answered an

angel from the spiritual realm surrounds

you with protection and

care we need the help of our Angels


without their Supernatural

protection we become vulnerable to the

other Supernatural

forces today your angels are reaching

out to you requesting that you don’t

ignore their voices or

guidance allow your angels to

communicate with you through various

means your angels are guiding you with

an essential instruction

today never give up on communicating

with them through your

prayers this connection is vital for


journey your angels want you to stop

blocking their voices by denying the

signs they send your

way in the Bible you can read about how

Daniel was saved by the

archangels and how Jacob receive the

blessings from the


similarly hidden blessings are appointed

for every person waiting to be released

with the help of spiritual

power this can only happen if you

persist in prayers and stay connected

with your

angels even when you feel desperate for

blessings Embrace that

desperation remove any hurdles that come

between you and your

angels open your heart to let the

guidance of your angels enter your

intuition pray without ceasing and never

block your angels through your

actions be desperate for the blessings

and you will experience a

breakthrough stay blessed and happy on

this incredible

journey may God remove all the blockages

and bondages from your blessings and may

your blessings reach you sooner more

than you can expect amen

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