?”Skip This And Luck Will Leave You” | ।God’s message today।

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God is saying to you today my beloved child in this moment I reach out to you

my child with a heart overflowing with love and a message steeped in Divine

wisdom to illuminate the essence of your being in the path you must tread amidst life storms I your Eternal Guardian am

ever present listening to your heartfelt please watching over your every step and

eager to lead you through every query and call for help in the Journey of life

you will cross paths with Souls who Harbor jealousy and yearn to see you

falter consider this a loving caution for me to you urging you to stay alert

and and Discerning be wary of those you let into your life their smiles May

Harbor hidden daggers ready to betray at a moments unexpected turn their words

sharp and laced with falsehoods aim to undermine your spirit stand firm against

those who plot your downfall for their Envy is but a mirror to their own inner

turmoil like and share the video if you have trust in the words of the God as a

being of Flesh end bone there are moments when your trust extends too far leaving you

vulnerable to those who betray that trust causing heartache you may find

yourself fooled by empty Praises questioning your own value in the aftermath of their

deceit yet let this truth echo in your heart you are not defined by the words

of others crafted in my image you possess a unique Essence and a destined

role in this vast tapestry of life when the sting of betrayal seeks to

overshadow your light turn to me bring your heavy heart your uncertainties and

your fears and In My Embrace you will find Solace and fortitude in my presence

peace will wash over you and my love will shield you as if wrapped in a comforting

Embrace do not let the shadow of others judgments dim the Brilliance of your

confidence my love for you knows no bounds my forgiveness endless type

if you believe in Jesus let the world around you churn as it will for my

adoration is unwavering and in my hands your Victory is secured remember to

weave your circle with those who offer genuine affection and support Foster

relationships grounded in truth Lo loyalty and mutual esteem these Souls

will be your pillars of support your beacons in the night seek out those

who recognize your true worth who Inspire growth and joy who value you

beyond the material and who tirelessly remind you of your inherent greatness

and potential steer your path clear of those who only draw near for the Bounty of

your material gifts let this wisdom resonate within you extend your kindness

to those who enrich your life with their goodness yet for those who intend harm

do not withhold basic kindness like water or bread but make haste to

distance yourself from those who seek not to contribute but to take from your

generosity Stand Tall March forward with resolve and let not the Grievances or

plots of the malevolence sway you from your chosen path type Amen in

the name of Jesus know this I have bestowed upon you the strength to

surmount challenges and to realize your aspirations in times of uncertainty or

Frailty my spirit has been your shield and guide reach out to me I am perpetually

by your side lending an ear offering Solace and Illuminating The Way Forward

let me be the architect of your journey infusing your spirit with my boundless

love and serenity through my presence discover the Valor to confront trials

and to speak your truth boldly today I impart this counsel love and pardon even

those who wound you for love triumphs over jealousy and

bitterness nurture a heart brimming with empathy extend kindness

and upliftment to those you encounter resist the tide of negativity

that seeks to diminish your capacity for love you possess a strength a Divine

spark mirroring my Essence for you were created in my likeness type I embrace my

power to affirm your Readiness to walk in my footsteps signifies that my power

and Celestial Radiance dwell within you embrace the light I have placed within

you allowing it to shine brightly even in the darkest times being unique is your strength not

a weakness those who throw Shadows of envy and criticism are often the ones

intimidated by your glow and authenticity walk in peace knowing

you’re never alone in this journey against jealousy your heavenly father

stands with you ready to catch you when you stumble and to dry your tears When You Weep

place your trust in me and my Infinite Wisdom face the slander of the jealous

with the knowledge that my Truth and Love Will Always conquer refuse to let

their falsehood shape your identity or steal the serenity I’ve bestowed upon

you know that you are cherished you hold immense value regardless of the

disparaging words of the cynical turn a deaf ear to those who

plot your downfall find solace in my tender care and proceed with Valor

believe in me for I will Empower you to surmount any challenge I gift you with

my peace and safeguarding love type I’m abundant to affirm my timing is

impeccable perfectly aligned with your life’s journey you are hearing my voice

today because I have a poignant message for you I am attentive to your calls

your your concerns do not fall on deaf ears my silence is not neglect nor wrath

it is a Promise of Greater things to come what awaits you surpasses your requests not only will I fulfill your

desires but I will also bestow upon you the wisdom to cherish and protect these

blessings your dreams those you’ve harbored for so long are

within reach soon they will materialize before your eyes get ready for a season

of Abundant Blessings and open doors new faces and genuine friendships

will emerge let go of those who impede your growth who critique you

relentlessly intent only on bringing you down their minds are a breathing ground

for schemes plotting your downfall type to show your belief in Jesus I yearn

for your peace and serenity solid itude is not my wish for you seek companions

who Lift You Higher not those who drag you into the shadows in your moments of Despair call

out to me and I will respond listen closely for my words are meant to be

remembered whether heard or read my voice through these words infuses you

with strength and hope every letter every Mark imprints my teaching deep

within your heart ask yourself who can truly harm you when I am by your side if someone

wishes you ill bring their name before me close your eyes kneel and pray for

them in my presence such individuals are ens snared by Darkness tormented by The

Evil Within forgive those who wrong you and leave their judgment to me your

heart must remain pure free from resentment in bitterness my voice has

reached you many times your spiritual awareness is sharpening your vision of

the Divine more Vivid type to manifest miracles in

your life now you can sense and see that my love for you is real your name is

inscribed in my book along with every prayer and request you’ve made be brave

and steadfast for my timing is always perfect neither rushed nor delayed I am

your refuge in times of trouble your shield in danger your provider in need

my support is Everlasting extend it to you your family and all your descendence

fear not for I am with you my cherished one I am the remedy for your ailments

both physical and emotional I seek your faith your honesty your obedience your

persistence and your unwavering commitment to me and my teachings keeped

my call with faith obey and persevere with

patience worry not about the future your task is to persist heed my guidance and

entrust your journey to me as your father and your God I assure you the

time I bestow upon you daily is meant for living not for fretting to doubt me

and succumb to worry is to question my care inviting sorrow into your heart and

being type yes if you are ready for the blessings that you are about to receive

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fatigue clouds your judgment leading to frustration yet yet remember I am

Forever by your side not to bring you harm but to offer companionship and

support I am setting a feast of blessings for you even as your adversaries look on and I will exalt you

in the eyes of your kin and companions I will guide you to Realms unknown making

you a vessel through which many will come to know me inspired by your faith

and your story you are stepping into an era of wonders and divine occurrences

witnessing extraordinary events not just in your life but in the lives of those you

cherish ready yourself for this new chapter Embrace humility

and gentleness protect your heart and never lose sight of the source of your

blessings dedicate time to me each day seek my presence ready your spirit for

joy I love you deeply like and sh share the video if you have trust in the words

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falter challenges are but temporary clasp my hand firmly and together let us

continue forward we’ll navigate these trials emerging with dignity and the

mark of my presence upon you I wish for all to understand you were never

forsaken by me your heavenly father some may have doubted your faith Ed when you

shared your struggles others might have turned away at the slightest

error yet in your Solitude know this you were never alone for I was with you with

faith that sometimes wavered yet always endured you pressed on and so you will

continue you won’t be consumed by the turbulent Tides your your story is far

from over I wish for the tears cascading down your face to morph into beads of

Joy Invision The Splendid future that lies ahead the battles you’re enduring

are nearing their end the obstacles before you are on the verge of being

surmounted and in that moment of Liberation you will

hasten to My Embrace we will share a moment of fatherly warmth and I will

once more clasp your hands and our Voyage is to proceed and though your

steps May weary our path shines brightly ahead

this is our time let’s not delay type if you believe in Jesus side by side

you and I are to advance towards a radiant chapter in your life draw back

the drapes of your spirit allow my Radiance to invade and banish the Gloom

let the voices that so dread within you scatter as my presence rejuvenates every

desolate corner of your being I will displace The Haunting memories that have taken hold they must

vacate for you have welcomed me and I I am now with you by my own hand I

will inscribe in your book of dreams all the Magnificent Ventures I have Envision

for you I am the light I am the essence of being since the universe is

inception I have contemplated you with the celestial hosts anticipating this

moment today the heavens Rejoice for you have entrusted your heart to me

elevating me above all else in your life be wary for there exists a foe lurking

eager to pounce at any sign of vulnerability aiming to plunder to extinguish life and to substitute your

joy with grief and isolation yet I am the path and the

Verity my spirit bestowed upon you will forever be your guide do not Venture

forth with a soul starve for guidance seeking counsel

from any willing to lead Embrace this and you shall

flourish type Amen in the name of Jesus nurture a heart filled with thankfulness

take my words to Heart they mean a lot to me the the devotion I am du turn the

pages of your Bible there I will speak to you narrating through Parables the

pitfalls to avoid recounting through testimonies the Wonders that await and

to your spirit I will tenderly whisper my songs and wisdoms learn from my

disciples who despite their faults and frailties were lifted by their faith

holding fast to my promises they quelled the the Roars

of lions overcame Legions some withstood persecution were stripped of their

belongings yet faltered not for they had known me and were certain that my realm

transcends the material embracing instead the promise

of everlasting life through the victory of my resurrection I stand as the

Gateway you’re meant to pass through in my sacred presence you’ll discover a

Haven of love and empathy a sanctuary for healing and empowerment a realm

filled with kindness and mildness enriched with wisdom and endurance turn

away from the harsh demands for attention and affection that the world imposes instead choose to embrace me as

you are holding steadfast in your faith in me for I am unfailing I Herald the

dawn of new year as as many lose Faith Witness in the collapse of their

cherished dreams nations may Splinter fortunes dissipate and opportunities

dwindle yet you shall remain sheltered under the almighty’s Embrace around you

countless May falter but Calamity will steer clear of you your passage into my

heavenly kingdom is assured In This Moment blessings continue to be yours

scarcity will not visit your table Within You A Renewed Vigor to venture

out to learn and to chase your dreams with full force will emerge because you

are assured of my support even as the world scoffs and persecution follows

Harbor no fear take a moment to rest when weariness clouds

your hope when you feel cornered with no Escape type I embrace my power to affirm

listen closely for my voice will guide you I will extricate you from turmoil

and send your adversary scattering Proclaim with conviction that your trials are nearing their conclusion I

envelop you in my love ensuring you feel the essence of my words when I speak

believe for my messages are always delivered with gentleness and sincerity

my child there remains hope your plight has a resolution do not allow despair to

Eclipse your blessings I hear your cries of Despair your protests of unbearable burdens yet

today I illuminate your path forward the barriers you face cannot hold back the

Fulfillment of your purpose or hinder your blessings you are more than capable of

navigating through this challenging period it’s crucial for you to seek me with greater fervor to awaken your

spiritual sensitiv ity and to attune yourself to my voice spend time immersed

in my holy scriptures connect deeply with my heart from which flows a

constant stream of love and blessings into your life take a pause from the

hustle of Life find a tranquil spot kneel and

pray enter into my presence embrace my grace and have a

heartfelt conversation with me this this practice will transform your life

granting you the inspiration needed to proceed confidently to witness my beauty

unfold in everything around you type I’m abundant to

affirm each day I will reassure you of my constant presence walking by your

side offering you security when you seek strength and Solace my hand will be

there for you to hold you will feel my comforting Embrace be profoundly

thankful for this day for your health your employment and the presence of

loved ones in your home these daily blessings are expressions of my love for

you recognizing them feeling grateful and truly valuing what you’ve been given

you’ll begin to comprehend the vastness of my Mercy pay attention to the subtle

signs I send you humble notice of each person and every act of kindness I place

in your path listen to the birds as they sing freely offering their praises to me

and observe the trees along your journey admiring my handiwork cherishing life

and joyfully accepting my gifts do not give into despair or sorrow my love is

mighty enough to transform your grief into happiness maintain your Hope Place

your challenges in my hands and I will be your protector I will ensure your

Victory and bless your life beyond your wildest dreams therefore keep your faith in me

steadfast my love knows no bounds I cherish you deeply type to show your

belief in Jesus life has thrown its harshest challenges at

you adversaries have sought to bring you down placing obstacles and naysayers

along your path those who belittled mocked and questioned your faith yet

fret not no one and nothing wield power over you for I am your Shield your

healer your strength I will lay my mighty hand upon your life mending every

hurt and sorrowful memory that burdens your heart through all adversities you

remained loyal despite the turmoil stirred within your family your work

place your home you held fast to me I acknowledge the complexity

and hardship of these trials how they’ve scarred you unsettled your spirit

weakened your resolve and Stripped Away the Vigor needed to press

onward so now I come before you to mend the fractures in your life you must

persevere you must stand Resolute and Tall type to manest miracles in your

life the adversary has labored to halt your progress yet you stand upheld by my

grace the hardships you endure the battles you face are not your undoing my

child you shall not be defeated when others presume your downfall with my

omnipotence and the legions of Angels at my command decree your rise your prayers

have been acknowledged a transformation is

imminent be aware many will remain skeptical of my existence my love my

might even as my works are laid bare before them daily you are not among the

doubters your faith will not waver nor will fear take hold the time will come

when the transformation within you becomes evident to all showcasing the magnitude of your God thus Center your

gaze upon me heed my words and Trust in my promises do not fixate on the

fallible nor entrust your destiny to Mere Declarations of affection

reserve your heart for me for your first love is rightfully mine remain patient a

multitude of Splendid blessings is on the horizon every day the words you hear

are swn deep within your soul blossoming and thriving imparting

strength and resilience the fruits of your prayers are on the horizon a

Bountiful Harvest and profound Joy await laughter will fill your lips and your

heart will overflow with songs of praise therefore let not the occasional setback

dishearten you type yes if you are ready for the blessings that you are about to

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support for our community by contributing super thanks from

$ to $ my word once spoken does not return

void it will catalyze transformation within your spirit your financial

situation your family your very existence everything is about to

change the dim Light Within you will be rekindled and your body will surge with

vitality I am bestowing upon you A Renewed life yet for this to manifest I

urge you to believe and to release the grip of yester years the Holy Spirit

within you has rebirthed you the old has vanished arm yourself with this newfound

Vigor ready to harvest the blessings that are nearly Within Reach remember

your time on this Earth is fleeting years slip by urging you not to squander

your moments Journey still lies ahead and this

reminder comes so you may cherish every second clasp tightly to the faith

nestled within your soul increase your dreams your prayers and your heart’s

purest wishes on paper present them to me with the dawn of each day approach

life with faith and Zeal stay vigilant for the openings I will reveal to you

continue advance dancing cease not in your efforts perseverance is key I am

already at work transforming the lives of those you cherish mending your financial woes and sewing seeds of peace

in your home this heavenly message is delivered daily so your soul

may flourish and wisdom may fill you seek out those who mirror my peace who

share your devotion unafraid to voice the powerful name of Jesus who refrain

from malicious speech and deceit who embody integrity and whose

actions reflect my benevolence where two or three Gather in my name there I am

amidst them delighting in the unity of my children in such communion my power

descends and my healing lifegiving presence is magnificently revealed like

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channel if you love Jesus the season of Wonders is on the horizon for

you lay all your worries at my feet and take a moment to breathe

be observant take a look around and you’ll start to notice the dawn of a new

era filled with immense blessings I cherish you deeply I listen intently

when you share your feelings of defeat I hold no resentment when you

confess your exhaustion and despair I respect you for understanding that such

words of desolation should be shared only with me I transform your sorrow

into motivation bravery zest vitality and might my response to your grievances

is always with affection you are honor for you keep your complaints to yourself

preventing despair from escaping your lips when in the sight of others

refrain from spreading your Gloom amongst your kin or broadcasting your troubles lest it

misrepresents your faith in this world no love compares to

mine no one else can soothe your troubles no mortal can provide Everlasting relief from your anguish

your confidences remain safe with me type if you believe in Jesus I’ve

purified your past absolved your sins and obliterated your transgressions your

previous missteps need not be known by anyone you are not to disclose them

should you seek Solace and empathy once more I implore you come to me I am your

unwavering Ally ever eager to affirm my support beware the snares

of deceivers aiming to muddle your thoughts you yearn for love and none can

match the sweetness and perpetuity of mine entrust your heart to me now and

embrace the transformative power within if weariness and burdens weigh

you down approach me I promise rest and peace for your heart empowering you to

spread the gospel of my love and benevolence to be a Herald of righteousness and might to heal the

afflicted by your touch showcasing to all whose divine presence accompan you

difficult times will not break you the scorching Sun Won’t exhaust you or parch

your spirit the chill of storms won’t scar your flesh nor will fear CZ your

heart to quiver I am your Eternal Father seeking your well-being

yearning for your safety commanding your Liberation and Redemption when my words

are spoken they Echo across the cosmos a testament to my Deeds Done in love and

fondness for you no love surpasses mine acknowledge

this truth now and declare your love for me for all to hear letting the world

know your heart is mine that you cherish me your encounter with this message is

no accident every moment Bears significance should today bring sorrow

draw near and let me envelop you in comfort in gentle loving kindness your

grief is temporary and with these words you’ll find

Solace the dawn of your Liberation is here it’s time to halt your wandering

and realign with your heavenly calling find Refuge In My Embrace

allowing me to instill Tranquility in your soul and joy in your heart while

you’re in my presence release the burdens of this world trust me with the

woes that weigh you down down and I’ll oversee them Relish in this moment for

beside me is where you’ll discover the universe’s deepest love where I provide

the understanding and devotion that the world deprives you of you’re now enveloped in my peace feeling a sense of

Serenity that fills the void within no this you are never alone deeply loved

and valued by your heavenly father type amen in the name of Jesus Embrace this

Comfort leaving behind the grip of worry for you now see the purpose behind each

event you’ve weathered many storms emerging stronger amidst the trials and

pain hold fast to me understanding my intentions for you are rooted in

kindness and serenity My Wish for your Triumph isn’t about worldly Acclaim or

fleeting wealth but the enrichment of your soul the growth of your spirit I

yearn for you to be wise to awaken each morning eager to embrace the day and

return here to this Sacred Space to hear my words a new you’re not meant to live in despair

or isolation nor to believe you’re unvalued or forsaken hold on to my

Assurance I love you aiming to instill your heart with peace and steadiness

today I present you with a joy that’s profound and divine not contingent on

transient victories or emotions This Joy resilient and enduring

is immune to Life’s challenges and Beyond anyone’s reach to diminish it

comes hand in hand with wisdom bravery and Faith empowering you to tackle

adversities Vanquish foes and Stand Tall against Giants with the strength I

bestow upon you no storm can sway you no desert Trek can weaken you in me you’ll

find an unshakable Sanctuary amidst turmoil I’ll be your Guiding Light in

the darkest hours and your steadfast support when you feel most

vulnerable I aim for you to grasp that every Twist and Turn of your life the

good alongside the bad weaves into a grander scheme each Mark of adversity

every shed tear endows you with a choice fortifying you for what lies ahead and

draping you in my profound blessing it’s crucial to keep your faith steadfast but

equally to recognize your own worth you are a magnificent creation brimming with

boundless potential despite the Steep paths life

sometimes presents you possess the strength to surmount any challenge

cast aside your fears Grievances and uncertainties and welcome optimism

assurance and affection thus in moments of despondency or confusion remember my

hand is always outstretched to uplift you that you’re never isolated in your

struggles and that irrespective of the situation A Divine Design and a hopeful

Journey await you type I am rce my power to affirm you are unique cherished and

invaluable and now is the moment for you to embrace and live out this truth fully

be bold in your aspirations trust in wonders Bridge divides approach each day

as a precious gift love deeply forgive with all your heart and never cease to

smile this world craves more luminance and you can be the beacon that guides

others through their gloomiest hours from this point forward embrace the

challenge I lay before you urging you to live true to your essence as a child of

the Creator the infinite the one who enriches your existence with benevolence

and crowns you with compassion March forward with the faith you hold today

for a purpose has been set before you you’ve been anointed as a conqueror

humble yet brimming with conviction do not dread your adversaries you are

destined for Triumph arise and belief for today I bestow upon you blessings

and fortitude I am ever present unyieldingly by your side I will put you

through trials and I will also provide

answers my teachings are inscribed in your heart every moment I’ll remind you

of my con instant presence reassuring you that you’re never alone amidst

life’s hardships I’ve dispatched countless angels to protect you to keep

you from faltering and to Vanquish the Shadows that threaten your path do not

succumb to fear but should it dare to challenge you stand tall once more

embrace the mindset of a conqueror be mindful that my affection

for you intensifies with each passing day My ultimate sacrifice was made to rescue

you and to bestow upon you a life of abundance I offer myself to you holy and

without hesitation I am forever here to listen to hold you close and to fill

your heart with the serenity you seek type I’m abundant to affirm do not

fear abandonment I will remain by your side eternally you are my cherished

treasure meure beyond the reach of any Force to sever our bond of love take

this moment to relax to release your burdens accept the calm I wrap around

you with my loving grace your joy and well-being are of utmost importance to

me I am eager to understand all that weighs on you and hinders your progress

remember my support is unwavering no matter the situation

should anything drain your strength or breede disheartenment allow me to guide

you towards a resolution the Holy Spirit dwells within you offering strength this

very instant I endow you with the ability to govern your feelings to choose Joy independently of

others my desire is for you to break free from the chains of emotional

dependency tackling sin and Temptation on your own is a battle you need not

fight place your thoughts spirit and heart in my care avoid places and

situations that stir needless Strife do not wander into the territory of those

who mislead you and tether you to practices that grieve my spirit protect

your heart diligently for it is the Wellspring of your life remain steadfast and do not let the

aggressive strip away your happiness in every decision seek my direction and I

will navigate you past the snares of deceivers and the brink of ruin it is my

desire to daily enrich your family with wisdom aspiring for their well-being and

spiritual advancement exercise caution in your speech ensuring it inflicts no

injury steer clear of idle talk and the temptation to accept every word spoken

be alert to those who deceive habitually refrain from allowing anyone to implant

bitterness and fear in you bring your circumstances your thoughts and your

feelings into My Sanctuary type to show your belief in Jesus be aware of my

constant presence let my voice guide your heart and mind throughout your day observe

those around you many were their despair openly yet it is my wish that my glory

illuminates you that your courage serves as a beacon for others you are my

cherished child the Pinnacle of my creation I’ve endowed you with distinct

gifts and abilities meant to honor my name and magnify my presence do not fret

over what’s to come for I have a purpose for you my affection is unwavering and

everlasting my design is Flawless and will unfurl in its

appointed time yes indeed my deepest desire is for your heart to be

steadfastly aligned with my righteous paths since the very creation of the

Universe I have watched over you intimately familiar with every flaw and

every Triumph that marks your journey should you find yourself faltering

approach me with a heart full of Faith seeking my forgiveness I assure you it

shall be lovingly bestowed do not seclude yourself in the shadows wrestling with guilt as though your path

has reached its end and you’ve incurred my wrath long before our paths intersected in this life I bore the

weight of your misdeeds thus I invite you to

approach me with boldness and heartfelt sincerity A New Beginning awaits you let

not fear hold sway lay your inner turmoil before for

me for you are mine and I have vowed to Shepherd your life with unwavering

devotion my words are AB bond to your spirit spoken with enduring love and a

desire to lead you towards the light cast aside your trepidations and place

your trust in me I stand as your Fortress your Haven amidst The Tempest

hold fast to my teachings with each reflection and sharing of these truths

your inner peace and joy will flourish your life will be adorned with

my blessings and my love will envelop your dwelling consider me not only as

your guardian but also as a devoted Ally engage with me in Earnest prayer daily

and I promise to invigorate your spirit my love for you knows no bounds

type amen if you believe in God if you’re all set type yes take care of

yourself type I claim it if you receive this declaration type yes if you’re

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