?”Skip If You Choose Hell” | ।God’s message today।

God is saying to you today my beloved

child my beloved this day I bid you to

come and stay with me a little

while take my outstretched hand and

leave behind the sorrows and chains that

have held you captive for too

long I am bringing you out of Darkness

into my Marvelous

Light I am your deliverer and I set you

free for I see the weights that have

bowed your head low these many years the

abandonment that swept its cruel tide

over your heart again and again eroding

fragile foundations of trust and leaving

you afraid to

Hope how it wounded you my

child it left you grasping its Shadows

desperately trying to find permanent

Anchorage for your storm tossed

soul I know how rejection stung you how

its poison seeped into your mind

distorting your perceptions of yourself


others the Insidious lies were deep

grooves into your thinking until you

almost believed the falsehood that you

were unlovable

unwanted you labored under Mis begotten

Notions that something was inherently

wrong with you something that repelled

people and left you perpetually on the

outside looking in like and share the

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the god oh my precious child how grieved

I have been to watch this assault

against your true identity which I so


crafted but no

more this day I shatter your chains as

though they were made of glass and set


free I the Lord your God boldly decree

your emancipation from everything that

has tormented and enslaved

you I blot out the bill of accusations

that stood against you I nullify every

contract you ever made with

destruction no more shall the orphan

Spirit of Rejection claim squatters

rights in your heart and mind eviction

notices have been served and the usurper

time is

up behold I make all things new for you

today my beloved a fresh start a clean

slate and a destiny complete with

purpose and joy

unspeakable take my hand now do not look

back to the dreary tombs where parts of

you have been buried type if you

believe in Jesus let the dead bury the

dead gaze ahead instead to verdant

Landscapes blooming with promise and


Everlasting rivers of delight Sparkle

before you trees of healing and

provision rustle beside restful Waters

and my goodness and mercy follow you all

the days of your

life as you walk freed from shackles

bath in favor and purpose this is the

Heritage I have secured for you my dear

one now come claim it for years you

faced slammed doors and cold shoulders

but you will never experience

abandonment from my

hand have I not said I will never leave

you nor forsake

you though Earthly loves May Fail and

human comforters may prove faithless I

remain constant forever more my

friendship will never falter my

affection will never

waver you can trust me with your fragile

weary heart hand it over to me

now allow me to graft it securely to my

steadfast nurturing love until you are

are made

whole the void rejection carved out so

brutally my tenderness shall fill those

wounded holes pierced through your

soul I will heal them Clos through the

power of my unconditional love for you

type Amen in the name of Jesus the

questions echoing through wounded places

is something wrong with

me my spirit’s Whispers shall counter

you are made marvelously in my image

you are my precious treasure you could

not be more loved as I clasp your hand

in mine knitting our hearts firm

rejection shall Cut You No

More You Belong to Me Now and my

friendship fulfills you as nothing else

can at last addiction loosens its

choking grip upon your mind it’s hellish


finished Freedom comes flooding into

your soul washing you

clean I break this Pharaoh’s yoke from

your neck no more bricks without straw

no more vain striving in bitter

bondage child lift your eyes to meet

mine steady sparkling with pride and

Delight over

you I believe in you my

Champion through my power at work in you

your greatest self shall emerge

triumphant sin siren Call Rings Hollow

and Falls mute before my Warrior song

Rising through your

lungs Melodies of Hope healing and

purpose course through you The rhythms


Eternity to all the toxic Messengers

Whispering Sinister doubts and dragging

you backward into Old ruts to them I

declare this beloved treasure belongs to

me be gone from here at once

this child wears my Royal robes now my

Golden Crown type I embrace my power to

affirm we walk together into Destiny and


adventure your Insidious calls drop

impotent to the ground while my love

lifts you higher

still upon Eagle wings you shall run and

not grow weary walk and not

faint so Come Away with me now into

Freedom overcoming

one leave behind the baggage that has

slowed your feet for too

long I carry your burdens now the future

beckons you onward to life and

satisfaction beyond all you asked or

imagined continue looking to me as your


companion I know every winding Bend

along this journey perils flee at the

pressure of my approaching footstep

steps my Whispers stir courage and

vision within you when you feel weary of

my divine plan are becoming clear to you

and you are stepping into the fullness

of your

purpose Rejoice beloved for you are a

vessel of my love and grace overflowing

with potential and

power the past no longer holds you

captive its chains have been Shattered

by my redeeming love

love now as you walk hand in hand with

me into your destiny know that I am with

you always guiding protecting and

empowering you type I’m abundant to

affirm you are adorned with honor and

clothed in righteousness a reflection of

my glory shining brightly for all to

see Stand Tall beloved and let your

light shine brightly in the

Darkness you are a Beacon of Hope a

testament to my unfailing love and

faithfulness embrace the gifts I have

placed within you and use them to bring

glory to my name as you Journey forward

know that I am by your side leading you

into Abundant Life and

victory the trials and challenges you

face will only serve to strengthen and

refine you for I am with you in every

storm my presence a steadfast anchor for

your soul so do not be afraid beloved

for I am with

you trust in my promises and let your

heart be filled with courage and

confidence you are destined for

greatness and I will never leave you nor


you walk boldly in the path I have set

before you knowing that I am always with

you guiding you every step of the way

than you can

imagine you were created for fellowship

with me for a purpose that transcends

the temporary pleasures of this

world I am Gathering a community of

Believers around you dear heart to

support you encourage you and lift you

up in your Journey of Faith together you

will be like a mighty Army standing firm

against the schemes of the enemy in

advancing the king om of Heaven on

Earth no longer will you be alone in

your struggles for you will have

brothers and sisters in Christ to walk

alongside you to pray with you and to

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as you immerse yourself in this

Fellowship you will experience a depth

of unity and love that surpasses

anything you have ever

known each member will contribute their

gifts and talents and together you will

be stronger than you could ever be alone

so hold out your hands dear heart and

receive the blessings I am pouring out


you embrace the community I am

assembling around you and together let

us Journey forward into the Abundant

Life I have prepared for

you with me by your side and a community

of Believers surrounding you there is

nothing that can stand in your way my

cherished child I am filled with

excitement for the adventures that lie

ahead for

you these Adventures are not just

ordinary Journeys they are filled with

purpose impact and joy beyond your


dreams but to embark on these Adventures

you must leave behind the old habits and

patterns that have held you captive for


long type if you believe in Jesus do

not keep looking back over your shoulder

longing for what once enslaved

you instead fix your eyes firmly on me

and together we will move

mountains in the past your heart may

have led you down painful roads causing

you to settle for less than my best and

compromise your

values I share in your sorrow over the

hurt this has caused but a new season is

Dawning for you in this new season you

will finally experience love as I

intended the first step is learning to

love yourself to see your incredible

worth through my eyes

you are fearfully and wonderfully made

treasured valued and adored beyond

measure any voice that tells you

otherwise is from the enemy so reject

those lies type Amen in the name of

Jesus embrace the truth of your

beauty talent and divine

potential I am bursting with pride over

the remarkable person you are

becoming let the these truths sink deep

into your spirit for only when you love

yourself can you properly love another

choose relationships that celebrate the

real you relationships that are

committed to growth integrity and

empowerment do not settle for anyone who

belittles you or fails to honor the

temple I have given

you your joy and freedom come first as

you wait for the right relationships to

Blossom pour your energy into the

passions I have placed within

you invest in family friendships and

serving your

community become whole within yourself

so you can give that wholeness to

another remember I am right here walking

with you every step of the

way when doubt anxiety or despair creep

in come sit with me a while and let my

presence wash over you until till peace

returns I will never leave you stranded

or ill

equipped my grace is always sufficient

for every battle and my strength is made

perfect in your weakness and when you

stumble as you inevitably will get back

up leave the past behind and keep


forward progress not Perfection is the

goal growth happens one small step step

at a time and I will be there to guide

you every step of the

way trust in me my precious child for

together we will transform your life

into a beautiful Masterpiece type I

embrace my power to affirm you choose to

break free completely by turning to me

with all your heart and surrendering to

my transforming

power my forgiveness knows no bounds and

I offer it to you

freely now it’s time for you to forgive

yourself and let go of guilt and

shame we can move forward together with

joy and expectation because Victory is

assured I take great Delight in you my


one even when the road gets tough and

progress seems Out Of Reach you remain

the apple of my

eye my love for you is unwavering and

every moment we share is a precious

gift so walk with your head held high

knowing that you are never

alone I will be your constant companion

filling your heart with comfort and Care

type I’m abundant to affirm you can talk

to me anytime about anything on your

mind and

heart share your dreams fears questions

and struggles with me let your walls

come down so that true intimacy can

blossom between

us I have loved you before you were born

and I will love you for all

eternity no one understands you like I

do and no one wants Greater Joy for your

life I will listen to you without

judgment speak healing to your soul and

walk by your side every step of the

way I will unleash rest restoration

breakthrough and blessings Beyond

imagination stay near me my child and

watch in awe as Grace transforms all the

broken places into something

beautiful the chains that once bound you

will serve as testimonies of my

redeeming love type to show your

belief in Jesus I have seen the

struggles you face The Temptations that

beckon and the relationships that seek

to lead you

astray I urge you to flee from these

things and not look

back do not return to the life from

which I have delivered

you keep your eyes fixed ahead on the

destiny I have prepared for

you remember Lot’s wife who disobeyed

and met a terrible fate because she

clung to the Comforts and lusts of

Sodom do not let your heart remain

chained to the Past for True freedom

awaits when you surrender completely to

me outward deliverance from adversity is

not enough if inward bondage still holds

you captive listen to my warning given

in love and Trust in my power to

transform you

completely break free from the cycle of

immorality and embrace the Abundant Life

I have prepared for you type to

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down at my

feet in return I will give you joy and

peace Beyond

understanding let me lift you up to the

heights for which you were created I

take no pleasure in seeing my beloved

trapped in the schemes and chains of the

enemy the transient pleasures of sin

Fade Into nothingness compared to the

Eternal rewards of walking with

me allow me to reshape you into a vessel

of Honor polishing your facets until my

glory streams out

brilliantly take hold of the new story I

long to inscribe across the pages of

your life a story of free Freedom

purpose and intimacy with

me trust in my plans Lean Into My

Embrace and take refuge under my


Wing storms will surely come but I have

displayed my power to save you countless

times rest in me and you will find the

greatest reward I do not call you to

endless toil devoid of my

presence come and discover truly life in

the shelter of your maker where

fruitless striving ceases and burdens

are lifted type amen if you believe in

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