my beloved I am stirring your spirit with a fresh word a Divine assignment is

coming the seasons are shifting and along with them Personnel in the

palace watch as I Dethrone even those leaders who seem firmly established for

No Authority stands that I have not established and the heart that becomes haughty I will bring low for I alone am

God Eternal assessing the allegiance of men’s hearts and measuring righteousness with my right

hand even Kings with great power must bow before my Supremacy or be swept away

like chaff in the wind yes prideful Empires will topple and false ideologies

will implode for I Am shifting the spiritual foundations of societies in this hour the instability spanning

Nations and systems in upheaval are but birth pangs preceding the emergence of my kingdom in New Dimensions of

authority order and fruitfulness for still to come our glory

is days when my Supreme Reign shall Infuse every sphere of society with peace Justice and the knowledge of the

Lord so brace yourself beloved for escalating shakings and realignments

ahead but fear not for I guard your life as the apple of my eye while structures

crumble around you perfectly positioned in me your life shall be an oasis of

presence and power where my Still Waters Flow freely to nourish your soul hear

your roots grow deep in my word upholding you through the Winds of Change as others stumble in the darkness

the Luminous glow of my spirit will illuminate your path into Realms of heightened Vision discernment and

Authority in me you have grown to be ready for this important time as the world shifts from

Earthly rule to my kingdom tested in valleys of lack and limitation you have emerged

wholeheartedly devoted to me seeking only only my will and

Glory this purity of motive and loyalty of Love Now qualify you for promotion

into greater spheres of influence in my Endtime campaign to redeem planet Earth

in times of change and uncertainty I offer my guidance entrusting you with

the humble task of spreading kindness and hope your role is to be a compassionate

listener and a helper in small but meaningful ways addressing injus IES and

suffering with a heart full of empathy and understanding you are invited to join

hands with others who share a vision of kindness and humility working together

to heal and comfort where there is need your dedication to these humble

Endeavors Guided by a spirit of selflessness and love will Forge meaningful connections and make a

positive difference in the lives around you now is the time to embrace embrace your role as contributors in a period of

gradual change and Improvement those among you steady and reliable in your efforts will play a

vital role in this period of transition helping to open New Paths of understanding and

cooperation the values once sidelined like compassion fairness and integrity

are now becoming the cornerstones for positive change in various aspects of life these ideas which once might have

seemed distant or abstract are now becoming more tangible and relevant step forward and take your

place as agents of positive change inspired by the faithful examples set forth in my

word remember Joseph who despite being sold into slavery and unjustly

imprisoned Rose to a position of influence in Egypt using his wisdom and

integrity to save many lives consider Esther who bravely

approached the king to save her people demonstrating great courage and faith in the face of potential

Peril reflect on the humility and Leadership of Moses who led my people

out of bondage in Egypt guided not by his own strength but by his obedience

and Reliance on me these Servants of mine were not without their trials and

tribulations yet they remained steadfast in their faith and commitment to

righteousness in each of their stories you see a Common Thread a willingness to step forward in faith to embrace the

roles I had ordained for them and to act as vessels for my

purposes as you seek to bring about change in your own communities and spheres of influence let these examples

inspire you to persevere with moral courage and an unwavering trust in my

guidance my beloved for I am about to bestow upon you blessings beyond

measure as you stand firm in the identity I have given you know that I am with you filling you with my spirit’s

strength and wisdom fear not the challenges ahead for they are but Stepping Stones to the

greater glory I have prepared for you you shall be a testament to my goodness

a living embodiment of my love and mercy for you are born for such a time as this

to shine as a light in the darkness lift up your head for you are

clothed in righteous I Ness and crowned with favor embrace the purpose I have set

before you and step boldly into the destiny I have ordained With Every Act of Faith you

will see the miraculous unfold as waves of my provision and power carry you forward in my Redemptive

mission in your journey you will not only bear witness to my wonders but also partake in them as you align your heart

with mine you will see Nations transformed societ ities renewed and the

Great Commission brought to its glorious fruition child lift up your eyes and be

vigilant for glimpses of this Vision materializing in coming days as World structures destabilize

under escalating judgments formulas of support for the poor and displaced will arise from

kingdom-minded reformers for compassion and Aid will greatly contrast the selfish hoarding of

resources by those lacking Revelation in collapsing economies yes corrupt self-serving

systems are doomed to fail but my child fear not for I will never abandon or

forsake you my Unlimited stores of wisdom Revelation and riches in glory

are accessible to you to release breakthrough Solutions remain ever near my spirit

leaning constantly on my Supernatural strength wisdom and discernment so your

life Bears much fruit for eternity Embrace humility as your shield and strength for as we journey together in

advancing my kingdom know that you are wrapped in the cloak of my love and grace this era ripe with promise and

potential beckons you to Rise Against the turmoil cling to my heart and you will

transcend every challenge turning what seems like insurmountable Warfare into

triumphant victories my beloved this is a Clarion call to

Steward the unique blessings you have been given prepare your heart in this season through deeper prayer and gaining

greater empathy guide others compassionately to discover their worth and

calling create spaces of Grace where lives are transformed by my love’s power

the Harvest of human need is plenty and your soul will be nourished as you meet

it each Act of selfless service SWS SE Deeds for justice the blessings you scatter will

return to you multiplied your generous Gifts of time presence and skill will be the channel

for others to find provision and purpose as you water the dry places in your world the tide of my goodness will

also fill your own cup to overflowing my beloved child as you walk

the path I have set before you the way may often seem unclear but know that my hand guides

your every step I will lead you through storms and trials revealing myself in

unexpected ways the unknown stretches out before you have no

fear I have ordained each moment crafting your journey with care when the

Winds of circumstance threaten to shake you fix your eyes on me for I will never

leave your side you are safe In My Embrace I will Shepherd your heart

through pain and confusion until understanding Dawns I call you to this holy service

out of utmost love my passion Burns to pour redeeming hope through willing

vessels do not underestimate the power of a willing humble heart the opposition

Rising against you is simply an indication of the Enemy’s Fear he trembles at the victory I am

fashioning through your surrender persevere with Fierce joy for you are truly more than a conqueror

now is not the time to shrink back in complacency or fear the age of apathetic

religion masquerading as faith is over I am calling my people to action to live

with wholehearted abandon for my kingdom to betrayal Blazers of righteousness and

mercy on the front lines of cultural change you have received freely of my

extravagant Grace freely give to those longing for Tidings of great joy

do not judge the worth of your calling by perceived measures of worldly success

some plant seeds others nourish growth still more harvest in due season but I

ordain the yield rest in this launch out into deeper waters with me as your

guide do not fear the unknown out ahead and watch as Heaven moves in

response unleashing Glory through your obedient life my beloved a child come close and

hear what I your heavenly father wish to speak into your heart this day I know the trials you have faced the

uncertainty that plagues your mind fear not for I see all and have

fashioned circumstances beyond your understanding to bring about that which is for your

good this season has not been without tribulation yet in the tempestuous

storms you have seen flick ERS of my light guiding you ever Homeward the billowing winds conceal

from sight that Safe Harbor I am preparing though doubt assails on every

side take comfort my son my daughter the subtle workings of my hand anchor Your

Vessel secure the Raging Sea cannot overtake what I protect and

preserve You’ spent many days crying out for relief from Deep pain and sadness that no one else could understand you’ve

been waiting for my promises to take away that empty feeling of hope that’s been put off for so

long I’ve heard every one of your cries and I’ve been there to soothe your restless weary heart now the right time

has come for those long awaited promises to finally come true faithful one you have not labored in vain despite the

adversaries conspiring Whispers that my spoken word to you could never come to

pass indeed his deadliest weapons are crafted to Rob remember remance of my unchanging

character when I declare Destiny over a Barren womb I don’t need human design to

order sequences in accordance with natural law I breathe life Awakening

dormancy and unseen anatomies rearrange in response to my yes call to

remembrance oh you of little faith the Primacy of heavenly Paradigm over Fallen

existence I am the author and initiator creation bends to my

directives fear not the scope of long-held vision that stretches Beyond Earthly means to

fulfill man-made parameters of plausibility fail to limit my eternal being not confined by

dimensionality my reach exceeds knowledge to perform that which lies outside mortal

potential take heart child of my kingdom no threshold constrains the true king I

ordain the end from the beginning engineering design a fortime to align with glorious climax in due

season trust in me even when you can’t predict how things will unfold and

together we’ll reach a moment of great Revelation though veiled from awareness

constantly I navigate circumstances advantageously that my word prevails

unthwarted unto completion trust in my goodness my beloved when cherished dreams seem to

shrivel upon the vine just ripening to sweetest taste don’t you realize that

just as a gardener fights off harmful pests and thieves without you seeing I am in control secretly nurturing and

protecting the fruits of life with love nothing can surprise me or change my plan for a Rich Harvest my angels guard

this flourishing Garden keeping it safe trust in my care for nothing can harm

what I am watching over thus I bid you today incline your ear to the Heavenly

frequency resounding past clamor of outer chaos listen for my whisper through

tumultuous winds buffeting concentration shut out riotous demands

perpetually vying for precedence over my gentle tones deal sternly with the distractions

firmly refusing diversion from fixed gaze Ascend Summits in spirit with me

till cacophony Fades to distant hum below attune yourself to Nuance Direction

flowing in the world above innocent of frenzy and strain don’t let the noise and Chaos of

Life guide your decisions instead find time to be quiet and connect with me away from the

turmoil as the Prince of Peace I want you to stay calmly in my

presence gaining confidence for your next steps in this quiet place let your

actions be guided not by what’s happening around you but by what’s

important in my kingdom and our close relationship my dear

child hold tightly to the plans we make together in our quiet talks for they are

full of lasting truth that goes back to the very beginning listen to my advice which

comes from a higher place than Earthly opinions it’s Untouched by the usual

decay and confusion of the world and it remains steady even when everything else is

shaking this guidance is like a rock keeping you stable even when the world

is in moral turmoil the wisdom I offer is safe from being corrupted or stolen it’s not

influenced by changing ideas that come and go stay focused on my unchanging truths

which Stand Tall above temporary popular beliefs my constant principles will

guide you correctly don’t be swayed by the world’s flexible standards that change Under

Pressure instead embrace the unchanging reality from Heaven which will give you

the strength to stand firm with Integrity my dear one the time of challenge is here you might feel

overwhelmed as things get tough and your strong beliefs in me are tested but remember as things seem

darker the guidance from my Throne becomes clearer helping you see the

way you have the map and Compass open up the plan I’ve given you

with confidence paying attention to every important detail be encouraged by my unchanging

promises that have stood the test of time and Let My Words nourish your soul every day I’ve filled many places with

my wisdom and you can find it by seeking me in prayer I’ll always provide you with the guidance you need for what’s

coming next stay true to the core principles even when others try to push them aside

is oldfashioned the tools and methods may change over time but if you pay

attention you’ll see that the Deep truths remain the same shaping everything in every

era hold on tightly to the core truths that don’t change even when others try

to reshape them the solid foundation I provide is always there to build on creating things

that are both useful and beautiful through different times my unchanging nature sets fixed laws in

the moral World which stay constant even as time and chance bring changes my dear child cling to this

reliable support especially when times get tough following my moral rules will keep

you balanced and stable no matter how much things change around you in a world

where even the lights that guide Sailors can fail or move I am the constant bright

Beacon I Am The Guiding star that brings lost souls back to safety whenever you feel lost look to my

unwavering light and it will lead you safely back to my welcoming arms come to me tired traveler and let

go of your burdens trading them for a plan made just for you one step at a

time there’s no need to rush or worry about reaching far off goals too soon

life’s journey unfolds slowly over an endless expanse not within the tight limits of Earthly

time move at a pace that’s calm and healthy Guided by Heavenly

relationships rather than rushing anxiously towards an unknown end in me you have already reached your

destination even as you continue on your journey home eternity is woven into your daily

life working in ways you might not see but always for your good don’t just look at things from the

surface distorted by the wear and tear of time instead see your life from

Heaven’s Viewpoint recognizing the careful planning behind everything that happens to you ignore any sense of

Randomness or meaninglessness focus on the beautiful detailed plan I have for you bringing

everything together perfectly for your benefit and to show my glory through those who are devoted to me be amazed by

The Incredible Journey from eternity to Eternity driven by my unchanging will

towards the goals I have set what a privilege it is to be a part of my Kingdom’s purpose under my

power this sense of awe in joining with my plan opens up New Perspectives that were once hidden by human

limitations now your soul can soar freely lifted by Heavenly currents towards endless Horizons of light Beauty

and Truth in this sinless realm there are no limits to the holy Visions you can

experience far beyond what the Earthbound mind can understand the seeds

of Eternity within you planted through rebirth long for the pure atmosphere of

Heaven their true home so come inherit the unending Beauties I have for you a

legacy that grows Brighter Day by Day let go of lesser things and embrace

the higher calling I offer you I have opened the way for you to enter the Sacred Space where you can

walk in blessing and Power by my grace and mercy alone you can’t earn this gift

it’s given freely to those who believe so come confidently into my presence

without fear I welcome you back once lost but now found once blind but now seeing

clearly you’re no longer alone but part of my kingdom under my just and loving

rule my life flows through through you transforming you into a home for the

almighty realize your true identity redeemed and restored to reign in Realms

yet unseen what was lost is now regained as you stand strong on the foundation of

redemption following the Victorious Risen Lord you are a child of mine built

strong and whole ready to rule with me my beloved child I see your heart’s

desire for guidance for a path forward through the trials and uncertainties of

this world know that I am with you always the strategies and Revelations I

impart are doorways to the Abundant Life I have planned for you tailored to the

unique person I created you to be but first the foundation must be

laid before the walls can be raised up the ground must be cleared and the Cornerstone set firmly in

place obedience is this Cornerstone careful adherence to my commands allows

me to build securely upon your life so that my blessings May

overflow the nations of this world prize accomplishments riches status yet even

the mightiest rulers bow down when my spirit moves through an obedient servant why require this surrender of

human ambition and will because the Mortal mind always tilts first toward

self my thoughts soar higher than yours as the heavens Tower over

Earth every strategy I give serves my eternal purposes unfolding in ways no

human eye can yet discern when you choose the path of humility and Trust setting aside your

assumptions about what is best then my transforming power breaks through the willingness to obey even

without seeing the reasons clears the way for me to do things Beyond Your Wildest imaginings

for you my beloved I Envision a life of vibrant Health Prosperity enough to give

generously as I direct Rich communion with me through prayer Divine

Connections in all your relationships a burgeoning Ministry that reaches hungry

Hearts if you fix your sight on me alone detach from other voices clamoring For

Your Allegiance I will bring it to pass every detail will emerge at just the

right time because my timing is Flawless when you have need of guidance

for the next step I will be there when a new opportunity arises I will highlight

it to you if it aligns with my purposes each Revelation uncovered will

prepare you for those still veiled move forward in trusting confidence that I

know the way through to the destination I have prepared for you the key that unlocks every door is

obedience in honoring my laws you honor the lawgiver does not a kingdom function

best when every subject respects the authority of the king then enter joyfully into this yoke

with me it is easy and light because I bear the weight I carve the

path your only task is to walk in it believing I see further than you possibly

could on this journey share what wisdom and resources you gain freely with others I bring across your path teach

those I place in your stewardship these same truths I teach you for the heights

of human achievement mean nothing next to a soul girded up in willingness to obey the maker who envisioned infinity

and spoke all worlds into being without me you can do nothing that will

endure with me your life acrs eternal riches untarnishable by moth or rust

[Music] for this very purpose I chose and formed you my precious one not because you

earned my favor through your own Merit What Mortal could scale such

Heights but because my extravagant love Delights in taking the small and weak things of this realm and transforming

them into vessels that radiate my glory here now is your invitation to

participate in this mystery walk the path of humility and Trust to its

destination allowing my commands to open up your life where it may lead I alone

can reveal but my promise always remains I will lift up the obedient Soul

who abandons All for Love Of Me The Way downward into empty nothingness is wide crowded with those

chasing Illusions but Drawing Near to me along the narrow way of surrender overflows

with unspeakable joy my strategies confound the established order yet offer the only reliable path

toward peace and plenty will you take my outstretched hand beloved

child will you choose to build on obedience is Firm Foundation instead of shifting

sand as you walk in harmonious step with me Miracles once hidden become boldly

visible The Impossible bows down before your eyes again and again your mouth

drops open in awe truly I tell you the extent of my abundance cannot be measured the reach

of my wisdom cannot be grasped not even the vastness of your Universe streaming

outward forever into Infinity can contain more than a fraction of my Transcendent Glory yet I the high and

lofty One enthroned Forever offer my very self to you in close relationship

through obedience does this Revelation Kindle hunger deep in your soul

then fling wide the gates your God awaits Treasures in hand ready to fill

you full and overflowing my storehouses of wisdom and strategies for Life brim with more than

enough for every need enough to generously share Take This Promise as your own you

will live and Thrive under my blessing to the full extent your capacity can contain as you walk the path of

surrender and Trust my precious child your heart’s longing

Finds Its answer here you sought a clear Way Forward I extend my hand you hoped

for Revelation tailored uniquely to the intricacies of your soul I speak words crafted just for

you the fiery passion of my love spills over in Torrance of blessing reserved only for those who fix their sight

firmly on me here is your invitation sealed by the blood of my lamb who made the way clear

set down every weight abandon every pretense of your own wisdom turn your

face fully toward mine then prepare to ascend with me nestled safely under my

mighty Wing to soar into Horizons of Abundant Life you have not dared dream

possible the narrow way of Faith appears Stark and difficult until you stand upon its Heights looking

back then you behold the vast unending treasury laid open for eternity to those

who simply believed enough to obedience is first small steps in me the impossible unfolds as

assuredly as Dawn dispels the night my promises prove themselves trustworthy in the faithful Soul

therefore come make your dwelling place here in the shelter of my wing and discover the

truth of my extravagant claims on your own the lowly small and weak I lift up

the in heart I Adorn in Robes of royalty the steps ordered by my light

touch unlock Mysteries ages long to understand this life of wholehearted

abandon to obedience awaits you beloved will you receive its unsearchable

riches I impart this blessing with the full force of my eternal Authority walk in the ways I establish

for you with attentive care then you will live long and well

thrive in Endeavor bear fruit that acrs to eternity’s credit my hand upon you moves mountains

opens doors reveals Secrets my joy washes your soul clean

and refreshes you for the journey ahead here is abundance in overflowing measure pressed down shaken together

running over into every corner of existence it awaits you in obedience my child I understand you still have much

to learn but I want you to know this obey my commands and be careful to follow them that is the path to becoming

righteous and prosperous it is the way I have prescribed for you to thrive in

accordance with my will I have been declaring this truth since the very

beginning adhering to my word is the ultimate life strategy the foundation

upon which all lasting success is built many of you are impatiently

waiting for me to hand you a step-by-step guide to wealth or clear instructions on starting a

business but I have already revealed the number one strategy in my word be very

careful to observe and follow my commands there are those among you who fervently pray to me make sacrifices and

plant seeds of Faith you do all these things in my name expecting Bountiful

returns yet I search your hearts and see idolatry the presence of other gods that

rank higher in priority than me just as Moses was utterly appalled at

the golden calf erected by your ancestors long ago I am grieved by the idols in your lives as well they may not

resemble statues made of precious metals but anything that usurps my rightful place becomes an idol for some it is

money possessions relationships careers but you shall have no other gods before

me my precious ones it is C certainly possible to be deeply devoted to me

outwardly while nurturing secret rebellion in your heart there are believers who seem to do

everything right praying giving serving but downplay or ignore my clear commands

in scripture consequently certain doors of blessing remain locked because of

disobedience in an area I have expressly addressed I cannot violate my righteous

standards to accommodate selfish motives and agendas if you long to experience the fullness

of my promises you must Embrace and closely follow my instructions I urge you to study my word

diligently so you are familiar with my heart and know exactly how I call you to

Live While anointed teaching can help supplement your knowledge you must develop personal intimacy with me

through consistent time in my presence my precious child do not lose

art I know situations seem Bleak and dreams feel Out Of

Reach but I assure you better days are coming as you realign your priorities

with my heart if specific prayers remain unanswered it is often because I have

already sent Solutions through people you overlooked or opportunities you

dismissed when you expect me to intervene solely according to your assumptions you risk passing by the very

breakthrough I orchestrated I am always working on your behalf orchestrating Divine connections

and opening doors at precise times but you must trust my timing and methods

which rarely follow human logic or expectations I see the full picture

while you grasp only a fragment my beloved child as you walk

closely with me in reverence and obedience I have incredible gifts

waiting for you you these Treasures once Out Of Reach will be generously poured

into your life from the storehouses of Heaven in my eyes you will stand

blameless and holy think of the benefits that come to those who Faithfully follow my commands

I promise to keep you safe from harm and to give you a long full life sparing you

from an untimely end you will never be in want for I will

provide for all your needs protecting you from lack in fact I will bless you abundantly

not just with what you need but with more than enough so you can give back to me with a heart full of

gratitude remember I am the god of increase when you use what you have

wisely I will bring growth and expansion in every area of your life you will live in peace and security

without worry for your daily needs needs and you will experience the complete fulfillment of my

promises wealth and riches are in your future but understand that these

blessings are not just handed out on demand it’s essential that your character grows first so that you can

manage my blessings wisely it’s through this growth and maturity that you will be prepared to

handle the abundance I have in store for you the moment you wholeheartedly commit to honor me first in everything

transformation will accelerate mightily across all spheres I will prepare your heart and

mind for sudden radical increase and Supernatural abundance as you yield more completely

to my spirit’s guidance cooperating with my plans instead of demanding I submit to yours you will encounter explosive

blessings that leave no doubt I have favored you expect the extraordinary as I catapult promising ideas into wildly

successful venture watch relationships Blossom out of nowhere into profound life-giving

connections ordained from eternity past I will Astound you with Miracles open

doors previously slammed Shut by the enemy schemes and turn mourning into dancing with an outpouring of joy and

laughter yes my beloved child unimaginable abundance awaits those who

selflessly love and pursue Me Above All I will Channel resources into redeeming

all that sin has corrupted restoring True Justice and Beauty everywhere I

will feed multitudes of precious children ravaged by preventable disease and

malnutrition I will liberate victims trapped in cycles of exploitation I will rebuild communities

torn apart by violence and oppression every good Endeavor that aligns with my Compassionate Heart I

will anoint mightily through my children the time has come for extravagant Kingdom invest M on a global

scale Precious Child do not be anxious over anything as corrupt economies grown

under the weight of misguided priorities chaos will intensify globally as the love of money and power controls

World Systems opposed to me but no weapon formed against you will

ultimately succeed as I Shield those who dwell in My unshakable Kingdom so refuse to adopt the mindset

of this Fallen age regardless of alarming headlines reject thoughts that attempt to instill panic and

instability reject visions of the future polluted by the enemy’s lies my kingdom remains unshakable as

Ages come and go my beloved citizens lack no good thing you were created to walk in sheer

Delight embracing your true identity as my Priceless treasure ask me for Revelation that

enlightens spiritual eyes to see circumstances and challenges from Heaven’s pers

perspective my strength will Infuse such unspeakable joy that no difficulty can

overpower indeed the most brutal seasons will become launching pads for new levels of intimacy with me that unlock

Realms of creativity you never knew possible allow my grace to teach you

exponential peace and confidence instead of conditions triggered by this

age as you yield more fully to my loving wisdom and set of popular philosophies

unshakable stability and warmth will envelop your heart for in my presence all anxiety and fear vanish instantly

one encounter with my glory revolutionizes everything my dear ones in these simple

words you’ll find wisdom and a way to better understand life in this vast

Universe with its countless stars and wonders I am there loving and guiding

all things big and small remember Solomon a man who valued wisdom

over wealth his choice to put Faith in obedience first brought him unexpected

blessings this same path is open to you it’s not about grand gestures but about

sincere steps in faith in your Quiet Moments When you turn your thoughts to

prayer I am there to offer guidance gently and clearly it’s like the first light of

dawn that slowly brightens the sky I encourage you to seize these moments

with a heart full of Faith this is how you align with the good I have planned for

you through Jesus I hope to bring you strength and Clarity I want to help you see the paths

I set before you and give you the courage to follow them think of my spirit as a friend who

walks with you helping you to feel my presence and understand my will I am here to empower you to help

you do great things and to find your place in this world my guidance is like a light for

your path shining through any doubt or indecision showing you the way of Truth

and righteousness my children remember this simple truth when you focus

wholeheartedly on one good purpose your life will be filled with a kind of inner

light keep your goals clear and stay true to the path I’ve shown you I’m

always with you helping and guiding you in every part of your life whether it’s your health your relationships your

finances or your spiritual journey when people meet you they’ll

feel something of my presence in you your life can be a source of Hope and a

reflection of the good things I’ve given you as you grow wiser and stronger

you’ll find favor in both Divine and human eyes I promise you plenty of Grace to do

all the things I’ve asked of you my grace is all you need even when you feel

weak because that’s when my strength can work best in you be happy and know that

I always want what’s best for you share these words with others by doing so you

help spread my message and my blessings some of my children really

need to hear this it might be the key they’ve been looking for to unlock their own

potential consider the act of sewing SE Deeds not as a transactional gesture but

as an expression of faith and obedience I speak to your hearts guiding

your offerings not in a measure of quantity but in alignment with my Divine

will remember it is not the magnitude of the seed that moves my hand but the

sincerity and obedience with which it is given be attentive to my voice for I am

a god of precision and purpose in the intricacies of timing and the specifics of seasons and numbers my

handywork is evident doubt not the instructions I impart for in your obedience lies the unfolding of my

divine plan amen

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