my precious child never doubt the depth

and constancy of my love for you I am

your heavenly father and my words are


true many around you have been deceived

by the enemy thinking I am distant

judgmental and withholding blessings

because they feel

unworthy these are terrible

falsehoods my love for you knows no

bounds consider all the ways I reach out

to you using every means to communicate


heart wherever your eyes turn I place my

messages of

love I long for you to see and feel the

reality of My Affection deep within I

will stop at nothing to assure you of my

ceaseless love learn to receive it

fully my words are meant to nurture your

growth fortify your spirit and echo in

your soul as a constant reminder of my

devotion Embrace this wonderful truth

love love love declare it boldly let it

resonate in your

heart as you do watch as your frailties

are exchanged for Extraordinary

strength this is the experience of The

Heroes of Faith throughout

history my voice spoke to them just as

it now speaks to

you allow me to uplift you with a life

overflowing with joy and

abundance tune your heart to my words

knowing I am right here with you in the


moment even when you feel isolated

misunderstood and overwhelmed by

trials be assured of my unwavering

Presence by your

side my love surpasses anything you have


known this is why I am here now eager to

listen encourage and mold you into a

person filled with happiness fulfillment

and success so please heed my counsel

everything I share with you today is

designed to infuse your soul with peace

Solace and

Liberation my dear one do not attempt to

flee for my presence for nothing can

sever you from me refuse to succumb to

hopelessness or be crushed by life’s

burdens do not let the enemy’s

destructive schemes impact you instead

allow me to help let me hold you

securely and guide you on life’s journey

the path of righteousness where

Tranquility joy and peace

abound place your hand in mine and let

me lead you into the Fulfillment of my

promises no matter how dismal

circumstances appear I will never

forsake you I will forever remain at

your side upholding you and infolding

you In My

Embrace my sole desire is to bless you

with a life brimming with happiness

purpose and abundance Provisions that

satisfy your needs and the longings of

your heart and

soul this is why my child I will never


you I will continually remind you of the

depths of my love for you are my unique

and marvelous

creation I have called you to a life of

blessing and prosperity so you can

experience true Joy on this

Earth though at times you may lose sight

of your identity and the purpose to

which I have called you be at peace I am

here to remind you guide you and Empower

you to fulfill it no matter how Grand

your dreams and aspirations may be I

will help you achieve them for you are

my cherished treasure deserving of

happiness I understand the times you are

burdened by guilt over past mistakes and

failures and how challenging it is to

extend forgiveness to

yourself yet remember my forgiveness is

always AA aailable to

you I will never condemn you

harshly what matters most to me is that

you turn from wrongdoing and grow from


missteps I desire your growth and

transformation into the best version of

yourself recognize that every hardship

obstacle or adversity is an opportunity

for growth and

resilience these challenges are Stepping

Stones elevating you to new heights of

faith and a life filled with purpose and


you will reach your goals and dreams

arriving at a place of lasting

flourishing no matter what transpires I

will watch over you and bring to pass

all that is written in my word simply

keep pressing

forward do not be disheartened by trying

times they are indications of the great

things I am about to do in your

life my child never lose sight of the

immensity incomparability and eternal

nature of my love for

you my greatest longing is to protect

you bless you and cause you to

thrive to fill your life with joy even

though I am

unseen know that I am perpetually by

your side with every heartbeat every

breath and in every yearning of your

soul I am

there I will always care for you love

you and sustain you regardless of what

happens in this

world so I implore you my child

to place your trust in me open your

heart fully to me and entrust the Reigns

of your life to my care allow me to

handle everything that could distract

you or hinder the blessings I have in

store surrender everything into my

capable hands and I will make you a

prosperous joyful and thriving

individual I assure you I will never let

you down I will always be available to

listen comfort and assist you in

fulfilling your dreams simply trust in

me and you will be the recipient of

every kind of blessing I will cause you

to abound in all things so your life

stands as a vibrant testimony of my love

Grace and

forgiveness let all see that those who

trust in me will never be put to

shame so my beloved child always hold

fast to the truth that I love you a love

that transcends human

comprehension don’t attempt to reason it

out for it is beyond your

grasp simply believe it and rest assured

that I am always here for you to love

you and guide you along the path of

happiness joy and

abundance trust in me and it shall be so

Harbor no doubts my love for you is

Everlasting knowing no limits or

conditions today my words are directed

straight to your heart to reaffirm the

depths of my love for you my

child I never want you to forget that

you are my most cherished

creation the most Exquisite work of my

love even before your birth I had you in

mind I fashioned you with tender

affection and placed within your heart

my Divine

Purpose the moment you entered this

world I was already watching over you

and as you matured I protected you

guiding your every step even when you

were unaware of my

presence I was constantly with you in

times of joy and

sorrow the ultimate proof of my

boundless love for you is the work of my

son Jesus Christ through him I have

demonstrated my unconditional love my

commitment to your well-being and my

desire for you to experience a full and


Life my son Jesus was the greatest gift

and the Supreme evidence of my love for


never forget that his actions were

motivated by love for all

Humanity he came to Earth to save you to

carry your burdens heal your wounds and

show you the path to Eternal Joy you my

child will forever hold a place of

importance to me so pay no heed when

others try to convince you otherwise

banish from your mind those misguided

Notions that bring you sorrow suggesting

your life has no value for you are my

most precious treasure your life serves

a unique purpose in this world I have

called you to great things you will

accomplish Mighty deeds in my name

blessed to be a blessing to others and

never forget that I am with you always

even when loneliness Creeps in when you

feel misunderstood or when everything

seems to be against you remember that I

am there in your heart accompanying you

with each step holding you up when you

you stumble and lifting you up to press

on I want you to grasp my child that my

love for you Knows No Boundaries and

nothing can separate you from

me even if you choose to wander down a

different path I will always be here

waiting for your return no matter how

often you

stray my forgiveness is always available


you my beloved child I want you to know

that my love for you is constant and

unwavering it’s not dependent on your

successes or failures your strengths or

weaknesses my love for you is

unconditional and

everlasting in this world you will face

challenges and obstacles that may seem

insurmountable you may feel lost afraid

or overwhelmed at times but remember I

am always with you my presence will give

you the strength and courage to overcome

any adversity

when you’re in the midst of a storm it’s

easy to lose sight of what truly

matters but if you keep your eyes fixed

on me and hold fast to my

promises no harm will come to you I will

be your shield and your protector your

safe haven in times of

trouble I know that life can be

difficult and painful at times you may

experience heartache disappointment or

loss but even in your darkest moments I

am there with you you loving you

comforting you and giving you hope for a


future my child I have a plan and a

purpose for your

life every challenge you face is an

opportunity for growth and

transformation every trial is a chance

to deepen your faith and trust in me I

want you to know that my thoughts

towards you are always

good I desire to give you a future

filled with hope and

blessing but to receive all that I have

for you you must draw near to me and

make me the center of your life when you

seek me with all your heart you will

find me when you trust in me completely

I will guide your steps and lead you on

the path of

righteousness when you surrender your

life to me I will work all things

together for your

good my child I am your provider and


sustainer I will meet all your needs

according to my glory

riches I will give you wisdom and

discernment to navigate the challenges


life I will fill you with my peace that

surpasses all

understanding but to experience the

fullness of my blessing you must let go

of anything that hinders your

relationship with me you must lay aside

every weight and sin that so easily

entangles you you must fix your eyes on

me and run with perseverance the race

that is set before you

I know that the Journey of life can be

long and difficult at

times you may grow weary and discouraged

along the way but remember I am your

strength and your

song I will renew your energy and give

you the power to soar on wings like

eagles when you feel like giving up

remember that I am with you always I

will never leave you or forsake you I

will uphold you with my righteous right

hand my child I have called you by name

you are mine I have redeemed you and set

you free from the power of sin and death

I have given you a new identity in


Jesus you are no longer defined by your

past mistakes or

failures you are not bound by the

opinions or expectations of others you

are a new creation in Christ fully loved

and accepted by

me I want you to live each day in the

confidence of my love for you I want you

to walk in the freedom and joy that

comes from knowing me

intimately I want you to experience the

Abundant Life that I have promised to

all who follow

me but this life is not without its

challenges you will face opposition and

persecution for your faith in me you

will encounter trials and tribulations

that test your

resolve but do not be afraid for I have

overcome the

world in me you have the victory in me

me you have the power to overcome any

obstacle or enemy that comes against you

in me you have the strength to persevere

and the courage to stand firm in your

faith my child I am calling you to a

life of purpose and

Destiny I’ve gifted you with unique

talents and abilities that are meant to

be used for my

glory I’ve placed you in this world to

be a light in the darkness a Beacon of

Hope to those who are lost and hurting

but to fulfill your calling you must be

willing to step out in faith and

obedience you must be willing to take

risks and make sacrifices for the sake

of my

kingdom you must be willing to lay down

your own plans and Desires in order to

follow my will for your

life I know that this can be scary and

uncomfortable at times but remember I am

with you every step of the way I will

guide you and direct your

path I will give you the wisdom and dis

discernment you need to make the right

choices my child I want you to know that

I am proud of you I Delight in you and

rejoice over you with

singing I see your heart and your desire

to please

me I know the struggles and the

sacrifices you have made for my

sake but I also see the areas in your

life that need to be surrendered to me I

see the habits and attitudes that are

holding you back from experiencing the

fullness of my

blessing i I see the relationships and

the Pursuits that are distracting you

from my purpose for your

life today I invite you to lay these

things down at my

feet I invite you to trust me

completely and to follow me

wholeheartedly I invite you to let go of

anything that is hindering your

relationship with me and to embrace the

Abundant Life that I have for

you my child I know that the road ahead

may seem uncertain and the future may


unclear but I want you to remember that

I am the god of the impossible I am the

one who parted the Red Sea and brought

down the walls of

Jericho I am the one who raised Jesus

from the dead and defeated the power of

sin and death with me all things are

possible with me you can face any

Challenge and overcome any obstacle with

me you can accomplish great things for

my kingdom and bring glory to my name so

do not be afraid my child do not be

discouraged or dismayed for I Am With

You Always even to the end of the age I

will never leave you or forsake

you I will always be your loving father

your faithful friend and your constant

companion trust in me with all your

heart and lean not on your own

understanding in all your ways

acknowledge me and I will make your


straight I love you with an everlasting

love love and my grace is sufficient for

you my power is made perfect in your

weakness and my strength is available to

you in every moment my dear child I

understand your heart is heavy with

doubts and worries but I want you to

know that you can always trust in my

love and care for you when you place

your life in my hands you don’t need to

be afraid of

anything I will provide for all your

needs and guide you through any

challenges my promises to you are true


unchanging even if things seem difficult

now brighter days are

ahead as you trust in me your finances

will improve and your relationships with

loved ones will grow

stronger I deeply desire for you to

experience true joy and peace you can

let go of anxieties and burdens that

weigh you down release the pain of the

past and step forward into the wonderful

future I have prepared for you the

dreams and hopes in your heart are ones

that I myself have placed there have

courage to pursue them knowing that I am

always with

you in me you will find love that drives

out fear and brings healing to your

spirit allow my presence to fill your

mind and heart let my peace replace

worries and confusion as you surrender

your life to me I will lead you on the

very best path one filled with purpose

favor and

blessing even though trials and

obstacles may come they will not


you I will give you strength to

persevere and wisdom to navigate

difficulties keep moving forward in

faith one day at a time stay connected

to me through prayer and reflecting on

my words of truth and hope as you do you

will begin to thrive and become all I

created you to be a precious unique

individual with so much wonderful

potential I Delight in you and cherish

you more than you can

imagine nothing can separate you from my


love so be encouraged today my

child I am working on your behalf to

bring about good things even if the

process is slower than you

expected your current circumstances

don’t Define you or limit what I can do

I am greater than any challenge you

face keep believing in my goodness and

power maintain a hopeful positive

outlook your thoughts and words are

significant so choose to focus on what

is pure lovely and

admirable as you do your part to walk in

faith and obedience I will do mine to

bless and prosper you you will see

sorrow turn to Joy and mourning to

dancing tears of pain will be replaced

by tears of happiness as I shower you

with my kindness and

favor remember you are incredibly

precious and valuable to me I I am

always thinking of you working on your

behalf behind the scenes trust that I

have beautiful plans for your life I

long to see you living in the fullness

of my blessings and experiencing my very

best even if things have been

disappointing I am able to redeem and

restore I can take the broken pieces and

make something new and

wonderful so take comfort in knowing

that nothing is too difficult for me I

am not limited by anything you are going


my power is more than sufficient to

change your situation and lead you to

the bright future I have destined for

you I have amazing things in store more

than you can ask or

imagine keep holding on to your dreams

and boldly pursue the purposes I’ve

placed within you even if progress seems

slow refuse to give up breakthroughs are

on the way as you stay faithful and

committed to the process you are chosen

and called by me I knew you and loved

you before you were even born my

thoughts toward you are precious and

outnumber the sand I am for you and not

against you I will lead provide and

fight on your

behalf so look ahead with expectancy

knowing that your story isn’t over The

Best is Yet to Come As you continue to

walk hand in hand with me fresh hope

renewed strength and exciting opport

opportunities are in your future refuse

to let temporary setback steal your joy

or hinder your progress I am removing

every obstacle and breaking every chain

that has held you back as you align your

life with my plans and allow my spirit

to guide you you’ll see amazing doors

open before you what has been impossible

with man is more than possible with

me receive my love and acceptance in

Greater measure

allow it to heal wounds and strengthen

you from the inside

out you don’t have to strive or struggle

anymore simply rest in my unshakable

faithfulness I will supply your needs

and Empower you to walk in

Victory keep standing strong even in the

midst of

adversity these present trials are

refining your character and preparing

you for the incredible Adventures that


ahead draw near to me in every moment

and I will generously provide wisdom

comfort and

direction I am working everything out

for your good and my glory trust in my

timing and

methods I am lining up people resources

and situations to bless and Propel you

forward what I have started in you I

will Faithfully

complete remember my deep unchanging

affection for

you nothing you do could ever make me

love you more and nothing will ever

cause me to love you less you are secure

in my

unconditional unending commitment to you

so lift your eyes to me the source of

your help and hope be assured that my

magnificent plans will unfold in your

life as you continue to seek me above


else I will establish your steps and

cause you to experience favor on every

side receive my Supernatural peace and

refuse to be shaken by temporary

circumstances I am your firm unshakable

foundation and I will never fail you

keep moving forward with boldness and

confidence knowing that I am proud of

you as you stay yielded to my spirit you

will experience the full Abundant Life I

have always intended for you

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