my child come and listen to the words I wish to speak over your life I have seen

the financial struggles you face the lack you endure the constant worry over

making ends meet my heart breaks because this is not my desire for you I created

this world in all its abundance for you to enjoy not to barely scrape

by I am calling out to you now to impart wisdom and strategy for the coming days

the blue prints for financial increase are already being released strategies to build wealth and

prosper my people are in motion I am orchestrating a complete turnaround in your

finances the rain clouds are approaching even when you cannot yet see them on the

horizon before the first drops arrive start preparing the soil lay the groundwork now through faith and

obedience to Steward what I am releasing formulate your business plan open bank account counts take steps in

the natural realm to position yourself for blessing my grace is coming upon you to both imagine and accomplish what I am

birthing in your spirit the ability to create Prosperity comes from me

alone never forget this truth it is not your striving but my goodness making a

way remain humble through it all here is the strategy I’m imparting

to you go to the oceans of financial abundance I have created and cast your

nets I will fill them to overflowing with provision ideas contracts customers

and more than you need bring in the catch then distribute the excess to fund my work for there are so many struggling

to make ends meet in this world I do not desire any of my children to merely scrape by my plan since the beginning

has been for abundance more than enough to bless Generations after you so cast

your nets boldly and believe for the superat natural miraculous Supply only I can

bring others have labored and you get to enter their reward the spiritually wealthy who have

gone before you stewards of Heaven’s wealth their prayers faith and Legacies

are combining with yours to call forth Prosperity unprecedented on the earth thus far but remember the source always

exalt my name through it all for financial increase shall surely come to the righteous my very words declare such

Bountiful promises ask and it will be given unto you I shall open the windows

of heaven and pour out blessings without measure you will lend to Nations and not

borrow the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just you shall be called the repairer of

Broken Walls and restorer of streets to dwell in Kingdom principles are setting

captives free from poverty and lack my passionate desire for for you

will be realized at last here is my blueprint for you to create wealth and

prosper first renew your mind from the lies of the evil one the enemy Works

overtime to sabotage my children from receiving their full inheritance he is

the thief who comes to steal kill and destroy but I have come to give you life

more abundantly treat poverty thinking as from the pit of Hell it does not

originate with me my nature is extravagant lavish and overflowing

generosity second make friendship with faithful abundance thinking Believers surround yourself with those

who speak the language of abundance and prosperity let their Big Dreams stir

Faith inside you catch the anointing on their lives through Association for iron

sharpens iron you will rise together as you connect

third ask largely of me expand your vision of what is

possible limiting beliefs result in limited resources but as you believe in my

boundless Supply you make room for increase in your life Let Your Capacity

to receive grow I wish to blow your mind with blessing without measure so make room

for the more I wish to give fourth give generously from whatever seed you hold

now so into fertile Ministry ground as I lead you understand the spiritual laws of

reciprocity and increase what you make happen for others will come back to you twice fold as you

water others I will water you give and it shall be given back shake the small

thinking that holds you back and fifth decree the promises of my word over your

finances daily the power of life and death is in the tongue

release faith-filled words for I watch over my word to perform it speak only

increase promotion overflow call for the wealth of the wicked laid up for

you let your words create a womb for me to birth Miracle Supply within you I am

causing Financial Revolution to come to my righteous children the generational curses of poverty stop now you will M

the hidden riches I have stored up just for you this is my heart this is my plan

for you to create wealth and prosper but there are practical steps you must

take firstly heed the call to wise stewardship of thy

resources Master the art of allocation setting aside portions for future needs

and for the growth of thy wealth seek the counsel of The Prudent If thy own understanding is limited refrain from

the Folly of living beyond thy means scrutinize thy outlay with the wisdom of

Solomon and cast aside that which does not serve thy needs if necessary Embrace

a simpler life dwell within the bounds of what thou Hast while keeping faith

for the Lord’s provision to increase secondly make it thy solemn

quest to break free from the shackles of debt enter into no Covenant with creditors but rather establish a plan of

steadfast repayment sacrifice worldly Temptations to achieve a state of financial

Liberation it is my desire for thee to be unburdened by Earthly chains thirdly labor diligently to

multiply thy streams of sustenance extend thy hands to the spindle and let thy hands hold the

distaff seek knowledge and wisdom in diversifying thy means as one who plants

in many fields explore avenues that yield fruit even while thou sleepest using the tools

of the Modern Age to further thy Prosperity transform thy god-given gifts

and talents into Ventures that bear fruit whether through writings crafts or thy skills

shared verily the ways to prosper in thine own dwelling are numerous in this

time trust in my guidance for I shall lead thee step by step fourth nurture

the seeds I have given you to cultivate increase your gifts talents education

experience personality invest in developing your highest and

best to serve others well pull those seeds out of hibernation you have left

languishing plant them in Fertile opportunities I will bring across your path and watch them grow into trees of

prosperity that keep making fruit year after year you have so much untapped potential

waiting to be awakened I will awaken seeds long dormant together we will see them

flourish my child I have appointed angels of breakthrough to go before you this

year they carry keys to unlock promises long delayed expect sudden blessings

chance encounters unexpected favor and surprises no one saw coming these angels

know your story and the Injustice you have faced they have been authorized to

unleash breakthrough to make up for lost time for the years the Locust has eaten will be restored expect acceleration at

last your financial future is forever changed because of the finished work of

the Cross what was purchased at Calvary is yours by Covenant right healing

Deliverance prosperity and inheritance you have legal access to the riches of Heaven’s

resources sin sickness poverty and death have no hold on you anymore walk free

from it all none of this this is ego-driven but rather full recognition of who I created

you to be access these spiritual riches through prayer and Faith filled

declaration call forth what already legally Belongs to You possess your

possession let Kingdom wealth and resources be made manifest in the Earthly

realm I’m also assigning you angels to bring wealth creating ideas inventions

property opportunities Investments and business es across your path they carry Scrolls for you that

release access to the hidden resources ordained just for you I have

supernaturally stored up riches over the ages just for you to now

unlock receive open eyes to recognize doors I am opening around you seize hold

of Kingdom keys to unlock the next level there are assets properties Estates

Investments and blessing released at Calvary that have your name on them as you learn to spiritually access

the Eternal realm where these are safely stored up you can transfer them into the natural realm through Declarations of

Faith pull them out of heavenly places by claiming what Jesus already paid

for be bold and persistent to receive I take great Delight as you

access more of your unclaimed inheritance for finances in the the kingdom operate very differently from

the world system as you expand your perspective of me the I Am the source of all worlds you

make room for so much more blessing to come through you align with the boundless creativity of my nature that

never runs dry expect new streams of Revenue new contracts new customers and New

Opportunities flowing steadily like a river for I am opening rivers in desert

wastelands right now I alone can cause water to flow from a

rock watch me do the miraculous as you stand in deeper Faith the key is first seeking my

kingdom and my righteousness so pursue Me Above any Earthly gain allow my values to shape

your inner life more than money ever could serve my purposes on the earth for that is your highest call and as you do

my sons and daughters Watch How extravagantly I bless you financially

all my promises are yes and amen for you to create wealth and prosper this is my

heart this is my desire now you will see my child the most vital dialogue you

will ever have is with me and with your inner self you awake with it carry it

throughout your day and ultimately act upon it for a time your selft talk was

twisted and dark my child the most vital dialogue you will ever have is with me

and with your inner self you awake with it carry it throughout your day and

ultimately act upon it for a time your selft talk was twisted and dark but just

as I can restore a polluted stream I can purify the river of your mind many souls

are afraid to reveal their true selves as you once were ashamed you hid your

struggles from others but transformation begins when you can stand before any crowd and say this is who I

am progress starts when you can look within and say here is where I must

improve I found you in a desolate State toiling amid harsh conditions you felt abandoned and

valueless but this was the Genesis of your Awakening you realize that on this Earth

you have only me to rely upon I will never leave nor forsake you

and so you began to build an unbreakable mindset my child it is human nature to

shy away from adversity Walling yourself into a narrow existence for fear of the unknown

Beyond but one day you boldly ventured forth mentally You Broke Free of

self-imposed limits you realized that with my help you could achieve far more

than you imagined most Souls prize comfort and complete complacency yet these twin thieves

silently rob you of higher purpose too often my children settle for a lesser path rather than push against

resistance no one intends to stagnate or lose their way it happens slowly one

small Surrender At A Time Each new level attained is a chance to stop striving

and get comfortable many stall their calling never reaching their full

potential but you my child must choose not to settle you must feed

the fire I placed within you my children are easily distracted in your Modern Age

hours upon hours are lost in idle Amusement consider what you could accomplish if you redeemed that time new

skills mastered Works birthed Horizons expanded when you pacify yourself with

empty diversions you smother the possibilities within who could you have become

what could you have done your soul holds unlimited potential to shape your world

tragically most will depart this life without ever realizing what they left

unfulfilled but you must dare to seek more I will fan your inner fire rather

than Let It Fade to Embers I crafted mankind not for ease but for glorious

achievement my breath blew life into Adam’s nostrils and that animating spark

blazes within you still though I permit seasons of repose I

ultimately drive you ever onward and upward for I know the plans I have for you plans not of comfort but of purpose

of substance not stagnation the highest calling is not Tranquility but

transformation when your heart perceives a worthwhile goal resistance invariably

arises but through resistance grow strong Souls just as lifting heavy loads builds

physical iCal muscle embracing hardship forges spiritual muscle the greater the struggle the

mightier you become in due season the once impossible becomes possible through disciplined

devotion many Souls shrink from resistance some engage it partially before they quit but those who persevere

reap exponential reward the level of success you attain equals the resistance

you’re willing to endure the path of devoted discipline is long but its destination is

miraculous fight on my child press ever forward never get too comfortable the

most fruitful Seasons lie ahead rise early before a sleeping World guard your

mind in solitude with me the hour is tender the air pregnant

with possibility before cacophony erupts my spirit revives the seeking

heart heart that communes with me in the Silvery Dawn when you open your eyes to a new

day a head lurks snares of Plenty the enemy schemes to whisper lies and ignite

your passions but as a soldier Dawns armor for battle so you must daily equip your

mind against his schemes meet me first in the early morning watch that we may face the

coming day with boldness not fear my warrior you know well the

painful blow yet through pain comes your greatest power skill in battle is honed not on

tranquil days but turbulent your metal shines brightest under assault learn to welcome attacks

as opportunities to Showcase your prowess endure hardship not with teeth

gritted but head held high rallying others through steadfast example all share common raw materials

for Ascension hours in a day by which to seize their Destiny yet often my

children Sleepwalk through their allotment drugged by Amusement meanwhile others actively

claim each moment and Ascend to Legendary Heights the difference is not ability

but priority Champion Souls cement discomfort into their daily fabric what

specific areas of growth should you target where precisely must you apply discomfort to see exponential returns

this question has perplexed many aspirants but I will chart the course for those Keen to

follow worldly Comfort resembles a nursing lion cub how delightful at first

but coddle the cub and soon it becomes a ravenous Beast if you would rule over it

treat comfort as a servant not a master never indulge it make it work for you

discomfort forges character ease erodes it use discomfort to drive a

achievements that actualize your highest identity in your past undisciplined

Comfort ran Riot through your days like a creeping weed it choked out disciplines that nourished your true

self but I rip this strangling Vine away at the roots I clear the ground completely that Noble seeds May Thrive

this reclaimed space now awaits your vision what monument shall you erect upon this ground how will you use the

remaining years I give you Eternal vigilance is is essential as new shoots

emerge pull them up swiftly do not let them gain purchase Comfort conquered you

long ago but now you have conquered Comfort through me visualization

precedes materialization harnesses imagination that glorious gift

bequeathed solely to mankind athletes and warriors mentally rehearse future contests to prepare

their nerves for battle in a simp similar manner follow my path in Rich detail from present

struggles to intended triumphs keep this image ever before your mind’s eye when

demons whisper failure rebuke them with sights and sounds of imminent Victory when Crossing unfamiliar terrain

wise explorers traverse the route beforehand to anticipate challenges in similar fashion preview

your road ahead by following my guidance troubles likely to arise rarely

catch my chosen offguard for they walk the course with me Victory favors the

spiritually prepared as you visualize desired outcomes probe while you burn for

them what ignited this internal fire what Memories Forge your mental

calluses hold your answers in ready reserve for moments when wounds of past defeat sting and fresh doubts swarm

review them often renew your vows Channel this lightning into your legs

when they turn wooden mid-race if your why Burns hot as blazing coals within no storm can quench

its fire its glow will guide your way through night’s blackest pitch just as I

guided Israel in Pillars of fire my strategies will not Sprout fruit

unless implanted in rich soil cultivated by discipline at the end of this furrow

lies an abundant Harvest reserved solely for the persevering my child the world applauds

glittering outcomes while ignoring the gritty unglamorous grind that invariably precedes

them but I see beyond worldly metals to the metal within physical Feats offer but a small

glimpse of your emerging Soul greater glimpses emerge when you master inner

Realms true victory means conquering cow is defeating lifelong demons that once

reduced you to retreat whatever stronghold has entrapped you declare emancipation this

day then showcase your inner metal bright as polished silver let your life embody this

truth within Every Soul exist chambers of potential accessible only by faithful

minds and Intrepid Hearts unlock them then tell all who will hear how you

moved from slave to ruler in My Kingdom through my power and remind them that

they bear Keys fashioned by me to unlock their hidden Realms too my child our training sessions now

must give way to demonstration tro the path blazed in pre-dawn

Visions follow this course with the Zeal of a warrior seizing a crown for at the

end of all striving stands your king but beware your real adversary schemes to

thwart your emergence he infiltrates your thoughts with paralyzing lies you’re unqualified

you’re not good enough who do you think you are with such poison he injected Eve’s

mind in Eden if given sway his Venom will corrupt the true Vision I implanted

for your Ascent when such assaults arrive anchor yourself aresh to truth you know by

heart you are fearfully and wonderfully made I do not make the inferior my power

at work within you is infinite for I am infinite I called and gifted you specifically for finishing this leg of

redemption’s relay run boldly the field lies open before you keep your gaze

upward and run my child I could have birthed you into royalty with wealth rank and ease but through hardship Souls

grow sturdy your suffering performed its work silently inwardly only you and I

saw there you develop the capacity to bless others but silent sewing of Tears

precedes external influence Moses’s stage was a secluded

Wilderness before the shouting throngs Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem’s

walls first in his heart before he lifted a tangible brick the New Testament Church shook

countenance from an upper room of devotion before it occupied streets filled with

wonders I often work through small devoted groups before transforming the

world you must tend the spark carefully for one day it will burst into flame my

precious child I am with you in this Valley shadowed by Darkness I see the

Unseen forces arrayed against you the powers and principalities that seek to oppress their Whispers And accusations

assail your ears their ominous presence weighs heavy upon your spirit do not

fear for greater Am I who lives within you the light of my presence puts to

flight even the deepest Gloom fix your thoughts on me now turn

your gaze to behold the radiance of my face here in quiet communion with me you

find refuge and strength no more striving in your own power against forces that will surely

overwhelm instead rest in the power of my might which raised Christ Jesus from

the grave do not be afraid I am with you the enemy has no power except what I

allow his schemes and Whispers shall come to nothing before the light of my

glory fix your thoughts on me beloved one on the radiance of my goodness allow

my peace to guard your mind to still the anxious beating of your heart you need

not combat the darkness in your own fragile strength simply abide in me for

I have already won the victory on your behalf The Savage wolves that Circle you

waiting to devour have been commanded to heal at my feet their teeth are dulled

their jaws bound shut with unbreakable cords the vultures Gathering to Feast

upon your flesh instead find their beaks sealed by my hand no weapon formed

against you can ever hope to prosper I demolish demonic altars raised up in defiance strongholds that exalted

themselves against my knowledge crash to the ground as sinking sand curses meant

to bind you snap like flax cords thrown into fire the plans of the enemy prove

powerless to prevent one jot of my word concerning you coming to pass thus I

extend to you again the invitation to enter my rest around this Oasis spread palm trees

Lush with shelter and shade Still Waters Sparkle inviting you weary Sojourner to

drink your fill in this Haven all the venomous accusations hurled at you lose their

sting watch as I transform every false and condemning word into bread to feed

your soul child lift your downcast eyes to gaze fully upon me now in all my glory

and light look no more at the churning chaos that yet nips at your

heels let not fretful tomorrow Rob peaceful today of its Joy here in this

Haven I pillow your head soothing you with songs of Deliverance

until calm displaces all turmoil within Rest in Me for soon and very soon I lead you out

from this Wilderness into the land prepared for you a broad place of promise and

plenty there your heart and flesh Will Rejoice without constraint in my goodness every last vestage of darkness

and despair shall flee before the Brilliance of my arising over your life even now the Shadows shrink back as

senu of dawn permeate the Eastern Sky the Gloom of night passes away on

Angels Wings overtaken by irresistible currents of light and Life and

Love Your Soul benumbed by Icy blasts of condemnation now begins to thaw and sing

in this warmth of my extravagant mercy and favor streaming upon you lift your

vision Beyond present troubles beloved child an unprecedented outpouring of my

spirit fast approaches a wave of Awakening poised to crash mightily over parched souls and revive

my slumbering church and shift Nations you have a critical role to play

in the swelling Crescendo of my glory blanketing the Earth this coming Collision of beauty and Brokenness this

unprecedented Collision Of Darkness and Dawn serves as a Launchpad catapulting you into new Realms of authority and

influence powers of Hell tremble in light of the wave I am about about to unleash through your willingness and

radical obedience hold fast servant of the most high as I expand your capacity

for greater workings of my spirit for I declare that the knowledge of my glory will indeed cover the Earth as the

waters cover the sea my faithful child the fevered ranting against you serves only to spread me everywhere

through your life even the Venom of the enemy becomes medicine to heal as I Infuse peace and vision now to

calm your soul amid chaotic times walk on in confidence that I will perfect all that concerns you soon and

very soon the fire and fury of this present Onslaught will pale before the Pure White Radiance beaming perpetually

upon your face as you behold me meanwhile beloved Warrior hold fast to

me with unshakable confidence in my goodness and Sovereign power rest under

shelter of my mighty Wing until Deliverance lifts you up On Eagle’s Wings

my precious child did I not promise to never leave or forsake you then refuse to yield

space in your thoughts to the lies pedal against you my word to you stands forever

settled in the heavens the deceptions of Hell carry all the substance of vapor

thrust them from your mind cast those tormenting Spirits far from you in my name for too long the

enemy has imposed his Twisted narrative on the landscape shape of your life seeking to sabotage your destiny and

make you desert your post but watch now as I the Lord over all arise to scatter

your foes before the lightning flash of my sword on your behalf my War Angels Blaze

Trails of fire through strongholds of Injustice and oppression until all ground is regained and every usurped

inheritance restored the violent Furious threshing stirred up by demonic rage serve only to

confirm this season birthing pains as breakthrough looms imminent be clenched now in intercession

to Aid Heaven’s host in enforcing my kingdom come into Earthly domains still held hostage by

evil the systems and structures exalting themselves against my rule even now

Teeter and Lurch toward inevitable collapse as my Endtime Army marches

forth the deepest night melts before the sunrise so every Darkness yet clinging

to your path dissolves as you walk in the warmth of my flame press forward with fixed gaze into

the brightness of your emerging future soon you will emerge Walking Tall

for the glory set upon you for now turn aside from the churning anxieties within

your soul and find shelter respit and refreshment in me allow my perfect love to displace

tormenting fears I immerse you in cleansing healing restoring empowering Waters until once

again you rise up to ride the Raging flood tides of my spirit well able am I to steer your

course steady and true even amid storm toss Seas of upheaval keep company with me here in

the secret place beloved child while the Winds of Change gust violently about

you in quiet communion with me your roots will plunge ever deeper into my steadfast nurturing love the trials

closing in around serve not to limit but to launch you farther into Destiny than ever you thought

possible beloved child did I not promise streams in the Wasteland and that

Wilderness awaits transformation into Springs welling up pools of

refreshing then lift your tear stained face to behold visible demonstrations even now of my spirit moving and

ministering to you in power out of this present Darkness will emerge incandescent Glory trans forming

grit into gold my precious one why do you yet stagger under burdens never

meant for you to carry this load of false responsibility and misplaced obligation weighs heavy on

shoulders already sagging shake off the pack now to Stand Tall again firmly rooted in my

unconditional love the harsh and condemning voices echoing through your mind speak lies seeded by the evil one

pay them no heed for they AR rise from the abyss instead tune your spiritual

ears to hear my gentle Voice singing Over You Melodies of grace and truth that set you free from Twisted

expectations even now the Noose of people pleasing and performance loosens its strangling hold over you broken I

remind you again that only my opinion carries lasting weight and significance my perception alone defines

your identity and determines your destiny You Belong To Me so reject outside claims seeking to exert

ownership thus I call you again simply to rest securely In My Embrace The

clamor of urgent obligations Fades as you yield striving to abide here with me

other voices grow distant their Authority diminished in light of my love no need to figure everything out

today precious child tomorrow awaits with mercies all its own for now let my presence soak

into your soul until every anxious thought dissolves my beloved child do not allow

the enemy’s accusations to take root in your heart any longer his lies have no place in the

truth of who I created you to be I formed you with great care and delight and my plans for you are

infinitely good even now I am working all things together for your ultimate blessing and

growth though the path may feel painful at times trust that I will never lead

you into suffering without purpose each trial endured with faith refines you

like gold in the furnace until the beauty of my image shines clearly through your life so cast aside the

heavy cloak of Shame and condemnation the deceiver uses to smother your true

identity you are not defined by past mistakes and failures nor can anyone’s judgment apart

from mine determine your worth and calling my grace is sufficient to cover for every

shortcoming lift your head and walk in the freedom and favor I died to bestow on you for I am doing a new thing

beloved streams of refreshing even now Bubble Up in the barren places seeds long buried break through

hardened soil reaching for my light doors of opportunity swing wide at

just the right moment launching you into the Fuller Destiny I ordained Before

Time began do not fear the unfamiliar landscape ahead I am with you to guide

each step Illuminating the path with my presence lean in to hear my gentle

whisper directing your way I will never steer you wrong or abandon you to navigate this journey

alone as the Earthly props you once relied on Fall Away let dependence on me

increase until I become your all in all relinquish the need to understand how

everything will unfold simply stay nestled close to my heart

resting in my steadfast love that no one and nothing can snatch you from for I am your Firm

Foundation your solid rock that withstands every shaking when all around gives way I

remain unchanging and unshakable I hold you secure in the shelter of my

wings waves of adversity May Surge and Roar but they cannot sweep you away from

my protective embrace even more than a caring Shepherd I am

your loving father who provides abundantly for your needs trust me in

the lean Seasons as much as times of Plenty for I have promised to meet every need according to my Limitless

riches you will not lack any good thing as you seek first my kingdom my yoke is easy and burden light

dear child in my presence striving ceases and peace Reigns over a troubled

mind here your soul finds rest from wearing demands and

expectations breathe deeply of my unconditional acceptance until it permeates your

being there is nothing you can do to make me love you more and nothing you have done can make me love you less

receive a fresh infilling of my spirit to strengthen and Empower you for the road ahead all of Heaven’s resources are

available to you as my Heir let rivers of Living Water water flow unhindered through your innermost

being cleansing renewing and restoring your soul I have placed gifts and abilities

within you designed to build my kingdom and bless others do not hide them away any longer

out of fear or insecurity invest these talents boldly

allowing my power to shine brightly in and through your weakness now is the time to arise and

step confidently into all I have prepared for you my favor surround you like a

shield goodness and mercy follow close behind all the days of your life no weapon formed against you will

prosper and every tongue rising to accuse you will be silenced so take

courage precious one my plans will not be thwarted in all the challenges you

face I will be your everpresent help through every fire I walk beside you in

deep Waters I uphold you nothing can separate you from my Fierce love that never lets you go keep your eyes fixed

on me the author and perfector of your faith I who began a good work in you am

faithful to complete it unto the day of Christ Jesus as you abide in me and my words abide in you much fruit emerges to

nourish a hungry world and bring glory to my name Rejoice my child for your

best days lie ahead of you beauty blooms in the ash es mourning turns to

dancing heaviness lifts as my glory Rises upon you prepare your heart for immeasurably

more than you can ask or imagine I Delight to Astound you with my

goodness in the land of the living amen

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