my beloved child hear my

voice this is your heavenly father

speaking I see you I know you and I have

a message for you in this season I am at

work in your life arranging and ordering

all things for my glory and your

ultimate good like a master Craftsman

restoring an old house I am renovating

every room and every hidden corner of

your soul I am making all things new the

old is passing away the hurts the

mistakes the regrets behold I am doing a

new thing do you not perceive it yes I

am sweeping through your life like a

spring Breeze clearing out the cobwebs

and clutter I am purging that which no

longer serves my purposes relationships

habits mindsets that have held you

back I am loosening their grip and

breaking their power for too long you

have been Shack L by the enemy’s lies

stuck in cycles of sin and

defeat but no more I am setting you free

who I set free is free indeed rise up my

warrior shake off the dust of the past

what are you waiting

for I have called you and equipped you

for such a time as this you are a chosen

arrow in my quiver a polished Stone in


sling I am releasing fresh wisdom

discernment and insight you will

perceive that which is hidden you will

see Beyond the Veil into the realm of

the spirit you will hear my Whispers

with Crystal

Clarity prepare to soar to new heights

Like an Eagle catching the

wind as you step into your destiny there

will be realignments in your

relationships some people are assigned

for a reason a season or a lifetime not

everyone can go where I I am taking you

do not fear the pruning process my

scalpel is steady and my hands are

gentle I am not removing those who are

destined to forever be part of your

story but in this new chapter I am

repositioning your heart and calling you


higher those relationships that are

draining the very life from your bones

those soul ties that are toxic and

destructive it is time to let them go I

am severing unhealth healthy connections

so that I can bring you true Covenant

connections I am doing a deep work in

your inner being down to the root and

Foundation I am changing the way you

think renovating your thought patterns

according to my word I’m uprooting lies

and planting seeds of truth I’m

reprogramming your mindsets and belief

systems no longer will you be conformed

to this world but you will be

transformed by the renewing of your mind

get ready for a kingdom paradigm

shift as I renovate your mind I am also

restoring your

body I am Jehovah Rafa the Lord your

healer I am breathing life into every

cell every organ every system where

there has been chronic pain I am

releasing Supernatural relief where

there has been disease and disorder I am

infusing my resurrection power I am

rejuvenating you from the Inside Out you

will run and not grow weary you will

walk and not faint prepare to operate at

maximum capacity and as I heal your mind

and body I am also prospering your soul

I am aligning your relationships your

resources and your

responsibilities I am orchestrating

Divine connections and Kingdom

Partnerships I am unblocking your

financial flow and releasing abundant

provision I am greasing the gears and

making your paths straight get ready for

favor like you’ve never experienced

before my child it’s time to step fully

into your identity and inheritance in me

you are not a slave to sin but a son and

a daughter of the most high God you’re

not defined by your past pain but by my

present purpose you’re not an orphan

scrounging for scraps but a Royal heir

feasting at the king’s table it’s time

to take your place the battles you’ve

endured the trials you’ve faced the

fires you’ve walked through they were

not for

nothing I have used them all to mold you

and make you to strengthen you and shape

you like a diamond formed Under Pressure

like gold refined in the furnace you are

emerging purer stronger and more radiant

than ever

before the enemy meant it for evil but I

am turning it around for my good I am

calling forth your

voice it’s time for my declarations to

flow like Rushing Waters decree my word

declare my promises a prophesy life over

dead dreams and Resurrection over


situations your words carry power in the

spirit Mountains will move chains will

break and atmospheres will shift when

you open your mouth in faith Faith don’t

hold back be bold and

courageous take territory for my kingdom

Advance into new spheres of influence

expand your vision enlarge your tent

pegs occupy until I

come I Am With You Always even to the

End of the Age my rod and my staff they

comfort you I am your rear guard and

your Shield when you walk through the

valleys I am with you when you scale the

mountaintops I am cheering you

on stay close to me in this season


intimacy linger in my presence marinate

in my word seek my face like never

before in the secret place of the most

high under the shadow of the almighty

you will receive Clarity and

strategy I will download Blueprints and

battle plans I will whisper secrets and

reveal Mysteries

I’m taking you deeper into the things of

the spirit Remember You are not alone

you are part of a chosen generation a

holy nation A peculiar people together

we are an Unstoppable Army an unshakable

Kingdom an indestructible Church We Are

Family your brothers and sisters are all

around you lean into authentic Community

build relationships founded on

vulnerability and trans transparency

learn to live together spur one another

on toward love and Good Deeds pray for

one another serve one another encourage


another together we will light up the

darkness and Pierce the night with my

glory as you step into all I have called

you to refuse to shrink back refuse to

settle refuse to

compromise I’ve not given you a spirit

of fear or to humidity but of power love

and a sound mind be strong in the Lord

and in the power of my might put on the

full armor of God wield the sword of the

spirit cast down every imagination that

exalts itself against my knowledge take

every thought captive to The Obedience

of Christ The Best Is Yet To Come I has

not seen Ear Has Not Heard neither has

entered into your heart all the things I

have prepared for those who love me me

trust my timing trust my process trust

my goodness I am the author and the

finisher of your faith I who began a

good work in you will carry it to

completion I am Alpha and Omega the

beginning and the

end I am the god of the turnaround the

god of the suddenly in a moment in the

twinkling of an eye everything can

change get excited stir up your faith

Act activate your

expectations I am about to astonish you

with my goodness I’m going to exceed

your expectations supersede your

estimations and shatter your

limitations brace yourself for more than

you can ask think or imagine I am

bringing you from glory to glory from

Faith to Faith and from strength to

strength I am catapulting you to the

next level there will be no more

stagnation only progression no more

delay only acceleration

no more one day only this day your due

season is here your suddenly season is

now so arise Shine for your light has

come and my glory is risen upon you

Darkness May cover the Earth and deep

Darkness the people but I will arise

over you and my glory will be seen upon

you I am exalting you like a city on a

hill keep your eyes fixed on me keep

your heart Anchored In My Love keep

running your race with

perseverance I am with you I am for you

and if I am for you who can be against

you nothing can separate you from my

love not height nor depth not

principalities nor powers not things

present nor things to come my love for

you is unshakable immovable and

unconditional I know the thoughts I

think toward you thoughts of peace and

not of evil to give you a future and a

hope I have destined you to be the head

and not the tail above only and not

beneath I have called you to be fruitful

and multiply to take dominion and subdue

I have crowned you with Glory and Honor

I have given you authority to trample on

serpents and scorpions and over all the

power of the enemy receive my love

receive my acceptance receive my

affirmation I am pleased with you I am

proud of you I am cheering you on

on you are my beloved Son my beloved

daughter in whom I am well

pleased before you were even conceived

in your mother’s womb I knew you I chose

you I set you apart I predestined you

for such a time as this now go forth in

boldness and courage take the land I

have promised you possess your

inheritance make the enemy pay for what

he stole from you restore the ruins

rebuild the ancient walls raise up the


foundations be a repairer of the breach

a restorer of streets to dwell in seek

the peace and prosperity of your city

take back what hell has plundered I am

leveling the playing field I am tearing

down obstacles and breaking through

barriers I am building highways in the

wilderness and rivers in the desert I am

making the impossible possible and the


doable get ready for Red Sea moments for


breakthroughs for Lazarus

Miracles I specialize in the suddenly

stay surrendered in this season stay

yielded and pliable let me have my way

in every area of your life resist the

urge to strive in your own strength

cease from your own labors and enter

into my rest submit your plans to me and

commit your Works to me I will cause

your thoughts to become agreeable to my

will and I will cause your plans to

succeed I am aligning you for Kingdom

assignment I am positioning you for

Kingdom promotion I Am shifting you into

your kingdom Destiny there is an

anointing on your life that will break

every yoke there’s an authority on your

life that will open every door there’s a

favor on your life that will cause even

your enemies to be at peace with you

walk in it this is a defining moment

this is a pivotal season this is a

history making hour I am calling you to

rise to the

occasion I am calling you to step into


destiny I am calling you to be a voice

not an

echo I am mantling you

aresh I am activating new gifts and

abilities I am increasing your capacity

to carry my presence I am expanding your

sphere of influence and enlarging your

territory get ready for rapid growth and


acceleration you are pregnant with

purpose so birthing in the spirit

travail for Destiny contend for the

promises press in for the Breakthrough

pray without ceasing decree with

boldness Advance the kingdom I am love

and I have poured out my love into your

heart by my holy spirit let my love be

your motivation let my love be your

foundation let my love be your

Hallmark as you have freely received now

freely give this is the hour of the

great outpouring this is the hour of the

latter rain the church is rising you are

Awakening the Harvest is ripening the

king is coming get ready my child you

were born for this

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