today you are to hear God’s message God has told you that throughout the next

days you will experience unprecedented desire doors opening and benefits more

frequently than before he warned you that this would happen this information

eventually made its way into the dream message you received instantly after such events he anticipated that you

would encounter times that may Astound you if you press on and make an effort you will see the Lord in His True Glory

people who can successfully run to him will get many benefits as you figure it out in the next several days God will

perform a miracle for you you won’t get the chance to take advantage of the doors that he opens for you for a long

time out of nowhere you can find yourself with a plethora of excellent

opportunities for self-improvement is everything you need to begin the process of achieving your

goals in place there may be evidence that God is involved in every facet of your identity after all if you trust him

and let him direct your life he will observe your events and use them to make his presence known always keep this idea

in mind as you go about your day the love you have for your children is unparalleled Father in Heaven There is

nothing else that can occupy the space it occupies it is the only thing that can to that end they are filled to the

brim with love and pride keep your infinite love and compassion in our hearts at all times and may we never

stop being thankful for all the blessings you’ve given us see this video all the way to the conclusion if you

want life-changing Miracles along with the power of the Holy Spirit May the god of wish in whom

you have placed your faith shower you with his own perfect joy and Tranquility

furthermore when you place your trust in the god of desire may he shower you with his greatest delight and serenity

even when it seems impossible I will restore you and I will provide hope the

Lord promises that his people will find a way out of a bad situation I will take

care of anything that you need in the right way I will restore your health and

make you whole again after a little over a month has passed you will realize that your current environment can be

drastically different from your prior one one reason you’ll notice this is because among other things your living

space has been completely transformed if you want to see significant improvements in your life in

your home in your heart and in your assets and resources you must keep praying and believing in Greater

electricity achieving improvements in the above ailments is Within Reach if you engage in even a single physical

activity I would very much appreciate it if you could give this video a rating

and a preference as long as your faith in God remains unshaken no River can

separate you from your journey and no sea can sweep you away as you go Downstream for I will be by your side

when the time comes for you to cross international waters I will be here to lend you a hand if you don’t take any

safety measures walking straight into a fire might not cause any Burns or fires

you need to do it so the Flames don’t ignite you no matter how careful you are

this will still happen to you Jesus promises that in the future you will have more love than anybody can handle

an infinite number of benefits and riches Beyond Your Wildest Dreams in addition he assures you that you will

experience all of these things in the next year including the release of long-suppressed feelings of Shame and

loss via Jesus’s garment they are being removed by him your music studies are

well known to him seize this opportunity while you can and revel in the riches and eternal peace that are waiting for

you right right now don’t let it pass you by you are being watched over by angels of protection God is actively

rushing for you at this very moment and holy people in heaven are speaking to each and every one of you all of those

things are happening right now this next week is all for you and I hope it’s

going to be the happiest and most incredible week of your life I find it intriguing that you may anticipate his

providing you with several benefits praying could have answers I am rearranging things so that they

will ultimately work for you but in the meantime hold on while forly locked doors become open wands new connections

arise goals are accomplished and goals are realized in times of need you are my

refuge and Fortress Lord I will sing for you but you must tell everyone on Earth

about this love joy laughter and an endless supply of various benefits will

replace everything that has brought you sorrow or suffering throughout the years according to God’s promise if you choose

to follow through on this promise you will find that your life is filled with joy fulfillment and love you are replete

with the Vitality to heal and rejuvenate and the days ahead will be among your

most prosperous and fruitful taking advantage of this risk gives you the

opportunity to improve and start a new the love of God as seen in Christ Jesus

our lord is greater than everything in the universe even the deepest and greatest Heights because Christ Jesus is

the source of God’s love that is correct since Christ Jesus our lord is

the embodiment of God’s love we are unable to be divided from it prepare to

receive a blessing that will change the course of your life with thankfulness and Faith the next day is here you will

be ready to swap ways of life the next day when you receive the opportunity to prepare for the gift you’re going to see

some very remarkable things emerge tonight because God is becoming better at wasting time and squandering

opportunities your enemies may be taken aback by God’s plans for your lives and they may Express serious concerns about

the stability of your planet that is due to the fact that God does marvelous deeds in your life in spite of all that

life throws at you keep in mind that your God God the Lord is on your side

fighting for you and promising you wondrous Triumph I really implore you to pray to me so that I might lend you a

helping hand if you think it’s crucial to know that I am the deity of all possible answers even when it seems like

none exist I refuse to meet your gaze until you undergo the metamorphosis that the

Lord has commanded never stop praying since excellent things happen every day

you should never give up on wanting a brighter future God has the ability to drastically and swiftly swap your life

for another you should be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead since as you may be sure you will encounter

difficulty in your life God says I have given you instructions everywhere you look so that you can find peace in me

it’s still possible however just like everything else in life even in this battle I have prevailed I beg you God to

show me the way to pronounce the correct words at the right time with the right tone so that my life is filled with

perfect timing and terminology and I may be proud and peaceful I’m happy that you

included some of my suggestions consequently I will be able to have a whole life devoid of misery one that is

Rich prosperous and peaceful Others May learn from your example that God can accomplish anything including healing

Miracles if they see how you remain now that you’ve shown that Miracles can really happen this is a done deal while

Jesus encourages us to enjoy becoming parents God warns that this month will bring about miracles that may be beyond

our understanding and warns us to be ready for the unexpected in addition he

urges us to be alert for the Wonders that will be revealed this month as he draws near Jesus informs the young guy

you’re traumatizing too much tell yourself again and again no matter what

your toddler throws at you I can handle it you bother me excessively Jesus goes

on I will still have a significant impact on improving your quality of life

even if you haven’t even come yet the parents in the room have started calling you this occurs regardless of whether

you are physically there or not all of a sudden your life will be turned upside down by a fantastic event that will

significantly change your circumstances God will act in this manner for the same

reason that God ask his people have I not commanded you in the Bible when faced with challenges it is critical to

maintain your Cal and energy fear not and do not discard the possibility that a desire does not exist a higher power

will go ahead of you and lead you as you go refrain from giving in to your pessimism even more so the Lord is

certain that these things will materialize and he has promised to wipe away your tears alleviate your pain and

open doors of opportunity for you in order to address your financial issues a

major Miracle is about to take place this miracle will fix all of your issues

all your problems will vanish if you have faith in God because of this remarkable second because you’re too

much trouble my darling and God needs you to handle his reaction to the child

I will be able to remember those individuals in my prayers going forward

Those whom I believe in have my utmost prayer that a miracle may also come to

their aid even the most powerful deity can manage seemingly impossible tasks

and only they have the key to seemingly locked doors even the most basic deity

could do such a miracle it is with tremendous pleasure that I inform you that the long-awaited event will come to

pass I know how you feel right now and I promise you that my blessing is deep

inside you so you won’t have to worry about using it with your help my whole

day has improved by giving us those instructions God hopes we might internalize the qualities of

perseverance through adversity Delight in fulfilling our wishes and constancy

in our prayer life Research into this area might reveal a dramatic shift in

how you’re currently using power you can tell this change has occurred because you can now investigate it a love

partner’s passion and the success of your business Pursuits are secondary conc concerns they will materialize in

the grand scheme of things you may never be unhappy with the way actual life plays out everything that happens will

bring you immense Joy because God has said that I am willing to help you I

take it as true that you will decide for yourself whether you love and care for

me all I need is for you to want to inquire this is because the problem that

has been stressing you out for some time will soon be fixed taking that worry away this week you may

not have to worry about major life changes since you are prepared to handle them when they come greater

opportunities will be bestowed On You by God countless economic rewards and accomplishments will be announced by the

end of this week by the end of this week you will have all of those items in your

possession that he would behave in such a way toward you is evidence of how much he loves you help me spread the message

message by sharing this video no matter what God is always with you no matter

how bad things get right now you should take heart in the idea that he will be there for you no matter what that should

put your mind at rest you are always aware of his dependability actually

relax and clear some space in your schedule so God May finish the incredible work he has begun in your

life he will give you a price for it on occasion I may also have to stop you from continuing until the road is clear

and it’s safe to do it again as long as I have the time I will continue working

on this I may opt out if it isn’t absolutely necessary always remember to

be grateful for the road since nothing good will ever come your way unless you take advantage of the opportunity to be

appreciative your current situation and emotional state are the two most important factors in shaping your future

so it’s important to be conscious of both a person’s level of enjoyment often

Rises when they are pleased but when they add difficulties to an already stressful situation it becomes much more

difficult to endure you deserve to enjoy the joy and serenity that life offers so

stop letting the trauma control you it is essential that you pay attention to it keeping calm and bringing your faith

to the Lord are all that is required of you the Lord is watching those whose actions reveal their unwavering belief

in their path thus the battle will be resolved thanks be to God who can do

immeasurably more than we could ever dream or imagine imaginable on our own because of the incredible power working

within us God is able to do this because every human has an abundance of energy

God has shown you that the only thing standing between you and declaring your Victory is maintaining your courage we

have carefully reviewed your demands and will be responding to you promptly ly we have carefully attended to your requests

I vow to you that I will not let you down in any manner and I plan to fulfill that vow I will try my best to keep our

pledge and will never let you down again please be mindful of your surroundings and utilize the tools I gave you with

care please know that you are the one fictional character in the world that I most admire and that my love for you

will remain forever I hold you in the highest esteem you can never understand how much I

adore you because God desires for us to have that kind of relationship he

commands us to go toward one another if you make the conscious decision to help other people the universe will reward

you handsomely so long as you remain subservient and trust me I may transfer

your money to you just because we love God doesn’t mean we won’t be mocked and abused by others in our society because

I will always be here to cheer you on I hope I hope you will not let your courage and determination be overcome do

not give up hope that I may succeed at what I set out to do I beg you in the midst of what seems like an endless

uphill battle there is always the chance that a little moment of pure joy may

arrive I assure you that I will promptly compensate for the unwavering commitment you have shown me if you need help

realizing your potential I’m here to provide it when I use you my whole day

is improved in a FL you will go from feeling overwhelmed by possibilities to having an abundance of

them at your fingertips we can swap this at this juncture in your tale things

begin to sound fortunate and prosperous for your next chapter in life the way things have unfolded is quite great and

lucky your faith in skepticism acceptance of the unobservable and

perseverance through this new bankruptcy will require you to rely on your blessings and give gratitude to God for

your long lives danger is irrelevant in this situation a great deal of Good Fortune will come

your way in the not so distant future allowing you to chart your own course for the remainder of your life true love

relationships May flourish in an environment where meditation has a profound effect on the practitioner

making them more open and honest consequently you may also be able to establish a genuine link more rapidly

leading to a fantastic and beneficial Exchange in one current economic situation the healing process May

progress in several ways one of which is cell repair unexpected psychic abilities

jolts and bursts are possible because of their growth there are a lot of opportunities within the company an

ordeal that has been bothering you for quite some time is about to come to a close you need not fret about this

release you are free to continue living your life as you choose being

self-sufficient will let you go on with your life despite any challenges you may have faced you should brace yourself

because your way of life is about to undergo a dramatic change money is a sign to me because it often shows me how

it is structured even when I’m not trying to take advantage of it even if I’m not actively seeking payment at the

moment all the time my darling it takes many different shapes and forms involving me never forget that I am here

to lend you a hand i’m on the same page as you the reason I’m here tonight is

because I have a deep and abiding affection for you if you want to make sure you get enough sleep I can use my

electricity to accomplish it all you are about to go through something very incredible so I may hope that you are

blessed with Good Fortune great Tales amazing connections excellent health and

an abundance of blessings since you are here reading this it is my sincere

desire for you to have the best thus th that is what I’m conveying to you you

are not alone in wanting to know God’s thoughts and words you now have more options because of your existence

instead of letting this incredible opportunity pass you by this may be your chance to live the life you’ve always

dreamed of and achieve all your objectives grab it by the horns and use

it to your advantage it may come as a surprise to you how great it feels to be content but you will feel Joy like never

before you will undoubtedly experience a surge of Pride that surpasses anything

they have taken from you so far in order to get this reward and that is just the

start you may expect a plethora of responses to your prayers in a very short amount of time in this specific

instance you can protect your life with the help of a medical professional by hiring a lawyer you can protect yourself

from harm and by joining the military you may enjoy a life of incredible tranquility most importantly however God

can give you a life that has meaning and will last all eternity please God grant me the courage

to finish this test and the wisdom to uncover its wisdom and its hidden riches

could you kindly provide me with this stuff please don’t think that I really want you to do this please in the name

of Jesus Christ give me these rights right this second and please Lord direct

my thoughts words and actions so that I may choose the path that leads to love

and peace rather than war and conflict also I ask God to give me the strength

to keep going could you kindly provide me with these items I beg you dot if God

is on your side you will succeed in spite of everyone who attempts to knock you down from your lofty aspirations

with God on your side you may achieve the success that is your Destiny’s intended purpose you may be able to get

those benefits regardless of who or what stands in your way I am thankful that God tells me to keep you in my thoughts

often and to give you many well wishes it took longer than expected but it was

no longer rejected outright the moment has come for you to get the favors you have been anticipating you’ve put in a

lot of time and effort and this may be the moment when you finally get the benefits you’ve been hoping for raise

your vibration and let Good Fortune find you God is pleased with you you need to

let out more air an amazing wonder will be yours shortly just keep doing it and

the rewards will trickle in are you ready to get started God is pleased with you no longer should you hold your

breath an opportunity will arise for you soon at this point it will get to you

really quickly amazing things have happened recently and there have been many huge advancements as well if you

can hold on to faith and trust that God is working in your life you may be able to see the changes he’s implementing if

you ask me I can direct your actions so they intersect with the will of God

bringing you blessings healing love and possibilities for growth stay strong and

keep praying for guidance as you continue on your journey if you want to change your life God says you have to

learn to be content with what you have no matter how tough it becomes forgive

yourself for your actions and let me alleviate your pain you brighten my my day upon receiving the activity that

will be provided to you shortly you will be able to construct a function that will provide you with several benefits

and rewards this is due to the fact that others close to you will likely

experience an overwhelming feeling of happiness and Trust as a result of your

newfound professional fulfillment given that you could have this view the occurrence of this is

almost certain keep an open mind and the ability to pick on the go at all times

keep going I guarantee my stunning good looks will Captivate you quickly and

easily you will get answers to your questions that are easy to understand the next section’s first

portion is about to begin when it’s all over you’ll be the winner and go

straight to the Winner’s Circle please know that my love for you is immense and

that it begins with me I hope you’ll never question that please under no circumstances be confused about

my identity I really wanted to make sure that everyone had an equal chance to produce what they wanted and I really

hope that my efforts were effective you have my deepest affection keeping a low

profile and being humble are mandates from God in this room it’s impossible to

distinguish between you and the person sitting next to you I believe God has shown me that with your help I can

achieve a lot your current extraordinary abilities are a direct result of the way

you think you learned to me you represent the Pinnacle of living a good life you have a lot of potential it’s

all for you and I’m happy that your hard work has paid off I hope the next hours bring you a great deal of joy and

satisfaction this might happen as a result of material success romantic happiness or a wealth of

textiles by the end of this month you should have internalized the idea that everything will have transpired almost

everyone who is helping to figure out a way to do this project can see exactly what it should look like according to

God if you are feeling down and out you should seek my Aid I will guide you through this difficult time is there any

reason to be concerned stop being vague and just tell me what you need since I’m standing right here you bring so much

joy into my life the Lord promises that if you return to him in prayer when you are sad and depressed he will lift your

spirits and lead you out of your despair maintaining trust in God and Never

Letting Go of this commandment are of the utmost importance you are free to choose a time that is convenient for you

and he has extensive knowledge of the topic you choose to go more into quit

babbling and just accept that something is wrong given the current state of affairs consider a myriad of potential

Solutions this is primarily because every Global issue has a corresponding solution in another part of the planet

do your best to keep going no matter what happens I will always be here for you I think my chest is going to explode

from watching your fight it aches so much please let me know what’s been troubling you so that I may do

everything in my power to assist you in getting over it it takes more than just people to accomplish a task even if it’s

scary we may be able to fit together to achieve our Ambitions you have my presence here I need to take the risk to

get where you need to go even if I recall that embodying change isn’t always easy in all my life there has

never been a person like you nothing should bother you in the end everything

will work out better than you could have ever dreamed it seems as if the universe is performing a miracle when you choose

to show particular thanks without expecting anything in return you have my word that I will be your strength and

guidance as you overcome every obstacle on your path to succcess after all I am

your God I built the universe in days and then rested on the seventh just as I

built the Earth in days and then rested on the seventh I created the cosmos in days and then I slept on the

seventh you should agree with me this Friday could catch you totally off guard in a way you wouldn’t anticipate

according to a revelation I received from God God has specifically said this would happen but put your faith in

devices which could be enormous for the remainder of your life this is how your

next year will be your prayer Was Heard and an answer was delivered to you because you fulfilled God’s rules you

have the opportunity to seize control and claim it as your own what you’ve been waiting for is finally going to

happen after all your hard work and perseverance over a long period of time

a really positive piece of news is on its way to you suggesting that you’re ultimately moving in the right direction

despite everything that has happened lately to put it simply I need you to

explain everything that’s happening to me discovering the skill that God has revealed to you won’t take long at all

God will provide for you and you should believe it without question keep in mind that miracles happen all the time you

shouldn’t stop praying until you see a marked improvement in your situation I have a popular theory about

how you’re feeling at the moment if you want to back up your words with actions and make a difference for your God and

master this might be your chance to win the lottery his Good Fortune is well

deserved as God’s mercy has never wavered my affection for you will never fade God has heard your request and has

opened the door you’ve been asking for you’ll see this clearly very soon stop being a total Downer and start

motivating yourself do yourself a favor and stop being so hard on yourself in your own head you are just really loving

nothing further is necessary since you are already well off financially romantically and professionally in terms

of your home and occupation and in terms of your achievements some positive change is on the horizon that will

completely alter the current situation for the better allowing you to reap even

more benefits than you are now enjoying nothing else would satisfy your desires you have never in your your

whole life achieved more success than you are now enjoying take action right

now second having one of your most joyous days ever is a clear indication from the universe that you should

ReDiscover your enthusiasm for Life rest assured I will most certainly exchange

our worlds I am planning something very special for you raise your spirits for an unexpected favor oh and forget about

your problems I can alter your life in a heartbeat your prayers will be answered your desires will be fulfilled and the

pain and suffering we have been through will soon be over prepare to be amazed

as I unlock the Gates of Heaven and shower you with all the blessings you’ve been asking for throughout these

challenging years rest assured the path ahead is filled with chances for healing

love and success along with exciting New Adventures the reason I can guarantee

you’ll always have everything you want is because I have faith in you I’ve stood by your side through thick and

thin because I am helpless without your consent your love for me and trust in my

abilities are my responses to your question says God God wants you to know

that just because you’re anxious about something doesn’t imply you disagree with him all the time you are the most

exceptional aspect of my day I understand that there may be times when I disagree and I also understand that

it’s all right if I’m scared about it I have been informed that both both of these things are happening since you are

a sentient being it is only natural for you to experience a wide range of emotions God has promised that your

worries stress and pain will soon be replaced with love healing and a

plethora of other wonderful things and I’m here to assist you at all times just

now God is trying to get your attention by telling you that the doors that are about to open will put you in a position

to assist yourself a person’s level of prosperity is irrelevant you may get

what you need without relying on loans begging or motels for violent

confrontation if they speak out against you and the course you’ve been following while you’ve been hurting from rejection

they will have their voice muted if something was about to drive you to murder and derail your planned result

God would protect you from it this Shield materialized at the same time you needed it and you continued to require

it at that very second remember that God has incredible plans for your life and

keep this thought in mind at all times I want you to know that my plans for you aren’t meant to cause any trouble rather

they are to lead you to a brighter future full of possibilities and the hope that God sees in each day is a new

battle that needs to be fought on a new battlefield but don’t give up I may be

your constant companion and guide during this difficult period I assure you that

I will not abandon you to fight this battle alone rather I will make all

efforts within my ability to guarantee your Victory having arrived at this point in your life the chapter you’re

now living in is in a sense coming to a close I’m happy to hear that being

scared is the last thing you want do not be worried about anything the impending bankruptcy will cause some very

wonderful things to happen as you go on keep in mind to appreciate what you have

and be grateful for the incredible good fortune that has been given to you things you haven’t gotten around to this

weekend should also be let go of something terrible and inconvenient in your daily life will go away and be

replaced with something magnificent and beautiful God says that if you only

accept my way as true everything will work out for the best but there’s no guarantee that following my lead will

make your lives easier following in my footsteps is the only way I know how to

guarantee that I will never leave you as a solemn vow I will never stray from

your point of view rest certain we can conquer this obstacle as a team though I

can guarantee that we will succeed in the end we shouldn’t expect everything to go according to plan be kind

forgiving and loving to one another you should act in this manner because you are deserving of God’s love and

forgiveness which God has shown you through Christ the way you should act is based on the compassion and forgiveness

that God has shown you you must not let yourself get discouraged or brought down by any of this fear not because I am

your God and I will be by your side I can assist you using a method where you

gradually get electricity with the sledgehammer of Justice at my side I will stand up for you in court God plans

to accomplish his objective of showing you how much help he’s giving in each each area by using a variety of tactics

sometime this week this shift could have profound effects on your personal life

career finances health and business among other areas in all of those areas

you can expect to see rapid advancements of a high caliber you may expect all

four of those things to happen today a tremendous Divine idea an unexpected

Improvement to your financial condition some great knowledge and the ability to to brighten the lives of others around

you by being an encouraging presence are all things God has promised you today he

is well aware of all of that as shown by the positive change in his conduct that has started due to your supplications to

God your determination to wait for him your trust in him and your desire that

he pay attention to your prayers even though he hasn’t responded to them from my heart Your Love forgiveness healing

and unwavering support have meant the world to me and I am eternally grateful

here we are praying in response to Jesus Christ’s command amen a time for sewing seeds and then another time to harvest

those seeds just as there are some times to sew seeds and other times to tend to existing crops the cosmos as a whole

records the EB and flow of each individual’s approach this means that there are moments when you should heal

kill take down and build right now all we can see of each other is a reflection

in the mirror but that will all change when we are able to gaze into each other’s eyes

directly even if my knowledge is limited at the moment I am able to discern the

vastness of my destiny I am now in possession of unique knowledge just as I

will comprehend whatever I know a little about I have specific information that I

can share with you subscribing to our channel would mean a lot to us since we

believe strongly in giving back to the Christian Community they could seem like a tree

whose roots are planted in the dirt next to a stream and then slowly grow out into the water even in the darkest of

times the trees leaves retain their vivid vibrant Hue and it doesn’t seem like the temperature is rising it seems

to be unaffected by weather conditions it produces fruit regardless of temperature swings or the quantity of

precipitation take a look at the amount of love our dad has given us without his

love we would not be called children of God the truth is that everyone else

doesn’t know our dad exists therefore they don’t know who we are your impression of a person should not be

based just on how they seem before making a decision try to draw on as much

everyday knowledge as possible if he can provide you peace and security your life may be filled with joy and kindness

unless you have a chance to try some of the food he has arranged for you you may not appreciate his high quality work

adoration is characterized by qualities such as kindness empathy patience lack

of impatience constant whining lack of Pride lack of conceit lack of

attractiveness lack of selfishness lack of jealousy lack of confidence lack of

malice lack of selfishness agitation and lack of Joy when the truth is revealed

even in the most trying of times you should keep your cool and your composure because the Lord your God is on your

side you need not be afraid or worried he has no intention of abandoning you or

leaving you high and dry this statement is found in Psalm and it is said to have come from God you your rod and your

army of workers are with me so I will not fear as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I find solace in

them you may find this verse in the Bible perhaps there is nothing that God cannot do for those who put their trust

in in him and follow his rules there will be storms but God has promised that

he will bring wonderful things to you even in the middle of them even though we’ll all seem older and more worn out

as time goes on deep down we’ll constantly be changing for the better

just because things have changed doesn’t mean you should stop we are being prepared for an everlasting weight of

Glory by this brief and little anguish because humans pay more attention to

things that aren’t visible than to those that are this is incomprehensible to anything that can ever be competent

reason being if you agree devices that the naked eye can see have a finite

lifetime but devices that the human eye cannot see will remain constant throughout time the counsel and

suggestions I’m going to give you will really penetrate your hearts but only if you give them to your children many

times and make sure they keep the records since Jesus is Lord Lord these

are really remarkable times while you’re lying down first thing in the morning or

on the way to work sit down and have a conversation with them in your living room because I know that God will rescue

me from my predicament I can no longer allow anything to frighten me

deliverance and rescue have come to me straight from the Lord who is also my rock and my shield all I want all I ask

for and all I seek is for the Lord to Grant my one and only request that I not

spend the rest of my days in his house so that I can also see his greatness in its entirety and seek him out in his

house of worship I will be by your side so you need not fear I am the god who

will not let you be disheartened with the help of my holy hand I can encourage you guide you and protect you I will be

by your side so you need not fear I am the god who will bring you rest and at

the end of your life so do not be disheartened you may be certain that the Lord is watching over you and all you do

both now and in the future if he is a part of your destiny you may be certain

that he will protect you from harm please subscribe to get more of God’s words amen I am speaking to you my

darling child in the gentle shallow night breezes and I beckoning you to the

promises I have laid out for you see if you can see them among those dazzling

lights the night represents the promises I’ve written on your heart and I want

you to believe in the plan I have for you a plan that appears like stars in the night sky I implore you to pay

attention with all your being not only your ears allow yourself to feel a

moment of contentment as these words settle into your heart as you gaze at the stars promises remember that every

shining dot has a story to tell and a purpose just like every moment in your life let

them Inspire and motivate you both the vastness of the sky and the minute

features of each constellation contribute to its breathtaking Beauty every twinkling my darling symbolizes a

time in your trip as you see the night in your imagination a few brilliant stars represent happy times while a few

dull ones represent hard times and opportunities for development your life’s events like the stars come

together to form a distinctive constellation the trip is worth embracing because like the stars that

appear in the velvety darkness of night there is a purpose that develops even in

The Darkest Hours stand under the celestial show and let yourself be

carried away by the beat of space and time as my fingers guide you life is

like a well orchestrated Symphony each note adds to the whole creating a masterpiece that is your existence you

are a dancer in the cosmos not an island or by yourself in this enormous Universe

your life is moving in perfect harmony with the Divine Rhythm I have laid out for my dear child just as the stars

align in perfect shape put your faith in my plan even when it seems clouded by

doubt like a night sky my promises will be like lights in the night they will

cut through the darkness and lead you on your trip I speak to your soul telling

you that you are moving moving closer and closer to the destiny I have planned for you my darling when you look up at

the night sky may it serve as a symbol of the boundless opportunities that await you the universe is a cosmic

canvas upon which Your Existence is painted and I am the Storyteller who

writes each chapter the storyline twists give the story personality and substance

despite the abundance of obstacles you must overcome I am the one who wields

the pen so I have trust in the unfolding tale as you go through the voyage of

time and space your fate is written in the stars my love is unchanging so know

that the compass that points you in the right direction when you can’t see clearly your life’s moments are like

stars in the sky dispersed over the universe enjoy every second of your life

to the fullest since they are the stars in The Cosmic stage of your existence in

this epic play you play active role not an observer embrace the profound impact

of your decisions deeds and responses as they come together to form a one-of a-kind and colorful image your

involvement in this heavenly performance cannot be understated beloved child you are an

equal partner with me in creating the cosmic artwork and your work enhances its beauty never fear the immensity of

space and time I am with you always the complexities of your existence are not

coincidental rather they components of a wellth thought out plan in which I your maker

have complete faith as the hours tick by the wonders of the night sky become more apparent similarly the meaning of your

existence as a symbol of Hope and my everlasting love for you will become more apparent as time goes on through

the darkness you travel your life’s path embrace the unknown Guided by The Cosmic

plan I’ve put out for you in the darkness your Destiny will shine even brighter I speak to your heart in the

peaceful times of the night showing the depth of my love and the vastness of your potential darling child so do not

dread the night embrace it as you go out into the night sky know that you are not

in this great expanse alone you can always count on me to be by your side to

be your North Star and to be your rock solid lover believe in the star promises

because they represent the Covenant that we have made with one another in the Stillness of the night as

the world sleeps under the cover of Darkness I have woven a tapestry of existence for you that is destined for

greatness Embrace this Celestial Journey with courage for your life is a dance of

Grace and purpose within this design my beloved I implore you to pay great

attention to the Rumblings of the universal Cosmic tapestry my little one

I have painted the night sky with promises is as big as the stars look up at them I have a magnificent plan for

your life and every glimmering light is proof of it standing under the cosmic Dome may your pulse beat in time with

the universes just as ships sail the Seas by staring at the stars you may do the same

by lining up your life’s Mission with the constellations of my magnificent plan rather than being a mere Celestial

spectacle the night sky serves as a Celestial road map that reveals the common complex route I have meticulously

planned for you my child embrace the night’s dancing shadows as opportunities

not obstacles because they are only the black gaps between the Stars setting a

stage that brings out the radiance of the Stars embrace the challenges that

arise because they are the stars that align to mold you into the person I’ve

planned for you to be embrace the everchanging patterns of the universe

and you’ll discover meaning among life storms constellations aren’t static they

change and adapt as you do and possibilities pop up like shooting stars

seize these Chances with an open heart because they will both illuminate the Gloom and bring moments of light your

life’s purpose is like a constellation a web of interconnected connections events

and lessons rather than a single star the relationships you have in your life

will light the way for you memorize and treasure the relationships you form since they are not random occurrences

but rather divinely orchestrated steps toward your ultimate goal every

individual you come across and the bonds you establish are like stars in your Sky

adding A Touch of Magic to the tapestry of your existence whenever you feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of

existence turn to me and I will provide light on your way in the face of unknown

and dangerous terrain my love will be your your compass have faith in my unwavering presence my dear child and

you will find comfort in the ever-shifting constellations of Life enjoy the unexpected turns of events

since they add depth to the story your mission as I’m writing in the stars of

your life is not to have a road that is completely devoid of obstacles but to be

resilient while you follow the constellations of Happiness sadness success and failure never lose sight of

the fact that each and every Star and thread contributes to the overall Splendor there is no end point to your

mission rather it is an ongoing Adventure a Celestial dance that

develops as time goes on embrace the night with self assurance my love have

faith in the stars above my plan and may the light of your mission shine through the Shadows many people can relate to

what you’re going through in this vast Mysterious Universe where Shadows seem to surround every corner I am by your

side leading the way I your Redeemer and rescuer extend my hand to you my

cherished child in the middle of the universe as you stand under the cosmic

tapestry that I have created I encourage you to fixate on the starry promises

that Sparkle with the Light Of Hope as you go into your innermost thoughts

listen closely to the cosmic winds carrying The Whispers of purpose trust

that your whole existence is interwoven with the Magnificent blueprint in your head my Sacred Plan listen closely my

beloved to the Symphony of the Night where every Star testifies to the vows I

have etched in the stars for you in this Cosmic spectacle you play a pivotal role

you are not an observer but rather a character in my life narrative dark and

apparently unending nights will come my kid in the dark the Stars seem more brilliant than ever before so bravely

seize these moments in the midst of life’s Darkest Hours Stars emerge and so

does your soul shining brightly despite the shattered fabric of difficulties you faced you find the strength inside

yourself in the depths of spiritual despair your hardships are not random

rather they are the narrative threads that will guide you as you confront the darkness but remember my love will shine

a light on your road even when the stars don’t shine and you will be a lighthouse for others who are lost and hopeless

stargaze under the vast canopy of stars and think about the tales told by the

constellations of Victory and tenacity just as your life is woven with triumphs created in The Crucible of

adversity so is your life’s tapestry the darkness I’m describing is

not a call to give in to hopelessness but rather an opportunity to put your faith in the light that comes from my

everlasting love for you my beloved child your faith is tested and the

authenticity of your connection with me is revealed in these moments of Darkness but I also understand that your spirit

emerges brighter and more resilient than before acknowledging the threads of pain

disappointment and uncertainty just as the Stars endure the night and your

burdens weigh you down these aren’t flaws but rather beautiful detailed

patterns that enhance your tale you are being shaped into a masterpiece a mirror

of my love and grace and you may have faith in my Divine Artistry keep in mind

the hope that lies under the stars while you’re in the depths of darkness my promises will come true at

some point just as the stars do with every sunset make a splash in the world

even if your path seems to be taking an unforeseen detour know that it is all part of my plan to get you closer to

your destiny never run from the Shadows it is then that you will see your own

self the night sky is illuminated by stars those apparently minuscule specks

of light just as little acts of kindness brighten the great expans of the sky all

the love and endurance you show in this life shine forth into my kingdom let the

Stillness of your times of reflection serve as a platform for my voice to reverberate in the depth of your being I

shine like a beacon illuminating your path through the Shadows may your life

serve as a monument to the unwavering strength that comes from trusting in the promises Written in the Stars regardless

of how good or bad things go know that I am here with you through it all like the

boundless Universe my love envelopes you you are not in this alone rather you are

a Celestial dancer in a cosmic ballet choreographed by the same hands that created the skies

the Earth welcomes Nightfall because it is the only way to uncover the depths of my love and the destiny I have crafted

just for you let the celestial bodies above serve as a constant reminder of

the promises that go beyond what we can comprehend on our planet have faith in

the nocturnal Splendor because it is in embracing the Shadows that your inner

light emerges as you navigate The Heavenly web of presence be calm and

know that that my love illuminates your path and that in the darkness of night

you will find Opportunities to develop and change allow the cosmic Symphony to

fill your heart with The Whispers of purpose you are my precious little one

and you are vital to God’s grand plan star studed my darling child embrace the

Shadows draw strength from them and let your light shine because you are a shining star in the Epic story of my

everlasting love hear the night soft size take in the night air while gazing

up at the celestial promises that Adorn the night sky have no worry I will never

leave your side faith hope and the promises I have written for you are spoken by each dazzling Star as you

stand under the Heavenly tapestry dear one look up into the night sky and see

the many stars that illuminate it with their soft light similarly have faith in

the the hidden connections of my heavenly purpose for your life aspects of my mission are incomprehensible to

you just as the stars are too many for you to hold in your fist but how wonderful it is to have faith in the

hands that have positioned every Star think of the devoted Stargazer who goes

to the night sky for comfort in the face of the enormous unknown there is no need

to be disheartened since your trip is also cloaked in uncertainty like the stars that keep shining even on the

darkest night it is amid the difficulties and unknowns of your life that your faith is becoming stronger in

times of difficulty may your faith be more evident my darling I implore you to

have faith that has no bounds to stare up into the night sky with awe and to

accept the enigmas that life throws your way with the unshakable conviction that

my purpose is well suited like the stars my love for you is unwavering even when

we can’t see each other clearly the complex web of my Divine will a work of

art that no one but me can completely understand is bound up with your destiny

remind yourself that I as concerned with the smallest details of your life as the Stars Are by letting yourself be gently

stroked by the wind every note and every instant is vital in this Cosmic Symphony

in which you are a participant I have given you the power to handle your life’s challenge es so you may

confidently embrace your position my child I know that the road ahead may seem dark and hazy like a night sky

covered in clouds but have faith in me anyhow for I am the one who will illuminate the root when uncertainty

obscures your view shut your eyes and let the hushed murmurs of the night serve as a reminder that I am the one

who controls your fate just as the stars above proclaim the Splendor of the Skies

so too am I a continuous North Star that leads you home on your trip which may

take you through valleys and over mountains in these uncertain times may

your life be a testimony to the Splendor of my love as you eagerly await the

arrival of Nightfall may your faith serve as the rock that steadies your heart I will bring prosperity to you not

harm so you may look forward to a bright future because I have plans my darling

you must know know that your trust is not futile the difficulties you are experiencing are only Stepping Stones on

the path to keeping my word placing your faith in me is like a stargazer

traversing the vastness of space it will take you somewhere you never thought possible Shadows may cross your path but

do not let them depress you they are just fleeting moments that will eventually Fade Into the vastness of

your existence The Starry Sky is a living testimony to the reliability of my word

every Star is a symbol of my presence shining a light on the path ahead even when it seems dark and difficult take

heart in the radiance of the night sky in the face of adversity your faith will

be like the North Star a steadfast Beacon that guides you your life is intricately interwoven into the big

Narrative of my divine plan much as the night sky is a canvas of Exquisite constellations each telling a tale of

purpose and design even if it seems empty to the human eye have faith in the

hidden connections between each chapter I am the Storyteller and there is a reason for every turn keep in mind that

the stars have been through hell and back yet their light keeps shining your light is designed to be refined and

strengthened not extinguished by the obstacles you endure your unwavering

faith will shine brighter than the Stars when You Face The Crucible of adversity

my beloved child take comfort comfort in the Stars they reflect the grace of your trip just as the Stars themselves

reflect the orderly distribution of light throughout the sky there is a Divine Design behind every aspect of

your existence have faith in the guiding hand that forms your destiny and directs

the Stars through the cosmic Resonance of my love I implore you to put your

faith in the promises etched into the stars of your being and to trust in what is beyond your side

in this Cosmic ballet you have company as you go forward in your faith my grace

will direct your every step I am the one doing the choreography keep in mind that the

Majesty that befalls those who put their faith in the Creator is mirrored in the night sky and all its enigmas as a

mirror of infinite love the celestial promises fill my child’s eyes with amazement and wonder there is a divine

plan for your life and no matter what comes your way you can always find a way

to put your faith into action I am invisible to the naked eye because I am

both the start and the last the origin and the destination and your tale Finds

Its Everlasting meaning in me in the vastness of the night sky my words

reverberate from the depths of my love for you my beloved child in this Cosmic

Symphony that I have arranged by my hand where the stars dance and shine I invite

you to seek out the sparkling promises that lie beyond the darkness in this

heavenly composition which murmurs of purpose and Destiny you are like a lovely Melody an essential

component looking up at the stars May remind you that your life can also Blossom with satisfaction and pleasure

when it is in agreement with my will just as the celestial bodies move in Perfect Harmony according to my my

divine plan as you submit you will discover the music of your life each star is a

testimony to the promises I have for you a confirmation of the purpose I have woven into your being and the rhythm of

my love embedded in the mysteries of the night sky is the promise that my light

will illuminate your path no matter how dark the hour have faith in the Heavenly promises

I have made to you and let your heart move in syn with my Grace’s tempo as the

conductor of This Magnificent Symphony your life is a cosmic Symphony and I

encourage you to pay careful attention to it there is meaning and function to every note that adds to the Masterpiece

Your Existence is Not an Accident it is a purposeful stroke in the vast tapestry of Eternity that I am crafting see how

the stars twinkle as one painting a picture of light across the sky my love

in the same vein when your will is in accord with mine you join a Heavenly Symphony that has purpose and

significance there is a special role for you in the cosmic story of my Divine Design just as every Star has its own

unique position in the universe your ability to hear the harmonies of your life and follow my guiding nudges is a

gift from me unexpected twists and turns May befall you on your path but have no

fear I am by your side carefully guiding every step the Heavenly blessings that

are waiting for you are only accessible if you put your faith in me in our alone

time together our souls harmonize to create a music that only we can hear if

you can only get your heart to beat in time with my grace I will show you the way even in the depths of Despair you

will find your purpose and I will be your light a beacon that will not let you be lost trust in the Holy path I

have set for you my beautiful child and immerse yourself in the Heavenly Symphony

that reverberates across the cosmos just as the stars do as you move in perfect

harmony with my plan each note of your life will be a symphony of Grace and you

will know a pleasure that is beyond your worldly comprehension with a love that has no

bounds I am here to lead you listen to the night’s Whispers feel my spirit’s

Soft Wind and let the Divine promises Lead You In The Silent moments of Surrender Your Destiny is in interwoven

with mine and our music resounds Across eternity as you go out on this path you

will discover the inner fortitude to conform your will to mine you can always count on I am with you to be your guide

As you move gracefully through life Symphony as the night sky fills with twinkling stars may my love fill your

heart with certainty and may our common Mission bring you great Delight my darling kid I am pleading

with you pay attention to the hushed murmurs of the night light wind your heart will hear me amidst the boundless

Sky I am here to serve as your beacon as you go through life my darling look up

at the celestial promises I have set out for you belief in my heavenly purpose

unfolds like the night sky there is a promise in every star above a faith that

is special and made just for you have no dread of the night because it is under

the cover of Darkness that the stars shine brightest my darling you have

company as onlookers take note of the shooting stars that race across the sky I will be by your side every step of the

way coordinating a Celestial Masterpiece with you a collection of Priceless

ephemeral moments they illuminate the vastness for a minute and remind you that life is like that take pleasure in

every passing moment because that is where your own being is contained do not be discouraged by the

transience of these moments rather treasure them for the light they bring to your path just as shooting stars

illuminate the night sky and invite you to participate in your heavenly story

eclipses temporarily block the moon’s light but even in the darkest hours have

faith that the light will return and so on although they may make your way less

clear they are not the last chapter in life’s eban flow it is not the lack of

difficulties that characterizes a resilient person but rather the power to persevere in the face of

adversity behold the moon my darling child as it dances rhythmically waxing

and waning you may see the changing of the seasons reflected in the moon’s

phases there will be times of Plenty and light when you may Revel in your successes and there will be periods of

Shadow when you may feel like everything is hanging in the balance in the same way as the moon goes through

its phases you will also go through the seasons of your life the stars are more

than simply a pretty sight they are cosmic truths inscribed in metaphors my

darling you may see your own path mirrored in them when you look at them embrace the many stages of your life

because they weave together to form your Unique fabric and let the shooting stars

serve as a reminder to savor the fleeting beauty of each moment the transience of eclipses and other

transitory problems and the resilience of The Light Within you you are more

than just an observer you are a crucial Cog in the wheel of Destiny the

constellation Bears witness to your oneof aind purpose through the tail it carries listen closely to the wisdom

contained in the astrological metaphors they will lead you on this remarkable Journey down the road I have prepared

for you I am the constant North Star as you are well aware even when the night

sky seems endless and terrifying you will find your path if you follow my light always keep in mind that the

celestial bodies above you are there to support and document your Voyage rather

than aimlessly floating through space you are actively navigating your destiny

my blessings upon you my beloved are countless like the stars in the sky Guided by the constellations of fate

I wish you Sky the ability to rise above adversity Delight in the ephemeral and

gain Insight from life stages have faith in the Heavenly promises I have made to

you and may the teachings of the Stars illuminate your path when you feel lost

you are embarking on a Heavenly voyage and my dearest child I am by your side

throughout as you gaze up into the night sky May the constellations reveal stories of my steadfast love and the

special purpose I’ve created for you like stars dispersed over the expansive canvas of your path even though you may

feel lost and confused in this world you have a Guiding Light the north star of

faith that will shine through any storm rest assured I am here to serve as your

rock and your constant Compass your trust in me is like the North Star a

constant Beacon that Mariners have relied on in stormy seas you will be guided toward the goal I have etched

into your essence by my love even in the depths of Despair pay attentive attention as tempests Loom around you

the winds hushed murmurs convey The Echoes of my assurances that you will never be alone intricately woven into

the vast fabric of creation you are my cherished child you may put your faith

in the Unseen like the North Star and not let the difficulties you face Crush you when times get tough your faith will

be your compass and I will be your anchor keeping you stable The Starry

Night Sky is a reflection of the promises I’ve made to you pledges that will last no matter what comes our way

just because storm clouds roll in doesn’t mean you should give up I want you to gaze up at the stars and take

comfort in the promises I’ve made to you every difficulty is a test of your metal

a chance to learn how to face adversity with confidence and resilience my love

for you is unwavering like the North Star in the night sky and it will see you through any difficulty your

unfaltering faith like a ship’s Rudder pulls you through the storms life throws at you amidst the Mayhem may your faith

shine like a North star and lead the way you may rest easy knowing that I am guiding you toward your destiny even in

the darkest of times my darling the Stars May shine brightest you are Guided by an Illuminating Spirit on your

adventure you are a mirror of my heavenly light hence when faced with difficulty

be strong and see them as chances to shine even more brightly let the promises inscribed in the Stars be a

source of strength as you travel towards your mission which is more than simply a

destination faith is a steadfast North Star that never falters in situations of

uncertainty as time goes on each difficulty becomes a new chapter in The Epic tale of your life’s Mission Have

Faith In the Journey for I wrote your story rest assured you have support I am

right here at your side through every Valley and on top of Every Mountain a

note that resounds with purpose and significance in this Symphony of life is your journey my dear child it is a

reflection of the starry promises that illumine your path and a monument to the strength of your soul have confidence in

the Heavenly tune that leads you and let Faith be your steadfast North Star while you weather the storms you embody my

affection and Prov provide solace in a world that may be chaotic at times fear

not because I am your Shepherd guiding you through the darkness to the light of your mission dearest child I beg you to

let your heart open to me because I am here and my love for you is Limitless like the stars in the sky as a

manifestation of the hopes and Ambitions I have for you my darling the Stars will tell stories of their promises to all

the heavenly bodies as you listen to their Whispers embrace the knowns that surround you and take comfort in the

fact that each obstacle Victory and tear is a chapter in The Epic story of your

life the night sky with its many stars reflects the vows I’ve taken with you

each star has its own special light and your role is one of the most brilliant

parts of my creation when you speak to me it’s not just words it’s a

conversation that goes beyond distance and time the Silence of prayer is like

the stars communicating with each other via the universe’s secret language you

will discover that our chats have molded your spirit if you seek me out in the quiet hours through the power of prayer

my darling may you realize the Deep connection that links us like a father

who takes joy in his child’s candid conversation your words have the power to move me to tears tell me anything

that’s on your mind from your anxieties to your aspir ations I am here to listen

have faith in the mighty power of your spoken words they are a language of the heavens resonating over all space and

time prayer reveals the enigmas of my plan for you just as the night sky reveals its secrets with the dawn of

each new day the complexity of your destiny and your part in its unfolding

will become clear to you in times of divine communication The Narrative of creation have faith in the the journey

my darling because the solutions to your queries are etched in the heavens patiently waiting to be revealed at the

precise moment of my divine plan face the trials headon for they are

opportunities for development and every Twist and Turn is a gateway to Fresh

insights the beauty and expanse of the night sky symbolize the boundless

potential I have weaved into your being my darling you are a brilliant star in

the universe and as you keep believing in my plan you will discover that each

day brings you closer to the promises I have whispered to you from the start May the Divine Symphony calm your soul and

may our conversations reverberate in your heart and your purpose pay attention to the nocturnal sounds join

in the Heavenly dialogues in prayer and have faith in the celestial promises that light your way listen with the ears

of Faith because I am Jesus The Shepherd of your soul I will lead you and love

you more than you can imagine my beloved open your heart to my voice I am the one

who loves you ascend with the Stars because in their light I have sprinkled

promises like diamonds throughout the fabric of Eternity so that your soul may

s consider them more than just lights they are guiding lights that will lead

you to the Fulfillment of my will listen with an open heart to the harmony of

heavenly Whispers as worldly worries recede you should know that I have a

purpose in placing these Stars a portion of This Magnificent Heavenly story is

each one that promises you Direction safety and purpose in your life my darling similar to how your existence

surpasses the boundaries of this temporal World think of the infinite sky as reaching far beyond the boundaries of

your perception embrace the idea of Eternity your mission is not limited by

what is happening right now but rather is connected to the Everlasting viewpoints that go beyond what is

happening on earth have faith in what you can’t see just as you have faith in

the sky stability even in the darkest of times Beauty can still be seen and the

stars are living proof of that like you they welcome life’s inevitable twists

and turns since they’re the blank slate I used to create your unique Story the

challenges you encounter do not Define your Tale but rather the grace with which you overcome them remember that

the light from the Stars has gone great distances to reach you when you look up at the night sky my love for you is like

that light it goes beyond the boundaries of space and time to guide you have

faith in my promises because they are Eternal and unconstrained by human

comprehension be still and know that I am the light that will shine through the darkness even when it seems like there’s

no way out and you wonder where you’re going in the vast fabric of time the

vistas of our planet are simply ephemeral moments the path you take in this world is a dress rehearsal for the

Delight that will endure forever when you are with me the fleetingness of this existence should not depress you take

comfort in the knowledge that my dear child every difficulty every Victory and

every sorrow are interwoven into the tapestry of my developing Tale Your Existence transcends the confines

of this world and into the next and your purpose is deeply intertwined with my

love’s everlasting plan believe in the dreams that are strewn over your life’s

Celestial canvas they will guide you to the Heavenly light that is waiting for you at the end of this Earthly

Journey keep in mind that I’m guiding you with the light of a thousand stars

so you are not in this alone may your heart overflow with an un fathomable

hope and may the certainty of my Everlasting purpose Fuel and encourage you as you go please God give this gift

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