today God is speaking to

you this year has been full of hardships

so I wasn’t prepared for today how was

it a law for words but this one just

sprang out at

me the Lord is going before you this

year you will see it in the natural

world this year this year is

it if you believe in God please like

this video

don’t believe it’s too late and

consider the conclusion of the year it’s

just getting started Divine youngster I

feel compelled to order you all to

approach the

throne approach him till you can reach

the ham of his shirt if you have to let

it out cry it out to the father but then

find a place to land and the knowledge

that beauty is still to come because of

this Fresh

Start If you believe in God type

God spoke to job and job

at his lowest point when he was at

his most dejected and didn’t believe

things would ever work out I will fill

your mouth with laughter and your lips

with shouts of

joy God is announcing to you like he did

to job that you are going to experience

Joy breakthroughs healing promotion and


uncontrollably your grieving will change

to dancing your sadness to pleasure and

he’s going to do something so incredible

so great that you will be so overwhelmed

and delighted that all you can do is


rest in the tender arms of my peace my


child God said you are his child and I I

am the spirit that is within you I am

not a magician all you have to do is

surrender to my spirit and let him lead

you my spirit leads you into knowledge

when you are doubtful my spirit brings


and love when you are afraid or anxious

my spirit will guide you into my when

you start to stray and are tempted to go

your own

way you have put your confidence in me

therefore you have nothing to fear my

spirit will reassure you speak out for

you and stand up for your

rights to confirm this


pressing through anything demands work

attention dedication fortitude and

devotion but sometimes that’s the only

way to get through

it undoubtedly overcoming a hurdle is

not always simpler than being delivered

from it however easy does not always

equate to

better God has not abandoned you it’s in

the pushing that your faith muscles are

being grown and you are being

strengthened for your

destiny God is getting you ready for

what he has already planned for you keep

going don’t give up and you will get

there you’re not far from

here say this to your heart fire comes

first then gold I am being refined not

burned I will not waver because of

unbelief in God’s

promise I trust God and I order my

sentiments to be in line with the

reality of his word because I am

completely certain that he has the

ability to do what he has

promised to confirm type I am ready to

shine I know it hurts sometimes and that

the agony of what’s happening now may

prevent you from seeing the beauty of

what lies ahead but I don’t believe you

realize how beautiful your promise will

be when it

does but you’re battling for something

amazing and when it does come it’s going

to be really

stunning God is working even if you are

not able to see it now keep working keep

praying and keep having faith in him he

will work

again he is going to demonstrate his

faithfulness Fidelity and tremendous

provision for you he is also going to

remember what he began in your life and

see it through to the

end input I am strong to

validate Thursday reminder today God is

saying to you I have some benefits that

will help you to forget who injured you

what you’ve gone through

and forget what was unfair and forget

what you lost a double portion of

adversity has come your way but you’re

also about to get a double portion of

favor today’s thought is that there’s

nothing wrong with praying for what we

need and expecting the entire whole

answer to

come usually the solution is found in a

daily dose of the miracle he gives us

what we need today and the next day we

trust once more and the cycle

continues the daily parts of your

Miracle should not be minimist or

disregarded give us this day our daily


in put on man if you’re

sure this year God is going to turn

things around for you he is arranging

everything so that you will be able to

do what you were unable to do on your

own it’s going to be more fulfilling

than you could have ever imagined

greater than you anticipated and

happened sooner than you


recall that this is the year of God’s

favor and that all of his blessings are

within reach you simply need to make one

change and when you find yourself facing

an unachievable circumstance never

forget that he is the god of the

impossibly difficult he has the power to

transform your life in an instant and to

quiet any storm with a single word

if you required this type

amen one little alteration to your

morning routine May initiate the flow of

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Channel God is saying to you today I am

here for you no matter what you are

going through on this journey You are

not alone while some may have left

particularly when circumstances became

difficult I never shall I am the same

now as I was yesterday H will always be

the same God who delivered you from your

Melancholy thoughts of suicide anxiety

fear uncertainties and

loneliness your present circumstances

may be overcome by the same God who can

save you from heartache and financial

difficulties I’ve already done it and

I’ll do it once again believe me cling

to my unwavering

hand you will find me if you search for

me as the storm rages all around you

keep your eyes fixed on me I’ll see you

through you are capable of overcoming

this God is telling you this morning

they said you wouldn’t survive you

didn’t deserve it they claimed they made

an attempt to prevent you from getting

my best little me

be aware that I am the source of

blessings and advancements no one can

remove obstruct or destroy what I

promised you remain Pious I’m going to

shower you with

blessings input

to get

it encounter impossible barriers in the

form of mountains on one side hand an

impassible barrier on the other at such

times you need to acknowledge that you

are facing significant financial

spiritual or physical

obstacles you then bide your time until

God speaks to you and tells you that you

are precisely where he wants you to be

where there appears to be no way he will

provide a

passage God will provide guidance when

you are unsure about what to do he did

not create you to navigate life using

your own strength and

creativity it’s not necessary to just

hope that you can solve the problems

when you give yourself up to God and His

Direction he will guide you in the


direction for affirmation type I embrace

my power when you do your part praise

God when you’re weak believe when you

don’t see any evidence of it and take

hard actions in

faith God will give you power that

surpasses your physical capacity what

you couldn’t achieve on your own he’ll

assist you

do if you believe it is finished

reconsider God never stops moving in the

name of Jesus I Proclaim an end is near

something against which you have been

fighting is going to

change I saw what they did to you and it

was wrong evil but do not take revenge

on them you have more important things

to do in the Kingdom pray for them God

is saying to you

today I will pay them back because I am

avenging them and I will not let anybody

harm my kids without

repercussions remain calm show them love

offer further prayers and see how I

operate at my own pace and in my own

manner change is coming I will open

doors no man can shut this is a season

where I am bringing you into your

destiny the Lord is telling you

today remember that your fate is is not

dictated by the state of the economy

your upbringing or your level of

Education I know what you are going

through and I swear to be by your side

through every difficulty in

life your heart is seen by God he

perceives the wants he is aware of your

loneliness he is aware of your longing

for you he cares and he hears the tears

in your

heart he really does adore you he’s

working on them and he wants you to know

that he’s getting your heart ready for

the correct kind of love he is not in


dark a moment ago you were aware of who

you were God said you didn’t feel scared

you were not damaged you hadn’t been hit

by anything

yet so far nothing had taken your fire

away it was you you the Ardent Exquisite

and gorgeous spirit that God created in

you time to return to that

Persona if you are aware type I am aware


so tonight God is telling you you are

going to experience a sudden change in

your life you will experience great

things soon there are a ton of benefits

coming your way your perseverance

commitment and confidence will soon pay

off it’s important to let go and give it

to God when someone wrongs you because

if you hold on to your pain you’re

giving them the ability to harm you even

more he saw what they did your

heartbreak and tears and he re

recognized the beauty in those ashes the

important thing to remember is that you

have to let go of the ashes in order to

perceive the beauty it’s and

exchange God says I’ll give you the

beauty you give me the ashes you let go

of the hurts you forgive them and you

move on with your

life I’ll accomplish something so

amazing and fulfilling that you won’t be

able to think about what you lost the

new opportunity the new people and the

new thing God has for

you you won’t believe how much greater

the impact healing and promotion will

be when you’re ready type I’m

optimistic the struggle you are facing

now will eventually become your strength

and the anguish you are experiencing now

will eventually become your

Triumph because your Dawn is coming

child of God even though you may have to

suffer a night of crying Joy comes in


morning if you believe in God please

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Channel you faced some of the most

difficult obstacles disappointments

tribulations and defeats imaginable

yet you refused to let them Define or


you despite everything you persisted in

moving fearlessly in the direction of

your Serenity purpose blessings and joy

this message is meant to comfort you

that things are going to be better very

soon that scenario you’re presently

dealing with this providing you the

chance to take a step back and get a

running start towards what’s next and

you’re going to level up in every single

aspect of

yourself for affirmation type I am

awareness God always has something in

your future that the adversary cannot

harm no matter how terrible things go he

has a method to prosper you a means to


you a means of healing you a means of

realizing your aspiration have faith in

him God will prepare you before sending

you into your next season he will add to

and remove from your life people things


Etc nothing can go with you so don’t

expect to progress ahead without having

to let go of certain things Cay I am

Sovereign to make a

claim this month God is going to

accomplish something incredible in your

life I’m not sure what you’ve been

praying for or what has you sobbing so

much that your pillows are wet

but however the reason I’m here today is

to inform you that God has heard your

prayers sent his angels and your


will soon be upon

you I Proclaim that you will experience

a positive change in your health Astound

the medical professionals and land the

job all you need to do is behave and

talk as if it has already happened walk

by faith not by

sight prayer God I acknowledge that I

don’t always take this

seriously yet you have chosen to use

individuals like me to further your

goals and

objectives however I want to make that

shift I want to live as someone who is

called to provide hope and light to a

dark World Not Afraid what other people


think please give me the courage to

shine brightly in the name name of Jesus

amen God always has a plan after this

for you after the illness you’ll recover

more fully after the loss you’ll meet

the love of your life after the layoff

you’ll obtain a better

job I Proclaim that God will make the

remainder of your life the finest of

your life despite the suffering and

Misfortune God is telling you to lift

your head high today they’re loss not

yours was it they stayed with you I took

them out of your

existence they intended to hurt you you

weren’t meant for them however I also

replenish what I take

out if you get this statement type I


it they intended to hurt you you weren’t

meant for them however I also replenish

what I take

out continue to improve and evolve but

remember to accept and love you are

right now self-acceptance and self-love

or necessary for

growth God is communicating at

tremendous message to you today in the

depths of your trials and hardships he

sees the double portion of suffering you


suffered the

difficulties that have been a burden on

your heart and spirit however God wants

you to know that you are about to get

minus one as much favor in the middle of

everything Phil then I am ready to

confirm you could have been surrounded

by trouble questioning and doubting

yourself you might have felt like you

were carrying the weight of a whole

world on your

shoulders have trust in his plans and

schedule even in the face of obscurity

or uncertainty he keeps his word and

will never fail

you if you’re ready press the yes button

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