?”If You Ignore Me My Angels Will Be Gone From Your Life” | ।God’s message today।

after the next minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you type if you are

ready God is saying to you today my

beloved child lend me your ear just for

a brief moment trust me what I’m about

to share could transform everything for

you in the hustle of life’s demands it’s

easy to feel drowned in the ocean of

Duties that weigh down on you clouding

your days with with worldly

worries let’s take a pause right now

stop the endless cycle of

daily tasks and really listen to what

I’m about to share I have a message a

special one meant to reach the very core

of your heart to touch you in places no

one else can hear me out and let my

words gently wrap around your

soul Whispering truths meant just for

you this isn’t the time for distractions

type if you believe in Jesus listen

not just with your ears but with a heart

wide open the message I bring is meant

to guide you closer to the destiny and

blessings I’ve lovingly prepared for you

give me just a moment of your time and I

promise you’ll discover a Tranquility so

profound it’ll ease your burdens no

matter what you face my

beloved in the quiet that surrounds us

now let the gentle

Whisper Of My Voice cut through the

noise of the world letting truth Echo

deep within your heart hear me and let

the intention behind my plans for you

unfold you’re meant to walk a path

unlike any

other filled with love joy and endless

blessings hold on to my words for they

have the power to shape you into the

thriving fulfilled individual you’re

meant to become

so it’s crucial you grasp what I intend

for you to truly understand my desires

for your life I’m here to enrich every

part of your existence stop letting the

world’s chatter and negative thoughts

take hold ignore those lies that try to

plant seeds of lack within

you like and share the video if you have

trust in that words of the god subscribe

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recognize now that my plans for you are

only ever good filled with hope and

Perfection I yearn to see you blessed in

every way so that abundance overflows in

your life making your dreams a reality

your endeavors successful and your

efforts abundantly fruitful every day

will bring its challenges but Within

These you’ll find the seeds of growth


strength I’ll arm you with courage to

leap over any barrier and instill in you

a confidence that does not waver

strengthening your

faith to weather the storms of life in

every sphere of your life my grace and

favor will be evident in your work

endless opportunities for advancement

will open up and in your personal

connections opportunities for growth and

deepening relationships will abound

you’ll be in cir by true and faithful

friends who will stand by you your

health will Bloom and your body will

become a Haven of energy and wellness

peace will wash over your mind

stabilizing your emotions your spirit

will rise drawing you closer to the

Divine and deepening our bond hold fast

to my promises for they are steadfast

and genuine cling to them cherish them

in your heart for they will bring


to your soul like a soothing s do not

hesitate to embrace these truths type

Amen in the name of Jesus what I share

with you is sincere and heartfelt trust

in my words

wholeheartedly and I will guide you

along the path I’ve prepared for you a

path brimming with hope purpose and

prosperity let not the world’s view of

you make you feel Unworthy of my love no

matter how far you’ve wandered or how

Bleak your situation appears my grace is

enough to cover your imperfections and

my arms are always open to welcome you

back my dear child move forward knowing

you are here for a Divine

reason don’t underestimate your youth or

your destiny you are my creation made

in my image unique and meant for a

specific purpose you have a Heavenly

Mission a role only you can

play and if you ever feel overwhelmed or

disheartened hold on to these words

speak them over your life with

conviction I promise to fill you with

strength and direct you towards the

remarkable life you’re meant to lead

keep going even when the journey gets

tough and the path seems against you

type I embrace my power to affirm know

that I am always by your side lifting

you up ready to richly bless your hard

work and

dedication I will fulfill the desires of

your heart and

them opportunities you thought were lost

will open up before you thank you for

taking this moment to hear my message

now step forward confidently do not fear

the future or lose heart for I am

orchestrating everything for your

good even when the journey is

challenging and the destination seems

far away remember my grace and might are

more powerful than any challenge you

face Forge ahead my child walk with

faith and determination my daughter and

never forget you are loved and precious

to me do not give up nor lose your grip

on faith ahead lies a future teaming

with meaning and blessings you might

feel swamped by your current situation

way down by the unknown but I urge you

to see that every

hardship you endure is designed with a

purpose in your journey every event in

your life is intentional nothing nothing

is random even when it feels like the

world is against you rest assured that

the promises I have made will come to

pass through these promises you will

witness blessings and moments filled

with sheer joy and abund abundance type

I’m abundant to affirm I urge you not to

dismiss these words lightly holding on

to hope and maintaining faith in your

heart is crucial do not let your spirit

be crushed fight the urge to fall into

despair the obstacles you encounter

aren’t just bad luck they’re not

indicative of a fate filled with only

hardship rather each trial is a stepping

stone towards building your

resilience and enhancing your

growth in your toughest times your true

strength and character are refined and

tested believe that every event in your

life good or bad is a part of your

journey towards fulfilling my promises

even if you feel a drift and find it

hard to trust in my words today take a

moment to consider the value of

persistence remember my love for you is

unchanging I will never abandon you you

are my child my cherished

creation while the clarity of my plans

for you may seem obscured now I assure

you the path ahead is filled with the

extraordinary blessings I have prepared

for you it can be tough to keep faith in

me especially when life doesn’t go as

you hoped when you feel let down and

alone but I want you to understand my

love for you hasn’t faded not even a bit

I cherish you deeply and I’m always here

for you through thick and thin hang in

there my child don’t get tired of the

battle hold on a bit more for a season

of change and renewal is just ahead

those hard times that have caused you

pain and marked your heart are about to

transform into valuable

lessons they will contribute to your

grow growth and fortify your spirit type

to show your belief in

Jesus listen to my guidance and persist

through steadfastness you’ll unlock

Prosperity it might seem like my

promises are taking too long to come to

fruition but view each moment of

patience as a seed in nourishing

ground Poise to sprout when the time is

just right keep your hope burning bright

for to wait in faith is not only smart

but courageous Faith lights up your way

cutting through the darkest storms so

don’t be swayed by how things appear now

because I am at work in your life

preparing you to receive all the Wonders

I’ve planned for you despair might Loom

like a dark cloud but remember the most

brilliant light shines brightest in the

deepest night therefore keep moving

forward in

Faith you are much stronger than you

realize and the challenges you’re facing

are simply Paving the way for your

spiritual growth the promises I’ve made

are filled with my unwavering commitment

destined to come true when the time is

right I encourage you to trust in my

timing for the blessings in store for

you are beyond your wildest dreams don’t

give up despite the hurt just a little

more perseverance is needed for for a

season of abundance change and

fulfillment that is on its way


to manifest miracles in your life I

will make good on my word in your life

those dreams you’ve held close those

goals that felt just Out Of Reach

they’re going to become your

reality this is because I am a God who

keeps promises and my words are

steadfast and true keep pushing forward

keep your faith in me and keep your

heart and thoughts receptive to what I’m

saying remember everything happening to

you is part of my work in your life

don’t shut off your understanding wait

with faith and anticipation for the most

wonderful surprises often arrive

unexpectedly know this deeply you are

cherished my child deeply loved I am

Forever by your side so

theirs no room for despair only

anticipation for the goodness unfolding

in your life spectacular blessings

you’ve been hoping for are on their way

type yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to

receive and if you believe in

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thanks from $ to $ today I urge you

to keep your Faith’s flame burning

bright progress with trust in my

guidance and open your heart and mind

for I am about to unlock doors and

unveil opportunities before you my

promises to you will come to pass

everything will fall into place for your

good simply step forward in faith toward

the bright

future I’ve designed for you to lay your

aspirations your OB objectives and your

dreams on the solid foundation that is

Christ and you’ll accomplish everything

you aim for dear one in this life you’ll

face various trials some tough some

devastating that will test both your

faith and the resilience of your spirit

that’s why I encourage you today build

your life on the indestructible

Foundation that is Christ Jesus not on a

fleeting shallow concerns of the this

world which are but worries

end Pleasures that pass away build your

life on the solid rock of my teachings

and resist being Swept Away by the

everchanging tides of contemporary

Society avoid succumbing to the lures of

worldly desires that seek to entice and

Harden your

heart much like quicksand that not only

in snares but also leads to humiliation

failure and ultimately plunges you into

disgrace and ruin know my beloved child

that the allurements of this world are

fleeting and deceitful capable of

misleading you onto paths filled with

uncertainty and apprehension it’s

crucial therefore to always stand

Vigilant and prepared to confront the

challenges life throws your

way you must stand steadfast and

resilient equipped with the spiritual


and enveloped in the strength that comes

from me do not let the Shadows cast by

the adversary Cloud your judgment nor

permit his deceptions to shatter your

heart be wary of the enticing yet false

promises which aim only to strip away

your blessings and derail you from the

Glorious Destiny I have planned for

you I’ve envisioned for you place your

trust in me refusing to fall for the the

lies that aim to lead you astray From

the Path I’ve set before you remember

you are my child my creation a work of

art I’ve lovingly crafted embedding

within you the truth and Radiance of my

teachings type if you believe in

Jesus believe in my unwavering love for

you and the sound guidance I extend to

you this

day always bear in mind that my

intentions for you are for your ultimate

good seeking your prosperity and

standing beside you offering Direction

and protection against the cunning traps

of the foe thus whenever you’re tempted

by malevolent forces or deceitful

Whispers that attempt to instill doubt

within you reject them and push them

aside take shelter in my teachings and

through prayer embrace them and therein

you will discover the fortitude and

safeguarding your spirit requ quires in

my presence You’ll Always Find the

Solace peace and happiness your

searching for so I encourage you my

child to Anchor your life to the

unwavering rock that is Christ by doing

this you’ll surely face storms and

hurdles yet you’ll stand firm though

tempests May rage building your life on

the solid foundation and resilient

Christ offers means you won’t be shaken

no storm no matter how Fierce can bring

you down with your foundation in Christ

that I am the way the truth and the life

place your trust in me and give me all

your dreams Ambitions and

worries I promise to lead you and give

you the comfort and strength needed to

surmount the obstacles

you encounter each day should you ever

feel a drift or burdened hold on to this

Mantra anchor your life in Christ this

will prepare you for every noble task to

stand against the enemy’s

Onslaught to wage the good fight of

Faith with the spirit sword which is my

word only then will you achieve Victory

and receive the Abundant Blessings I’ve

laid out for you with me by your side no

force can Prevail against you typ a am

men in the name of Jesus always remember

my child I am the Eternal rock your

unbreakable Foundation ever present to

enrich and bless your life if you remain

in me and my teachings live within you

anything you ask in jesus’ name shall

come to pass for

I honor those who honor me showering

blessings upon those who place their

trust in

me type A men in the name of Jesus I

will work marvelously through you

showcasing that my love and power know

no limits and I will continuously act in

your favor enabling you to achieve and

live a life filled with happiness and

success please my beloved child hold

tightly to my words and my promises be

assured of my unwavering commitment to

you I will never leave you until all

that I have promised you is fulfilled

in moments of Doubt find solace in me in

times of Sorrow let

my eternal love be your comfort I am

always by your side with arms of Love

ready to embrace you I have magnificent

and extraordinary plans for you trust in

me and you will witness how light

pierces through

Darkness how hope is rekindled in your

heart rest in my grace walk in bravery

and rise with unwavering determination

for I am with you at every step on your

journey believe that I will work wonders

in your life type I embrace my power to

affirm every effort you make every tear

you shed and every prayer you utter will

find its reward and fulfillment in My

Endless Love in the midst of Storms and

challenges cling steadfastly to your

faith in me do not let any situation


your Victory trust in my guidance and

together we will confront and Conquer

every obstacle for nothing and no one

can stand against you remember I am the

path the truth and The Giver of

Life as you Traverse the highs and lows

of life I will be with you guiding you

towards the destiny I have designed for

you since the dawn of time

you are my dearly loved child I have

showered you with grace and favor in

your hands lies the potential to

transform the world your authentic

witness of my love and truth can touch

hearts and Spark hope in others never

underestimate the influence you can have

for through you my love reaches out to

the world type I’m abundant to

affirm move forward dear child with

courage and certainty in me let my love

surround you and lead you to the

prosperous and triumphant future I have

in store for you always remember you are

my treasured possession and I will walk

beside you holding your hand and

cherishing your dreams goals and

aspirations with boundless love I am

about to bestow upon you the long

awaited Miracle open your hands and

heart to receive it I see the struggles

you are enduring and understand your


need for a miracle hold fast to your

faith do not lose heart for very soon

you shall witness the Fulfillment of

your prayers you have approached the

right place for I am prepared to Grant

what you seek through your unwavering

faith it is in the power of prayer that

I will bestow the miracle you long for I

know you have been devoid of peace and

Tranquility for too long you struggle to

find restful sleep yearning for serenity

as your joy seems to fade the burden you

bear is heavy and your tears speak of

your desperate need for a miracle but

here I am your loving father ready to

come to your Aid you have sought me with

all your heart and today I respond to

your call type to show your belief

in Jesus

I extend my hand to lift you from all

that troubles and confuses you I will

take away the pain the anguish and the

worry that have filled you with anxiety

today I place a supernatural miracle in


grasp a miracle that will usher in peace

happiness health and Harmony within your

family today your body will be healed

your suffering will end for today I

bestow upon you healing and blessings an

outpouring of peace and prosperity

answering your fervent prayers I urge

you my son and I beckon you my daughter

to raise your hands and accept this gift

with faith your time of suffering is

over let your tears dry type yes if you

are ready for the blessings that you are



receive and if you believe in

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thanks from $ to

$ embrace the miracle you have sought

from me it is time to rejoice and step

into a new spiritual realm where true

happiness joy and pure love are abundant

now is the moment to receive your

blessing to show all that your faith was

not in vain that you were right to

believe and persevere in faith even

amidst adversity you chose to

trust and wait upon me despite the

challenges and now your faith shall be

rewarded my dear son my precious

daughter I want you to feel my Embrace

to know that you are held securely in my

hands in my presence you will always

find a Haven of safety I will never let

you go I am your God your father your

sustainer through the steadfast Faith

you have maintained I will provide you

with all that you need open your hands

and heart to receive the blessings you

have been yearning for let me Infuse

your soul and heart with a supernatural

sense of peace and joy I am here to

fulfill every dream every longing within

you so that in me you may discover true


Lasting happy happiness I understand the

road ahead may seem daunting but do not

be afraid for I am with you every step

of the way I will not forsake you on

your journey trust in me and witness how

as you walk

forward you are enveloped in the reality

of this miracle strengthening and

deepening your faith rejuvenating and

empowering your spirit like and share

the video if you have trust in the words

of the god subscribe to the channel if

you love Jesus my beloved children the

unfolding Miracle is a tangible sign of

my deep love for you Embrace this moment

to cultivate a heart of gratitude and

devotion let your heart overflow with

praise acknowledging that each moment of

your life is Guided by

my loving hand dismiss any

discouragement and the words of those

who do not

believe persist with unwavering and

resilient Faith proclaiming your miracle

and sharing it as a testament to your

faith through your testimony others will

be inspired and find the faith they need

to trust in my promises your story will

shine as a beacon of light guiding those

who are still searching for answers in

Hope move forward with unwavering

courage do not be afraid for I Am With

You each step you take remember the joy

I provide is your source of strength

above all

no that you are more than Victorious

through Christ Jesus so let a smile

Grace your face for the moment you have

long awaited is now unfolding before you

let this time of Miracles and blessings

Mark the beginning of a life filled with

purpose overflowing with joy and crowned

with With Victory type I embrace my

power to affirm a season where every one

of your needs is met and your deepest

dreams are fulfilled trust in me for in

the unfolding of my will you will find

true Liberation and completeness that

only I can give understand that your

life is part of a much greater design

and your existence is intertwined with

my Divine

intentions each step you take is a Str

guide towards a life abundant in

happiness health

and prosperity a life that I have

envisioned for you since time immemorial

please always remember that you are my

son you are my daughter and you hold

immense value to me today embrace my

promises and bask in the miracle that I

have placed within your

reach may my peace which surpasses all

understanding f fill your heart and

guide you on every segment of your path

know that in me you will find the

fortitude to conquer any obstacle and

the Assurance to welcome a future

brimming with hope and happiness for you

are my beloved child and it is your

destiny to lead a vibrant and prosperous

life that radiates the glory of my

infinite grace type amen if you believe


God if you’re all set type yes yes take

care of yourself type I claim it if you

receive this declaration type yes if

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