?”I Need To Talk To You Right Now| IMPORTANT” | ।God’s message today।

after the next minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you God is saying to you

today my beloved Child In This Moment of

communion I beckon you to lend your

heart to my words for they are not mere

utterances but the Echoes of Eternal

truth and love as you read these lines

let them seep into the very fabric of

your being for you stand on the brink of

greatness a Destiny shaped by my

unyielding promises remember this you

are not

merely wondering through life you are

journeying towards a horizon filled with

remarkable achievements my assurances

are not fleeting Shadows but steadfast

beacons destined to manifest in your

life Embrace this truth with all your

heart for as I watch over you know that

you are not alone in your Str struggles

each step you take is Guided by my hand

leading you through the intricate dance

of life in moments of Doubt when the

path seems shrouded in obscurity Let My

Words Be the lamp unto your feet

eliminating the way forward stand firm

in your faith dear

one let not the storms of life deter you

nor The Whispers of naysayers sway your

resolve be steadfast for I Am With You

you fortifying your spirit and preparing

you for the Fulfillment of all I have

promised in your journey amidst trials

and tribulations remember that my

presence is a sanctuary a source of

unending strength and peace therefore as

you face the trials of this

world do not yield to

despair dismiss the scorn of those who

do not reverence my teachings be

unwavering in your faith unshaken by the

snares of the adversary for even in the

darkest valleys I am with you I have in

store for

you trust in my plan for your life for

it is filled with purpose and abundance

do not be swayed by the temporary

Temptations of this world but instead

set your eyes on the Eternal Treasures

that await you as you walk this journey

know that I am always with you guiding

you with love and

wisdom do not let fear or doubt Cloud

your vision for I have equipped you with

everything you need to overcome every

obstacle beloved child remember that you

are deeply loved and cherished by me let

my love be your strength and my presence

your peace type if you believe in

Jesus in times of uncertainty turn to me

and I will be your refuge and Fortress

keep your heart open to my guidance and

Trust in my

faithfulness as you do you will

experience the fullness of life that I

have prepared for you stay steadfast my

dear one for I am leading you to a

future filled with hope joy and purpose

dear one as you Journey forward keep

your faith unwavering for I Am by your

side guiding you through every step do

not let doubts or fears hinder your

progress for I have promised to bring to

fruition the good work I have begun in

you trust in my love and my plans for

you for they are filled with abundance

and blessings beyond measure even in the

face of challenges and uncertainties

hold on to your faith knowing that I am

your Solace filling your heart with

peace and

contentment as you encounter obstacles

along the way remember that I Am with


embracing you with steadfast love do not

fear the trials that may come your way

for they are opportunities for growth

and transformation like and share the

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Jesus keep your faith burning bright for

it is your Guiding Light In The Darkest

Hours let it illuminate your path and

Lead You towards the future I have

ordained for you a future filled with

hope joy and endless blessings walk

boldly dear child knowing that my love

for you knows no bounds with faith as

your Lantern you will overcome every

obstacle and emerge Victorious trust in

me for I Am With You

Always when despair threatens to engulf

you remember that my presence is always

near ready to sooe your fears and Grant

you the strength to persevere resist the

voices of doubt and criticism that seek

to lead you astray for my plan for you

is steadfast magnificent and

Transcendent trust in me and allow my

love and grace to transform your journey

into one of joy and

Triumph each blessing I have in store

for you will manifest in its perfect

time timing so hold on to hope in your


and courageously move forward toward the

extraordinary destiny that awaits know

that the words I speak to you now are a

testament of my deep love and unwavering

commitment to you treasure them within


heart and you will witness the wondrous

ways in which my mighty hand reshapes

Your Existence do not lose heart but

march on with steadfast faith for

immense blessings are your destined

inheritance believe that I am with you

at every step guiding you to Realms

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams cling firmly

to my love have faith in the promises I

have made and let my peace permeate your

entire being through patience and

persistent endurance you will witness

the Fulfillment of my Divine plans

in your life type Amen in the name of of

Jesus do not falter for my love and

grace are continually bestowed upon you

persist in your prayers for I listen

intently and my thoughts towards you are

filled with kindness and the promise of


Blessings today and always my dear one I

long to reveal to you the full extent of

the goodness I have reserved for you

since the very moment of your creation

you are a beauti beautiful manifestation

of my love and grace and everything in

this world has been crafted to support

and satisfy your needs understand that I

am ready to grant you all that your

heart desires every prayer you have

uttered will be answered and no barrier

or challenge will impede the blessings I

have planned for your

life all my actions are purposeful and

they reflect my deep desire and good

will for you from this moment forward

your sorrow shall dissipate and pain

shall no longer be a part of your life

today marks A New Beginning where every

promise I have made to you will be

fulfilled and all your yearnings will be

realized I will Elevate you to a state

of prosperity and victory placing you in

a position of

prominence these events are not random

occurrences they are the fruits of your

faithfulness and adherence to my my word

type I embrace my power to affirm trust

in me and embrace the Abundant Blessings

that await you that staying true to my

word was challenging at times and there

were moments when you felt a drift and

lost but just as the dawn breaks after

the darkest night so too will your

future Glory outshine the past your

blessings will increase exponentially

and all your efforts in aiding the poor

the sick and the needy will not go

unnoticed none of your Deeds have been

in vain my beloved child be certain in

your heart that victory is yours you

shall achieve your goals and realize

your dreams even amidst

trials no obstacle shall stand in your

way for I Am with You aiding you in all

your Pursuits my abundant blessings upon

you are unyielding building a Divine

decree set forth from the moment of your

creation I will not only increase your

material wealth but also enrich your

life with prolonged

years for every moment spent serving

with a selfless heart your acts of

kindness especially for the impoverished

and needy shall return to you manifold

it is essential for you to know that I

am revitalizing your spirit rekindling

your zest for life and reigniting your

passions I am restoring what was lost to

the enemy in this world for all

spiritual gifts and blessings rightfully

belong to you thus rise each day placing

me at the center of all your endeavors

type I’m abundant


affirm begin your Mornings in communion

with me stepping out in faith and

determination to embrace the blessings

that are manifesting before you grasp

them firmly for they are a reward for

your devotion and love for me March

forward with confidence my

child do not hesitate or waver but

proceed with assured steps towards

Triumph and abundance remember that I am

always by your side guiding you and

showering you with my blessings trust in

me and you shall see Miracles unfold in

your life I am ever with you cradling

you in my hands continue on your journey

without despair casting aside doubt and

fear for you shall not face

shame type to show your belief in

Jesus I will clear your path of

adversaries those who resent your

blessings and success and who speak

falsehoods from which they will not turn

back I shall remove from your life those

who have opposed you for in opposing you

they have also opposed the sacred blood

that redeemed them their refusal to

repent of their wickedness places them

as adversaries to me separate yourself

from these malevolent

Souls distance yourself from those who

weave lies against their

Brethren they attack with their words

and demean with their looks they tear

apart innocent families crush the pure

grain and nurture the grow grow of

weeds they cloak their corruption in the

guise of righteousness disguising it as

sound teaching they are akin to wolves

disguised as

sheep withdraw from their presence for

they will surely face the consequences

of their misdeeds you however must

persist on your Journey of

Faith stay rooted in my

teachings listen to my voice

follow my guidance and all shall be well

with you if you seek to hear my voice

within your soul turn to my written

word open its Pages explore them with

faith and love imprint them in your mind

hold them dearly in your heart with hope

embrace them fervently and follow them


devotion then your heart will be filled

with joy your spirit uplifted for they

will imbue you with the faith and

confidence to accomplish your

aspirations for within them lie immense

blessings and eternal life type to

manifest miracles in your life my child

cherish this message in your heart for I

will grant you all that you have

envisioned all that you have requested


Me no obstacle or difficulty will hinder

my blessings in your life for my love

for you is boundless and it is

my desire to bless and prosper you in

all aspects I am orchestrating a

remarkable event in your life for you

have been chosen to Triumph and receive

Abundant Blessings listen attentively to


voice for today I speak to you assuring

you not to lose hope or be dismayed by

Future challenges do not let anxiety

take hold of your heart nor fear Cloud

your journey I am by your side I

accompany you even through trials and

tribulations I will never abandon you I

am here to support and protect you as

you navigate this world do not let

hardships overcome you nor be weighed

down by the judgments and Whispers of

others for throughout your challenges

and adversities I am with you

I have seen your unwavering in faith

even amidst the enemy’s onslaughts I

have witnessed your steadfastness and

resilience serving as a true Testament

to my love and might you have spread my

word with courage and

resolve and this fills me with immense

pride and joy now rejuvenate your

strength my child and rise with renewed

determination type yes if you are ready

for the blessings that you are about to


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$ remember beyond the dark Valley of

Shadows lies the expansive Garden of my

promises in that place you will discover

joy peace and

plenty of

blessings there you will witness the

outpouring of blessings for you you and

for the generations to come always hold

on to the truth that I am a God who

keeps his promises and I will fulfill

them in you this is why my dear child I

urge you to persevere and show courage

Embrace patience and place your

unwavering trust in me for I am working

for your good my grace and mercy will

never leave you and my love for you

knows no

bounds to fully embrace the blessings

continue to walk Faithfully in

my ways and you will see my promises

fulfilled in your life rid yourself of

all doubts and cleanse your mind of any

impure or inappropriate thoughts that

may distance you from my presence cast

them out and eradicate them from your

heart in doing so you will experience

all the unique and exceptional blessings

that come from living righteously and

with Integrity type if you believe

in Jesus do not falter in the face of

adversity for you are destined to

overcome from the outset I created you

with a Divine Purpose to lead a life

filled with blessings prosperity and

victory do not be intimidated by the

challenges struggles or hardships that

you may face for I will be right there

with you offering

encouragement and strength in every

trial remember every hardship you face

is an opportunity to rise higher and

grow stronger as you exert yourself and

remain Valiant I will bring to

completion the work I began in

you I will shower your life with joy and

Abundant Blessings leading you towards a

life of peace and prosperity bear in

mind that my presence is your shield and

my great Grace is Everlasting no force

can take away the blessings I have in

store for you and for the generations to

follow therefore my beloved on this

special day I implore you once again do

not give up reject the lore of

meaningless and dishonorable

Pursuits stand Resolute and keep your

spirit strong and courageous

for amidst the storm I will perform

wonders in your

life type Amen in the name of Jesus I

will work marvelously through you

showcasing that my love and power know

no limits and I will continuously act in

your favor enabling you to achieve and

live a life filled with happiness and

success please my beloved child hold

tightly to my words and my promises be

assured of my unwavering commitment to

you I will never leave you until all

that I have promised you is

fulfilled in moments of Doubt find

solace in me in times of Sorrow let

my eternal love be your comfort I am

always by your side with arms of Love

ready to embrace you I have magnificent

and extraordinary plans for you trust in

me and you will witness how light

pierces through

Darkness how hope is re kindled in your

heart rest in my grace walk in bravery

and rise with unwavering determination

for I am with you at every step on your

journey believe that I will work wonders

in your life type I embrace my power to

affirm every effort you make every tear

you shed and every prayer you utter will

find its reward and fulfillment in My

Endless Love in the midst of Storms and

challenges cling steadfastly to your

faith in me do not let any situation


your Victory trust in my guidance and

together we will confront and Conquer

every obstacle for nothing and no one

can stand against you remember I am the

path the truth and The Giver of

Life as you Traverse the highs and lows

of life I will be with you guiding you

towards the D Destiny I have designed

for you since the dawn of time you are

my dearly loved child I have showered

you with grace and favor in your hands

lies the potential to transform the

world your authentic witness of my love

and truth can touch hearts and Spark

hope in others never underestimate the

influence you can have for through you

my love reaches out to the world type

I’m abundant to affirm

move forward dear child with courage and

certainty in me let my love surround you

and lead you to the prosperous and

triumphant future I have in store for

you always remember you are my treasured

possession and I will walk beside you

holding your hand and cherishing your

dreams goals and aspirations with

boundless love I am about to bestow upon

you the long awaited Miracle both open

your hands and heart to receive

it I see the struggles you are enduring

and understand your deep

need for a miracle hold fast to your

faith do not lose heart for very soon

you shall witness the Fulfillment of

your prayers you have approached the

right place for I am prepared to Grant

what you seek through your unwavering

faith it is in the power of prayer that

I will bestow the miracle you long for I

know you have been devoid of peace and

Tranquility for too long you struggle to

find restful sleep yearning for serenity

as your joy seems to fade the burden you

bear is heavy and your tears speak of

your desperate need for a miracle but

here I am your loving father ready to

come to your Aid you have sought me with

all your heart and today I respond to

your call type to show your belief


Jesus I extend my hand to lift you from

all that troubles and confuses you I

will take away the pain the anguish and

the worry that have filled you with

anxiety today I place a supernatural

miracle in your

grasp a miracle that will usher in peace

happiness health and Harmony within your

family today your body will will be

healed your suffering will end for today

I bestow upon you healing and blessings

an outpouring of peace and prosperity

answering your fervent prayers I urge

you my son and I beckon you my daughter

to raise your hands and accept this gift

with faith your time of suffering is

over let your tears dry type yes if you

are ready for the blessings that you are

about to

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$ embrace the miracle you have sought

from me it is time to rejoice and step

into a new spiritual realm where true

happiness joy and pure love are abundant

now is the moment to receive your

blessing to show all that your faith was

not in vain that you were right to

believe and persevere in faith even

amidst adversity you chose to

trust and wait upon me despite the

challenges and now your faith shall be

rewarded my dear son my precious

daughter I want you to feel my Embrace

to know that you are held securely in my

hands in my presence you will always

find a Haven of safety I will never let

you go I am your God your father your

sustainer through the steadfast Faith

you have maintained I will provide you

with all that you need open your hands

and heart to receive the blessings you

have been yearning for let me Infuse

your soul and heart with a supernatural

sense of peace and joy I am here to

fulfill every dream every longing within

you so that in me you may disc discover

true and

Lasting happiness I understand the road

ahead may seem daunting but do not be

afraid for I am with you every step of

the way I will not forsake you on your

journey trust in me and witness how as

you walk

forward you are enveloped in the reality

of this miracle strengthening and

deepening your faith rejuvenating and

empowering your spirit like and share sh

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you love Jesus my beloved children the

unfolding Miracle is a tangible sign of

my deep love for you Embrace this moment

to cultivate a heart of gratitude and

devotion let your heart overflow with

praise acknowledging that each moment of

your life is Guided by

my loving hand dismiss miss any

discouragement and the words of those

who do not

believe persist with unwavering and

resilient Faith proclaiming your miracle

and sharing it as a testament to your

faith through your testimony others will

be inspired and find the faith they need

to trust in my promises your story will

shine as a beacon of light guiding those

who are still searching for answers in

Hope move forward with unwavering


do not be afraid for I am with you in

each step you take remember the joy I

provide is your source of strength above


know that you are more than Victorious

through Christ Jesus so let a smile

Grace your face for the moment you have

long awaited is now unfolding before you

let this time of Miracles and blessings

Mark the beginning of a life filled with


overflowing with joy and crowned With

Victory type I embrace my power to

affirm a season where every one of your

needs is met and your deepest dreams are

fulfilled trust in me for in the

unfolding of my will you will find true

Liberation and completeness that only I

can give understand that your life is

part of a much greater design and your

existence is intertwined with my Divine


each step you take is a stride towards a

life abundant in happiness health

and prosperity a life that I have

envisioned for you since time immemorial

please always remember that you are my

son you are my daughter and you hold

immense value to me today embrace my

promises and bask in the miracle that I

have placed within your

reach may my peace

which surpasses all understanding fill

your heart and guide you on every

segment of your path know that in me you

will find the fortitude to conquer any

obstacle and the Assurance to welcome a

future brimming with hope and happiness

for you are my beloved child and it is

your destiny to lead a vibrant and

prosperous life that radiates the glory

of my infinite grace type amen if you

believe in God

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yourself type I claim

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