?”I Chose You To Watch This| Don’t Skip” | ।God’s message today।

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yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you make sure you watch

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type if you are ready God is saying

to you today my beloved child hear my

voice calling out to you though storms

may rage around you I am the calm within

when Shadows close in I am the light

that scatters them you are not alone so

do not lose hope I know the Sorrows that


on your spirit I see the Dreams Deferred

the potential unfulfilled the world may

tell you that your moment has passed and

your best days are behind you but do not

listen I am the god who makes all things

new the same power that raised Christ

from the dead dwells within you you can

be begin again today where you see

limitation I see possibility what others

dismiss as not good enough I call

beloved your mistakes do not define you

your struggles do not disqualify you I

have always used imperfect vessels to

accomplish my perfect will I choose the

things the world considers foolish and

weak to shame the wise and

strong you are no exception like and

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heart I have planted vision and purpose

fan these Sparks into flame no one can

extinguish the light I have kindled


you no earthly force can stop what I

have ordained for your life the trials

you have endured have prepared you for

this moment let go of regret reget over

Wasted Years I will yet restore what

seems irretrievable Beauty for Ashes do

not believe the enemies lies that it is

too late as long as there is breath in

your lungs it is never too late for

transformation this is not the end of

your story but merely the Turning of a

page trust in my timing though it often

seems slow I am

working always in ways you can not yet

see setting the stage for

miracles There Will Be Giants to face on

the road ahead but I have given you

authority to conquer them The Battle

Belongs to Me type if you believe in

Jesus fix your eyes on me not the Raging

seas around you I will lead you one step

at a time through Stormy Waters to

streams of Living Water food for the

journey will appear as Mana along the

way do not worry about provision my word

over you stands forever

settled surely goodness and mercy shall

follow you what I have

spoken I am able to perform my promises

are yes and amen I bless you to be a

blessing a tree planted by Living Waters

whose Leaf does not wither dig your

roots down deep into my steadfast

love build on the unshakable foundation

of who I say you are you are the apple

of my eye the joy of my heart carved in

the palms of my hands you are loved with

an everlasting love the world will mock

you but I applaud your courage to

believe for more to take The Road Less

Traveled to expand your capacity to

receive all I have in store you were

made for more than mediocrity and Petty

goals I I will do immeasurably more than

you ask or imagine more than you have

dreamed type Amen in the name of Jesus

your journey with me leads to wonders

Wild and Free this is your invitation to

Abundant Life do not settle for scraps

when I have prepared a feast say yes to

the Glorious Adventure I invite you

to the choice is yours but I hope you

will join me where mountaintops touch

and Skies of possibility where lions and

Lambs walk together unafraid I am making

all things new let me make you new too

the world will take notice as old things

pass away and New Life Begins the years

the locusts have eaten will be restored

Beauty will rise from ashes laughter

will echo in the Halls that once held

only weeping blessing after blessing

will overtake you wave upon wave

each morning will hold expectancy of

encounter with my glory the trials that

now seem endless will fade in light of

my presence you will be a testimony of

my redeeming love I move through yielded

ordinary lives in extraordinary ways

just as I did in Mary’s life when I took

on flesh within her womb she surrendered

impossibility to me and did not dismiss

the prophetic promises spoken over

I invite you to do the same agree with

my word about you align your expectation


mine will Miracles will surely follow

the journey will not always be easy but

I will be with you in joy and in sorrow

we will celebrate every breakthrough and

mourn every loss together I will never

leave you or forsake

you my strength is made perfect in your

weakness when you grow weary lean harder

into me I am your Shelter From the

storms of life your sanctuary of Peace

come to the water’s edge with hopeful

expectation do not focus on how far the

Horizon seems type I embrace my power to

affirm take courage and cast your net

once more your provision is not

determined by what others bestow or

withhold but by The Great I Am who spoke

this Stars into being I own the cattle

on a thousand

hills scarcity and lack are foreign

Concepts in my economy of abundance ask

largely of me agree with me for the

seemingly impossible and watch Heaven

move on your behalf refuse to settle for

less than my highest will for your

life no matter what anyone else has

accepted for their own you were created

in my very image for Glory and Honor

therefore set your aim higher your

vision wider the boundaries and

limitations that hem others and don’t

apply to you be bold be brave be radical

in pursuit of my purposes blaze a trail

into Uncharted Territory with me as your

guide every promise I have uttered over

you will come to pass without fail type

I’m abundant to affirm not one one word

that has proceeded from

my mouth will return

void my words will shape reality and

alter Destinies stand firm on the truth

of scripture until you behold its

fulfillment with your eyes when

adversaries rise up to taunt you

regarding your identity in me do

spiritual warfare with the sword of the

spirit which is my word resist the

devil’s efforts to kill steal and

Destroy clothe yourself in a full armor

I Supply you fortify your mind against

his Sly attacks take every thought

captive and make it obedient to the

knowledge of

my will yield no ground to the enemy’s

schemes wage war with Words of Life

Light and love set ambushes with praise

that stop evil in its tracks worship

your way through Wilderness times make

melody in your heart to

me no matter the circumstance for this

releases angels to hearken Heaven Help I

have stored up in heaven every tear you

have shed not one is forgotten I am

working all things for your good even

when you cannot discern the working walk

by faith not sight hope will carry you

through the darkest Valley the oil of

gladness will replace your mourning you

are stronger now because of the battles

you have faced weathered but not worn

bent but never broken scars Mark where


have healed tell of dangers averted

strength proven you are a mighty warrior

tried and true no weapon formed against

you can prosper greater is he in you

than he who is against you Victory is

assured as you Dawn the armor I Supply

and wield the sword of truth which I

have handed you

type to show your belief in Jesus I

will advance my kingdom together one

Soul at a time no more will the enemy

claim ground I purchased with my blood I

will take back stolen property and set

captives free signs and wonders will

follow you the trophy of transformation

will be on display in surrendered lives

where you walk in the earth Heavenly

realities manif man EST as you speak my

words demons shudder and chains

fall Dry Bones Rattle and come to life

when you call what is not yet seen into

being by faith the world will watch and

wonder at what unfolds through your life

I will plunder hell to populate Heaven

such is your identity as my child I have

chosen you out of this world to display

my glory in the earth you have Royal

Blood running through your veins me S I

call you my own dear one my

beloved allow my love to Captivate you

until it casts out all fear until you

see yourself the way I see

you clothed in my righteousness seated

in Heavenly places at my side Heaven

stands ready to support all I have

ordained for your life Angel armies

await your command to hearken help allow

me to connect Divinity with your

Humanity until they flow seamlessly as

one River of power on the

earth type to manifest miracles in

your life signs and wonders will follow

you the Unseen realm will yield to your

rule dream with me of all we can

accomplish shoulder Tosh shoulder no

longer limit Your Capacity to contain me

I will expand your character enlarge

your territory lift your gaze higher

still your vision remains too small

compared to all I have planned you are

destined for more through you I will

display the wonders of my grace and

glory to Generations yet

unborn the fullness of time has come all

of creation awaits the unveiling of my

mature Sons and Daughters who live and

move as I do without limitation Heaven

through Earth and vessels made

manifest these these ones will perform

Greater Works than even I modeled on the

earth they are LED not by external law

but internal life my very Spirit

awakened and active within count

yourself among this number this chosen

generation of History makers and Destiny

shifters you are called and equipped to

do the impossible to turn worlds upside

down never again think small thoughts

devoid of power speak my word and watch

it accomplish my designs clear crooked

paths call those things that are not yet

seen into being by faith have I not said

you would do these Greater Works believe

it is so resist the temptation to

compare and despair over what seems

lacking in your life type yes if you are

ready for the blessings that you are

about to receive and if you believe in

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$ hold to my vision for you not your

own limited perspective your journey has

held purpose in every struggle your

story has been carefully crafted as a

reflection of redemption’s work in

you the fullness of joy will come in the

morning weep no more I am making all

things new I bless you with every

provision ision pertaining to life and

godliness I speak open doors of favor

and increase over you this day take hold

of the exceedingly Abundant Life I give

the boundaries that hem others and will

not hinder you launch out into the Deep

cast your Nets in faith I am expanding

your reach I am increasing your

capacity walk in the confidence that you

bear my image and

carry my authority authority to manifest

heaven on Earth signs and wonders will

increase as my glory is revealed upon

you the generations will call you

blessed your children and your

children’s children will carry the

deposit of anointing you walk

in your legacy will be one of great joy

your days of mourning are ended Glory

Rises like the dawn over your life you

are a new day dreamer marked by my power

and presence to transform like and share

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of the god subscribe to the channel if

you love Jesus never again will the

night Seasons hold sway each Sunrise

Herald’s promise fulfilled and vision

expanded where you walk dead men live

lost hopes are born again ruin is made

whole Beauty awakens in ashes all things

are made new be assured of this the son

of my favor arises upon you with healing

in its wings no longer will Shadows

claim ground in your heart or home the

lion of Judah is awakened within my

anointing rests upon you my angels

hearken to your cry all of Heaven’s

resources stand ready at your command

arise shine Darkness flees at your

approach night yields before

the breaking day Glory Rises fresh with

each new Sunrise there is light and life

yet ahead my child I see you I see your

struggles your pain your despair you

feel trapped stuck in circumstances not

of your own

choosing the mistakes of your youth the

broken relationships the poverty and

lack they weigh heavily on your spirit

let let me speak truth into your spirit

this day you are not defined by your

past nor are you disqualified from the

Glorious future I have prepared for you

though enemies whisper lies that it’s

too late I say it’s never too late for

my power to resurrect dead dreams and

open up new doors of

Destiny type if you believe in Jesus

I know at times it’s felt like you

wandered far made a mess too big for

even me to redeem like The Prodigal Son

focused on the pigy and not the Open

Arms of his father but just as that

father welcomed back his son with joy


restoration I stand ready to welcome you

to cleanse forgive and unleash purpose

aresh don’t believe the doubting voices

within nor the accuser without I have

made you an overcomer though the world

doomed you to statistics and stereotypes

I destined you for so much more you were

made in my image crowned with Glory and

Honor so rise up my child lift up your

head and open your eyes to see past

current circumstances into your bright

future take hold of my strength and let

me Infuse

your weary mind and body with Zeal

vision and determination

I’m taking your mess and making it your

message your tragedy into your Triumph

you see limitation but I see opportunity

every adversity carries seed for greater

glory your pain cultivated compassion

your loss unlocked creativity your lack

built tenacity and trust in me type Amen

in the name of Jesus had the road

remained easy your character complacent

you’d never never have discovered the

diamonds I embedded in your deepest

wounds allow me now to extract them and

bring them to

the surface to craft a crown of Beauty

From the Ashes do not focus on what was

or what is the past is but a lesson the

present but a Transit stop on the way to

what shall be your best days awake you

as you surrender control and follow my

lead into the

unknown expect Adventure purpose and

blessing to open up for I make a way

where you see no way I open doors no man

can shut I silence the voices of

impossibility with promises soaked in

power take comfort my child for I go

before you to direct your steps and

prepare the way did I not carve sunshine

and hope across the cavern of your heart

The Cry of your spirit calls to me

across time and space

face I am coming quickly to guide you

out of this Valley and up to the summits

I ordained

for you long before the foundations of

the earth were laid you shall no longer

eat the crumbs from under the enemy’s

table type I embrace my power to affirm

I am setting a banqueting table for you

in the presence of that same

enemy Sorrows will be forgotten shame

and reproach wiped away for I

predestined you as a weapon and conduit

of my glory yes human eyes may see you

struggling but Heavenly eyes see

differently they see what’s coming to

birth in the secret place they see a

paradigm shifter and atmosphere changer

carrying the generational mantle of

Revival just because something starts

small doesn’t mean it must remain small

for now the incubation continues

allow frustration and despair No Quarter

cling to my declarations over you not

the projections of enemies limiting

labels Warfare rages to abort my purpose

in you but already I have secured the

victory what I birth cannot be stillborn

the hour of your deliverance is here

Divine connections resources and Angelic

assistance are being dispatched as you

read this that la home blocked promise

will burst forth suddenly expect

dramatic turnarounds in finances


Health and Family restoration too in

this new era the tide has turned in your

favor the cliff Edge is but one step

away ready yourself to run when I say

move you’ve waited long enough the

training season

lifts new assignments come it’s time to

Target anything hindering your next

level breakthrough type I’m abundant to

affirm together we will strategize

strikes against internal mindsets

holding you Hostage to past pain

limiting beliefs must burn toxic ties

must be supernaturally severed the cork

of delayed purpose must pop get ready

for explosive expansion acceleration and

compensation as my glory comes upon

you finally I want you to see it that’s

always been the

key difference between those who subdued

kingdoms worked righteousness and

obtained promise versus those who did

not my generals dared to embrace the

reality of my kingdom within before they

saw it manifest

without they held the future tense

speaking things that are not yet as

though they already were that that

tenacious hope unlocked Heavenly help to

transform invisible into tangible I call

you higher up the mountain of Revelation

today so that you might behold Your Land

Of Promise set your gaze upon its

vastness and Lush terrain hear its

sounds taste its flavors and beckon its

resources Into the Now decree agree

align actions

accordingly type to show your belief


Jesus soon your promised Vista will

become actual experience and you shall

testify of this encounter that birthed

holy anticipation in you for I am the

god who gives life to the dead and calls

things that are not as though they

already were a table is set for you a

robe a Reign Authority honor and

influence come Lost Child found Wayward

Warrior restored the party starts when

the prodigals return my precious child I

have planted a Divine Dream Within your

heart a glorious

vision and calling I have woven a Divine

dream for you before the foundations of

the earth yet layers of hurt have buried

it deep dimming your sight trauma

unforgiveness negativity the enemy in

this broken world has cast mud upon the

stained glass window of your

soul but behold I make all things new I

shall heal every wound transform every

scar into a jewel in your crown repent

and welcome my cleansing flood waters

allow me to gently unwrap the layers

returning your identity vision and

calling to what I have placed within you

irrevocable seeds awaiting their season

of blooming by my design remember for

what purpose purpose I crafted you the

blueprint of your

soul there is a dream buried in your

heart that evokes indestructible Joy a


that defines the very depths of your

being a dream that in your most

anguished nights still glimmers as a pin

prick of light beckoning you home to my

arms recovery of this dream shall be as

finding treasure hidden in a

field like anegg exiled Queen finally

wearing her crown once more I never said

the road would be easy dear one but take

my hand walk with trust perseverance and

courage for the places I lead you to

often require traveling through

difficult terrain first type to

manifest miracles in your life the

greater the adversity overcome the

sweeter the destination in time you will

see purpose in every hardship along the

pathway for now cling to my promises I

will turn every past pit

into ladders of

ascent what others deemed liabilities I

declare assets your history shall fuel

your destiny I choose the foolish to

shame the wise the weak to shame the

strong let it be done according to my

wisdom not man’s do not accept the

enemy’s lies that you are disqualified

his taunts are but a temper tantrum

raging against the threat you posed to

his rule indeed no weapon formed against

you shall prosper no curse Prevail on

the contrary you shall trample such

sorcery Beneath Your

Feet victoriously as you march forward

into my glory type yes if you are ready

for the blessings that you are about to

receive receive and if you believe in

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$ beloved we cannot walk into the

fullness of our shared Destiny together

if you insist on hiding your face no

more masks your beauty radiates most

brilliantly in its authenticity I shall

free you from the abyss of mediocrity

the world man mandates take my hand I am

lifting you out breathe rarified air

with me at the top the Summits of


living I have prepared for you for as I

said with man this is impossible but I

am the god

of the impossible made manifest for my

faithful ones as for those who wounded

you forgive them from a heart filled

only with my love pray Mercy upon their

souls that they be overtaken by my grace

rather than judgment they

deserve allow your life overflowing with

my joy and peace to silence slander and

convince naysayers of my sustaining

goodness shining forth from you you must

learn the discipline of Letting Go

granting them Freedom through

forgiveness leave Justice and final

outcomes in my hands alone here is where

trust in me must must Eclipse your

desire for Vindication or payback like

and share the video if you have trust in

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god subscribe to the channel if you love

Jesus lead the way toward reconciliation

where possible while also establishing

healthy boundaries against mistreatment

leave no room for bitterness to take

root fill that space instead with

intercession that I capture their hearts

with my l

kindness then watch and stand amazed as

I transform enemies into friends

Darkness into light and dearest child

hear this resounding truth you were made

for so much

more your current circumstance is but a

seed in its burial your greatest

fruit bearing is yet to come like a

patient Gardener I shall germinate your

gifts in proper timing I will cultivate

you tenderly unto maturity through each

unique season of training I prescribe

specifically type amen if you believe in

God if you’re all set type yes take care

of yourself type I claim it if you

receive this declaration type yes if

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