I am your heavenly father as God is telling you these days my tiny kid I

need to talk to you the next day you should be vigilant because your enemy is

planning to trap you in a horrible Financial trap and take all the money you have saved up over the years as much

as you’d want to keep this from happening remember that you are a precious child of God and that no amount

of violence or aggression can ever hurt you or your loved ones give this video a

a thumbs up and spread the word if you believe in God keep in mind that you are

never really alone and that the angels of God are watching over you praying for you and offering help whenever you feel

like you need it while you’re fast asleep this evening I will perform the miracle you’ve been

asking for if you pray to me I will hear you it will be a life-changing and

incredible Adventure get yourself ready to absorb it with an attitude of faith

and appr appreciation in the event that you are in search of a miracle it is imperative that you devote the next

several days to viewing this film in its entirety a remarkable change is about to

transpire in every facet of your existence you will notice this change happening you should be worried only

about the better as Miracles will show up just when you need them in your professional Life Financial condition

physical health and personal relationships in order to obtain miraculous interventions from God you

need to view this video in its entirety during the month of February you

and those you care about will have an abundance of gifts opportunities and benefits I am going to make you feel

absolutely fulfilled even when you are overwhelmed from a tale of constant

conflict and hardship to one of Joy Good Fortune achievement and extraordinary

events your narrative is about to take a positive turn I hope and pray that God

rewards you abundantly in everything that you do you are very blessed may God

shower you with Bountiful Financial blessings I pray that you will never again have to worry about money your

life will be filled to the brim with Incredible blessings and life-altering Marvels that you have never experienced

before you’ll be okay the advantages and wonders that may change your lifestyle

are many show grow your faith by giving this video a like and sharing it with

others my affection for you and my desire to protect you from harm allow me

to do all in my power to get you back in shape in whatever form it may take I am

here to lay my restorative touch on you no matter what form your Rehabilitation

takes physical emotional or intellectual I am here to lend you a helping hand I

hope that you are always happy and healthy and that you never have to deal with any any kind of mental or physical

pain in your life every Sunday I give you my heartfelt wishes for a life that

is generous and abundant with joy and success please know that I am praying

that the next week brings you all the blessings that are rightfully yours it is my sincere desire that this petition

be accepted my deepest wish is that my business venture at the time brings you

the Serenity and comfort you need and that all of your current problems are soon to be behind you my darling I

pray that you find immense Joy today because the day after tomorrow is going to be filled with God’s favor and plenty

of blessings I’ve decided to start a new chapter in your life today and I hope

it’s filled with Incredible rewards unimaginable joy and a deep feeling of

achievement for your utmost satisfaction I have completed this I have faith that

you will appreciate my thoughtfulness and be Delight delighted to receive my present without a doubt I will never

abandon you or give up on you furthermore you can count on my unwavering Presence at all times God is

on my side let five people who think about God see this video I will take

into account your chances in your popular approach as a means to provide you with success beyond your wildest

dreams my sincere wish is that the abundance of joy and pride it brings you

is propor to the amount of love I am pouring out to you unprecedented waves

of love and wealth will crash upon you showering you with unexpected benefits

the Fulfillment of your dreams and goals together with the answers to your prayers are approaching quickly your

anguish which includes your tears your pain and your restless nights will soon

be over because I am about to do something amazing and going ahead there

may not be anything in your life that requires your involvement you have been under tremendous pressure to complete

several tasks and challenges throughout your life and I’m well aware of this

things have been tough for you and you’re probably feeling discouraged and drained from all the stress the current

feeling of powerlessness is a direct outcome of those occurrences but I want you to know that I will Rectify every

error recover from every setback Vanquish every adversary and eliminate

every obstacle standing in the way of reaching your dreams all of these things will be done

by me so that I may assist you I just realized that the adjustments I’m about

to make to your life will shock you you must know that I am cognizant of your

prayers and that I am working diligently behind the scenes to guarantee the best

possible results for you please know that I am working very hard to provide

the best possible POS results for you to you and others you care about I hope that the latter months of bring

even more blessings increase your wealth in every area of your life and improve

your physical and mental health always remember that you are a blessing in my

life and that my love for you goes beyond everything else something that is even possible to grasp you have my

deepest admiration God if you agree so hold on to your desires

always remember my darling that the best years of your lives are yet ahead of you

everything will turn out the way you want it to because I love you more than you can ever imagine trusting me will

allow you to realize how I can enhance your lives so that you may do great things because I have so many wonderful

things planned for you I want you to feel overjoyed and optimistic about life

I want your life to be filled with hopes and pleasure because of what I have planned for you and it doesn’t matter

how your past or present seem what I have planned for you makes this the better option in my opinion

opportunities and choices abound in the future with almost Limitless scope there may be a lot of miracles in your life

you shouldn’t give up hope even if you may feel like giving up when you believe in yourself and what I can do for you if

you do I will be there to help you through this difficult period so that we may complete this project together

please rely on me when you are weak so that we may overcome this together I will give you the power to persevere no

matter what comes our way you may trust me without reservation because I am the only one who can rescue you protect you

and be your rock if you are willing to trust me with your daily routines I can see to it that everything works out as

planned if you ask me I can clear a route for you to get where you need to go and I will also take down any

obstacles that stand in your way as you navigate various ways of living I can

connect you with people who will love and support you you can rely on me to provide you with the information you

need to make wise decisions given your current circumstances following the advice I

give you in the hopes that it will bring you happiness will allow you to reach your maximum potential I can’t tear my

eyes away from your face my beloved child that much is clear to me whenever you need my helpful resource I assure

you that just saying my name will bring me to you wherever you are I will go to see you I can transform your life into a

fantastic Journey brimming with joy love and advantages for you and the people

you care about if you grant me your belief I can wow you with a mountain of encouraging data in a Flash repeating it

once more will set it in motion at a level you have never seen before

bringing you money health and satisfaction on a scale you have never seen before I am well aware that right

now by virtue of God’s favor I have the opportunity to receive an endless supply

of Love health and wealth I’m very grateful for this quick as a flash I may

unleash a deluge of blessings and shower them upon you in abundance a period of

your life filled with joy love and financial abundance is about to begin

for you the beginning of this chapter of your life is just around the corner

everything you could possibly need will be supplied to you without fail so you no longer have to worry about missing

out on anything everything turns out well when you follow along with my plan for your life and agree with me

ultimately the terrible things that have made you weep for a long time will go before this weekend is over and they

will be replaced by Joy lightness love and blessing

you could see this before the weekend is out your spirit might be brimming with delight and you will be able to see the

beauty in every part of the Arena around you this is a promise I’ve already made

to you and I promise I won’t forget to keep it in mind you can count on me to

keep it alive every day is a fresh chance for me to take stock of my good

fortune just because today was a bad day doesn’t mean you should give up Rather

find comfort in the knowledge that tomorrow may bring exciting new prospects that may ultimately

Triumph I promise I will not let you down in any manner if you agree with me

no matter how bad things get you can always depend on me to support you show your strength and courage Be not Afraid

and do not let your enemies cause you to be afraid for the Lord your God is the one who fights on your behalf and goes

before you into battle he will no longer let you down and he will also Al not leave you whenever I say things like

this it’s not just flattery it’s a promise if you want me to I can do

everything to guarantee your Victory by directing their actions and keeping a watchful eye on your defense at all

times I firmly promise that I will never leave you in any way on the other hand

those who put their trust in the Lord will feel a regeneration of strength their strong Wings allow them to so

through the air like eagles eventually they will be able to run the whole race without becoming fatigued

they can run for miles and miles without becoming tired if you have faith in me I

can restore your strength and give you the endurance to persevere through whatever challenges you face you will

not be able to maintain your trust in me if you do not believe in me your endurance will be like an eagle allowing

you to run or sail for hours on end without experiencing f fatigue with this

power comes malevolent electricity even though I’ve been keeping a careful watch on you and the people important to you I

want you to know that I’m never really far away and that I’m never really Out Of Reach my love for you has no bounds

and will never wne as you get ready to start your weekend I can’t wait to show

you all the amazing things that life has to offer always keep in mind that the

good things in your life have their origins in me as you get ready to start your weekend please keep this in mind I

have given you the most precious gift that could be given your own lives on

top of that I have a strategy and goal for the rest of your lives that I would want to accomplish may the Lord shower

you with an overflowing supply of his love joy peace and prosperity throughout

your life these are the qualities I want to see most in you I get this well life’s

path May be winding and challenging at times you may encounter obstacles and struggles along the way however know

that I am by your side pointing you toward a destiny brimming with Limitless possibilities please know that you have

my unwavering support no matter what you should never give up hope I am going to

pave the way for you to change the course of your life’s relaxation in a major way regardless of how tough things

may seem right now when you put your trust in me I will perform miracles for

you that are Beyond Your Wildest Dreams perhaps you’re currently dealing with a

challenging situation that is making you anxious about the future possibly you aren’t always as fit as you’d like to be

or maybe you’re struggling to make ends meet no matter what you’re likely going through maybe these two things are real

for you help benefits and fantastic events in your class are being sent to

you right now and I want you to know that remember this even when it feels

feel like the world is collapsing around you to make sure traffic stays on the correct path I’m Paving the street do

not squander a single moment of your valuable time as you patiently await my arrival I vow I will never give in to

you or abandon you if you still have faith in me in a similar vein I am here

to revive everything that has faded from your way of life and bring it back to its former Brilliance the restoration of

your joy your expectations your relationship ships your health and the events surrounding your finances is

being accomplished through Jesus Christ I am the only one who has come to offer salvation so you no longer have to lose

hope I will restore and revive all that has been taken or destroyed please let

us join together in praying to the Lord although it may appear that the voices

in my head are more audible than my confidence in you I would greatly appreciate it if you would put your

Spectacles on and listen to me with all your heart I know that no matter how quiet my agreement with you may seem

compared to the voices in my head I am utterly convinced that you are the God

of all opportunities and that you will make a way for me you are without a doubt the

creator of every possible outcome I’m requesting your assistance in keeping my

heart healthy all that you have accomplished are doing and may accomplish in the future is war warmly

acknowledged and appreciated thank you for everything that you have done are doing and may do

in the future it is a privilege to commune with you as both my God and my

heavenly father because you are the best in every way including being exact I

think it’s important for you to know that our shared faith is significant to our relationship right now to win my

heart you must have faith without it you risk missing out on on my blessings and

never knowing how much I love you you won’t win my approval if you don’t follow the teachings of the Bible

knowing full well that I can deliver on the Promises I make to you I must therefore implore you to have faith in

my life and take it at face value because of this I feel compelled to tell

you that you can trust my way of life no matter how difficult things get for you right now I want you to know that I will

always be by your side whatever the case may be be this statement remains true I

will feel your anguish see your tears hear your prayers and know what it’s like to be sick I’m prepared to turn

your misery into joy and your setbacks into triumphs put your faith in what I

am capable of doing even when all hope is lost I will provide a way out dial

to reach the settlement line the power that may emerge from showing humility and submission is something

something I want to bring to your attention you open the floodgates to an overabundance of prosperity on this

planet when you give me everything you do more than just fill the heavens with wealth as you bring everything to me you

enrich Heaven’s treasure chests you can trust me with your money your Fitness and your relationships so there’s no

need to hide anything from me instead tell me everything I the God who gives

good things heals broken things puts everything back together and has uncountable benefits I hope that no

matter how bad things get you can always find something to enjoy in me because of my boundless love mercy and Charisma I

will never fail you or fail to praise you no matter how hard things get for you in doing so you pave the way for

unexpected Miracles which may change your life in ways you could never imagine never forget that I am the deity

who can transform your sobs into dance moves and you can count on me to do the same for you keep in mind that I am

strong at all times no matter where your Journeys take you I must assure you that

you will never be alone I vow to always be by your side to settle any

disagreement you may have to bring calm to any storm and to fill your life with

joy and contentment regarding each of these matters I am willing to swear to

you do not be afraid I will be a safe Refuge a power source and a constant Rock of

support for you whenever you need me I will be right here I promise I will

never let you down if you position your acceptance of me as true it would mean a lot to me if you could spread this

invitation I am giving you right now to join me in prayer let our shared belief

serve as a unifying force and beg me to remove your pain your anxieties and your

difficulties and replace them with Genuine Health joy and Tranquility in

return for your pleading with me to do that let us pray that you were exposed to all dangers both visible and

invisible that the enemy’s attacks were thwarted and that every Wicked plan hatched to bring you down is foiled may

you be shielded from every threat both known and unknown your demands are not

information to me but I can listen to them and respond in a way that will wear you out at the end of the day remember

that I am by your side no matter how bad things get life can be tough and you can

feel defeated and unhappy occasionally that should remain etched in your memory

forever even when things seem hopeless I promise you that I will never abandon

you or abandon You Without a Trace I am here to provide you with support and

comfort during this challenging period Although our desires May no longer always align I am utterly unsatisfied

with this development and would like you to know that if you trust in me I will

show you the way to the goal that will help you achieve the reason you were created the point of enduring hardship

is not to crumble under the weight of adversity but to emerge stronger wiser

and more resilient than you were before please tell me everything in your heart

and soul as you pray and know that I will listen carefully to what you say

your problems aspirations and worries are all completely known to me right now

I have something planned for you that is far more amazing than anything that could possibly be appreciated right now

therefore keep your focus on me and have faith that the entire longrun training

session will benefit your hobbies the most I can see that you’re going through a lot of unique stuff in your life like

with your relationships your health and your finances please know that I am here

for you for you and willing to lend you a hand if you need it please give me the opportunity to learn how I can assist

you as a God who can perform Miracles I am able to swiftly alter your current

way of life for the better but only if you put your faith in me and let go of your cares and anxieties this can’t

happen until that happens I am the one who loved you before the world was even born I am also your Creator and Heavenly

Father throughout the year you have occupied a unique and irreplaceable spot in my heart having

you in the loop about it is really important to me there is no distance between us I will lead shield and

provide the strength you need to face each and every one of the many challenges that life throws at you I am

aware of the difficulties you encounter the anxieties you feel the lack of clarity you encounter and the sadness

you endure since I am fully cognizant of how challeng alling it is for you I am

here to lend a hand in lightening the load you are bearing I am the deity who mens broken hearts gives hope to the

downtrodden and performs miraculous Deeds there is nothing that I cannot do

and nothing that could possibly stop you from experiencing the love that I have for you it is possible that nothing can

stop me I wish you happiness contentment and the ability to reach your full

potential in this world may you discover the peace you seek and and live life to the fullest in order to bring honor to

me and benefit others simultaneously I want you to make use of your distinct

abilities interests and passions I found those things in you it’s up to you to

put them into practice now never let fear stop you from reaching for the Stars trying new things or growing

beyond your current comfort zone I promise that no matter what happens you

can count on me to be by your side and that I will never abandon you or give up on you I will make sure to attend to

your every need do not depend on your own understanding instead include me in

something you do and I will clarify your path you may find yourself confronted

with demanding circumstances that seem insurmountable at the moment and I

understand that life can be tough at times rest assured I am at your service

on the other hand keep in mind that I can accomp Lish anything because I am the deity of the impossible in my hands

you can find joy in dancing contentment in Gloom and strength in overcoming your

weaknesses by simply thanking me for all I do for you Lord I can start a chain

reaction that will ultimately lead to a change in your lives where we are truly grateful to you the significance of the

strength that comes from being able to forgive previous wrongdoings is in my

opinion far far more crucial to emphasize forgiving everyone isn’t a

picnic but it’s essential to your spiritual growth and the quality of your relationships around you forgiving

another person frees you from the bonds of bitterness and allows you to mend fences not only with that person but

with the World At Large finding Harmony in your life in relationships and in the

arena begins with forgiving yourself and others please forgive those who have wronged you just as I have forgiven you

keep in mind that I have already done so I have already forgiven you so I don’t

understand why you would do this I also wanted to let you know that I might be returning to the community very soon my

arrival is almost upon us so you better have everything you need ready in this season of waiting I ask that you keep

your focus on me and let my Sanctified and obedient life influence you so that

you can proclaim the gospel to those in your neighborhood and Beyond coming to the surface of the

world to establish my dominance I am simultaneously the beginning and the end

the primary and the very last so rest easy my children because I am not the

only one who loves you you are also greatly appreciated as a result keep

your hunger alive taking this chance would allow me to express my sincere desire to use this opportunity to remind

you that salvation is available to anyone one who has faith in me admitting

even to a basic degree that I am the only one who brought Jesus Christ from the dead and made his confession public

will save you the most convenient way to store it is that way what this means is

that it’s possible for you to have everlasting lives and that I will be there with you throughout them you will

have existence constantly instead of just having it once everyone bows down

to Jesus Christ if you need my assistance don’t hesitate to ask I’m happy to provide it by utilizing me your

cries for assistance are constantly heard and I will always make every effort to fulfill your requests I am

always receptive to fresh data I solemnly pledge that I will never let anything bad happen to you and I also

pledge that I Will Never Let You Down by not delivering on my promise of a good deal place your faith in me and know

that I am working tirelessly behind the scenes to guarantee that your way of life is consistently bringing you

exciting New Opportunities and benefits incredibly the dreams I’ve had for you

will be realized and I beg you to hold fast to that Faith you can rest assured

that I have everything under control even though it may appear to others that your fate is shrouded in mystery keep in

mind that I’m available to help you whenever you need it never give up on your dreams and try to see the positive

side of every situation baby you are mine I will still love you

no matter how bad things get for you there is no way I can ever leave your side there’s no way I can leave your

side I swear to you if you ever get into a jam and can’t see a way out I will be

the light that guides you in your time of need when you are cold and alone I am

the comforting presence that envelops you for I will never leave your side when you come to me when you’re feeling

overwhelmed and lost I promise you that being alone will never be a problem again you might find

that I can give you some advice trust me I’ll ease your anxiety there will be

times when you are weakest but I will be there for you if you can hold fast to your faith no matter how scared you are

should you have faith in me I beg you let me show you the best place to be and

how to act when you’re there you will achieve First Rate status in this world because you are significant you might be

dealing with a very important area I will show you the life I have imagined for you if you will just pay close

attention to me you only care about me and want to live for me I beseech the

lord to bless you and keep you from harm in the coming year I pray that the Lord

will be gracious to you and will look down on you as if you were on equal ground may the Lord grant you his desire

and his peace it is my sincere desire and prayer it all begins with me and ends with me

both the beginning and the end are in me being the sole entity held responsible for the development of everything makes

me the Alpha and Omega every single star in the cosmos has a name that I know

there is no amount that can compare to the immense love that I have for you my Majesty which surpasses all

comprehension it’s highly plausible for you to think that when I made you I based your appearance on mine I hold you

in the the highest regard as well you hold a special place in the hearts of many people and you are loved by many do

not give Credence to the lies that can be propagated with the help of the outside world and assert that you are

inadequate in some way these assertions stem from the fact that I am immensely

proud of the person you have become and that you cannot claim to be my infant feel free to seek my help at any time I

can happily Supply it you can count on my assistance and support whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation

come to me I will provide you with the strength to persevere and come out on top come to me and I will mend the

wounds you’ve sustained as a result of the reports you’ve received I will help you Triumph even as your kingdom falls

apart at any point in time when you are facing adversity you can seek my counsel

and I will show you the way to resume proper business conduct love you must never forget that no no matter what

happens I’m always by your side so you are never truly alone because I am

always standing right in front of your face I can never leave you if we can come to an agreement I can meet all of

your demands if you continue to put your trust in me I will never disappoint you

you must sense Domesticity in this community and I will show you the way you can rely on me to support you no

matter what challenges the outside world throws at you now that I’m back because you are my child you can trust that I

will always be there for you and treat you with the utmost respect I am here to

support you through this difficult time so there’s no need to be afraid I love you more than you can possibly imagine

and no matter what happens you can always count on me to be by your side you have my word that I will be unable

to help you if you trust me I’m here with you my little one so you need not be afraid believing that I will always

be be here for you through the highs and lows that life inevitably brings I ask that you put your faith in me always

keep in mind that I am the truth and the way pay close attention to me for the

rest of my life and I solemnly pledge that I will never leave you no matter

what even if it means giving up everything I own life you are one of my

dearest children and I have a purpose and a strategy for your life that I want for you do not let worry dread or

uncertainty completely paralyze you I Am The Rock in your Fortress you can’t let yourself be

consumed by these things any longer if you put your faith in me I can show you

the way that will end up being best for you never forget that I am the deity of Miracles nothing is impossible for me to

do your sadness into Joy your despair into contentment and your joy into a

time of Celebration I have the the power to do it my darling you must not give up

hope I will work a miracle in your life if you will only remain faithful I

promise you with all my heart that you will face challenges and Times of Despair in your life you are not the

only one dealing with this at the moment and you should know it I am by your side

and I can give you the strength and courage to face any obstacle headon it is my sincere desire to see you succeed

that being said pay close attention to my assurances and proceed with self guarantee in the direction that you find

agreeable as a brave and fearless Warrior you have the strength to conquer any obstacle that stands in your path

young man my best guess is that continuous prayer is one of the most

powerful tools we have right now so I feel compelled to urge you to do it pray

with an attitude of gratitude for your heart and consider that I can answer your prayers according to the plans I’ve

made for you by doing so you give me permission to work in the circumstances

you find yourself in during your life never let go of the idea that my love

for you knows no bounds and that I am the deity of love I can keep an eye out

for you at all times it’s impossible for you to do anything that would increase

my love for you and it’s equally impossible for you to do anything that would decrease my love for you it will

remain the same no matter what you do so find solace in my love and let it fill your lives with joy and serenity as

a sign of your agreement if your opponent seems hungry give him some bread to eat if he seems dehydrated give

him some water to drink as soon as possible if you do both you will be praised by the Lord for what you eat

while you’re standing on top of him that is the way I want to show you that kindness and forgiveness are important

parts of Being Human that are necessary for happiness and success I swear that

if you treat other people with compassion and consideration I will shower you with countless blessings I

love you all more than you will ever know my dear children and I want you to know that I will never leave you or

abandon you I can hear your prayers at all times and respond to them in ways you can’t imagine in case you forget I

can never leave you or forsake you if you have faith in me I will take care of everything else and I promise not to

keep you waiting any longer to sum up everything my dear child I want you to

know how many people appreciate love and admire you a lot of people consider this

to be really important no matter what happens you have support and I will be

here for you consequently you have faith in me and I can show you the way to a

life that is abundant with happiness contentment and love God willing I will

pour out my blessings upon you and those you hold dear and I desire for your

faith in me to grow stronger as time goes on I hope and pray that this day

and every day after that is filled to the brim with joy love and plenty

because you have faith in me and know that I am a trustworthy God who fulfills his promises you must publicly declare

in that God will bless heal provide for protect and Lead Me you could say

this with complete certainty and Assurance I want you to know how much I

value your trust in me no matter how confusing things get you will experience

life-changing Miracles when you trust in the compassion and power that I possess

my beloved children always keep in mind that I am a perfect all powerful God it

became now not aimlessly after I made you because you are a child of God your

conception was most likely not the result of chance or random events you are highly esteemed you have received

gifts and you have been blessed never give up hope my child I am the one who

fights with you to Vanquish your enemies and I will help you triumph over all of them no matter how many threats there

are to your way of life compared to them I am significantly larger it is possible

that you may experience storms that attempt to completely engulf you when you look for answers to your problems

you will find amazing Solutions a miracle will happen just when you need it my darling and your entire family can

reap the benefits trusting me and seeing my abilities are prequisites every day

it Dawns on me that I am no longer an aloof God but rather a substitute who is close by rather than being an abstract

deity I am now present among you I have trans transformed from a God who remains

silent to one who speaks out you are about to embark on an absolutely fantastic month you will now find that

your story is centered around your accomplishments stop wasting time and

start living your best life this month by cutting out the pleasure and healing that bring you Joy have faith in me and

know that I will do my best to suit your highquality hobby at some point I will

question my level of expertise in this this field I’m sorry but it’s going to happen and you thought it would never

happen you have no choice but to put your faith in me and follow my lead for I am the only one capable of

transforming a jumble into a message a document into an affidavit and a crisis

into a Triumph never forget that I am by your side and that no matter what

happens I will ensure that you are safe trust me with all your heart and let me

be your Guiding Light when the night Falls calls think of me as the God who performs Miracles you have my full

attention and I can handle anything let me be your rock while you keep your

focus on something bigger than yourself my solemn vow is that I will provide for

you in ways that are beyond your wildest dreams I want you to know that I am here

for you no matter what happens in the next month depend on me and trust that I

have a purpose for your life all of us have begun working on on your behalf and we have many more plans in the works for

you believe that I am molding you into the person I Envision for you and have faith in me your problems will go away

once you use those stories but your successes will last forever no matter

how many times you’ve messed up in the past I am the deity of Second Chances do

not forget that my love for you will last forever typically I’ll be more than

happy to Grant you a second chance and forgive you you my love and forgiveness are here for you if you ask so please

let them motivate you in everything that you do you always know that I am by your side and that I can continue to love you

through thick and thin if you put your faith in me I can show you the way to a life full of success joy and healing

allow me to accompany you it became a tough year for many of you in I

know my deepest condolences go out to anyone who has ever felt hope in the

wake of a devastating loss disappointment or setback I just wanted

you to know that after saying that you are still on my mind in preparation for

next year’s gift giving I have been toiling away behind the scenes to make sure you’re in the best possible

position I can help you get your health relationships and finances back on track

so that you can eventually move forward I want you to know that I am the best doctor in the world and that I can cure

you entirely of any illness whether it’s a physical or mental one you may have

been having trouble with your Fitness levels recently so that you too can lead an active and meaningful life I Can Heal

Your Body Mind and Spirit I wish that life for you and I know that many of you

have been struggling financially so I will understand when it’s time alternatively I ask that you firmly

remember that I am the god who gives in the year you have my word that I will do all in

my power to Grant your every wish and belief everything you need will be

provided for the blessings I bestow will Astound you and I will make you speak to me but my children I want you to know

that there’s a reason behind everything I do that impacts your lives my blessings aren’t coming to you just so

you can amass riches or enjoy fantastic Health with the help of loved ones I

will sing your praises so that you may one day be of service to other people

for the next months I am counting on you to make an honest effort to use the

opportunities that Lifestyles provide to improve the lives of those around you in

order to spread my love to everyone in the arena I need you to make the most of

the opportunities I’ve given you you may have had experiences with tight or ugly

relationships in the past but you can overcome them by being generous kind or

truly listening to someone who is going through tough times actually I would

really like it if someone would acknowledge that I am the deity on purpose I can restore broken

relationships and bring Comfort to places where there was immense pain I

can give you the wisdom and knowledge to deal with the people you meet every day in a way that brings you peace and glory

and also makes your life easier and more harmonious in your prayers and petitions bring me

all your heart’s desires and remember to be grateful no matter what your

wonderful interests are always on my mind and I will continue to pay close attention to you as you anticipate the

blessings that will soon be a part of your lives something specific should no

longer be a concern of yours please subscribe to receive additional messages from God and may the best of blessings

be upon you amen

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