my precious kid God is telling you this right now I have a very radical message

for you today you can’t afford to ignore the decision that heaven has made for you both your life and the lives of

others Close to You may be profoundly affected by this choice I have been keeping a close eye on you and I have

seen the challenges you have been facing although I am aware of the weight you have been and will continue to Bear my

darling I want you to know that I am not alone in this I am at your side ready to

lend you a hand my darling the decision that has been made in heaven regarding

you is viewed as an act of extraordinary mercy and Love in This Global Community

I have chosen you to radiate my love and light for the lost and destitute I have

chosen you to be a lighthouse of Hope and a Wellspring of Vitality watch this

video in its entirety you must make a choice if you believe in God and want to

fulfill this this calling you should make the decision to submit to my will and follow my life plan you need to

decide to let me guide and steer your every move instead of focusing on your own aims and dreams to make sure my kid

is safe I use all of my energy I assure you the payoff may be First Rate but

this is not a choice to be made lightly it will demand sacrifice and devotion from you please do not disregard my

message or you will miss out on the joy serenity and plenty that I have for you

do not put off making this Choice any longer my darling there may be a lot to be done and time is of the essence

therefore I’m lovingly and urgently contacting you answer it’s up to me

should you have contemplated God would you be willing to submit to my desire for your life as seen in this

video my darling I can’t wait to hear your response never forget that I am

with you at all times I will never never leave you nor abandon your trust in me

and I’m able to guide you toward righteousness and bring about the Fulfillment of my desires for your life

if you seek me in prayer I will answer you and light the way for you remember

that I am the deity of new beginnings and that inside me you will discover the strength to confront an impending

challenge let this month be a chance for us to go deeper in our courting for you to discover fresh truths in what I say

and for you to savor my whole presence let go of your goals and see how I

provide rewards and chances that are Beyond Your Wildest imagination today God is telling you

that I am able to change that situation you are becoming stronger through your pain suffering and lack of sleep I’m in

charge of everything hold on to my unwavering hand for the greater good even if it may not seem fitting at all

times I am by your side no one on this planet can undo the way I am setting you

up for Success this has nothing to do with being perfect or kind rather it is

about putting your faith in me as God and walking in my will to confirm what

God is telling you right now I am willing to engage in a conversation with you I did not instill fear in you but

courage and I vow that I will be at your side most of the time may you too

regularly remember this and carry it with you in every situation everything

you have prayed for and watched for is on the other side of refusing to give up do not stop rather maintain momentum

somehow you must learn to give up whatever it is that you’re going through I am now stronger and larger than it put

your worries on me if you’re feeling overwhelmed no matter what you’ve gone through I’ve always been able to lend

you a hand no need to fret I’ve stabilized your lower are back I will

not Fritter away any of it at your Peak you’ll notice that it’s all working

together as part of the method mentality believe me with all your heart

God is telling you right now you shouldn’t try to solve it all by yourself pay attention to what I say and

do regardless of the obstacles you’re currently facing I can keep you focused

and on track no matter where you go no matter the storm I will be your rock

solid anchor your love for me has no bounds in the depths of Despair you will

find a Guiding Light think of me as your guide Faith even in its tiniest form can

conquer any obstacle there may be a lesson in Courage and energy in any Endeavor you do so your trip isn’t

necessarily pointless take comfort in my assurances they might serve as both a

shield and a boon to you fear not because I am with you and I will turn

any difficulty into an opportunity for your growth my my darling baby this is

what God is telling you today keep in mind that my energy is tailor made for

your vulnerable place whenever you feel tired trust me because I will be by your

side every step of the way as you face the challenges life throws at you please

know that I am walking by you Leading The Way with wisdom and love if you’re looking for courage and strength you

could find it in me have faith in my beautiful Limitless love keep them close

at hand in the hopes of wishing for a brilliant unbreakable thread while things are still unclear I am the one

hopefully better times are on the horizon in the face of adversity your

passion and Faith shine a light please know that I am always rushing into your

lives in an effort to transform any little hope into a source of joy and contentment be patient I am standing by

your side making your dreams a reality we invite you to subscribe to our Channel if you find solace in the

peacefulness of your morning or night remember to contemplate my kindness if you believe in God every day has new

possibilities for positivity affection and personal development take those

chances with an optimistic and hopeful attitude as you go about your day every

moment becomes a voyage of faith and Discovery when you realize that I’m by your side on this beautiful path through

life you are never alone so let your heart be kind and your soul be joyful

yes you should tell yourself this God is telling you this in these days when the going gets tough and the going gets

heavy imagine me walking by your side providing encouragement you are

courageous and faithful in every step you take no matter how difficult it may be transform obstacles into

opportunities for personal development and strength I will I will be by your side every step of the way your

unwavering commitment is a reflection of your trust in my assistance and you will

find the strength to go ahead incrementally your anxieties may be turned into faith in me the deity you

have faith in my power love and knowledge thus you should not let fear

stop you from pursuing my intentions I will be there to help you every step of the way I am the deity of doggedness and

lightning fast timing no matter how long it takes or how out of the ordinary it looks you must accept it as truth

according to my perfect timetable I understand what you consider first class you may have faith that I am

doing everything in my power on your behalf I am the calm deity you are

looking to me to be an anchor in the midst of storms when the demanding circumstances of your existence threaten

to destroy you your racing heart and anxious mind will find peace and harmony with my help it is real inside me I must

accept it I am always by your side whatever God says to you today I believe

I am the deity of Consciousness all of your decisions and plans are going to be guided by me my services will include

Clarity and wisdom think about me depend on me in all your endeavors and not on

your own wisdom anymore God of metamorphosis I am give me permission to

shape you into the person I imagine you to be even if it’s painful you must submit to my way of refining like you I

see myself shaping you into something lovely and useful Temptation worships me

never give up on the wish I give you no matter how difficult the times become have faith in what I say because I’m

reliable From the Ashes I will create Beauty and from your hardships I will

weave Tales gather around me all you tired people and I will refresh you

clear thinking a surge of energy and a revitalization of your sense of reason

may be yours when you find solace in me allow yourself to fully immerse yourself

in the current moment of relaxation and let it rejuvenate you on all levels

remember to tell yourself this I am the beginning and the end the ruler of

Heaven and Earth and my love for you will continue forever as God is telling you right now I can tell you when to

start and when to stop you’re constrained and don’t comprehend my methods because of this it’s good that

you think about me do not be afraid of the dark times do not be afraid of giving up and do not worry about your

difficulties because this might lead you to a greater existence a life of Peace

desire and pleasure for anybody looking into this I and the quit are fantastic better times

are on the horizon you’ve done enough crying and waiting a assistance answers

healing blessings and miraculous events are being sent by God you still have time to finish practicing your manners

this year you must consent to his demands my pricey baby Heaven has made a

very important choice about you and I’m telling you this to let you know we have

made this Choice with your enjoyment in mind and it has the potential to greatly improve your life this choice is the

result of much deliberation and is consistent with my op Optimum course of action for your particular life

circumstances in no uncertain terms I implore you to pay attention to this

choice and not disregard it disregarding this option would very certainly cause

issues and delay the benefits that may be yours I hope you take pleasure in all

the wonderful things I have planned for you since I care about your enjoyable pastimes I get that there are times when

you just don’t understand the logic of the good things happening to you but just remember that this choice is all

yours to make take my advice and trust that this decision will bring you one

step closer to a better and brighter future since I can see the forest for the trees and know what’s important to

you Embrace this Choice despite any fears or doubts you may have know that I

am your rock and that I will never leave your side or abandon you trust me I can

lead you to happiness and success if you only trust in my ideas yes if you agree

I love you more than you can imagine and I just want what’s best for you so there’s no need to second guess this

decision that has already been made in Paradise it’s going to provide you plenty freedom and blessings give me

some thought and I will see my dream realized in your life you can always count on me my little one and I promise

I will never let you down I will reverse the situation for your rights therefore

you should embrace this decision I hope you took the lead in positioning yourself I pray that your deeds will

reflect your beliefs I really hope you get out to them and refrain from enduring unsatisfactory

treatments please listen to your gut more carefully hopefully you’ll have the

courage to walk away from what didn’t work for you in it is my deepest wish that you

would return to recognize its veracity within the bounds of your abilities in

spite of the prevalence of unwanted com ments I hope you will not let them discourage you from seeking your own

unique brand of pleasure above everything else I pray that you make the most of

having settled down and sacrificed enough you’ve done enough to make others

want you you are well within your rights to make the next months All About You

in order to ensure things improve I am open to the new any internal source of

anxiety or perplexity will be resolved those men mental tormentors will eventually get around finding and being

loved by the right people may improve your mental health physical health and financial situation every once in a

while life will throw you a curveball to strengthen your power teach you to

accept pain better and teach you to be more grateful for the benefits that come your way realize that you aren’t being

punished and that you won’t always face life’s dangers the best moments are beinged planned for you you are being

pleaded with to believe that no matter what happens today the outcome will be predictable Jesus you are capable of

recovering improving dying progressing and stepping into a new role to realize

your goals in order to live a better more full life it is often necessary to

convert to your long-term self which is not an easy task keep going even when

things get tough remember to give yourself a pass when you mess up and celebrate every Victory no matter how

little no matter how far away you feel from where you need to be it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on your Pursuit

little by little you can and will build a unique life for yourself if you just

take deep breaths and use your choices wisely if you’re prepared I’m certain

satisfy yourself with your values tastes and Faith set off the anxieties of being looked down upon rejected or seen to be

crazy your priorities are important and Justified you’ve already put in enough

effort to become the person we all depend on putting your faith in the people and circumstances meant for you

to meet will be the theme of the next season as you seek to fit into relationships and places that don’t seem

right a life that is authentic and genuine to you is something you should be able to live stand firm and refuse to

accept anything less breathe deeply everything will work out in the end

please do not let the fact that a lot seems to be happening right now that you cannot influence discourage you perhaps

that’s the intended design imagine for a second that you are preparing for Monumental events that the present day

you is unable to Fathom yes I do believe that you are being led and redirected in

directions that will Aid in your development it is easiest to let go of the need to understand and control every

aspect of your life when you open yourself up to the possibility of unexpected advantages even if what you

are going through does not make sense I’m happy to tell you that you’re stronger than you think you are you have

therefore shown methods to adapt to unforeseen circumstances recovered from setbacks in your lives dealt with

challenging emotions and refused to allow them to defeat you on several occasions you chose to keep going even

though the arena was supposedly giving you you every excuse to quit pause for a

moment and appreciate your partner’s strength even though you were struck down by trials and hardships you never

allowed them to hold you back you are indeed a fighter for everything that you have accomplished overcome and

persevered through things will improve if you love the Lord you will be able to

identify the source of your inner turmoil and disorientation you will eventually

overcome those troubling ideas your financial status physical health and

mental Wellness will all improve the people who really care about you will find you and adore you life will

sometimes delay the good things in your lives so that you can become stronger learn to accept pain better and be more

appreciative of blessings when they arrive thus no you are not being punished and you are not permanently

destined for the dangers of life in order to comprehend end the most fascinating examples you are being

prepared you are being urged to have faith that no matter what happens today

everything will work out for the best the Lord is Jesus Christ it is within

your power to mend recuperate circulate stage and manifest your dreams in a new

manner sometimes it’s necessary to return to your old self in order to live

a better more fulfilling life but it’s not easy always keep going even when

things get tough remember to forgive yourself when you mess up and remember

to appreciate every Victory no matter how little gradually making progress

toward your goal is not in vain when you feel that your world is far from where you want to be you have the power to

build your own unique life if you only focus on breathing and making decisions

in these days you are hearing from God I know you’ve been questioning your strength and competence lately wondering

whether you’re up to the task I set your heart on here is a message to remind you that with Christ everything is possible

keep going for your goal and don’t let fear stop you keep in mind that you have my support and you will succeed stop

talking and thinking negatively instead speak and think about the times I answered your prayers healed you

promoted you and turned the accidents and trouble around God is telling you

today as you reflect on your successes you will progress in your faith if

someone hasn’t been acting naturally as of late it’s only going to get worse typhoons are God’s doing restoring Joy

mending broken relationships and moving mountains are all within reach God is in

charge he has never let you down before and he isn’t about to start now give him

some thought God closes doors at times to signal that it is time to go on and I

love you for that he knows that you may not go until you feel compelled to follow God’s plan for your life’s

transition in these latter days God is preparing you for an alternative no one

can shut the doors I’ll open I am leading you to your destiny throughout That season I understand the struggles

you’re facing and I vow to be by your side through thick and thin the Lord will make it known when the timing is

perfect rest easy tonight all power lies with God you and your loved ones are at

the center of God’s plan don’t keep fretting about the who what when and how any longer this is now

God’s process not yours you have been assigned angels and he works the midnight shift lounge around while this

works it is with renewed Vigor that I confirm the sign for which you have been asking invest in your lifestyle with

fitness programs family and relationships are under God’s control at this very moment he is being kind to you

a witness will be given given to you this week by God you will get an update on your prayed for dreams when you trust

in the Lord’s promises things will start to fall into place in the next few days because of God if you ask him to do

anything he will do it in a manner that you could never do it alone our channel

is supported by Jesus the Lord kindly turn on the Bell notification and become a member of our Channel today my pricey

baby God is making a proclamation to you I’m having this conversation with you

today so you can see how dangerous you are your very being is a gift and I will

do everything in my power to protect you you don’t have to do anything for me to like you I already do I want you to know

that no matter what comes your way I will never leave your side this world is full of things that might hurt you

whether physically emotionally or spiritually I will watch over you and

keep you safe this video is essential viewing please know that I am here to

console you in your time of need if you find solace in agreeing with God when you are terrified when you’re going

through tough times just know that I’m always there for you please know that I’m here to help you and be your rock

stop being scared of those who can hurt you if you’re ready no amount of danger or threat could ever compare to mine

think of me and I will ensure your safety my counsel can set you on the correct course and you have come to me

for it if you call on my name I will come to your rescue my love you are

invaluable to me and I hope you never forget that I am willing to go to any

length to protect you believe what you know to be true about me and be assured

that I am the powerful God who will not let anything hurt you I am here to help

so you don’t have to worry anymore I am your God so you need not be discouraged

I can strength stren you and provide you a hand you may trust that my righteous

right hand will support you I am your loving heavenly father if you trust in me I will protect you sure if you trust

God the enemy’s objective is to make you so unhappy distracted and dissatisfied

that you cannot understand God’s purpose my current phrase for you is prevent crying because he wants you to keep

weeping so that he can distract you from seeing what’s coming it’s on its way God

has promised that he will be with you so there is no need to be afraid I am your

God so you need not be discouraged I will stand by your side and lend you a

hand for whatever remains of you I will support you with my holy right hand here

is an announcement from God I am with you you should no longer feel

discouraged When You Weep he’s on his way in light of what God has been

communicating to you recently I am preped prepared to shine at this very moment chains are snapping upcoming

opportunities are appearing generational curses are bursting at the seams with you generational hurdles generational

problems and stepping into generational blessings what’s been stored up for your circle of relatives is poised to be

given to you restrained resources don’t always disappear rather they have been

building up you are entering a time of increased blessings opportunity and

impact the year could seem like an eternity Miracles true information and

unexpected benefits can happen at any time of year you will feel Joy again

recuperation is possible progress will be made by you you have the opportunity to blossom into the person God intends

you to be subsequently you will find Tranquility thanks to Jesus you are

deserving of it please God you have been sobbing being irrit irritating and suffering for far too long no matter

where you are I am proclaiming a miracle is on its way to you if you would only agree with it I say to whatever demon is

oppressing you abandon the Gospel of Jesus your life will be blessed with healing deliverance and breakthroughs

you are no longer at the bottom of Jesus’s invitation you are at the top you are no longer below you are above I

pray that you find relief from your suffering and the burdens that weigh you down in Jesus name amen I pray that you

will be welcomed and blessed in all areas of your life you and your children are protected by angels and I affirm

with my own words that you are under the protection of the highest powers of evil

harm and Devastation no matter how many rains fall on you , on one side and ,

on the other God will protect you with his hedge in the care of the shepherd

God is announcing to you today you may find Solace and safety you have been

doubting your abilities and strength to carry out the mission I set your heart on and I know that this has been on your

mind lately this message is meant to serve as a reminder that with Christ

everything is possible you must not allow fear or surrender to dissuade you from pursuing your aspirations never

forget that I am at your side and victory is within your reach this is God’s way of telling you that you’re

capable you have what it takes but you have to prepare yourself mentally and

physically for the challenge it may not be simple right now but your future self is demanding it within you there is

greatness don’t let other people talk you out of it things won’t persuade you if you don’t let them your fate is

evolving into New Dimensions a Revival has taken place happiness success and

healthy connections keep praying and believing you will succeed with my my

help you will be able to cross the finish line to confirm Paradise I materialize my energies prepare me for

the new year father put an end to my problems and my past mistakes refresh my

spirit and reignite my desire I beg you to clear the path and protect me while

you cross before me Father guide me to the right people and turn away from the

wrong ones Lead Me in the love of Jesus and fill me with your Delight as I

respond to his call please God the format for entering has changed

from that of feeling better more powerful blessed healed and at peace is

what awaits you the most important thing is that you are ready for all the good things that God has in store for you you

will thrive in I make no secret of the fact that I am claiming it proper

now in Jesus’s call amen if you are preoccupied with trying to predict

what will happen tomorrow next month or in years you will miss out on what God has in store for you right now

whatever you need right now God will provide and he will reveal to you his plan for your life your next steps and

the lessons he has for you at this time there may be great Beauty in walking

every day with Jesus and just taking in life as it happens don’t allow anxiety

or dread of the future to prevent you from experiencing the pleasure that God intends for you one day at a time keep

an eye on him as he works in ways you have never thought of or imagined sure

if you’re on board with that you won’t seem the same after everything you’ve gone through when God Returns the years

you will be completely unnoticed when he compensates for what you lost whether it’s an illness a house or job loss A

near-death experience or a divorce may you have an abundance of blessings joy

and good health do not think that God is putting you on hold so that he may punish you or enjoy it more according to

Jeremiah one he has a perfect plan for you one that will benefit you rather

than harm you when the moment is perfect we shall all get together on top of that

God tells us to be patient if it appears slow and coming since it will definitely

happen the delivery time will be pushed by back you may either let yourself be anxious about when and how it will all

work out or you can trust that God will bring everything together in his perfect timing and accept it as truth that

painful aspect of your story that you’re thinking about too much right now might really be a powerful witness testimony

piece if you’re prepared the adversary is trying the entire lot to attempt to take you out

because he is acquainted with the electricity of your witness and he is threatened by way of that continue

persevering on the other side you’ll find your breakthrough all it takes is a

little more time to maintain it the strength of those who wait on the Lord will be renewed on Horseback they’ll

soar like eagles they will Sprint and not become tired and they will walk and

not faint God is telling you right now that this promise from Deuteronomy should be your strength when you’re

going through tough times or when things don’t seem to be going your way in fact

the Lord himself goes ahead of you and may accompany you he will never leave you nor abandon you put your fears aside

keep going even when you feel like you’re fighting the sector on your own know that you’re not do not worry I will

be by your side every step of the way just take a deep breath please dial

if you are prepared in these latter days God is telling you not to worry you were

taken care of this month and next month I will manage you your worries are

understandable but please give me a chance to handle them I am able to clear the path for you I am able to unlock

doors for you hear me out and make me the focus of your life stay strong even

if you anticipate my arrival rest assured I will always be by your side

refrain from giving up I understand that you’ve been dealing with a lot of stress

feeling overwhelmed is something I understand in certain cases this isn’t the end your breakthrough is almost here

get up and stand firm in my word because it is final the end has not yet come your adversary will make an effort to

pinpoint your roots bounds he will do his best to divert your attention by using various people locations and

objects you are heading in the right direction your attention should now be on me not on your events these days God

is telling you that I am capable of overcoming all of these obstacles that have been placed in your way with my

help you can reach New Heights whenever you ask or assume anything I’m capable

of doing something unexpectedly and abundantly noteworthy in new areas you

must not give up today God is telling you that not everyone will do what you’re called to do not everyone will

acknowledge your calling not everyone will verify your claims not everyone will celebrate with you not everyone

will back you not everyone will live and no one will encourage you to follow your calling come along on the ride when your

spirit yearns for adventure when you’re in need of someone to depend on come to me in times of need I’m here to hold

your hand when no one else is available I feel lost and alone just know that I’m

always there for you trust me when I say that you are not alone in this challenging time I can relate to how

you’re feeling praying your way through this is going to be so so difficult that

you’ll probably weep yourself to sleep your prayers are much appreciated we

won’t forget you please put me in danger so that I can assist you everything will

work out in the end so there’s no need to worry about anything you are no longer alone in this so I can smile

again ask me to assist you trust me when I say I have wonderful things for you I

am walking with you good things are still ahead of you and I have plans to help you succeed and give you hope for

your future when you start to question my reliability just go back to all the

occasions I have shown my trustworthiness to you think back on the times I weathered a storm with you the

answered prayers and the unexpected blessings I am unchanged in my love and loyalty just as I was yesterday today

and forever anyone who loves God should subscribe to our Channel you have been

through some difficult situations recently but you have succeeded seeded and this is a message from God to you I

powered that so you might remember that typhoon and do that check out your

progress can you perceive my loyalty I will always adore you you will always be

a part of my life be steadfast in your belief that I have already triumphed for you before I do it again if you’re about

to make a breakthrough Satan is doing all he can to stop you do not budge take

a stand by using my word hold on to tight keep your focus everything is taken care of for you already despot

loses be strong regardless of your appearance say the phrase the old is

dead and the new is here and magnificent things are returning to prove it you are

my pride and joy and I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You There is no problem whatsoever I’m here for you don’t worry

we have taken note of your requests keep a watchful eye on me when the opponent tries to discourage you ignore them

the finish line is in sight all it takes is a few more steps you shouldn’t stop moving forward everything that I have

been doing in secret on your behalf is about to be revealed my words will come

to fruition as you shall witness no matter what you need or what you think

God is telling you right now I can provide it to you pay no attention to the things I’m doing for other people

you can’t assume that their journey is destined for you just as theirs isn’t for you criticism is enticing keep your

bearings and press forward I’m the method of realism and the gentle

realization that you’re not seeing this as a random chance occurrence you have confirmed that excuse me but I need to

clear a path for you I’ll take care of it the most wonderful time of your life

is just around the corner sure and watch us declare surrender of your wish for

distinct outcome let go of your preconceived notions about how things should turn out you

ignore the universe’s attempts to provide you with what you need while holding on to your idea of what must

be sometimes the most unexpected things might happen to get what you desire

believing in your own deservingness is all that’s required embrace your desires

and surrender to the Divine take charge and above all refrain from telling

yourself bad things your ideas seem to be true instead of dwelling on your

dissatisfaction focus on your needs and be receptive to feedback that addresses them your Birthright is plenty my

precious little one if you love God you should subscribe to our Channel your well-being is my first priority and I

want you to know that you are under my watchful eye at all times to protect you from harm I will do whatever it takes

since your life is important to me I know that you’re going through a tough time in your life and that you may feel

lost and confused but please know that I am here for you no matter what trust me

when I say that I will never abandon you as your Defender and guardian what you are going to learn today will change

your life forever and I am here to tell you that one second you’re drowning in

debt and anxious about making ends meat and the next you’re raking in cash like a magnet how is it that something has

such a profound impact on people’s lives the genetic wealth code is the name given to it nothing will ever be the

same once you set it off even though you may be scared and overwhelmed I want you to have faith in me think about my

vision for your life and understand that I can’t give you more than you can handle I am here to help you overcome

any challenge that comes your way I feel it is important for you to know that

there are potential dangers in this world which is why I am communicating with you now be mindful of your

surroundings and trust your gut but above all else trust in me and know that

I can be your rock and your protector at all times always remember my darling I’m

here for you I will never leave your side or allow harm to come to you I am

with you at all times when you commit to my love and protection even in the face

of a storm you will find strength and serenity please listen carefully I am

speaking speaking to you urgently and with affection I can do whatever it takes to ensure your safety since your

entire being is important to me the Miracles I can do in your life will become clear when you give me some

thought forever and ever my love and protection will envelop you you are

emerging from a chapter that tried you but it has prepared everything it is for you ahead of time in the storm your true

self is telling you now if you are ready it’s hard to stare at the Sun but that doesn’t mean that the sun is not there

as the storm moves past you may feel the power of a fresh start and see daylight for the first time as a result of

overcoming these obstacles you have developed tremendously remember to validate praise joy and congratulate

yourself no matter where you are on your road if you don’t see that you will quickly acquire and accept this as truth

small steps are still steps neither of you can remain where you were yet neither of you is where you need to be

either when we feel like we aren’t making enough progress it’s tempting to be harsh on ourselves and fail to

recognize the great achievements along the way being grateful also means being

grateful to oneself your strength wealth and quality are

unparalleled whoever isn’t always in your corner will inevitably be cut off from your life your degree of

vulnerability will be proportional to the to the closeness of your relationship with that person therein

lies the perilous cycle of human disintegration and reconstruction it’s about Discerning and

separating with love let go of control and have faith that the cosmos has a

greater purpose than what your ego has in mind becoming a gentle worker

requires experience as a shadow worker spiritually avoiding the darkness requires recounting embracing and

including in order to walk in actual light there is no rehabilitation in

poisonous optimism while you are painting there isn’t always sunshine and rainbows only

a holy God can see into people’s minds and hearts going in the direction of

your emotions will not lead you to where God wants you to go on occasion we feel

God’s presence yet we prefer to complain about the journey and how it clarifies

things for us but those challenges aren’t just there to strengthen you they

may also be there to teach you how to enjoy life to the fullest in the midst of adversity your character and faith

will need to persevere so that you may shine in the places God has for you could the glory of the Lord likewise

shine upon you oh God you have my whole heart all I need is you you have always

been there for me shielding me from harm and giving me the fortitude to overcome any challenge please I beg you have the

fortitude and patience to deal with it calmly and effectively as I make decisions may your wisdom lead the way

and may your Tranquility envelop me as I answer your call put your confidence in

it and you may claim it I beg you God to reveal to me the path that leads to a

life of Honor show me the way to love them the way you’ve loved me a means by

which my whole being might be a kind of adoration to you please provide me with

your contact information God show me the path to life so that I may remain a faithful follower

of yours you have remained true to me through all my infidelity and I am

grateful Your Existence enriches my life and I am grateful you never abandon me

to handle my problems Alone by keeping my hope alive and by agreeing with you

I’m certain that you will protect defend and strengthen me in the name of Jesus the glory is is yours please God I ask

that you renew my spirit relieve my mind and Jog my recollection of the time when

I really felt your presence our channel is helped by Jesus the Lord kindly

activate the Bell notification and become a member of our Channel


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