this is God’s message to you right now accept the possibility that I will be by

your side no matter how much you cry I am aware of the joys and sufferings you

have experienced and I am even making special arrangements to send you a present have faith that I will be by

your side through all of your Sorrows my dear because I have a special gift in store for you I have seen your hardships

and the tears you have shed you’ve been waiting for this moment for what will really be a Monumental turning point in

your life story and now it’s almost here you will re-evaluate the story from

every angle now that you know so much about it every one of your dreams will

come true and your good fortune will Skyrocket this week rest assured there

is no need for alarm over this your pursuers are keeping tabs on you because they know this is a turning point in

your life someone is always keeping an eye on you to make sure you don’t get into any trouble in life please watch

this video from start to finish without interruption I’m getting close to the

point where massive musical changes will occur in every facet of your lives

including your profession relationships finances and fitness this is something

that might happen in any situation in your life so you should be ready for it certainly this is a very clear sign that

you will do something noteworthy at work next week next week is when it is expected to happen you’ve been working

hard toward your goal for quite some time and now it’s nearly here gratitude

begins with acknowledging the good things in your life and having faith in your ability to achieve your goals every

one of them made the whole thing better the perpetrator falsely claimed that I

was crucified with Christ even though I was physically absent I was there and

the Christ inside me is vibrant and active even now none of us is obligated

to do anything by any of the others we are totally impartial toward each other and are not dating in any way my ability

to go on with my life is based on my confidence in the Son of God who loved me so much that he sacrificed his life

for me please like and share this video If you believe it to be accurate in

light of God’s word according to what the Lord has said and shown he is sending his angels ahead of you to foil

and prevent the enemy’s schemes I control the whole thing so you have nothing to worry about if it’s something

you’ve been Desiring your desire will be satisfied regardless of whether you’ve ever gone to the places you’re

describing a lot of people are mentioning you there you will experience

some incredible life-altering changes as a result of God’s intervention so

whatever you ask for in prayer believe that you have received it and it will be your yours as Jesus told his eager

followers your good fortune is about to undergo a dramatic change during this period nothing is impossible for you for

all intents and purposes this can be a beneficial circumstance for you that continues for an extremely long time an

expression of gratitude up to Dollar may be a beautiful expression of love and gratitude Miracles are about to

happen in your house be ready to Relish in the incredible experiences that are yet to come while we were here on Earth

we wasted time and chances but God is making it all up to us now suddenly

you’ll start to feel a shift in your home since God has said that I am the path of truth and life I am also the

easiest route out of this situation when it comes to getting in touch with the dad I’m the most efficient option may

you be showered with love joy health and prosperity in your life this might be the last night of crying worrying or

feeling obnoxious as the stars align to bring you these things because the stars are aligning to bring you love happiness

health and prosperity God has promised that these things will be a blessing on your lifestyle it’s possible that you

will forget about your problems long before this weekend even comes since you’re going to have so many amazing

experiences in every part of your life this is because you are going to experience a multitude of wonderful

things in every area of your life life with the Knowledge and Skills you gain you’ll be able to appreciate life more

fully and shape events in a manner that benefits you the most God loved the

field so much that he gave his own son as a sacrifice for it according to the

original Bible translation it states that everyone who believes in Jesus Christ will not perish

but have eternal life since God loves the world so much that he offered his finest son feel free to come to to me if

you are weary of emotions of hopelessness disorientation and self-hatred according to what God has

spoken I will make you happy for the rest of time are free to seek my assistance if you are overwhelmed by

feelings of hopelessness confusion and self-hatred I solemnly pledge that I

will replace all of your Earthly worries and pain with eternal Joy mental tranquility and complete physical and

mental health God is destroying every bad example that has ever been set for

you and giving you a fresh start in answering Jesus’s invitation gather your

belongings and prepare to go on a journey a new chapter in your life is about to begin one where you will have

more Vitality Independence wealth and luck if you ask me God I can shower you

with many blessings including more opportunities more earnings and wealth before the month closes a miraculous

event is about to transpire in your life tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn if

this miracle works as promised you will be able to accomplish Heights you never thought possible before your lives as

you know them would be turned upside down if you could achieve this new degree of achievement everything that is

causing you stress will vanish as a result of this miracle you will also see

significant Improvement in your personal growth have trust that things will get better soon

and know that angels are watching over you I promise you that things will start to improve quickly making sure there is

always room in your mind for fresh information should be your only concern

being well prepared will lead to the opportunity you’ve been seeking and it will present itself to you quickly your

excellent achievements and the guidance you received will be directly affected by this the most delightful updates the

most important discoveries the most original ideas and many more benefits

throughout the rest of this week have courage I will be by your side I am your

God so you should not be discouraged with The Virtuous Touch of my right hand I can strengthen you

assist you and support you do not be frightened I am with you be alarmed no

more for I am your God says God to his human people hearing the word of Christ

is the shest path to receiving the message and having trust so the shest

approach to becoming a Believer is to listen to what Christ has to say even before you had a vague idea of

what you were meant to achieve with your lives God had already planned your journey through this planet and the time

you would spend here both your time on Earth and your time spent going across

this planet are included in this plan every once in a while you have to to

allow yourself to fall short of your own standards remember that all of God’s

promises to you will come to pass since he created the cosmos with nothing but

his words this should encourage you to want to be used by God for his purposes

you should also be positive about the years ahead and there are many reasons to do so because you have worked so hard

you deserve to be blessed I hope you find Hope and the strength to persevere

throughout this challenging period it became easy to see that his sincere

communication extended to his performance and he became consistently honest in all of his

interactions please know that your prayers are not going unnoticed you must not be concerned this is the message

that God has sent to you divine Communications that humans have experienced include things like I want

you to know that all your prayers are being heard right now not because I’m ignoring you but because I am unable to

answer all your needs at this period do not infer that I am not paying attention

if I am unable to fulfill all of your demands at this time please don’t think that because I can’t fulfill all of your

requests I am ignoring you I promise that just because I tell you I can’t

think of everything you need doesn’t mean I’m not giving you my full attention this proves that I have

something special in store for you that will be much more valuable than what you already possess along with wishing Moses

good fortune in the not too distant future God also foretold in a vision

that he would Amaze him I want you to relax trust me and be ready for the

adventure of your life because I am good a person cannot be saved until they

publicly acknowledge Jesus as Lord and plainly believe in accordance with the Bible that God has the power to raise

the dead to Aid in the proclamation of God’s message mess please share this video it is the guarantee I provide to

those of us who put our faith in me God tells people to picture a river gushing

with life-giving water that flows from inside them just as the Bible predicts the event in issue will happen my

Boundless Energy which is the capacity to release a natural energized and

driven pressure should be more than enough to do this task we have previously discussed and resolved all

matters pertaining to your history God wants you to know what he wants you to

know right now you need to start putting in more time and energy to improve your current skill set make every attempt to

not be afraid even though requesting something is likely to be upsetting you

need to relax and stop giving things too much thought the most important thing is

to have faith that your efforts will be fruitful and fulfilling the season of

Wrath you’ve been anticipating has begun this month and it’s almost Upon Us

unexpected events will begin to unfold before your own eyes you need to have faith that everything you put in will

pay off in the end and you need to know that the results you desire will come to

you quickly even though I’m here to lend a hand in any way I can you need to keep

your cool and focus on what happened today assuming this to be accurate the

next stage is to identify the source of your decreased energy levels and take the necessary measures to alleviate them

using your inner power to overcome negative ideas is a crucial step on the path to success I have faith in your

talents which is why I’m telling you to trust me you can stop worrying about me because my goodness I have everything I

could ever desire My reviews could be significantly affected by my results you

believe in your abilities trusting in one’s own abilities and strengths before relying on external value validation is

a command from God you’ll see that this gives you a great deal of power the idea

of closely trailing behind other people or objects isn’t a good one being

reliable means waiting for what is rightfully yours to come to you at its own pace some of the answers to your

long- sought prayers May begin to materialize this week but you must keep wishing for them to come true you have

been operating on autopilot for so long that it is difficult for you to appreciate the Splendor of Nature and

stay focused on the present moment as a result you hold God in high esteem since

you are my favorite you may count on my assistance just for a moment pay attention to your breathing and all the

things around you right now if you need assistance finding Tranquility you may

count on me to provide it their relationships health or finances can be in shambles it’s also plausible that

they’re juggling all three simultaneously the risk that a member of your own family may suffer damage as a

result of their current troubles increases the longer you ignore it there might be a lot of meaning to God’s name

but whatever it is he needs your support and encouragement as he goes through this I ask that you provide me with the

serenity I need to carry out the tasks you’ve assigned me and the wisdom to make good use of the information you’ve

given me I appreciate the way you led me to Jesus’s call please God put your

faith in me and what I have planned for your life there will be better days ahead of you even if they may not come

easily right now continue to trust in me and Lord make the most of each day I can

do what you want if you want me to resist giving into my weakness right now I’m aware of it I know you’ve helped me

stay strong today even though it’s so tough to tell what my future holds sticking to your faith for a few more

days weeks or months could make things better even if you don’t believe prayer can do what is claimed it is crucial to

believe that it will benefit people Close to You prayer is a strong means of

communicating with God who can grant any request even in the face of a potentially scary Arena

situation the next week is very exciting for me since I think it may be really

productive I want to be completely unfazed and prepared for everything that may happen in the next days no matter

how difficult ult things have become for you you can always count on my support I

am at your disposal at this time I am not going to give you permission to do so in addition

I have always made sure to incorporate your own family and loved ones for the time being I am capable of doing this

you are far from the only one who has ensured my safety believe me when I say that you need to remind yourself of the

things you already know to be true about yourself and the import important things God has ordained no longer should you

use criticism as a punchline while addressing other people or yourself since the Lord your God is with you on

your journey you need not be afraid or worried about anything you may relax knowing that the Lord is with you on

this trip after all he won’t abandon you or give into your requests you need to

keep your cool and your strength even when times are tough someday you could

discover that God is preparing you for something and that something is both related to and apart from the here and

now you could also notice that the present and the future were both considered when this strategy was

developed if you want to be ready for whatever the future holds you’ll need all the courage and determination you

can muster to come here I vow that you will always be front and center in my life I vow I will never leave your side

when times go rough you can always count on me to be a rock upon whom you may

rely whenever you need me I’ll be right here I vow to protect you encourage you and

be by your side no matter what life throws at you when you pray to me I will

respond and alleviate any problem you are facing your prayers are heard whenever you have a problem you can

always count on me as your go-to help machine in all that you do he wants you

to be courageous and sure of yourself he also wants you to have ambition and risk

fear should not stand in the way of your transition to the next large stage of your life this is something God wants

you to know all of your objectives will be easily achieved and you will get so many benefits that it will be difficult

to keep up it is in your best interest to watch the whole video those who practice any religion

while carrying a GM baby will be able to track the progress of their prayers and see the phrases blessed healed and

particularly designed ired added to their account every months when it

comes to the individuals who depend on you the most you won’t give a second thought to the drastic changes that will

hit your way of life the Lord who is also known as Jehovah has saved me he

will save me and keep me safe at last I can overcome my fear your potential to

serve as an example has led me to put my whole faith in God if you’re feeling

down I can help you feel better the Bible states that even when it seems

impossible I can give you strength to keep going I can figure out how to Grant

your request if that’s your goal then be ready to make some significant changes

the fact that things are beginning to take a clear New Direction is quite exciting everything is changing for the

better now so it will ultimately work out for you major shifts in the

state-of-the-art situation are on the horizon according to God you’re going to win this tournament and the people who

are talking trash about you behind your back don’t know that it is important for you to know that you are loved and that

I admire your courage they can’t see that you’re putting your trust in me which is the key to your success love

financial success healing energy and Enlightenment will all be yours in due

time as you depend on and place your confidence in the Lord may his love and

compassion accompany you in each situation where you may get anything he

has the power to magically save you from your troubles and turn your life around while New Opportunities present

themselves you will never have to borrow beg or fight for anything again because

God has guaranteed it God has promised that this end result could come to pass

it seems that you will achieve the level of success you have always desired and earn more money than you can imagine if

you put put your confidence in God consequences including possible

silencing will be met with by everyone who openly opposes you or your path you

should never be alone according to God because I am like a shadow that follows you wherever you go you can always count

on me to be by your side you can always count on me to help you out when things go wrong no matter how bad things go you

know I’ll be there for you when things are going well because I always deliver your generosity brightens my day to the

fullest lastly remember who I am it is within my power to discover solutions to

the challenges I encounter it’s very certain that you are unaware of these records conversely it’s rather

improbable that you were aware and were about to get some really useful insights

nevertheless God is telling you right now that you stress out too much which is making you lose sight of the reality

that I am your God and that I am am here to assist you keep on and don’t be

scared keep your spirits up in the face of adversity if you want to achieve your

goals I will show you how to strengthen your body and mind with my unfaltering Hand of Justice I vow to assist you

every single individual in our lives has a story to tell about why they’re single the Bible suggests that there should be

a reason for its being just as there must be a reason and an ability for anything to exist you’re in a completely

vast situation just to exist right now as you Worship the Lord pour forth your

heart and soul give up the destructive habit you’ve been maintaining as soon as possible so you can assist your

financially struggling relatives you have the power to elevate my whole day

and it’s happening before our eyes throughout the years your refined style

has been on full display your beacon of wisdom will grow brighter and brighter you have my grand gratitude if you do

succeed your life has already followed a predetermined path and nothing or no one

can alter it make a move toward realizing your dreams and being the person you want to be in the future your

window of opportunity to take advantage of this could be closing soon it seems

certain that something is going to happen to you shortly thinking about this is inevitable as the end of the

world draws near many good things may em merge you will be able to see the changes God is bringing about in your

life if you remain faithful in prayer and Trust in his work what you need and

what is supposed to come to fruition including love healing and plenty will be yours

today now is the time for healing plenty and additional love love healing and

plenty will shower upon you today now that you’re not required to work you may

enjoy these days the most you and your whole family will be showered with advantages amazing things may happen to

alleviate your problems and wonderful things will begin happening just when you want them to it breaks my heart that

things aren’t working out the way you’d hoped they would but if you give me a chance I’ll do my best to turn things

around please accept my utmost apology God has acknowledged his existence and

promise to do what is necessary to ensure everything is proceeding according to plan if he trusts in him

I’m sorry to break it to you but things aren’t turning out the way you were hoping if I could offer you my sincere

sympathies I’d say that the universe is concentrating on getting rid of everything and that this could end up

hurting you because you’re the one who’s responsible for all the problems that have come up you may expect monetary

recompense very soon you will feel as if you are being swallowed whole by a vast

ocean of Love regarding your ident identity you will undergo a process

throughout your life that will in fact be distinct from anything else you have

ever experienced this Joy is unlike anything else you have experienced so far in your

life’s journey according to what the Lord has said I am taking care of everything that needs doing today so

there is really nothing to worry about in this area your recent enhanced emotions of Hysteria have many

explanations and I can talk about them with you in order to guarantee that we

reach our shared objective I may navigate ahead of time and clear the path for you to follow to help you out I

will be the one to introduce you to people and open doors for you regarding the person for whom you

have many reasons to be thankful I may make an effort on your behalf to be thankful the terrible drought you a

suffering eventually ended which is a relief there will be a plethora of Grace

love love and advantages for you along with radical changes in your life thrilling New Opportunities and physical

and mental healing also you’re going to come across a ton of fresh prospects in

the music industry we have taken note of your prayers and will answer in a manner

that will allow us to Grant you the highest possible level of suitability we will simplify things so

that you can get through the tough times even while you anticipate the things that are most important to you looking

for your calmness and endurance right now would be pointless if you could maintain them it is imperative that you

do not succeed in your attempt to outrun them while walking I will personally

bring them to your doorstep at a later date if God wants them to be yours that

might be part of God’s plan for you in an effort to apprise you of impending

adultery scandals that may transpire in the Noto distant future your celestial

Watcher is putting forth significant effort to establish telepathic contact

with you the guardian angel in heaven is trying to provide you with with the

capacity to settle complicated disagreements via the medium of this word you must always bear in mind that

your guardian angels are looking out for you because they’re never too close to one another nothing bad will ever happen

to you as a result of them although it may seem that there is no no way out of

your current situation know that no matter how bad things get there will

always be someone there to lend you a helping hand our group is now discussing

your remarks after listening to you in this precise moment there is absolutely

no possibility that we are keeping you unaware of who we are everything we do

is focused on making sure you know how much we care about you if you were to

look at this it would indicate that you would be receiving a substantial amount of wealth in the next to days

consequently watch this film in its entirety if you want to maximize the good fortune that is coming your way you

need to be prepared to assess your advantages since you will soon be in the fortunate situation of having an

incredible risk provided to you because of this you should prepare yourself for the fact that it will significantly

impact your way of life in every way kindly allow me enough time to arrange

for our meeting at a time that is most convenient for you just as you would if

you expected me to be fully responsible for everything ignoring the fact that you may have to wait might not make your

inflammation any less reasonable rest assured that is really the case you may

declare with complete certainty that all obstacles have been eliminated at this exact moment because God has shown you

that your path is becoming clearer right now things are going to improve for you coming forward and it seems like you

have already identified the problem it is possible that you will be completely

unable to stop the acceleration it is impossible to escape this case starting

the receiving method now will allow you to get its full benefits if you believe

it I will pray that God showers you with his Abundant Blessings and guides you to

find contentment in every aspect of your life I hope and pray that he will grant

my my desires if you put your faith in me I will find a solution to meet your

needs that you can accept and I will also address any worries you may have please don’t assume I can’t solve the

issue if you don’t think I can you and your family will be led into better circumstances by God according to his

promise God has given you and your loved ones this certainty the professional

emotional physical and financial challenges you’ve been enduring are almost be behind you despite all you’ve

gone through things are beginning to improve for you signs that your situation is improving are starting to

emerge I have wonderful plans for your life that will encourage your growth rather than stifle it instead of doing

you harm I will provide you with with programs that will give you hope and keep you going I have intentions for

your life my concern for you is the driving force behind my actions you no

longer need to be concerned about being afraid or spending time alone since I

will typically be right here with you even if I’m engaged in the potential consequences on your abilities caused by

my emotions the fact that this persists and makes you feel anxious or alone is not

critical it’s crucial to keep in mind that every single individual you encounter in this world is going through

something different this is really crucial that you remember whenever the topic of the whole thing comes up not a

single person here has complete Mastery over anything everyone is in desperate need of Jesus and everyone is also

calling out to Jesus as a result of this kind of development we’re all finally

attaining our full potential as individuals and as a species it is

absolutely inappropriate to give up God has revealed to me that we may share

parts of our lives that I had no reason to think were even slight ly feasible before we met the mind-blowing nature of

these traits is guaranteed the fact that I was persuaded to believe this by zero proof just serve to heighten it’s

already shocking in modesty and plausibility always keep your heart and mind open it is the only way to fully

take advantage of all the opportunities I have for you this is something you must never forget I wish you the best of

luck in seizing all the opportunities that the future has to offer if if you’re willing to stay up late I have a

number of fun things planned for the schedule god is concerned about you and

isn’t oblivious to the difficult times you’re going through on Earth right now so that you may find the mental space to

focus on other things accept him as real and give him control of your difficulties you could find that your

thoughts are no longer constrained to a single subject because of this no matter

what happens you should always keep in mind that is standing only a few feet

away at your side in any case he’s never too far away after all you’ve gone

through you’ll be able to provide a forceful testimony regardless of whether you win or lose this trial people may

look up to you as a model of how they should spend their lives if you want them to follow your lead in order to get

what you want or gain from them as you work on becoming that kind of person

everyone in your immediate vicinity will be able to see your behavior and take inspiration from it people will model

their lives after yours because it is the most effective kind of leadership

imitation put yourself in a position where you can achieve your goals and grow professionally you have been warned

by God that the changes he is planning for you will cause much upheaval in your lives but that these changes will be

exact nonetheless also God has told you that this is a great opportunity for growth

something that had you imagined how significant and enjoyable it would be turned out to be far more substantial

and satisfying for you than you might have imagined due to an unexpected and

noticeable increase in the quantity and quality of the subjects being discussed here sharing affection or giving freely

of what you already have shouldn’t make you feel guilty since there are bigger things at risk you will be presented

with the opportunity to bring about enormous grins from him invent new ways

of making money that lead to endless benefits in light of the fact that God has promise to provide for you he will

personally bring all of this to you I can send you these things God has made it quite obvious that he wants your

family to be prosperous healthy and successful and that you are the only one

who can bring these things about likewise God has made it clear that he

is ready for this to happen immediately with the rising of the sun today possibilities for unexpected Financial

gains exist and you’ll have the means to seize them immediately you’ll have a far

better chance of completing this task after the light goes on even though I’m well aware that this is obviously not

what you were hoping for I want you to know that you have my whole attention feel free to disregard any concerns you

may have please don’t be anxious I may be investigating your First Rate interests you are really appreciated

my prayer is that you will cease all of your worries for the glory of God what you need to become financially

independent is something I’m giving you the knowledge and the tools you can’t go

for your goals without putting your faith in me our heavenly father has told us not to be overwhelmed by the amount

of work we believe we should be doing there is a great deal that you have accomplished so far and you have grown

substantially a lot of ground has already been covered by you at this very moment you have already achieved a great

degree of satisfaction allow yourself a few seconds to take some calm deep breaths

before continuing after you have successfully brought your mind back to the present stop what you’re doing and

think about all the ways your lifestyle has improved and how far you’ve come avoid being too hard on yourself

all the time it’s a habit you need to break God tells us to quit making public

appearances fortunately you need to stop acting so foolishly toward him and his work right away by taking a few deep

calm breaths rather than continuously pushing yourself to your limits it could

be better for you to have more faith in me and appreciate my company I would want to know the source

of your faith in me if it is so strong to put it simply you make my day I

promise not to help you anymore but you know I’ll be here if you need me God I

beg you to wait until the right moment so that I may be prepared please be patient with me while I try to be ready

for the things you have in store for me since I don’t know what is ahead please do me a favor and listen to what I have

to say I need you to be there for me while I go through this especially now

that things aren’t going according to plan God wants us to believe in his cause so strongly that we can’t let it

even slightly influence us this unwavering trust in his his purpose is what he wants from us there is an open

window in Heaven by letting God see what’s happening you may be sure that he will hear your prayers and provide for

them especially those pertaining to my beloved child along with the Lord my

beloved baby I will unleash the Heaven’s Gates and pour down everything that you

have longed for specifically I’m going to open the heavens and pour forth all

the things you’ve been hoping for and praying to God about out my precious baby declared everything you have hoped

for and prayed for for your life is about to come pouring down from above

every obstacle you faced I’ve helped you overcome contact me at your convenience

the Lord’s answer is trust in me for I have been by your side throughout you

can go on without my assistance now that you have reached this point for the sake of blessing I promise that I can watch

over you and your loved ones every every one you care about during this difficult time previously I had been acting in

this manner whenever you need me I’ll be there I have been doing my best to keep

myself informed on everything that has happened with you over the last few days

so that I can be of any assistance to you I can guarantee that I can exert a great deal of effort to meet this level

of commitment whatever it is that’s holding you back from living the life you deserve I’m I’m here to help you get

over it I want you to succeed in life and I know that you may be going through

a terrible illness or excruciating pain right now but I also want to assist you

when I heard about what you’re going through my emotions immediately went to you I am the Divine healer and I am here

to assist you right now so you must not give up just yet you could think I’m

standing by to lend you a hand The Story You’re crafting is taking shape into to

one that’s brimming with happiness spectacular events and much more for the

protagonists this is because the Gospel of Jesus Christ the son of God entered

people’s lives and said I will fill you to overflowing because I am your Sanctuary bringing an end to people’s

feelings of being overwhelmed at no point in your life will you face danger

or difficulty you can count on my unwavering support the guardian angels

who are my parents will never leave your side protecting you and all you do from

any evil force that tries to approach you your safety is guaranteed no matter

where you are or what you’re doing they will be by your side no matter the path

you choose or the obstacles you face they will remain a support system for you no matter what regardless of what

may come up and they will never leave you knowing that I can always hold you in the warmth and safety of my hands

relax and release whatever anxieties you may have you are free to do so I really

think you should take advantage of this risk on your way about your everyday activities keep in mind that wonderful

surprises are on their way to you when they do arrive you should be ready to be

surprised as you go about your day you must constantly remind yourself that you

may be treated to some very remarkable surprises it is important to remember

that people are not toys in God’s eyes and should not be treated as such

remember to always act in a way that is appropriate given the situation because

I have admired the stories of each character as much as the accounts of others it is crucial that you listen

carefully to what they have to say my initial goal evolved into an ingrained

need to always and everywhere be better than everyone else it was never the intention for you to do any of those

activities at any given moment to love and adore you is within my reach the

Christian members of our channel can be quite receptive to your enrollment request it has been said that if you

prioritize expressing particular thankfulness for what you currently have you will be more prepared to appreciate

what is to come it’s a great fortune that this is happening to you at this same moment it is going to be quick in

his continuing words God expresses his understanding of the hard ships you endure and his desire to cure what needs

healing while also generously blessing you and your loved ones at this very

time God knows that you are facing difficulties in your life my heart goes out to you I know how tough it is to go

through life and I know that you will encounter many challenges along the way I also know that there will be times of

great difficulty and tragedy but know that no matter what you can always count

on me to be by your side keep those two things in mind at all times please for the love of God

remember this information at all times I appreciate you paying attention as you

go about your day doing activities remember this extremely essential fact

this is something I can attest to having happened no matter how much you may feel

helpless about the direction your life is heading you must always remember that

I am in charge of everything God has supplied guidance in the form of the advice that his intentions for you are

typically greater than your own plans my plans for you are always greater than

what you have planned for yourself God says as a warning to his people whatever

challenge you face I will must the strength to meet it headon and the determination to see it through to

completion those traits will be bestowed On You by me additionally I can give you

the courage you need to overcome whatever obstacles you face moreover I

will give you the courage to overcome every challenge that comes in the way of your progress whatever obstacle May

stand in your way I can give you the strength to overcome it knowing that people in our neighborhood would mock us

and treat us badly is nothing short of a burden for our devotion to God the time

has arrived for us to accept this that should absolutely be remembered I am

here to encourage you to be courageous strong and determined in your endeavors

you have my unwavering support I beg you please don’t discount the chance that I

may succeed in my current Pursuits even after what seems like an eternity of

suffering there is always a chance that you can experience pure joy as a token

of my appreciation for your steadfast commitment I promise to assist you in realizing your goals and expanding the

scope of your accomplishments in my day I will strengthen you to the point that you can

attempt this task if you believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord then you are the most important thing within the near

future you could go from feeling overwhelmed by options to actually having more than one set of options to

choose from by this stage of your story this is going to change you have entered

the stage when it begins to take on a more fortunate and Rich appearance as a

result of the trans stimulated nature of the substance which is really remarkable and excellent

allowing yourself to have confidence in things that aren’t instantly evident having more religion and skepticism and

retaining this new chapter of your life will benefit you throughout the following length of your

lifetime I ask God to strengthen me to endure this difficult moment and to let

me see the current moment for what it is and to give me the knowledge to draw wisdom from it my proposal has been

carefully considered I implore you to grant them both both much

obliged the only reason I beg you to Grant my plea is because of my deep-seated modesty in addition I beg

you O Lord to give me the fortitude I need to see this Mission through to its conclusion so that I may continue to

walk on the path that leads to love and peace I ask that you guide my words deeds and thoughts please make my

request visible once you’ve considered it actually by the end of this month you

should have achieved significant progress in most of the things in which you have engaged all through your life

this really should have been the situation at the end of the month things are progressing much more smoothly than

you could have imagined as you will soon find out look that’s going a lot easier

than you thought it would be you may be surprised their overall performance has been exceptional in every challenging

situation You’ faced well above your wildest expectations I I have supported

you and been there whenever you needed me we have learned that God is communicating with us and asking us to

believe what he says throughout our conversation I have stressed how important it is that you have trust in

my abilities I sincerely swear that I can and will meet all of your needs at

all times you have been financially successful because of my efforts on your

behalf as long as I am here I will not stand idly by and let those who disagree

with you hurt you you will be brought to your knees and forced to witness the breakdown of your own family while your

adversary prepares a horrific assault to defeat you you must comprehend this for

the sake of God even your loved ones may be inconsolable over your crime and you

will be reduced to a state of humility whatever your rival does to undermine your position in the market it doesn’t

matter to me one bit please watch this video in its entirety if you want a

manifestation of miraculous events in your life whatever it is you want or need you already have it if your only

source of strength is your trust in God then disregard my warning if your relationship with God is the foundation

of your desires then it doesn’t matter God is capable of doing all things for

those who put their trust in him there are several advantages to putting our

trust in God and following his guidance in leading a life where serving him is

our first priority when we turn to God we may mend broken things and restore

their former glory without a doubt that is a magnificent work of God’s creation

nothing matters except having confidence in something or someone and that is all this is yearning for it may be small but

its flavor is on par with that of a mustard seed if Satan wants you to avoid becoming a part of your destiny he he

may make you worry about it one of the things that sets the devil apart from the rest of us is his tendency to lie as

an example let go of painful personal situations keep your mind fixed on God

and let your life be an expression of your gratitude for what he has done for you by living each day to the fullest

please show your support for maintaining composure by giving this video a like and rating if you are a Believer the

following definition will allow us to provide you with fresh solutions to the problem you’re now facing pressure take

it at face value that this is a country where peace is the norm let the part of the case that’s causing you the most

stress take the lead and let go of the assumption that you have to fix every problem the essential task has been

finished hence there is no more to be done being well informed may help you

avoid responding adversely or overanalyzing the worry the there will be no problems since the entire thing

will cross over in due time the groundwork is being laid for it right now one way to show appreciation for all

the good things in your life is to donate up to please sit down once again and

allow things to unfold as they normally would Hold Your Position if you want to

be great you should listen carefully to the advice others give you and work harder to constantly improve yourself

put your faith in the Here and Now rather than making assumptions about the future because you’re about to go on an

exciting Adventure that will reveal your future and how things will unfold for you you may get promoted to a position

with fantastic perks and rewards in no time you will see this promotion materialize quickly the retail event is

probably going to happen soon those around you will be showered with wishes and Joy by the hand of Good Fortune this

is because you are in for an incredible treat this will come to pass because of your

exceptional Good Fortune because of your good fortune you could find this enjoyable having an incredible temper

and good manners are necessary for a successful attitude a life of Miracles will happen regardless of how much

effort you put into seeking them out stay on the path and I promise you you

will reach your objectives and see my undivided attention it can be remarkable

if you are able to realize your dreams all the way to the Finish Line your desires will appear as if by Magic if

you keep going to imagine ever having to deal with something like this is absurd

everything is in the dark making it difficult to understand no matter where you go your vacations shouldn’t stand

out from the crowd there has to be a better way establish a solid psychological and emotional connection

with the future and all the things that could happen there just a little reminder that you already have complete

power over realizing all your deepest dreams and Ambitions eliminate as many notes about

the path to fulfillment as you can from your imagination changes are on the horizon

for your romantic life and they’re going to develop into something so amazing that they’ll almost heal you and give

you a new life enhanced mental and physical arousal May accompany this change in your love life this change

might have an immediate impact on your two Fitness metrics if you think about how God provides us with this message

about the way to talk I pray it will bring you peace and Aid much love to you in most cases the

good things that God has planned for you will outweigh the bad things that you have done no matter what happens keep

calm and remember to give thanks to God for everything he has done experiencing

profound sadness when other people are really miserable and overwhelming Joy

when other people are entirely joyful is a typical Human Experience being very

joyful and Incredibly sad all at once is an extraordinary lifestyle just like God

said in the Bible out of nowhere you will acquire enough money to cover all

your expenses and give your kids something very special you will be really taken aback by this things are

being rearranged so that they can assist you more effectively in the future I really hope this is helpful to you

aside from that God controls your entire life if you put your faith in Jesus

Christ and accept him as true you will have the richest and most fulfilling life ever the significant wealth power

healings and advantages that the arena is bestowing upon you will make the changes to your life apparent in some

way this change could be made and it would be suitable I am doing everything

in my power to make sure you get what you asked for and I’m preparing for your attention to be restored I am mending

the broken parts of your lives according to God who has heard your cries but I

must also confess that there are moments when I believe they are appearing unfairly on the other hand when I look

back on specific events Lord God I realized that you were there the whole time working things out for my benefit

even though I didn’t realize it before even though you’ve been trying to keep things under wraps I’ll confess that

there are times when I think they’re not being completely honest I was enjoying a period of relative ease you have been

planning but you have also made arrangements that are acceptable to me

during the next week this stipulation must be fulfilled in every instance

otherwise it will be noticed some things may also occur in your life that you

will not be able to talk about about in the not too distant future at some point your prayers will

be answered and your wishes will be granted be tolerant of people have an

interest in learning and keep an open mind throughout this entire process you

have done so much for me and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you

even though I know I am Unworthy of your love you can’t help but be touched by me

please accept my sincere appreciation for for the many ways in which you have enhanced my life recognize that the

everpresent father is esteemed and lorded you are very much in my thoughts

when contrasted with your original plans God’s plan for your rescue will seem completely unique as long as it can be

closed after being opened and closed the door shouldn’t be changed since it is in the correct place can you guarantee that

you won’t lose your mind from all the cheating that’s driven by the desire for financial gain some people people have

become so corrupted by their Greed for wealth that they have severed ties with their faith and severely harmed

themselves everything that is meant to be including Financial blessings romantic relationships and physical

healing will start to materialize the week after this one so long as you remain faithful to God there is a bigger

picture that only God can perceive and that includes the stories you are currently experiencing and the paintings

God is creating in he’s preparing himself for the future in the most efficient way possible

everything is being set up for a fate that is plainly visible and exclusive to

him these are the steps involved in creating a future that only he can see

you have encountered numerous difficulties due to that well-known scenario that’s my apology even though I

have strong feelings for you please know that I will never intentionally place you in a situation where you are pushed

beyond your capab abilities no matter how much I care about you I solemnly vow

that I will never put you in a situation where you are unable to handle this I

care about you so much that I’m participating in this no matter how many days you wish for something to change

nothing will change so there’s no use in Wishing things hadn’t turned out the way they did when things aren’t going as

badly as they are right now let me be the one to reassure you allow me to

clarify keep going don’t forget that the quantity of seeds sewn has an immediate effect on the crop

planting a small number of seeds will produce a modest Harvest planting a large number of seeds will produce an

excellent Harvest because God wants to tell you something you should pay attention to what he says right now keep

in mind that these problems you are currently experiencing will not last forever keep this truth in mind at all

times it is critical I know you’re exhausted right now you will be amazed by something that God will do for you

before anything longterm comes to light things appear to be deteriorating for some time before they began to improve

the capacity to recover from injuries is beginning to exhibit symptoms that are becoming increasingly noticeable as we

approach our final destination seeing this should make you feel like God is sending you a sign that

the best times of your life are about to begin just in enjoy them to the fullest

it’s more important that you avoid negative self- mentoring thoughts and stay focused on the different aspects of

the problem you’re currently working on but you should only assume I pray that

the Lord showers you with his abundant love and goodness as long as you stay faithful to him he can miraculously fix

all your problems and improve your lifestyle because of your Reliance on him that is the root of everything that

has happened wait for a considerable amount of time to pass before taking any

action don’t let the abundance of opportunities that present themselves be

overshadowed by your short-term desires don’t let this derail your focus on

pursuing your dreams if things aren’t going according to plan right away I ask

that you not proceed just because you can’t see bad things happening to you right now doesn’t mean they aren’t

happening it also doesn’t mean good things aren’t ahead for you if things don’t seem to be going right now that’s

okay there will be plenty of opportunities in the future even though it doesn’t seem like it right now

success is on the way for you keep in mind how important it is to be patient

and dedicated at all times and be prepared to wait a little while longer

keep in mind that you are completely reliant on God God tells you that it doesn’t matter how many talents you have

you will fail miserably at anything you try you won’t be good at any of them

unless you give it your all at that point you won’t have any way to contact

them at all they must be fully recognized by you by sharing this video

you can help me get the message out there as soon as your plans become feasible please act so that I can

comprehend them for that to happen action is required as it should be I

will mold them and choose based on what I believe will bring you the most joy in the end in the end I will mold them to

fit my idea of what will make you happy on our date you are the most

Charming part it’s true that not everyone understands what you’re saying but you don’t want them to go to extreme

lengths to make sure no one is disappointed no matter the cost I get it

you make my day and the Miracle you’ve been praying for is on its way to you at

this very moment you are about to go through a pivotal moment in your life so

there’s no need to be anxious in most cases you and the people closest to you

will be able to overcome any obstacle that comes your way make sure you don’t give into stress so that you won’t feel

like your current problems are weighing you down I can lift the entire world about nothing should you be concerned

this means that you shouldn’t be afraid that God will take advantage of you please think about this I will make sure

everything goes well for you if you prioritize me in all your plans this week a new week has started so try to

look on the bright side I ask God to forgive you and include you in his plan for your life at this time a person is

put on the highest possible loving frequency when they receive appreciation and gratitude this is how they act

because they value other people’s feelings gifts should bring joy and contentment to the recipient and and

enhance their lives in all ways according to the ancient Hebrews who wrote the

scriptures this Viewpoint evolved around the idea that the Bible is full of

extolment from the beginning they have been acutely aware of the Vitality that

people endowed with God’s Aid possess if God is trying to teach us anything it’s

that we should be able to overcome the most formidable challenges if we aim high and live our lives purposefully

people who have lofty aspirations and a just cause often find themselves

confronted with the most difficult constraints that God wants us to understand in order to become people who

can provide for themselves in the future members of that institution will have to

overcome difficult circumstances and pain they are counting on you to guide

them toward the kind of Life they Envision for themselves in their Destiny if they are to achieve success every

conviction you you hold offers an opportunity for personal growth and every challenge you face has a purpose

God getting to the top of the arena is usually a costly ordeal that requires

you to navigate a Labyrinth of obstacles if you could assist me in moving on from the past I would truly appreciate it in

order to approach that endeavor with an open mind and heart I would be eternally grateful if you could lend me a hand the

people I interact with in my daily life including myself are seeking your assistance for the same reason that I

hope what I’ve done and found can teach others something important recognizing my own abilities

is something I need your help with it would mean a lot to me if you always had kind and appreciative thoughts about me

I know you’re helping me out with that your choice of a life that is both selfless and kind has inspired me and

I’m grateful that you have given me the strength to continue living it will you

kindly lend me a hand with this yes it’s true that God heard your request for

help when you prayed last night he was fully aware of the amount of pain uncertainty concern and sadness that his

current situation would cause him if you bought into it it would show how unhappy

you are with your life right now including your loved ones friends and children since you have been unable to

do anything he has noticed that you have been crying in addition to hearing your cries he

also witnessed your tears as you grieved for your own safety God is speaking to

you now in the event that you wish to proceed this institution of angels will

promptly arrive to make the necessary arrangements with every tear and worried night he’s telling you a blessing has

come to me for you it’s inevitable that you’ll exit this area you shouldn’t be afraid because your struggles will

eventually end even though they have lasted for a long time that is my solemn

promise to you Heaven is a place where I can dream up all my dreams it has the

potential to alleviate your ailments perform Miracles and resolve all of your

problems no matter what happens to pull you back from your excessive remind yourself that everything is working out

for the best until you start to believe it there will be a day when this is recognized the more people you talk to

after you’ve overcome a challenge the more helpful information you’ll find if you compare this moment in your life to

any other you will find that it brings you more joy than you have ever experienced before this is going to be

the happiest time of your life in comparison to the previous state of affairs don’t you think that is an

improvement no matter where you are or what has transpired in your life thus far everything is now accessible online

you can change your life once you start making decisions about your thoughts starting to settle on the concepts gives

you the power to trade your life as there isn’t always a poor country that can’t be improved and there isn’t always

an intense situation that can’t be remedied you agree that you can trade Lifestyles if you pick the ideas you

have at least one danger to private growth is present in every possible

scenario if you want to change almost anything about your life you can do it right now your life’s trajectory in the

future may be most influenced by the thoughts you’re having right now your mental faculties are the principal

source of the lifestyle you enjoy it stands to reason which you would normally be asking and so by

continuously doing something worthwhile your life will be enriched by the things you focus on and reflect upon according

to your interpretation indeed that is an announcement maintaining an optimistic

Outlook while harboring a negative outlook isn’t always doable feeling good is a result of the

highquality mind that has recently been occupying your thoughts you have no limits to engage which still requires a

positive outlook but the best thing standing in the way of reaching your full potential in life is your own

questioning apparently you have gotten whatever it is you might have asked for

contrary to popular belief the ACH te is not defective Your Grace is starting to

show God may be incredibly amazing your Guiding Light is becoming both brighter

and flickering some things in your life may have already been decided in order

to help you reach your last objective you have the option to ask your friends to watch the video as you get closer you

should think about how grateful you are possible gold in the morning for you even though you’ve come a long way by

the time you get here there’s still a lot that you should know about in the coming years you will continue to rise

always be content with what you know by exploring all of your possibilities you have the opportunity

to maximize the current situation as well as the events taking place you

should sense the good things happening around you right now because you know what God wants for your

circumstances if you want to feel better after implementing these changes you have to do it yes I did choose you with

the goal of enhancing your overall health I chose you so that I could shower you with my complete pride and

that includes our physical and financial situations if you can transition to a

role so that it’s assigned to you quickly you’ll be rewarded handsomely

your loved ones will be overjoyed and wish you well immediately after which will bring you even more joy and

recognition in the end you’ll see that this is true always be interested in

something new get ready to think about this one for a while according to today’s Bible verse the Kingdom of mind

is the single most important factor in determining whether you have a good or bad day you should accept delivery and

you should be the one to produce the daily electricity that allows one to undergo it the best way to succeed is to

treat it like a weekend off but make sure your inner Kingdom isn’t affected by the things you need to accomplish

outside of work whatever happens you are fully responsible for it it is entirely

up to you to plan your own travel schedule from this point on time seems

to be a gift that keeps on giving with each passing second God is giving you a

very personal message right now move forward with your life after you’ve accepted the parts you can’t change

given my presence there is really no way for you to change the current situation

rest assured I will attend to the matter and see it through to completion in

precisely days from now you you will have read this and understood the problem in every detail God diverted

your attention from your original plan so that you would be safe in case of an emergency she became the most useful

person in the world second only in importance to the person he was interested in dating at the

moment without relying on the kindness of strangers for financial assistance

you will be able to give your family the finest first class care possible engage

in activities that bring you Joy Jo and live your life to the fullest you can show your appreciation for the Creator

by selecting the like button in this video you’re about to experience three instances of incredibly fortunate luck

in the coming week gather them together so you can welcome them when they reach

your current situation with open arms if you believe in God you should see this

video in its entirety imagining yourself living the life you’ve always imagined is simple

you can describe the look smell and feel of your self dwelling Lifestyles while covering your eyes with your fingers pay

close attention to the details just close your eyes for a moment and then open them again that’s all in the event

that your fantasies become reality you should be ready to be amazed you might very well be reminded of the incredibly

important event that is sneaking up on you for a little while you may feel an overwhelming surge of pleasure over

whelmed by the impending rush and unable to contain it all an overwhelming sense

of Pride and excitement will wash over you you might feel overwhelmed by the

rapidity with which everything happening in your life is taking shape it happens

so often that you might start to wonder if it came from another planet it will be difficult for you to comprehend the

rate at which things are developing for you you should mature into a person who is ready you must be ready for this

challenge challenge if you want to overcome it you may soon be liberated from all of the terrible things that

have been passed down to you over the years and caused you to cry as we will state with absolute certainty that they

have accomplished their intended purpose they will not influence you and in your

future Joy love and blessings will replace them you will find all the

things that have ever brought you to tears in this content because of this you will feel feel incredibly fortunate

and in the not too distant future you will be able to sit up for a great deal of success due to your efforts do all in

your power to not let your problems dictate how you live your life keeping

faith through this difficult time will lead you to the realization that everything you’ve done has been

worthwhile at some point in the future when she pays you a private visit danger

will come knocking on your door an interal ttic goto it will be we will ensure that all of your payments are

made in full so you won’t have to worry about any invoices being late there will

probably be major shifts in your financial situation in the near future these changes will probably take place

realizing that something is a gift and making good use of it are prerequisites to fully realizing the meaning that

something holds for your life but the water I can give him will become an inner spring and from that spring

eternal life will flow this is the water that I will give him once he has dissolved it because the Savior promised

that everyone who drinks from the water that I will give them will never be thirsty again this can all be expressed

in simple terms you can count on me to lend you a hand in your quest to reclaim

everything that you have let slip through your fingers according to God’s word you’re going to start laughing

again you are ready to start your romantic life a new trusting and loving again God is currently crafting your

story and he is carefully considering each detail I don’t think it’s right to

just throw out all your suggestions because you haven’t had a chance to fully appreciate everything that’s been

given to you everything can be handled and will proceed according to the plans

that have been made so there is nothing to be afraid of at the moment be calm

and assured that the process will produce the desired results and keep in mind that you alone are accountable for

the power you release into the environment think about the process and

see your goals come to life as you go on to the next chapter the amount of work you’re

putting in is truly impressive and I hope you know how much I appreciate it

the amount of work you put in is truly inspiring your dedication to seeing this

project through to its conclusion is greatly appreciated as the Lord God has already spoken

you have my undivided affection to make sure everything works out for the best possible outcome while considering the

current circumstances I have a plan for you the goal of the plan is to coordinate everything so that the best

possible outcomes can be achieved given the current situation no matter how

annoyed or pressured you were you shouldn’t let yourself forget that I only became known as you people nowadays

often feel deceived despite having to endure tremendous suffering as a result of the current state of affairs although

this is a consequence of the Arena’s location it does provide the opportunity to find a great deal of delight

amazement and beauty within its walls all of your mental energy and focus

should go into making the most of the wonderful experiences and opportunities that this world has in store for you

it’s only reasonable to know about the things our world has to offer you should

also make an effort to find a positive side to the challenges that the industry is currently facing the necessity of

this change is self-evident and you must Grant it the green light to transform

you into a better person so that you can change your identity if you are open and willing to

receive his benefits they will envelop you God promises you’ll come to realize

with time that you are in the precise place at the precise moment you should be in a sticky

situation when people have a positive impression of you they are more likely to go out of their way to help you this

is something you must keep in mind in the event that you find yourself in a challenging situation from the farthest

corners of the globe my deepest sympathies and prayers are reaching you to protect you from something that could

end your life cut your region off from the rest of the world or change the course of your future God may have given

you the impression that you have been rejected never let this idea fade from your thoughts and hold fast to the

wonderful things God has planned for your life something you should be regularly reminded of is that peace and

prosperity in all areas of your life including your mind spirit and bank

account as well as fulfilling relationships and deep connections everything here is mine to keep if you

want it each of these things will happen in the end end and they will all make matters worse I promise you that on top

of that I promise you’ll be in tiptop shape and succeed in every area of your life we beseech God to grant our future

dreams and Ambitions via our Artistic Endeavors and we seek his will and

advantage in this endeavor nothing is too big or too small for you to accomplish this week and I’m confident

that you will succeed I can promise you that no matter how difficult things get

you will eventually find a way to overcome them in spite of the difficulty

of the path you have chosen I have complete faith in your abilities and believe that you will be able to succeed

as far as I’m concerned you’re telling the truth get ready for an incredible week that will completely transform the

way you unwind in your life because I am hoping that God will shower His blessings on each and every one of you I

can guarantee that the character studying this will have a fantastic day full of gifts and good fortune amen

whoever reads this comment I beg you Lord if you are listening to answer their prayers for a miraculous cure from

their sickness abundant provision for all their needs victory over their enemies and an abundance of blessings in

every area of their lives regardless of your actions my love for you will follow

you wherever you go and eventually find you this is something you can’t Escape

because you have proven your reliability before it is reasonable to assume that you will be at the right place at the

right time and there’s no escaping this that is the final product of your verified reliability song document

people tend to think you’re more inclined to go out of your way to help you when you’re in a jam when you’re in

a tough spot that becomes very clear everything that I have painstakingly prepared for our meeting

is now at your disposal I’m presenting myself to you at this very moment the next time something

happens in your life your identity won’t be a stumbling block it is a waste of time so you shouldn’t be concerned about

it if you believe what I’m saying kind all you have to do is work really

hard and have a lot of faith in it if you do an appropriate employee will get in touch with you as soon as they can I

will make sure this happens over the next few days I will continue to to show you everything that I have been working

on I will closely monitor your progress moving forward if you are I intend to

continue using this system for all intents and purposes at the moment I’m

not happy and I would really prefer to be happy if you want to feel better I

can help you get there despite how hopeless my situation seems I am able to

exert self-control and find a solution even though you feel like you can’t go on God promises that he will provide you

with the strength to persevere your main focus should be on clearing your mind so

give it your all on the other hand you need to seek assistance with all of this

before anything else you must give thanks to God for all that he has done for you the next step is to make it

clear to him what you expect from him moving ahead you may never again need to borrow money beg or struggle for

anything because because doors will open for you in the future as God has promised that is elucidated by the fact

that we affirm Our intention to do just that it appears that you may be experiencing some changes in the near

future my intent in adding this message to Moses was to inform him that I would

be sending him resources and money that he could never have imagined waiting

will eventually reveal the Reason God Made You anticipate his return God is currently performing works that are far

greater than anything you could ever imagine or think you could do they outshine any and all possibilities that

cross your mind the fact that things can still turn out better should bring you

some solace in spite of your contemporary circumstances make it a habit to pray every day and maintain

your composure when you are suffering please know that I pray that God will bless you with his benefits and that I

am here to help help you overcome your frustration by standing by your side as you do it my baby comes to me with high

expectations because I am your God and when people connect with God God says what matters to them once you’re out of

prison I’ll show you how to get past its bothersomeness the window of opportunity

we were anticipating has finally closed so you can start living a life that is

more in line with what is considered normal even though you had zero experience prior to this season I will

put you in a happy and advantageous situation where you will excel

positivity and the ability to uplift those closest to you are of the utmost importance you can rely on me and your

paintings might be highly prized immediately terminated the cases

absolutely nothing can stop or reverse what is clearly God’s will if it is to come to pass anything that is in

accordance with God’s will can and will happen regardless of of how hard we try

even though it appears like this is no longer the case which is a completely remote possibility God still has even

better plans for us God has a special plan for our lives relax and realize

that you know this even though you’re behaving this way right now I will rescue you from obscurity to fame God

told Elijah as he prayed for guidance regarding his life’s trajectory to find out how his life could unfold Elijah had

prayed to God you have shown me that I am valued by being Dependable working hard and showing me this kind of respect

therefore be ready because I am about to share some excellent news with you right

now you are about to have the most incredible experience of your life it is becoming increasingly clear that things

are moving in the right direction the image appears to be fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle piece by piece in

various passages arrange your ideas in such a way that they can contribute something worthwhile you will cry in

order to obtain this gift and there will be times when you want to give up but aren’t ready to just yet you will weep

because the Lord has spoken to you and said that you can wait you should be prepared to have your expectations

shattered even though there are reasons to be optimistic on top of that you

should be ready to feel sad even though it may seem like the waiting period is far from over there will be difficult

times ahead there will come a time in this age when God gives you the power to keep going you should definitely seize

the substantial opportunities that will be presented to you in the future perseverance can yield results and be

showcased in various ways in the end because the universe as a whole is watching everything at all times you can

rest assured that everything will work out for the best in the end as a surprise you and the people you care

about will soon receive a plethora of great benefits those advantages will acre to you and your immediate family

first and foremost you have many reasons to be happy with your current self go ahead and continue with this example if

you like this week I was absolutely astounded by the exceptional quality of

the information that I received God goes to Great Lengths to secure wonderful

things for your life but if you faint you might miss out I I promise you peace

prosperity love and healing in exchange for the fear suffering and pressure that

you are experiencing as a nation right now I can do this because you are going

through these things I really hope that works out well for you my friend I take an oath and I can make a collective

commitment join me in praying to the Lord simultaneously as I approach you today God the daddy it is with an

overflowing heart that is filled with gratitude thank you thank you very much I would give you a rundown so you could

comprehend my gratitude for this your care and attention while I was an infant are greatly appreciated all of your

prior actions have my utmost respect furthermore I want to convey my deepest

appreciation to you for the absolutely delightful weather we have experienced today I want to express my gratitude for

the incredible opportunities you’ve presented me with and the unwavering support you’ve offered me as I’ve worked

to achieve my dreams thanks to your generosity and kindness I am able to

face each day and fulfill any responsibilities that may be placed on me your accomplishments are greatly

appreciated you will always be in my good graces and I will always remember you with the utmost respect at this very

moment God is having a personal conversation with each of you no matter how many times someone points out an

issue to me I will always find a solution I will Aid you in your Endeavors he may pretend and I am the

god you worship this is the Assurance he is supposed to give you no matter what

challenges you face I will always be here for you through the good times and

the bad I promise that no matter what happens in my life I will always be able

to find you if you believe this to be true in God’s eyes then please share and

like this video to demonstrate your support having confidence in one’s own

abilities is isn’t always a picnic having faith in my own abilities and

achievements is no longer something I casually consider on a regular basis and

that is particularly true keep in mind that there is a great deal of latent

potential in you that I had when I made you make sure you keep in mind that if

other people can achieve success then you can certainly achieve success as well you have my utmost confidence I’m

completely focused on you I want I want you to put yourself on an equal footing with everyone else start managing your

own Fame and try to see life through a more refined lens instead of behaving in

a way that prevents you from achieving anything you are able to triumph over other competitors and claim first place

inviting my help whenever difficult situations arise is the first class component you can do to improve your

mindset while facing tough circumstances when you need someone to leave on instead of turning to alcohol I

will be here for you I am the one responsible for the sparkling so you shouldn’t lose interest just because it

starts off evolving on top of that I know that you want to change some things about your current life no matter what

you decide to do in this situation I will always be here to help you might not see much of a return on this

interest though unless you put in a lot of effort at the outset so long as you keep thinking about your life the same

way you did before deciding to make changes you might not be able to make the changes you want to make and your

life will start to turn around this will happen the second you decide to prioritize me and cut ties with the

awful people who were involved in the past specifically the second you decide

to delete those links a more enjoyable life will begin to unfold as a result of

your actions do you think you could benefit from relaxing and taking it easy for a while have you been looking for a

safe place to spend time alone that doesn’t involve violence my offer to purchase a Bible is

here I hope to persuade you to read the first page and begin analyzing it as

soon as possible as our friendship grows and our time together increases you will

realize that you are improving your ability to remain objective stay connected for additional teachings from

God Amen

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