?God Message For You Today ??| My Child I have Something To Share With You…‼️| God Says Today

God is telling you

today my Christian Child I know that you

have been struggling for a long time the

enemy has tried to make you lose your

mind many

times fear not I’m going to turn things

around and bless you in the presence of

your enemies hold unto my promises over


life watch this video till the end if

you believe Lord Lord’s blessings and

protection l a m your g o d and I will

take care of you until you are old and

your hair is gray I matter you and I

will care for you I will always give you

help and rescue

you to accept it with belief please type

I am going to need you to pay

closeth attention to things that are

going on around you right now the enemy

is using people that you know to bring

Petty accusations and Petty attacks


you the purpose of these attacks are to

distract you and cause you to lose focus

on things the trally matters in the

Kingdom let the pettiness go Rise Above

It pray for these people and stay on the

kingdom path

comment am men if you agree

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