🛑God Message For You Today 🙏🙏| JESUS;- What Do You Want to Ask Me On My Birthday? | God Says

God says

today my little ones I in no way stated

life might be easy in case you observe

me however I do promise that I’ll

usually be by using your aspect we’ll GA

out the entirety collectively it’s now

not going to be smooth but we will come

out positive I love

you when you pray to me be proper tell

me while you’re irritated at me tell me

while you’re stressed and scared I want

to concentrate to the way you clearly

feel it is okay to experience indignant

scared and careworn and it’s far okay to

communicate it to

me stop think to times earlier than

making a decision if you want a better

courting with me begin to say no to sin

the closer you’re to sin the similarly

you’ll experience from

me to accept it with belief please type

I’m making all things new my love

for you knows no bounds all things are

working together for your good you are

not forgotten or forsaken by me I have

heard your prayers keep your eyes on me

don’t listen to the voices of

discouragement you’re just around the

corner from a

breakthrough like this video If you

believe this where your isn’t

Everlasting I even have explosive

benefits comeing your manner I will

increase you beyond your income I will

suddenly trade matters for your

life type on man if you believe in



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