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God has spoken to you my dear child no

matter how tired you may feel God sees

your pain and hears your cries he’s no

longer just an observer however an

active participant to your journey your

Brokenness isn’t the quit however a

chapter inside them Masterpiece he’s

growing Embrace his love discover solace

in his word I I have a stunning future

for you however there will be boundaries

and you’ll get through them with my help

don’t ever

surrender the enemy has been looking to

take you out since you were a toddler

it’s because he knows you are a person

of future he is aware of you have got

seeds of

greatness he is aware of you’ve got been

crown with desire so he has been working

time Beyond regulation looking to

silence your voice stop your presence

limit your

capability and hold you from leaving

your mark But the one’s forces have now

not been able to prevent you it’s too to

the fact you’ve got a protector a

Defender that’s been looking over you he

in no way sleeps he’s pushing lower back

the darkness and maintaining those

forces from taking your light

comment amen if you need God’s help

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