?God Message For You Today??| The Satan Is Attacking On Your Focus Don’t Skip Me‼️| God Says

God is speaking to you my Christian

Child trust me I’ve stayed with you

through every storm in your existence

I’ve given you all which you want I even

have and always will protect you your

circle of relatives and cherished

ones things can be difficult for you

properly now however just agree within

my timing and exchange for your

situation is coming trust me and

experience this new day your gift State

of Affairs isn’t your final destination

I even have greater for you where El I

had you start as never in which I

intended for you to complete I even have

an incredible plan for you and your

destiny Jeremiah

– it’s time to circulate ahead Trust

me when human beings try to push you

down I will carry you up when they try

to make you terrible I will motive you


polish you have been born for such a

time like this you did not simply

randomly display up on the earth you

have a cause and you have everything you

want to accomplish it Embrace what I am

doing it for your life you made it to

every other day

you are alive today and your respiratory

you are a

champion write on and if you affirm

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