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God tells you my child have empathy

attempt to assume residing within the

lifestyles of other humans and spotting

how difficult it may be be kind due to

the fact now not every person is as

lucky as you are I am right here for you

I will make a manner for you I will wipe

your tears away and I will give you the

victory rise up

next time I will make you glad but

nowadays I make it sturdy be sturdy you

trust my

timing another day of lifestyle is any

other day to Rejoice you made it VI the

whole week you are more potent than you

believe you studied I love you type yes

to claim this

blessing I want you to forall hating

yourself you are not ideal and perhaps

you have been expected to be best all of


Lifestyles and now what you failed

you’re conflicted on how to act it is

tough and I recognize I am right here

for you instead of doubting me doubt

your doubts they have so little power

and I have the energy to ruin then in a

second pray to me I love you typ man if

you believe in Jesus Christ

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