?God Message For You Today??| Pay Attention To See This Urgent Sign | God’s Message Now | God Msg

God says

today my lovely child my plan and my

purpose will happen for you irrespective

of occasions or street blocks that try

to stand to your way keep pushing

forward and hold Faith don’t fear

because Lam with you don’t be afraid for

I am your God I will support you I will

surely assist you will maintain you with

my righteous robust hand I’ll understand

what it is to be in want and I

understand what it smes to have lots I

have found out the name of the game of

being content material in any and every

situation I can do everything via him

who gives me power stay humble even when

we achieve success it’s essential to

recall that our benefits come from a

higher power and we must continually be

grateful for what we’ve got by giving

without looking forward to anything in

return We display our gratitude and

Trust within the divine plan God

promises to take care of us so we are

able to rest confident that we can be

provided for so long as we hold to stay

with humility and generosity and our

hearts enter ouren if you believe in God

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