?God Message For You Today??| If You Choose To Disregard the Lord’s Message…‼️| God Says


says my Christian Child the authentic

light that offers mile to anyone change

into coming into the world he became in

the world and although the world was

made through him the world did not

apprehend him this indicates the

profound notion that not withstanding

the presence of this Illuminating Light

embedded in the introduction itself

Humanity often fails to acknowledge its

importance it underscores the idea that

even though the source of Enlightenment

exists inside our very being and

surroundings it eludes recognition

therein lies the Splendor and mystery of

our life subscribe to the channel if you

truly believe in God you won’t recognize

the incus of my current moves at this

second however in due time readability

will illuminate the course and reveal

the significance of my

Endeavors trust the process for the

seeds i s nowadays are cultivating the

following day with the purpose to bring

understanding and

knowledge comment onen if you agree

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