?God Message For You Today??| God Says:- Don’t Stop Believing | God’s Blessing | God helps

God is telling you today my lovely child

the sun shall no longer be your mild by

way of day nor for brightness shall the

moon Supply mild to you through

nighttime but the Lord will be your

Everlasting in mild and your God could

be your glory your son shall no greater

pass down or your moon withdraw itself

for the Lord can to your eternal mild

and your days of mour will be ended I

will offer you with the peace you want

your heart is heavy and best I can

provide you with natural Comfort come to

me I claim jobs could be presented body

asking be healed checks and acceptance

letters could be dispatched

relationships can be restored and you

will pass all your very last exams I

communicate achievement and benefits

over your Lifestyles proper now trust me

L Eternal invested slow in getting

toward me everything on the planet is

transient put me first to your

Lifestyles I created each person with

unique skills you may not be able to do

similar to others because I did not

create you to be that manner it is okay

to be distinctive because I made you

that manner type how man if you have

faith in God

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