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says my dear child it’s a brand new day

I didn’t convey you this some distance

to depart you forget approximately what

came about the day past I am doing a

brand new element I am bigger than every

scenario and hassle you will ever face

trust me your faith can exchange the

lives of many people around you have

faith even all through the hardest

moments in your

Lifestyles you now have sorrow however I

will see you again and your heart will

have a good time and no person will take

your pleasure far away from you Jesus

told him I am the manner the reality and

the life no one can come to the father

besides through me share it with six

individuals and watch these blessings

multiply you are going to look a

turnaround To Your Health employment

relationships and budget prayer will

deliver you toward the proper location

the proper people and the right door

stay praying and you will start winning

I’m going to bless you on purpose I am

going to move you up I am going to

accelerate your desires I am going into

area you write into a function that you

should have in no way gotten to your

very own stay in faith live in my word

and obey my

commands enter amen if you agree

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