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God message for you my lovely child I

understand that you are feeling

misunderstood forgotten and overseen I

want to inform you that I apprehend you

El will by no means forget about you and

I will constantly love you you are

unique if I didn’t consider you maybe

triumphant I would not have made you you

can Prevail gave you the ability stay

superb there will be people who don’t

assist what you are doing but that

doesn’t suggest that they do not love

you it method that they understand which

you are better than the bar you have set

for yourself open your eyes to concur

comments to

tutu I’ll provide you with three reasons

to have desire one I split the Seas so

Moses can cross dot two I brought

Lazarus lower back to life three I

healed many from leprosy I have a wish

because something is possible with

me I will rescue you continue to pray

and Never Surrender desire just due to

the fact you Revel and pain does now not

suggest that I have left you I am with

you type how man in the comments and get

blessed today

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