?God Message For You Today??| Critical Video‼️- You’ll See Why?? | God Says | God’s Message Now

as the Lord said my beloved child if you

love to listen to my voice then I urge

you to watch this video till the end you

are forgiven you do not want to sense

disgrace due to the fact I have

positioned all things in the back of me

now allows appearance

forward God says fear as robbed you of

your peace but I make fear tremble

invite me into your light proper now and

my presence will forged all fear away

because where I am there is no worry the

devil misplaced he has no manipulate

over you I Am with You Proclaim it you

are my loved and I love

you there will be people who don’t

assist what you are doing but that

doesn’t suggest that they do not love

you it method that they understand which

you are better than the bar you have set

for yourself open your

eyes I want you to step your sport up I

need you to start displaying people

which you love me through the manner you

stay I need you to stop bringing

yourself down you are vital lovely and

strong this International will wreck you

to the ground in case you are conscious

of the matters of this world I deliver

hope and the existence something else

brings pain to be right on man if you

accept God blessings

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