that is the proclamation God is making to you today I will fulfill your every

Wish by painting The Miracle you have been asking for it will be an amazing

and life-altering Adventure get ready to absorb it all and watch this film from beginning to finish with an attitude of

thankfulness and faith everything in your life will change dramatically if you choose Miracles throughout the next

few days your own experiences might serve as a basis for this there will be

positive effects on your health wealth activities and relationships with

others February has the potential to be a prosperous month if you’re ever

feeling entirely overwhelmed I can help you feel completely joyful again from a tale of conflict and

hardship to one of joy and success your narrative will end up better than you could have imagined I hope that every

aspect of your life is abundantly blessed with serendipity and beautiful

coincidences furthermore may you be showered with blessings from above I

pray that God will shower you with many blessings so that you will never again be worried about money a flood of

blessings and life-altering miracles like you’ve never experienced before is about to descend upon your life many

wonderful things happen to you and your life changes drastically as a consequence if you have faith in God

please help spread this video by giving it a like in sharing it I care about you

and want you to be free from any kind of trouble rest assured I will make every

effort to restore your Fitness in whatever way I can I am here to provide my healing touch to all of you

regardless of whether you are dealing with mental emotional or physical health issues you may count on me to provide

you with the helping hand I need to get you back on your feet may you always be happy and well and may you never have to

deal with any kind of physical or mental pain I really hope that you won’t have to deal with any form of trouble it is

my sincere desire that you have a life abundant with joy prosperity and virtue

on Sundays they are my deepest wishes I lift you up in prayer requesting that

God shower you with all the blessings you well deserve for the next week I hope that my prayer will be heard and

answered my deepest desire is that you get relief from all your current troubles and may bask in the tranquility

and plenty that are mine right now the day after tomorrow will be full of God’s decisions and his many advantages so I

want you to be content my child I want you to be overjoyed because I have chosen to start a new chapter in your

life one that may bring you unparalleled benefits unfathomable happiness and a

noticeable sense of accomplishment this choice is mine because I want you to have the most

amazing experience possible I have done this everyone can do this I am certain

that you will be grateful for my generosity and happy to accept my present at the same time instead of

leaving you or losing hope I sincerely swear that I will never leave your side

and that I will be generally there for you in case you’re interested I can send this to you it will motivate you to take

action so that you may get Beyond whatever preconceived notions you may have had my deepest wish is that it

brings you the utmost joy and fulfillment that your spirit and heart can endure my deepest most heartfelt

adoration is being sent to you in addition to a wealth of Unexpected Love

and presence your life will undoubtedly be filled with unexpected blessings and

this pattern will persist throughout your whole lifespan everything you’ve ever dreamed of including the answers to

your prayers is about to come true through everything you’ve gone through the fight the tears the anguish and the

sleepless nights is going to stop soon going ahead there’s no need to be

concerned about anything in your lifestyle since I’m going to do something that’s not just out of the

ordinary but also dangerous it has come to my attention that you have overcome a

great deal of hardship and loss in your life feelings of Despair and failure

have set in as a result of the challenging circumstances you’ve encountered your present State of Mind

is most definitely characterized by a sense of powerlessness as a result of these events conversely I want you to

know that I can compensate for all your wrongdoing recoup all your losses Vanquish all your enemies and remove any

roadblock that you may be facing I’m fully capable of doing all of these kinds of tasks for you I am certain that

the immediate adjustments I will make make to your way of life will Astound you I want you to know that your prayers

are being heard and that I’m doing all in my power to make sure that your wishes come true I’m putting in a lot of

effort so that you may have faith that you will achieve outstanding practical results I pray that the next few months

bring you and those you care about even more blessings that you achieve success in every facet of your life and that you

experience improvements in your physical and mental health remember that no matter what you can

always reach me and that my love for you is unmatched neither of these things

will ever leave my mind share this video with those who have faith in God therefore you should never give up on

the dreams you have the most formative years of your life are still ahead of you there is no way for you to Fathom

how much I love you my darling so please never forget that fact I am exerting

every effort to ensure that events unfold in a way that benefits you if you

trust me you will see the amount of effort I put in and it will pay off when you achieve great things no matter the

difficulties you faced or are facing now I promise you that I have many wonderful

things in store for you and that each and every moment of your life will be filled with joy and optimism because of

this thanks to what I’ve kept for you I want your life to be full of joy and

desire because of the many opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead for us

in our future I mean to make sure that you have this because of what I have planned for you there seems to be an

endless supply of possibilities your life will be filled with a plethora of Miracles if you have believed in

yourself and I can do what you need despite the fact that you may be feeling like giving up you shouldn’t give up on

your dream just yet so that we may both triumph over this Challenge and come out

on top as a team I am here to help you through these tough times in order for

us to overcome this it would be helpful if you could always rely on me when you

feel weak by joining forces with me I can give you the strength to keep going

when the going gets tough feel free to share your religious beliefs with me at this time if you trust me enough to let

me take care of your life I can be the one to protect you rescue you and lend

you a helping hand hand I will make sure that everything is proceeding as expected allow me to clear the path and

deflect any obstacles that may be standing in your way as you embark on your trip across the world so you can

keep your mind on the road ahead if you need someone to love and support you on your path I can connect you with them in

order to make the best decision for your situation you can get the information and perspective you need by following

the advice I provide you you you will be able to realize your full potential and Achieve success dear little toddler I

want you to know that no matter what I will always be here for you whenever you

need me no matter where you are just give me a signal and I will answer if

you have faith in me I will come to you and I will transform your life into an

extraordinary Adventure filled with joy love and prosperity for you and the

people you care about in PE K in a second and I will provide you with a

mountain of useful information in case you think about God just by saying it

out loud it will start working for you like never before bringing you success

health and wealth that you never imagine possible I’m going to feel the boundless

plethora of Love health and wealth that are rightfully mine right now as soon as

you say these words I will unleash a deluge of blessings on you you are

entering a period of your life that is marked by boundless Joy love and

financial success A change is coming to your life in the next lengthy week everything you

could possibly need is readily available so you won’t ever have to worry about running out of anything if you have

faith in me and my plan for your life then I promise you that everything will work out perfectly over time the

Dreadful things that have been making making You Weep for a long time will fade away before this week’s weekend

ends and what will replace them are blessings joy lightness and love it will

arrive before the weekend even starts you can have an overwhelming sense of joy and find aesthetic value in

everything you see I will be true to my word just as I have implied and promised

you before you can rely on me to respect or adjust to fit in with what you’re

thinking about remember that each day brings a fresh chance for me to think

about my exceptional achievements do not give up if today is a bad day instead

find comfort in knowing that tomorrow is a new day filled with exciting opportunities I promise I will stop

letting you down if you trust me even when things seem hopeless you can count on me to always be by your side take

risks and give it your all when you have a God who leads the way into battle and fights on your side it isn’t always

proper to be afraid or to let your enemies make you anxious you have faith that he won’t betray you or abandon you

I’m now making a firm commitment and it is not just lip service to guarantee your success I will make every effort

within my capacity I promise that no matter what happens I will always be there to guide you and make sure you’re

secure those who put their trust in the Lord however will have authority returned to them

they have eagle-like jumping abilities and Powerful wings that allow them to compete without becoming weary and they

no longer feel tired after covering great distances in the event that you concur with me I will invigorate you and

provide you with the strength to conquer any difficult challenges that come your way your ability to so like an eagle may

be severely limited if you reject my claims you’ll have plenty of energy to

go for lengthy runs or walks without without stopping the Eagle’s might and this level of skill are inseparable

please know that no matter what at any time you can count on me to be by your

side although I have been closely monitoring you and others around you I am eager to show you all that life has

to offer all the wonderful and fascinating diversity that life has to

offer you have my undying and endless affection as you prepare for the weekend

please remember remember that I am the driving force behind all the wonderful things that have happened to you before

you start your weekend please remember this I should never give you anything less than your unique lifestyle as a

gift to top it all off I want to fulfill a lifelong goal and objective of mine

may you be showered with an abundance of love joy peace and prosperity from the Lord in all areas of your life you are

ideal in my eyes since these are the quali I most like to see in you you may Relish in challenges and obstacles as

you go which is a great way to make life tough for yourself however I also want

you to know that you can always count on me to lead and assist you as you walk toward an exciting future you must know

that you have me once again I can’t bear it hold on to hope I’m going to provide

you with access to incredible opportunities that will alter the course of your life irrevocably no matter how

bad things seem seem right now amazing things will happen right in front of your eyes that you could never have

imagined you may be experiencing difficulties at the moment that are causing you to worry and Dread for your

future if you have put your faith in me maybe your health isn’t what you’d want

it to be or maybe you’re experiencing money problems regardless of what you’re going through right now maybe you could

attest to each and every one of those statements you are going to get great things my support

and advantages and I want you to know it even when it seems like everything is

going completely wrong keep this in mind so that you may proceed with success I’m

outlining the strategy you will not spend the precious time you need waiting for me in the slightest I promise I will

never abandon you or turn my back on you if you continue to agree with me in a

similar vein I am here to restore the Splendor of your life by fixing anything

that has lessened it within the call of Jesus your joy your expectations your

relationships your health and your financial Fame are being revived yes I

can believe the most incredible things that no one has ever imagined because my electricity allows me to keep your hope

alive I am the hope you have been waiting for everything that has been stolen or damaged from you may be

repaired and restored upon my arrival gather around me and I will lead you in prayer for the eenth time I beg you to

Dawn your glasses and listen carefully I put my faith in you God of opportunity

even when it seems like there’s no way I know that you can find a way although it

may seem like the voices in my mind are much louder than my trust in you or even if it seems like the voices in my heart

are more powerful than my faith in you you are the power behind all possibilities may you be blessed with an

abundance abundance of love and gratitude for everything that you have done are doing and may do in your life

everything that you have done are doing and will do in the future is appreciated

it is really an honor to be able to call you both God and Heavenly Father since you are both magnificent and perfect in

every aspect in light of our current courtship I feel compelled to discuss the importance of our common religion

you can’t experience my love in its enre ity or really enjoy it until you have

self assurance with the goal of wanting to excite me you risk disappointing me

if you disregard what the Bible teaches due to this I must really implore you to

accept my presence and fulfill my portion of the agreement therefore my

goal is to encourage you to do nothing more than be here with me no matter how

difficult things are for you right now know that I will never leave your side

that being said this is always the right thing to do in spite of my natural inclination to turn your misery into joy

and your setbacks into triumphs I am aware of your pain and will see hear and

feel your tears I can make space for you if you only have faith in me I must

communicate to you even when it seems unattainable the incredible power that may emerge from showing humility and

surrender if you give everything to me I will restock Heaven’s treasure chests

and unleash a torrent of riches on Earth you not only give me everything but you

also fill Heaven’s treasure chests to overflowing give me all the information you have feel free to confide in me

about your budget Health relationships and aspirations what I need instead is for

you to tell me everything no matter what you’re going through I am the god who gives you gifts and restores your

wholeness so that everything fits together again I want you to know that I

am here to make you happy no matter what I promise I will not let you fall

anymore despite all that’s going on you still manag to express your gratitude for my

generosity when you are open and compassionate you may welcome miraculous events that can change your life in

profound ways you pave the way for miraculous occurrences by doing this if

you’re having trouble letting go of your tears remember that I am the deity who can transform them into dance do not

ever let this awareness go no matter where your adventures lead you you must never forget that I can do this you will

never be alone that much I want you to know I vow that I can be there for you

whenever you need me that I will mediate any arguments you have that I will soothe any Tantrums you have and that I

will bring you nothing but joy and peace in your lives do not be scared I am

always here to assist you a safe place to rest and a Wellspring of strength

whenever you need me I will be there for you I promise I won’t let you down again

if you agree with me please join me in prayer at this time it would mean a lot to me if you could let our common goal

serve as a unifying element and accept delivery of our shared outcome I hope

and pray that I will replace your pain anxiety and difficulties with good

health happiness and and Tranquility returning to your pleading with me to do so let us pray that the

adversary protects you from all dangers both known and unseen and that every

villainous plot to destroy you is thwarted please let us pray that no harm

comes to you both physically and spiritually it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that if you believe me I

will do what you ask of me and listen carefully so that my goals in music may be advanced

I want you to know that no matter how bad things get or how stressed out you are I will always be here for you

typically you think it’s important I solemnly vow that no matter how bad

things become I will never leave you I am here to provide you with my support

and consolation during this challenging period please know that I am now able to

express my utmost satisfaction with this progress if you put your faith in me I

will show you the way to the place where you may achieve your purpose in life even if it’s possible that our wishes

won’t always line up problems and failures aren’t designed to break you

rather they should strengthen you teach you lessons and make you stronger than before while you pray open up to me your

deepest feelings and ideas and know that I will listen to what you have to say your current hopes fears and anxieties

are all very much on my mind along the road to progressing far beyond

anything you may identify at this very moment I have a tremendous surprise in store for you consequently you must

focus on me and trust that we will conduct training sessions for the best

relationships health and finances are just a few areas of your life where you

seem to be struggling evidently please know that I am here to help in any way I

can if there is any way I can help please let me know I have the power to

alter the course of your life since I am a god of Miracles but only if you give

me a chance and confide in me about anything that’s bothering you I have

cherished you from the beginning of time before the world came into existence as

the one and only being responsible for your creation by your heavenly father my feelings for you have never

been as broad brush as they are right now that you are aware of it is in my

opinion very critical I will be here for you every step of the way providing

guidance protection and the inspiration you need to conquer any and all obstacles in your path your struggles

anxieties uncertainties and grief are all things I’m well versed in since I

know how tough it is I’m here to lend you a hand with a little less weight I

the deity do Miracles Solace for the dis respondent the be makes a wish for the

despondent no matter what I do you will always feel my love for you nothing can

stand in my way may you discover the serenity you seek enjoy every moment of life and accomplish all that you know

you are capable of while you are still here on this planet I want you to do something that will bring glory to me

and benefit other people by using your special set of talents interests and

abilities applying the knowledge I’ve imparted to you is your responsibility without allowing fear to

paralyze you it is essential to go outside your safety net take chances and

pursue your dreams neither will I ever give in to you or abandon you I promise

on the other hand I can always be there for you you know I’ll see to it that everything you need is taken care of

also don’t put your faith in your own understanding instead acknowledge my hand in whatever you do and I will show

you the way way life isn’t always easy and I recall that you could face obstacles that appear insurmountable at

the moment I’m here to help you realize that you have my complete guidance but

keep in mind that I am the deity of the impossible so nothing is out of my reach

I Can Make You Dance out your sadness smile through your depression and stand firm in the face of adversity just by

saying thank you I can set in motion a chain reaction that will alter the course of your your lives in profound

ways to sum up Lord we are grateful to you moreover I believe it is essential

to stress the power that comes with the ability to forgive previous sins you

can’t grow spiritually or in your relationships with other people until you take the difficult step of forgiving

another person to heal on a personal and communal level as well as to break free

from the shackles of resentment one must forgive forgiveness is the the first

step toward inner peace social harmony and harmony with the world around you

keep in mind that I’ve already extended a pardon both of us kindly request that

you forgive those who have harmed you please forgive me as I have already done so the fact that I will be returning to

the area soon is something else I wanted to let you know my arrival is nearly

upon us so I expect you to be prepared I ask that you be vigilant and patient

with me as I wait for you to live a holy and obedient life and preach the gospel

to those in your neighborhood so that the world may hear the good news of Salvation I am both the beginning and

the end the first and the last so my children take comfort in knowing that

you are loved and not alone and so never give up on your desire if you publicly

acknowledge that Jesus Christ is your master and really believe that I am the only one who raised him from the dead

then you will be saved I would like to use this occasion to remind you that

everybody who puts their confidence in me may be saved you can’t be rescued any other way which implies I may be by your

side for the rest of your life and you will live forever it will be an eternal

proclamation of the fact that Jesus Christ is the Lord of everything and it will be more than just life do not be

shy about asking me for assistance I am more than than happy to provide it your cries for Aid are always on my mind and

I will use my power to the fullest extent possible to respond to them I am always on the lookout for fresh

information no bad things will ever happen to you because of my pledge and I assure you that I will always keep my

half of the agreement I working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that life is continually bestowing upon

you exciting new prospects and benefits so please consider my acceptance as

genuine your positive attitude toward life is crucial if the plans I have for

you are to materialize in a way that will Astound you your future may seem cloudy but be assured that I have

everything under control no matter what anybody else thinks for that reason have

a positive outlook don’t give up and know that I’m always here to help if you need it you are my little one in the

depths of Despair I hold you dear no matter what I will never abandon you you

I promise you may rely on me to be your Guiding Light if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t see the road

ahead when you’re cold and alone I’m the comforting heat that wraps around you

your perspective will be used by me in every situation since I am always available to you so if you ever come to

me when you’re lost and don’t know where to go you should never be afraid of being alone I will be able to place you

in the right class if you can only confront your fears directly and keep your faith I will help you feel better

in the darkest of times you can count on me to be there for you along with your

values please take me into consideration if you ask me I’ll show you the way to

the ideal location because of your immense importance it is expected that

you will accomplish remarkable things on this planet you may be in a fantastic

situation I will show you the path to the luxurious lives I have planned for you all you have to do is maintain eye

contact with me if you just watch me the Lord be with you and I pray that he will reveal his will to you please Lord show

you mercy and put you on an equal basis I need it in the next year may the Lord

provide you rest and freedom to choose my hope and desire are that it all

begins with me and ends with me here I am at once the beginning and the end as

the one agent responsible for the Inception of all things I embody both the commencement and the cessation the

identities of every Star in the cosmos are known only to me my love for you is

immeasurable Beyond everything that you could ever hope to understand when we were still in the womb even while my

majesty and Grandeur are incomprehensible to you you were fashioned after the way I seemed in the

same vein you have my utmost respect never give into the falsehoods propagated by the outside world that

claim you’re not liked or valued there are many wonderful individuals in your life who love and cherish you the main

argument Behind these accusations is that you are unable to fulfill the demands placed on you because you are my

baby the person you have developed into is something of which I’m very proud if

you’re not afraid to ask for my help I could take it seriously it is my pleasure to provide it having access to

my assistance and advice whenever you need it is significantly more practical every time you’re facing a tough

circumstance you can always lean on me for the strength to go through it and come out on top if you find yourself in

a difficult situation I am able to mend the wounds that have been inflicted by the things you have already gone through

if you come to me when you are broken I am victorious not only am I available to

lend a hand but I can also show you the ropes when it comes to doing business the correct way remember that no matter

what happens my dear you are never alone that is true in every case I can never

leave you because no matter what you can count on me to remain by your side rest

assured I will ensure that all of your expectations are met I will in no way

let you down if you decide to partner with me please trust that I will guide you to the community where you can find

a home if you follow my guidance you can count on me to provide support no matter

what outdoor Global throws at you I’ve got your back remembering you as my baby

makes it so I can be there for you most of the time you can always count on my unwavering support I can care for you

just like I would a biological kid having me by your side may help ease your mind and spirit as you face this

challenging period I promise to be by your side through thick and thin more

than you can ever imagine my feelings for you are immense if you ever need me

I’ll be right there I promise that from now on I will never again let you down if you agree with me you don’t need to

worry about anything too much since I am right here with you my baby may you trust me and know that I will be there

for you most of the time as I help you through the highs and lows that life always

brings without fail I sincerely pledge that I will never leave you even if it

means sacrificing my own way of life I will always remember that I am both the

way and the truth being one of my most beloved children gives me the freedom to

contemplate whether or not you will continue to accompany me Beyond this life since I consider myself to be your

stronghold and Foundation I have a plan and an objective for the remainder of

your life do not allow fear doubt or anxiety to take control of your life

anymore do your best not to let these things control you I promise to lead you

in the direction that will will be most beneficial to you if you put your faith in me I am the deity of Miracles and you

must know that nothing is impossible for me your party might become an unforgettable experience your sadness

into joy and your despair into Delight if you let me I will perform a miracle

in your life if you just hold on so don’t give up put them on again and again that’s all I’m completely unable

to fulfill my pledge to you in that regard it’s more more reasonable to assume that you’ll face challenges in

life and have the option to quit when the going gets rough keep in mind that you are not the

only one dealing with this issue right now you can rely on me to lend you a hand and give you the strength to

overcome every obstacle that comes your way because I am here to help you

achieving this is my objective keep this in mind as you go along the path of

agreement being cognizant of your interest in the the guarantees I’ve provided in my view prayer is one of the

most powerful tools we have right now and I have no doubt that you my young

and courageous friend are more than capable of overcoming any challenge that

may stand in your way it is my deepest desire that you find time to pray and

hope each day when you pray you’re essentially giving me permission to

depict the experiences you’ll have throughout your life pray with gratitude from the depths of your heart knowing

that I am able to hear and answer your prayers according to my intentions for you your incessant wants serve as a

continual reminder that my love for you has no bounds and that I am the deity of

love no matter what happens I will always have your back there is just no

way that you can win my undying love my impression of you will remain unchanged

regardless of what you do you may be sure that my love for for you will never end no matter what so find solace in my

love and let it bring joy and peace into your life after all it’s only fair to

give your opponent bread if you see that he’s hungry that way you can show that

you’re on his side Additionally you must give him a drink of water without delay

on the off chance that he seems parched while you’re perched on his head you’ll eat charred flesh as a recompense from

the Lord I want to tell you that showing kindness and forgiveness to everyone you

come into contact with is the key to living a life that is Rich with meaning

and fulfillment and that these qualities should be bestowed upon you as a gift I

firmly swear that good fortune and blessings will abound for you my dear

children I want you to know that you are all very valued by me and I hope you can never fully comprehend just how much I

promise you on my sacred heart that I will never abandon you rather I will

attend to your every need and respond in ways that you cannot fathom trusting me with everything else is my way of saying

that I will never leave you or forsake you my darling baby I promise that from

now on I will not keep you waiting for anything it is my deepest desire that

you know how many people adore respect and favor you for an extraordinary variety of individuals this is something

of great importance you need to know that you are not alone in this world and

that I can be here for you at all times consequently if you put your faith in me

I will show you the way to a life that is beautiful joyful and prosperous My Hope Is that you and those

closest to you will be showered with my abundant gifts and that your trust in me

will grow stronger with the passage of time on this and every day to come I

wish that you will be showered with love joy and abundance in

you must openly declare that God will bless cure provide for protect and

Lead me because you have faith in me and know that I am a trustworthy God who fulfills my promises it’s crucial that

you always have complete trust in me even when things don’t seem to make sense on the floor you can assert this

with complete certainty and I want you to understand that if you have taken my

love and energy into into consideration you could have the best life ever my beloved children it is very critical

that you always keep in mind that I am a perfect and all- knowing God you are not born of chance or accident since you are

a child of God but I did say there was a good reason for my creating you at some time in the past similar to how you were

introduced you’re highly esteemed fortunate and gifted with material possessions do not lose heart my little

one I will be by your side while you fight to triumph over your enemies if you encounter a monster in your lifetime

I will be much more effective than it storms that attempt to engulf you in their Fury might still befall you even

if you do manage to see one every member of your family has the potential to

receive a blessing the solutions to your difficulties will be revealed in an

astonishing Revelation and a miracle will come to you just when you need it the most my infantile self-confidence

and your acknowledgement of my abilities are of the utmost importance always keep in mind that I am

not some distant God but rather a God who is fully here among you I’m not some

distant deity but an alternative God who is very much in tune with your presence

I am not a deity who keeps quiet rather I am a God who talks an absolutely

wonderful month is about to begin for you your narrative will now revolve around your your successes your recovery

and your triumphs do not squander any more time by the month’s end you will

have succeeded in every area of your life you may have faith in me since I will try my best to meet your needs I

guarantee that my gaming skills will wow you because I am the most powerful

character with the ability to transform a challenge into an opportunity a statistic into a message and an

undertaking into a success you will be amazed when you find something you truly

thought could never happen with my help there is no way out of this situation

except to trust me and follow my instructions without questioning keep in mind that no matter what I am always

here to watch out for your well-being and that you have my support my sincere

wish is that you will place your faith in me and let me be your Guiding Light

in the midst of the night you must consider me the God who can do all things

I’m fully competent to carry out all of your ideas so you can count on my full

support if you want someone to lean on when you have trust in something bigger than yourself I’d be happy to be that

person taking care of oneself is important to me and I promise to seek out methods that are much better than

anything you could have imagined throughout the next month I want you to know that I am here for you and will

lend you a helping hand in any way I can put your trust in me and your confidence

in the plan I’ve set up for your lives I have started campaigning for you already

and in the future I have many incredible things in store for you I want you to trust me and realize that I’m shaping

you into the person I imagined for you by using those reports in the end you

will win over the challenges you’ve faced just as your victories will be important

forever Second Chances are my special specialy no matter how many mistakes

you’ve made in the past I want you to know that my love for you has never diminished I implore you to think about

this I’m typically more than happy to forgive you and give you another chance if you ask me to my love and forgiveness

have found you and I am grateful take it as a jumping off point for an idea you

have keep in mind that I will typically love you that I will typically be there

to help you and that I will not stop loving you you if you put your trust in me I will show you the way to health

wealth and happiness permit me to assume the role of leader a feeling of Despair

is possible to experience I want you to know that even when I’m feeling down

dissatisfied or defeated you are still very much in my thoughts and prayers I

have been exerting a great deal of work to guarantee that you are completely prepared to receive any proposals that

may be approaching you you I will ensure that your health relationships and

finances improve within the next year so that you can eventually move on with your life even though you probably had

problems with your cognition or physical health please know that I am the most highly trained Medical Professional on

the planet and that I can give you a complete cure I can restore your physical emotional and spiritual

well-being regardless of the nature of your illness allowing you to live a life

that is full of Vitality and purpose that is the kind of life I Envision for

you I should also say that I am cognizant of the fact that many of you have been experiencing financial

difficulties but know that I am the god who can grant your every desire I will

do whatever it takes to Grant your every want so long as it is related to me with

the offers I make to you my darling I may fulfill all of your wishes and set the stage for you to show your unique

appreciation to me in the year keep in mind that you are the

product of my actions and that there is a price to be paid for your own existence not only am I bestowing my

blessings upon you in the hopes that you will achieve material success enjoy excellent health and spend quality time

with your loved ones but I can also provide you with something so that you can continue to help other people in

return for your assistance I want you to commit to doing everything you can in the next year to help the people right

around you I want you to use the opportunity I’m giving you to its fullest potential so that you may reap

the rewards of my blessings you have probably studied both healthy and unhealthy relationships in the past

whether you prefer to show your love for other people via charitable and compassionate Deeds or just by listening

to someone who needs assistance on the other hand I’d want you to know that I am the deity of Tranquility please

understand this because of my skills I can mend broken relationships and

provide comfort in places where there has been overwhelming pain I can teach

you the wisdom you need to interact with other people in a manner that brings you peace and Harmony in your life while

also showing them respect and reverence for me no matter what happens I beg you

to pray petition and show thanks to me for all your aspir irations and wishes

at the same time as you anticipate the benefits of your existence I never stop thinking about what’s good for you and

never stop listening to what you have to say an issue of a certain kind should no

longer cause you anxiety praying for what you want is crucial consider it

done stay connected for further teachings from God [Music]

Amen [Music]

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