?”DON’T TEST MY PATIENCE”- GOD? AN URGENT ALERT!! God’s Message Today #Prophecy | Lord Helps Ep~1462

Whoever has mocked God ultimately regret

it so if you are not among those pseudo

believers who mock the signs of God then

stay here until the very end because God

is trying to protect you from the

biggest upcoming storm approaching many

families within the next

days if you are new here here I would

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to this channel for doing so we’ll keep

you updated and secure from all the

upcoming tribulations and afflictions we

may face Guided by the powerful and

wonderful power of the Holy

Spirit now before I tell you what God

spoke to me in prayer for his faithful

Believers let me pray

this my loving Heavenly Father how

powerful is your holy spirit that helps

us and guide us even before we

ask your wisdom surpasses all

understanding and your love endures

forever we come before you with

gratitude in our hearts for your

unfailing presence in our

lives I thank you for your word that

guide us and show us the right direction

at every turn of

life I pray that the upcoming words will

bring security and peace in the lives of

your people and they will find the hope

in your

plans for whatever you are doing is

happening for our ultimate good in the

name of the Father the Son and the Holy

Spirit I pray

amen now all the chosen ones all the

faithful children of God

listen to what God spoke to me in prayer

two days ago he said listen

closely for the words I speak are not to

instill fear but rather to awaken you to

the reality of the

times I the

almighty speak to you now urging you to

heed my words for the storm cloud out GA

on the

horizon and the Tempest approaches your

doorsteps do not mistake my warning for

anger or

punishment for I am a god of mercy and

love yet there are moments when my

patience rears thin when the signs are

clear and my children turn a blind ey to

the path I have said before

them the storm that looms is not of my

making but rather a consequences of the

choices made by Humanity under the

influence of the

devil you see my beloved ones I have

best upon you the gift of free will a

precious and Powerful gift

that allows you to choose your part yet

with this gift comes

responsibility for your choices carry

weight and

consequences when you Stray From the

Path of

Righteousness when you ignore my

Commandments and forsake my

teachings you invite chaos into your

lives the storm that approaches is not

merely physical but spiritual in

nature it is a storm of Doubt of fear of

division and

strife it is a storm that seeks to shake

the very Foundation of your faith and

test the strength of your

convictions yet fear not for I am with

you always

guiding you through the darkness and

leading you to

safety now is not the time for

compliancy or

apathy now is the time to fortify your

faith to stand firm in the facee of

adversity and to clinch to the promises

I have made unto

you the not t my patience for I am slow

to anger but Swift to

act I yearn for your repentance your

humility and your unweaving trust in my

Providence take heed of the signs around

you for they are a warning of what is to

come open your hearts to my guidance and

I will lead you through the stormy

waters to calmer

Shores trust in my love my children for

it is greater than any storm you may

face remember my beloved ones that even

in the darkest of

times I am the light that shines through

the clouds I I Am The Refuge in the

midst of the storm and the anger that

holds you steady amidst the Raging

Seas trust in me and together we shall

wither the St emerging stronger and more

steadfast than

before so prepare your hearts my

children children and do not

delay the storm is approaching but with

faith as your compass and love as your

guide you shall

overcome tell me do you believe that no

storm will touch you because you are my


one tell me do you trust that whatever

I’m doing is going to your ultimate made

favor type yes God and share my word


everyone for this is not a message to

you personally but to every single

person who acknowledges


remember I am watching

everyone including your

enemies stay blessed under my name said

the Lord this is all I heard in my

spirit while God spoke to me in prayer

at evening days ago at around

p.m. know that child of God if you’re

still struggling to have complete faith

in God after seeing the

setbacks after seeing the setups from

your enemy’s side and after hearing

about such storms you may feel hopeless

or even

discouraged but you must remember the

story of Daniel in the

Bible particularly in chapter and

Daniel was a man of excellent Spirit

faithful to God even in the face of

persecution those who conspired against

him shout to find a fault

but they


similarly some of you may face

opposition from within the church

itself there may be those who question

or criticize your

messages but take H for God sees your

faithfulness he approves of you and is

elevating you for his purpose

you need to recognize your role your

identity your purpose of your

life as Daniel continued to pray

Faithfully even in the face of threats


persecution God protected

him despite being thrown into a

liand Daniel emerged on

har and those who conspired against

against him made their own


likewise God will protect you from every

scheme of the

enemy he will turn the traps set against

you back on those who set

them abundant

Prosperity is your potion just as the

king decreed prosperity for Daniel

so to God will decree prosperity for you

and no storm could turn it but remember

your reward may not always be

immediate like Sanson who found the

honey in the carus of a li he had

defeated it you will find Sweetness in


victories every trial you overcome will

bring forth the blessings beyond

measure so believe that no upcoming

storm will harm or touch you if you will

find the shelter and The Refuge under

the Mighty Wings of the almighty God and

if you pray this powerful prayer along

with my voice right now let us pray to

our Heavenly Father together heavenly

father I come before you in humble

reverence acknowledging your

sovereignity and your

power you are the creator of the heavens

and the Earth the Alpha and the

Omega the beginning and the end your

love for us knows no bounds and your

protection is our shield in times of

trouble Lord I lift up all who are

listening to this prayer especially

those who have been called to be voices

of your

kingdom as they step into the spotlight

may your Divine protection surround them

like a

fortress Shield them from every scheme

of the enemy every trap laid in their

path I pray for strength and courage for

each one facing

opposition just as d Daniel faced the

lions in the

den let them stand firm in their faith

and wavering in their commitment to you

grant them the discernment to see the

strategies of the enemy and the wisdom

to navigate through every

trial Lord I declare your promises of

abundant Prosperity over their

lives just as you decreed for Daniel may

they taste the sweetness of victory in

every battle finding blessings in


places let them soar on wings like

eagles Rising above every obstacle by

the power of your

spirit protect them oh Lord from those

who would seek to harm them both from

within and from without

guard their hearts and Minds against

doubt and

discouragement surround them with your

angels and camping around them day and

night I pray for Unity and fellowship

among your

people that we may stand together as one

body supporting and encouraging one

another let your love flow through us

binding us to together in bonds of peace

and mutual

respect Lord I lift up their families

and loved ones asking for your hand of

protection to cover them as well Shield

them from sickness and harm from danger

seen and

unseen guard their homes and their hurs

filling them with your peace that

surpasses all

understanding and father as we walk

through the storms of life may we never

forget your promise to never leave us

nor forsake

us you are a refuge and a strength a

very present help in times of

trouble help us to trust in your

unfailing love even when the world

around us seems dark and

uncertain enclosing l

I thank you for your faithfulness and

your goodness toward us may your name be

glorified in all the earth now and

forever more

amen now if you want to be a part of our

happy Christians family you have to

subscribe to our Channel and and if you

are seeking God’s blessings that will

surely help you to stay connected with

God let us demonstrate the devil that he

has no authority over us because Jesus

Christ own that and let us also

demonstrate to him

that no storm caused by the devil could

ever touch Us in Jesus mighty name amen

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