in light of your internal and external struggles God is telling you that someone has chosen to give you money so

that you may get some relief that is being completed since they are aware of the difficulties you have faced both

inside and outside they did this because they wanted to provide you with something that would be useful to you in

more ways than one they know this from seeing your arguments before you need to

be ready because your life will be transformed in ways you’ve never imagined in the next two weeks what I

have with you is something much more planned out for your lives than anything you could have dreamed of just have

faith in me and I will reveal myself to you when the moment is appropriate as we speak I do not exist as an

unapproachable deity Seated on a cloudtop throne even though I inhabit your physical form I am an integral

element of your being in the event that you want to observe some extraordinary events be sure to watch this film to its

conclusion little one I am here / to lend you a hand and keep you safe I

shall remain steadfastly by your side I will be by your side every step of the way so you never have to go through this

alone or feel like you have no one to turn to in the future I intend to keep

my word that I will never abandon you or let you down in any way keep in mind

that I have great intentions for your lives therefore you must believe me me and follow my advice making helpful

preparations and having optimism for the future are all that’s required nothing

you do should ever be premeditated to do you damage things with the goal of

improving and streamlining your life even if you’ve messed up in the past it

doesn’t Define you now you may express your gratitude for what you have by donating up

to despite our reconciliation you will always have a unique place place in my heart you are already someone I have

forgiven for that reason if you want to maintain your Carefree lifestyle and all

the joy it brings you should not subject yourself to feelings of Shame and

humiliation because I am the kind of person who enjoys starting over I find

myself thinking about myself a lot I want you to know that no matter how long it has been since we last saw each other

I am always prepared to welcome you back with open arms just in case you ever need to say sorry

you’ll have to see me again off the path we used to walk together you must know

that as the God of Wonders I will tend to everything you give me I am willing

to fulfill any request or idea you may have it seems like I can handle any task

you throw at me I am here to fulfill all your desires take it at face value that

prayer will help you achieve your goals in your prayers you are communicating with me and I am listening carefully

have faith that my response will be the one that helps you the most at this difficult time please subscribe to our

channel in order to reach $, when you have confidence in God

you should make an effort to not think about what could happen tomorrow or the day after that inside your Holy Family

Circle everything that is going to happen in our near future together is known to me and if you put your faith in

me and what I say it will be fantastic when I’m around you’ll always feel at

ease you can’t predict when beautiful opportunities may appear so keep your

heart and mind open at all times while you are weak I am the only thing that can keep you going when you are unhappy

I can console you and I want you to know that you will never be alone as long as I am by your side because I am God I

will take action for me even the seemingly insurmountable accountable is Within Reach I can change the outcome if

you disagree with it in an attempt to alleviate your suffering I am now working on a solution take that as a

sign that I can pull it off things in this world are not worth your concern

instead make sure you’re interested in me constantly if you would like to walk

with me I can show you the way to a life that is eternal there may be moments

when life is tough and you feel like giving up but no matter what I promise I

will always be here for you I regret that things have progressed to this point you embody The Writer’s likeness

which makes you both terrifying and endearing many unique powers talents and

skills have been bestowed On You by me you may use them to compliment me and help other individuals you may rely on

me to lend you a hand and I can fulfill all your wishes with the Grandeur that is uniquely mine you need not be

concerned about tomorrow’s events since I have a plan it is part of what I have been given please know that your hard

work will not go unnoticed keep on the answer you’ve been looking for is just

around the corner no one can disregard me remember that you are never really alone and that I will always be by your

side in good times and bad when faced with adversity those who share My Views

will be better equipped to cope my trusted Associates won’t have to fret about a thing as they’ll see that I’ve

taken care of everything down below the whole Affair will be a burden for everyone who doesn’t trust me I do

miracles for those who have faith in me and they may be able to witness them my Miracles may go unnoticed by those who

refuse to trust in me things that shouldn’t be possible are brought to fruition by me the deity of miracles in

my presence you are free to do as you choose because your project is unique you have complete control over how to

conclude it pay no attention to to those who tell you you can’t accomplish anything if anybody can make a

difference it is you as a god of Second Chances you should not let the negative

things you’ve accomplished in the afterlife Define you if you ever need forgiveness or a fresh start I’m here

for you go to the Bible and read my phrase it will bring you calm Solace and

a desire if you’re feeling terrified concerned or nervous please do so if you

are experiencing any of these things never be too proud to ask for or accept

assistance when you’re in need I have placed people in your life to serve as mentors and cheerleaders if you find

yourself in a bind do not be shy about reaching out to other people for support

if you believe in me I will show you the path to living the life you were meant to live and if you believe in me as God

I will show you how much I love and value you you can always count on me because I am the safe haven the

steadfast friend friend and the Dependable supporter you want during challenging times please don’t hesitate

to contact me with any issue no matter how big or minor if you have a problem I will find the solution in the Bible

according to God who is the creator of the world and has infinite power there is something much greater and more

plentiful than anything you could ever hope for or imagine when it comes to Performance I

am capable of far more than you could ever imagine or ask for I am the creator

of the universe and all powerful says God it doesn’t matter how many times you

screw up I can always love you no matter what you say or do my love for you will

remain unwavering just don’t do it you have my full support perhaps my feelings

for you will never return you have my undying affection and I don’t think anybody else could ever love another

person to the same degree that I do to this this day my love for you remains

Unbreakable by sharing this video you are helping to share God’s message

embrace the possibility of living each moment to the fullest if you trust my words I can be a constant source of

support and encouragement if you feel like you’ve reached a dead end in your life that I am the way the truth and the

life is something you must grasp with your faith and agreement I will guide

you through the trials and bring you to a place where you may be joyful with

what I have given you when circumstances get tough we’ll be there for each other

if you accept my words at face value I have exciting plans for your future that include strategies to ensure your

success and even some exciting things to look forward to if these chances are

right I hope you can capitalize on them you must now resist giving in to your

wants and Ambitions but you must also resist resist giving in to yourself

great things are on the horizon for you you can count on me to protect you no

matter what the other side does with that said you should never fear that someone is intentionally trying to harm

you by using whatever means are at their disposal I am the thing that is making it impossible for you to be safe if the

opposing side ever assaults you may be sure that I will defend you typically

you may take my help as a gift even when I’m not visible rest assured I will hold you tightly and take full

control of any situation you embarked on a mission because I created you with a

greater purpose because I do you feel compelled to agree with yourself you

will find guidance and be able to document your progress find solace in my

assurances and let them Inspire The Bravery and strength you need that being said feel free to return to me and

express your desires at at any time it is my duty to shower you with blessings and Grant your heart’s greatest desires

God did not ignore or disregard your petitions on the contrary they were heard and understood I can tell you if

you’re thinking about me my plan involves the ability to alter the course of existence for all living

things including you I can do miracles for you if you have faith in my

abilities keep in mind that everything you have asked for is is already in your possession while you pray remember to

keep me in mind most of the time but trust in yourself first and foremost

everything is under your control if I am on your side nothing will be able to happen while I am at your side so keep

that in mind hey there pricey just because you’re gone doesn’t mean you have to feel lonely I will be by your

side at all times with a strong faith and constant focus on me I will be there

for you through thick and thin sunshine and storm you are now part of a group

you have companions I shall be by your side forever no matter what happens I will never leave you or abandon you so

take heart it would be an honor to accompany you on this journey please know that I am here to lend you a hand

and that I am aware of the difficulties you are experiencing at the moment rest assured I will be by your side during

the whole process neither will I abandon you nor ignore you behold my handling of

the matter I stand before you even though I let you handle most of your problems my love when you fly on a leap

of faith do not be scared to set lofty goals for yourself compared to your

wildest dreams my intentions for you are much more ambitious I am always by your

side so you’ll never really be alone rest assured I will provide you with all

the Solace protection and strength you want at this difficult time I am here

for you whenever you are experiencing harassment and I can assist you in finding inner peace for your life if you

want to achieve the goal I set for you you have to believe in what I say and let me show you the way to a life of

ease your beauty and your Menace coexist in Perfect Harmony it is my sincere wish

that you succeed in realizing the good intentions I had when I created you if

you ask or think of anything I the God can accomplish it infinity times

over you can trust me if we can reach an agreement I am the Supreme deity capable

of doing a million times more than your wildest dreams because I am God there is

nothing you can ask of me or imagine that I am capable of doing at any given moment that I cannot do since you have

someone here to assist you there’s no need for you to handle your issues alone I can accomplish anything you want if

you just give me the chance to figure things out you should be prepared to deal with your own problems I would be

willing to do that if you inform me about it I am no longer an aloof deity in close

proximity in its place I am communicating with you via the words I have written and the energy I have

bestowed upon you as a God I’m not one to remain silent I can communicate with

you in two ways via my spirit and the words I have written down as a God who

typically acts reasonably and justly I’m quite concerned about the current state of affairs on Earth the Arena’s location

is something I’m working hard to improve on the other hand I bestowed upon you

the spirit of authority affection and knowledge make use of this strength to

overcome your challenges and anxieties I am the key that unlocks the

pandemonium and I am the light that shines brightly through the darkness offering hope you can always count on me

to be the one constant quietness vitality and fundamental calm I am able

to Grant you miraculous abilities and talents in response to your prayers and they will have a profound impact on your

life God informs them and this video proves it as you can see in the video I

listen to your prayers please keep watching the video till you become tired of it if you are a believer in God in

addition to my Ben benefits you will also have access to my healing and recuperation sure I can send them to you

in the mail as the Bible says you have my eternal love because I am dependent

on your help I will find a way even if it seems impossible just as the Lord

Jesus Christ said please Lord pray with me if you think it will satisfy you

because you are my savior I ask that you pray for me you are more sacred to me than

anything else in this world because of this I can put my fears about you to rest and have complete faith in you your

love life financial situation and physical health will all see significant

improvements within the following two weeks there is no comparison between the pain you have gone through and the

relief of returning I assure you from the documents I obtained early on that

your heavenly father your Current financial situation has caused you much worry and pain but tomorrow morning you

will see a miracle from God that will alleviate all of that because God has revealed to you today that you are

entering a new era in which things will begin to pass your way as they have all begun this miracle will cast off all the

worry and pain that have been brought about by your modern financial situation

a series of miraculous events is possible and your quality of life will improve significantly God revealed to

you that a new era had begun and so he bestowed this wisdom on you there’s a

good chance that in the next hours you’ll get a substantial quantity of money from mysterious individuals or

organizations that you can’t trust by God’s grace I can restore everything

that you’ve ever lost to you and you’ll find that you can laugh again have faith in yourself again and fall in love

please share this video with everyone you know who may be interested in seeing it get yourself ready for the good days

ahead God urges the author assures you that your path is filled with guidance

Solutions benefits of recovery and miracles for your finest days make sure

you’re prepared help Solutions recovery benefits and miracles abound on your

journey I want to express my gratitude to you Lord for everything that you have done and will continue to do for me my

goodness you have my deepest gratitude I am I am the one who bowed before you

instead of basing my actions on what I think is the most rational course of action in any particular situation I

pray that God will provide me with the ability to surrender to his will at all times if you want me to continue living

a life full of joy and peace please tell me how to communicate with other people properly using the right words at the

right times I am appreciative to you I am grateful keep on I beg you not to

quit now every time the one I choose is ideal believe me when I say that I have

something much greater planned for you and I just know that you’re going to get it from what I can tell it will be

something that you really like from what I can tell it will be rather thrilling for you when you put your trust in God

there’s a chance that he may sometimes hold you back from moving forward until the path ahead is secure and clear this

might happen whenever this might happen at any moment you may not have to settle

for a life devoid of the opportunities that were meant to be yours you are welcome to put your trust in me to watch

over you and the people you care about and I promise to honor the trust you place in me with your life provided that

you Express gratitude to God for the adventure and continue to put your trust in him in everything you do despite the

fact that I am not planning to abandon you I firmly pledge that I will not

people from all walks of life will fall well short of your expectations by his Proclamation God has

made it plain that he pledges to remove all of your worries fears tension and

pain and to surround you with his blessings which include healing love and

serenity that is the only thing God says about this proclamation in the Bible you

can count on me to stay by your side no matter what happens change is steady on

the horizon and it will bring improvements to all the parts of your lives that haven’t been great so far

including how happy you are in your relationships how happy you are at your job and how fit you are this change is

about to happen because of the impending alternative as God approaches to see you

tell him to be happy and grateful that you’ve kept him occupied with your announcement little one it was you who

kept me occupied please tell God to smile and thank you for keeping him so

occupied with your announcements because he is receiving you at the entrance to Paradise I’m also thanking him for

keeping me so busy no matter how bad things become God is with you and will

never leave you in fact right now he is working things out so that they work out

better in your destiny as long as you remain faithful he will never leave your side your current difficulties may not

last forever and the door that God has promised to open for you may begin to swing open in a very short amount of

time there will be little lag time between each of these events I’m going to wow you with my exceptional qualities

and all your expectations will be fulfilled in due course I can simultaneously wow you with my level of

excellence and bring all your dreams to life also you won’t believe your eyes

when they see me since I am really enormous I’m in a difficult situation

and could really need your help you have previously given me nothing but attention your empathy is much

appreciated I implore you lord to bless me with your support so that I may continue to live and improve it gives me

great joy to be able to call you my kid since I know you so well it gives me

great pleasure to see how Brave strong and fearless you are as you welcome in a

new week God commends you saying that you are strong courageous and fearless

God has also told you that you are strong allow it to pass me by Lord and give me the peace to not fret if it is

no longer part of your plan for me let it happen even if it goes against your

plan for me give me the chance to find out whether that is part of my destiny

that you have planned for me I appreciate you hearing my prayer and responding to it I extended one arm into

space and my Limitless will caused the heavens and the Earth to come in into

existence I promise that if we work together I may be able to greatly enhance your lives and nothing is really

impossible for me to do no matter what happens I may not become an exceptional character so please keep praying for me

and being honest about who I am I have completed it ahead of schedule and I will continue to accomplish it which is

the answer I have received from God your incredible magnificence keeps popping

into my brain we have heard your your prayers and we have dried your tears

nothing has been recorded via this I am creating an impenetrable barrier that

requires human intervention to close gather your resources for the blessing and your next step a door that nobody

can possibly shut will soon be opened by me the Lord Watches Over Me Like a Shepherd making sure I never go hungry

or thirsty on top of that he fulfills all my requests and shows me tranquil

rivers and Meadows where I can relax everyone who follows in Jesus’s footsteps will not be forced to walk in

darkness but will enjoy the lightest of lives as promised by Jesus as you

finally let go of something that has been weighing you down for a long time you may find that you are able to make

significant changes to your way of life in the event that you would rather have

this favor this is likely something you could remain up for I assure you that

God will provide for your needs so you won’t have to worry about how you’ll pay off that debt until it’s fully paid off

he will take care of the repayment so you don’t have to worry about that you can count on me to be there for you

through the good times and the bad and I will never leave your side no matter where you go to make sure you are never

alone so that you may take the best possible next step and return I plan to

be here the day after today as of today we will silence those who have been

speaking ill of your future plan land you could potentially get your money back the next day all of those

individuals will have the opportunity to remain silent today when you find yourself faced with a daunting task take

a minute to pray and seek God’s guidance he has the ability to elevate Things

based on the knowledge that God has chosen to adopt us as his own children that is the foundation of his love for

us you must do everything in your power to avoid letting your emotions dictate

the choices you must make going forward I love you because you are my

dearly cherished kid is God’s way of showing us how much he loves us in the

past I have never let you down in your destiny I will not do it either the core

of God’s love for us is the knowledge that we are his children because God

always keeps his promises and because miracles happen every day you must never

cease believing in his perfect time timing as a result having confidence in

God and praying shouldn’t be abandoned until a change occurs in the current

condition of events because I am your God this wrongdoing may be stopped do

not be terrified I am your God I will set things right and bless you and your family even when your enemies mock you

this is the last word from God listen I am your God and I will put things right

the Lord sayso not be afraid today remember that even in the worst hours of your life God may still provide the power and

protection you need at just the right time so hold on to your faith the

unshakable faith that we shall include God in every facet of Our Lives is what

God desires from us incorporating me into your routine at this very moment will allow me to alleviate all of your

anxieties and put you at ease I make concern Quake even though God says

Terror has seized your calm it is my intention to put you at rest once you allow me to rejoin your way of life in

the very near future you will be able to pay off all of your bills and buy a special gift for your kids since I am

now making adjustments that will help you unfortunately real life events never

play out the way we plan so I’m making some adjustments so you may earn enough money to cover all of your costs take

advantage of the time you have now to celebrate your achievements and feel good about yourself self I need you to

the power of sewing a seed is like the electricity of giving to God which increases your standing in heaven and

opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you on Earth giving to God not only strengthens your role in

heaven but also introduces you to a whole new universe of possibilities on Earth God warns that we should not be

gloomy and should not underestimate our own abilities I transformed you into a

formidable fighter I wish I could be more optimistic since I love you so much

you were transformed into a champion Fighter by me wow I really dig you for

whatever reason I’d want to change my Outlook and become more optimistic be on the lookout for a few vital bits of

information that with God’s Grace will be sent to your phone by text message during the next weekend the miracle will

happen so fast that you won’t be able to believe it so be ready to to know everything about it as it happens

therefore it is essential that you maintain a high level of organization no matter how bad things become even when I

look around please show me your kindness and Grandeur in every facet of my life I

know that the Lord is right here with me even when everything around me seems to be crumbling I have no doubt that the

Lord is physically present Among Us I hope you’re prepared to be amazed by the abundance especially if God has has

warned you about it it’s important to be religious and grateful no matter what

you should expect to see improvements in your financial situation health and wealth over the following few months you

are a God who can do Miracles because of your nature and I give you thanks for that I beg you to remove anything bad

from my life so that your Miracles may continue unabated please Heavenly Father

remove from my life any wickedness that might hinder your miraculous ulous interventions I give you thankfulness

that you are a God who can do Miracles because of your own nature know that I am by your side so you need not be

afraid you should not be afraid at this time because I am your God I will

strengthen you lend you a helping hand and lead you with The Virtuous knuckle of my right hand there is no need to be

afraid I am by your side here I am the god you seek you need not be afraid

since I am on your side you need not be afraid anymore because I am your God have no fear I will be at your side I am

your God so you need not be afraid anymore I would really appreciate it if you could share this movie with other

people who believe in God and give it a thumbs up prayer is a tool that we can

always rely on no matter how difficult life gets whether we’re emotionally

mentally or spiritually distressed we will always turn to it for Solace

praying is the first and foremost responsib possibility we have for ourselves when it comes to taking care

of ourselves prayer ranks high you shouldn’t be worried if we’re having trouble in any manner and you should

also disregard my earlier request that you be brave and strong you may always rely on the Lord your God to be by your

side providing guidance and protection you should not be worried or afraid because the Lord your God is always with

you to protect you and guide you through a change that is about to happen in your life a change that will be for the

better in every way we are planning to make this change something that has been

giving you a lot of problems for a long time is now going away so you should be

ready for a big change to take care of your life tonight this has been causing you a great deal of trouble for a long

time remain calm because I am your God and because I am with you if you are

afraid I am able to strengthen you lend you a hand and lend you the righteous

palm of my righteous hand you need not be afraid at this moment since I am by your side I am your God so you need not

be afraid anymore I am with you so you need not be terrified anymore now is not

the time to be afraid I am your God no one you’ve ever met has such a profound

influence on fate and favor and God has plans for your future that no one in

your family has ever been able to access before put your trust in the Lord and

rely on him compl completely instead of trying to solve problems on your own let

go of your Reliance on your own knowledge and put your faith in the Lord instead rely on him with all your heart

if you pray and give thanks before you do anything God will guide your actions and lead you along the path that leads

to satisfaction if you include him in all you do God also instructs us to base

our confidence on our knowledge and instructions rather than on our feelings or intuition we are warned by God not to

complain not to worry too much not to stress ourselves out too much and to

trust what we have been taught rather than our own thoughts or experiences I can never let you down in

any way so tell me where you put your faith in me I swear to you on my honor

that I will never let you down in any way because of how much you mean to me I am unable to let you down in any manner

while God says deliver me close to you do top and accurate can be completed for

you the phrase correct is translated as draw me near to you if you continue to

put your faith in me I can shower you with benefits if you demonstrate your humility to me I can raise you God says

to bring me near you do good and top could be carried out for you you are

getting this message about a miracle right now due to the fact that there is something bigger and greater at hand for

you to enjoy and if there wasn’t you would not be here analyzing this on the other hand if

there has been something larger and more in the manner that one can enjoy you’ll no longer be studying this you are

receiving this message approximately as a miracle right now due to the fact that there may be something larger and extra

in the manner that allows you to experience be conscious of the fact that God is already at work inside the world

he will rework everything horrible that has occurred to you into something stunning he will bless you and your

family and he will treat you in all of the locations that might be inflicting your ache get geared up because I have

something outstanding planned for you in the near future prepare yourself because I have something extraordinary in store

for you in the near future I have already planned my recovery my Independence my advancement the person I

can spend the rest of my life with and my financial stability are all going to vanish Without a Trace if you find

yourself in a kingdom of misunderstanding God needs you to show him guidance in preference to going for

walks far away from him all you have to do is ask and I will point you in the

appropriate direction if you comply with this advice you might not need to worry about becoming lost you need to no

longer give it an excessive amount of attention on the grounds that it’s going to show up no matter whether you like it

or not however you should believe in what I say due to the fact that I

recognize that the future includes a whole lot of fulfillment for you you should have faith in what I say because

I understand that the future holds an Exquisite deal of fulfillment for you

when you have faith in God please type the following is an excerpt from a

statement that God made me come into the world as a mild in order that no person

who believes in me ought to continue to be in the Darkness God is capable of giving you strength

even if it seems as though you have none left Joy even when you are feeling down

and discouraged and a manner out even when it seems as though there is not anything else you could do you’re able

to rely upon God to provide these items for you there’s no need to be afraid

because you are about to embark on an exciting new chapter in your life all your dreams can come true and this week

you will consistently experience good fortune God has promised that there will be

times when he will hold you back until it’s safe and clear that you can continue during those times you should

be content that this is the case because it guarantees that you won’t miss out on

the wonderful things that are ahead of you rejoice in this in the Gospel of Jesus and have faith that it will come

to pass you are about to enter a season where blessings and miracles can be showered upon you there’s no such thing

as a coincidence these days are yours to win the lottery amazing opportunities

are waiting for you you have the capability to be successful and I have supplied you with the risk to do so

consequently have a terrific mindset and allow me to control the rest of the

information God says I wouldn’t have created if I didn’t accept as true that

you had been able to wear out your obligations please join our channel in

case you would would love to illustrate your help for our Christian Community by showing that you are part of it you

should not surrender desire simply because there are things that have not befell you but because God has not

completed writing your chapter just yet there are matters that you have not seen yet there are things that you haven’t

seen yet you shouldn’t Surrender Your Wish just because there are matters that haven’t happened to you get geared up

for the notable adjustments that are about to occur in your existence due to the fact that the whole thing will come

together for you in a surprising way and ultimately you will be a success the

Lord says to get equipped for the extensive changes that might arise in your life because the entirety will come

together for you and you may be triumphant I say this because the whole thing will come together for you and you

will be successful you have already brought it into existence through your thoughts and it is now Tak taking shape

as a physical object ready to be enjoyed when we say you have already manifested it we mean this process when

we say you have already manifested it we mean that you have already shaped it in your mind and it is now becoming a

physical object which is a good way to enjoy it here is the response that God

brought about which is as follows because you trusted me we were able to

overcome this trial I know how hard it became for you to pull yourself out of the depression that became solid due to

your past experiences I am aware of the mental and emotional toll that it took

on you as a direct result the Lord desires you to recognize that even

though you will be worn out fatigued and feeble it is he who is your energy he

wishes you to have this Revelation he is concerned about you and wants to ensure you are aware of this due to the fact

that he cares approximately about you you’re going to see something as a way to passed down inside the annals of

records as a mind-blowing incident and you may have been a witness to it God

wishes all of you to recognize that he’s aware of the economic nonsecular and

emotional struggles that you have been going through for a large amount of time

modern-day messages involve you without Delay from God I have come to inform you

that I am here to help you in any manner that I can I’ve come to inform you that

I am here to help you in anyway please do not hesitate to contact me in case

you want something because I understand that you will in no way abandon me and

that you may continually be there for me I’ve come to you these days with the

wish that you’ll guard me from the evil that is all around me I’m conscious that

you’ll in no way depart me and that you’ll always be there for me I am conscious that you will never abandon me

and that you’ll continually be there for me when I want you I’m aware of the truth that you may

never surrender to me and that you will never fail to offer guidance to me in times of

Crisis others have taken advantage of your generosity in a variety of ways not

withstanding the fact that you have a certain disposition and others have taken advantage of your kindness that is

due to the reality that you have a type of nature God is in control of your

surrounding surroundings he is aware of the chaos in your life Lifestyles he is

aware of the deepest and most Intimate Secrets you hide he is aware of the demanding situations you face after

getting this way you should not Just Surrender now it looks like the tide is going to show to your liking very soon

if you keep fighting you’ll ultimately win you should not simply surrender right now and walk away preserve your

cool and have faith that I can come up with an answer that you may find pleasing while we’ve completed what

working on it because you are the God of all the opportunities I have faith that you will

figure out a way to solve the difficulty that we are having prayer should always

be our first choice when we’re experiencing any kind of pain whether it’s physical emotional or non-secular

because it’s one of the most effective options we have as followers of Christ this is true regardless of whether the

pain is physical emotional or religious and I need to thank God for everything

he has done and will do for me I love you and want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have done for

me if you believe in God Jesus is the Lord your sports are being directed by

me and it doesn’t matter if you can’t understand how I have a brilliant plan for your life what matters is that I’m

guiding your steps in any way shape or form even though you can’t understand how I have a plan for your life it’s

more important that you know that I’m not overwhelmed by your problems and I can try my best to make sure everything

is set up so it works for you you must have this knowledge and you must have this level of understanding you are now

making progress towards conquering every obstacle Every Mountain and every stride

when the dirt settles at the end of the day in terms of getting the timing of factors right I never pass over the goal

your religion will get more potent each one of your hopes and goals will come true and an abundance of incredible

opportunities and stories will become available to you throughout the course of your lifestyle you’re exceptional and

the phrases I use to express my gratitude for the whole lot you have accomplished for me will not do justice

to how much I admire and recognize you I am thankful to you I am grateful that

you are constantly there for me every time I need help and that you help me even when I no longer count on it to

come back from you this makes me feel like I’m a able to expect you no matter

what that is an element of you with a view to being ingrained in my mind forever a Most Holy Father in Heaven I

urge your forgiveness for any wrongdoings or terrible beliefs that I might also have had in the past that are

preventing me from experiencing the miracle that you have in store for me please forgive me for everything that I

may have done wrong or believed incorrectly in the past thank you I

humbly request that you you acknowledge the sincerity of my apologies you could have a proper purpose to think that the

arena will assist you to down but I’m able to make matters higher for you and I want you to return to me as soon as

you likely can because I do not need you to be in any greater soreness than you already are God tells you to make

discovering him rather than the pleasures of this International the number one objective of your lifestyle

and he tells you to do so by announcing that you are trying to find me I’m sturdy in Fitness and energy immune to

illness and in a position to conquer any project that may be thrown into my

course I’ve got entire confidence in my capacity to surmount any task that can

be positioned in my path this is giving you reason for challenge at the prevailing time and no matter how

matters appear to be going right now you may be a hit in the long run please type

yes if you concur do not give up other human beings are considering you and praying for you with God’s safety you

will be in a position to overcome this complication do not give up the instability that has persevered for a

substantial amount of time is beginning to wear off when I say that I can restore all that the devil has stolen

from your lives including your health your wealth your relationships and

everything else I ask that you believe me and put your faith in my promises

because when I say that I will restore all that I mean everything your health

your wealth your relationships and everything else my strongholds are crumbling and favor is becoming easier

to obtain God urges folks that observe him to maintain their faith no matter

the reality that their enemy has declared battle on them their households and all their very own this guidance

comes to SP regardless of the reality that the opponent has begun attacking them I’m conscious that the person is

attempting to cause you damage but the fact that that is going on is most effective as a sign that you are getting

closer and in the direction of accomplishing your dreams and making progress I am conscious that someone is

attempting to cause you damage you have my utmost admiration and Delight I

believe that the entirety is feasible that you already have all you need to do awesome things so as to Simply make your

coronary heart and soul sing and that there may be no up a restriction to what you could do you’re capable of

conducting trust that something you may imagine is doable that the whole thing you need is already inside you and that

the whole thing already has potential have confidence that anything may be executed don’t forget the possibility

that anything might happen thanks for watching subscribe for more of God’s messages


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