today God is telling you that a loved one is separating from you because they feel you deserve someone better someone

who is more patient kind and secure financially and they don’t want to be

that person someone wealthier friendlier and more caring should be with you in

their opinion they have decided to go because they believe you would be happier with another person keep in mind

that God is with you at all times when times are good he will be be there for you no one on the plains or in the

mountains has ever been joyful and sad at the same time or faced both beautiful

and difficult things no matter what happens God will never abandon you he

has consistently supported you God has assured us that he will provide for us in this manner if you have faith in God

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Bible encourages us to continue praying because eventually God’s ways will become clear even if we can’t understand

them now you may not understand my plans right now but if you continue to pray

you will see the light at the end of the tunnel just like I promised him I will

keep my word if we continue to pray he assures us I know you can’t see what I’m doing

and eventually all will become clear if I am the Wellspring of everlasting Joy

then what other people say about God must be true as well is the constant feeling that All Is Lost and that you

don’t deserve any better getting to you have you had enough if all I’ve done for you has made you feel inadequate and

trapped I invite you to come here a sense of calm will wash over you rest

assured I am always here to lend you a hand presently you occupy the most

important position in my life your worries and concerns will seem tiny when you consider the greater good that God

is overseeing so try not to let them consume you pray and hold on to hope but don’t allow them

to prevent you from enjoying your life listen up everyone God is on your side

no one else’s appearance Behavior or way of life should ever have been my goal for you your unique character is a

direct outcome of my influence on you I did it so that you could keep going but

you had no idea it was me being one of the few who survived the storm unscathed

is a test to your growth as a person after the storm passed you matured into

a far more responsible adult and that was no little feet put your best effort

into improving something before giving up on it a great blessing from the Lord

is on its way to you now is the time to rejoice and celebrate since you are going to acquire that benefit of course

we can do better in this area nothing can thwart God’s grand design for your life if you are a believer in in God I

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Lord answers you will know that I am assisting you just as I have helped you before I vow I will be by your side

forever for those who put their faith in God this scripture is very obvious next

week you will finally be able to acquire something you have been waiting for and it will be an experience that will blow

your mind in some manner you need to be open to new information in order to make the most of this opportunity an entirely

new approach is necessary have faith that God has a certain window of time in

which you will arrive even if it conflicts with our desires even though this is a pivotal occasion we shouldn’t

be together right now but that doesn’t mean this is the time we would have picked ourselves the sentence is a kind

reminder that God’s time is better than our own and it would be thought-provoking and respectful if you

were a Believer their word is final and should not be challenged particularly

when it’s handed down from up high to know that you’ve arrived you don’t need validation from others it is quite okay

to assert your ownership of anything if you have won the lottery and God has indicated that it is yours God has

assured his people that he will bring about their desires in accordance with his word the fact that God Alone can

decide the rate of time’s passage in any manner shape or form is why we have

faith in God’s word because nice things should happen to you the world will go

to extreme length to fulfill your wishes this is because everyone is acting as if nice things ought to happen to you this

is because the universe is actively working to bring about the good things it hopes for you describe your your

impressions of the presentation and provide your thoughts about it forget about being so hard on yourself about

things that don’t matter in the big picture be proud of yourself things that aren’t in your control or that don’t

need your attention shouldn’t be the source of your discontent the moment to find joy and take advantage of life’s

many blessings has arrived the moment to take action has arrived your efforts Are

Much appreciated it’s about time you rewarded yourself for living life to the max maximum if you really want something

the world will give it to you all that is required is desire everyone in your

area loves and supports you and there’s money to boot you are about to begin a thrilling new phase of your life

according to what God has instructed you rest assured all your dreams will come

true in the end there’s no need to fret about the future when the good things you already possess will only improve

from now on all that’s required of you is an optimistic Outlook I will pass

along your well wishes as I am always willing to provide Guidance just keep in

mind that I am here to provide advice at any time so all you have to do is think

positively right now I promise that no matter what I will be here for you and

will never abandon you I am going to be able to do you a huge favor shortly because God has told me to keep this

number in mind you should consider how much better your future Financial prospects may be with this amount if it

is really in front of you the moment has come to cultivate unwavering devotion

since you did the right thing you should have our undying support you need someone to support you everything is

laid out in a way that everybody can comprehend take your time stand still if

you must that’s just how things work you have gained a great deal of respect and

are now seen as a lead Leer by your peers surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals isn’t nearly as

crucial as having the support of others don’t unfairly devalue Yourself by

thinking you’re not worth much God reprimands Sinners by saying things like stop being so negative and hard on

yourself you are unlike everyone else in the world unlike everyone else in the

world you are unique due to your compassion and charity I deeply value

you the Israelite heard the Lord say that he would bring it to pass at the proper time it’s interesting that we

didn’t do anything to hasten it so we could determine its cause you don’t have to worry yourself sick put someone else

down or strive to alter the course of nature in order to better yourself none

of these things are essential Instead try to maintain your composure and take

things as they something has to happen in the world right now because God wants it to please spread the word by sharing

this video you probably have problems that you can’t seem to get over like

debt that you can’t seem to pay off in such a scenario you shouldn’t quit

knowing that you are not the only one going through this this should comfort you when the time is right God will open

the doors but that time is not yet one day God wants you to put less faith in

your own abilities and more faith in what he can do for you you really need to stop being so obstinate realize that

God is keeping an eye on you and start living your life appropriately you’re going to go through a whole makeover and

as a result the cosmos is clearly showing you right now that now is the perfect time to take advantage of this

opportunity if one is lucky their financial situation could get better in the years to come and good times are

also on the horizon God told me that you have wept a lot behind closed doors God

has told me this so I know it however I will openly pray for you in front of

everyone here today know that you have my utmost care and support I beg you to

think again before turning it down in the near future you are going to go through something that will probably be

both fascinating and lifechanging don’t think about this

there’s no reason to believe you will fulfill all of your goals and aspirations it seems like things will

only get better for you from now on with this this streak of luck if you agree with that point of view and think the

case is strong save this page for later God has told me that you have wept a lot

behind closed doors and that is how he has drawn me to you however I will

openly pray for you in front of everyone here today know that you have my utmost

care and support watching this video just requires you to click the like button

finish the one assignment that has been assigned to you you find that for the first time in a long time you are

feeling faith in things that you are smiling more than you have ever laughed and that you are falling in love with

someone who will stick with you forever these are the Comforts that God is currently providing for you if you

misplace anything I’ll locate it and give it back to you in perfect shape

type if you believe that it’s critical to acknowledge that you can go through a

lot of unpleasant shocks throughout your life lifetime the entire universe is depicted in the image behind you you

will have more strength so it will be much easier for you to achieve your goals it makes sense to want to make

sure that your exercise routine will grow as you age there is reason to be

excited about this you’re going to have an experience next week that will in one

way or another blow your mind and cross your fingers for the results of what you have been working toward you don’t have

to worry about how things turn out get ready to accept it and as soon as you do start thanking God spend as little time

as possible getting going good fortune will eventually reward those who are

prepared to go above and beyond in order to achieve their goals Problem free you

will be hosting a celebration in the coming days to Mark a noteworthy accomplishment you recently

made when you break the good news to others you’ll be jubilant and thrilled

and you’ll feel the same way about yourself in this case the feeling gets around easily we’re going to feel like

this for a short time longer this series of events happened so quickly that it

felt like they began in a world far different from yours get ready to take

on the challenge that this presents now never stop putting your all into all you

do right now God says he knows everything that is going on on Earth

right now I have total control over this situation give it up for a little while

while you are the number one person on my list of priorities right now it’s probable that your prayers will be

answered that you’ll feel better immediately that previously closed doors will open that you’ll be able to achieve

your goals and that you’ll swiftly get in touch with the correct people in the

near future you’re going to go through something that will probably be both fascinating and life-changing don’t

think about this there’s no reason why you will not fulfill all of your goals and aspirations you’re going to keep

experiencing greater things this should be a warning to you because it’s clear that nothing will happen if you don’t

engage in the process for now just let go and trust that everything will work

out for the best let things happen the way they seem to make the most sense given the current situation but I say to

you who here love your enemies do good to those who hate you bless those who

curse you and pray for those who are mean to you the next exciting phase of

your life’s journey is about to start you should be pleased with yourself for a lot of reasons you are capable of

reaching New Heights in wealth health love and faith by working in and through

you God Is Now setting the way for a future that only he can see everything

is preparing for a future that is seen only by God in the future only God will

be able to see anything like this and I pray that things will improve for you until then hold fast to your faith in

God’s kindness even though he often does Miracles yes God is speaking to you

personally right now to claim this blessing so try not to worry and be patient regardless of whether you accept

responsibility for yourself things will change so don’t dwell on them today we

are only talking to each other so please allow me to be a rock as you navigate this journey

tell me everything that’s troubling you let me in on your deepest thoughts and let go of your own expectations if you

give me the go-ahead I will do all of these things I understand the joy and

the suffering you are going through right now I can help you get the information you need since I am well

versed in the subject matter of the research you are doing would you kindly consider letting me help you just unwind

for the moment I want you to know that I’m always here to help you so feel free

to talk to me about any worries or issues you may be experiencing just do

it don’t feel guilty about it I hope that you feel better and are able to

receive all of the love and support I can give you my child I promise that I will stay by your side no matter what

happens in the years to come I swear to you in the strongest terms conceivable I

pledged to keep my word and I did it another way us next week you will be

offered a VAR variety of services that are meant to be helpful if you believe in God by the end of the week all your

problems will be solved and you will have answers to the questions you have been asking during the voyage God will

reveal himself to you in some way this is something you can accomplish most

people think that you should prepare yourself for something similar that God has planned for you I think things will

change quickly from where they are today to something very different you can have

a rough week the next week week but try to remember that this is simply a temporary setback until things return to

normal in your life get ready for Jesus is about to shower you with so many

gifts this coming month that you won’t want to miss them when you’ve gotten over this trying time in your life as

soon as the assignment is finished in terms of the benefits he will grant you he will be really kind to you I’ll

accompany you on this journey and provide some assistance along the way it would be prudent for you to consider

everything I have to say that God’s children say Hey you trust me and I will

make sure that you are not made to feel uncomfortable in any way shape or form

if you decide to travel with me there won’t be anything else to worry about you picked me to be your baby out of the

Stars so I have complete faith in my skills this week someone will help you

in a way that will Amaze you and show you how exceptional you really are when this person helps you in any way they

will demonstrate to you how wonderful you are here are some incredible things that are going to happen that you won’t

want to miss first your mental Clarity will improve rapidly second your

environment will change and third if you love God you will subscribe to this

channel fourth you will learn that God is using your inability to reach your

goal as a teaching tool to demonstrate your confidence in him and your ability to overcome challenges

the waiting time is an essential part of the strategy if you keep going in the same direction and don’t lose sight of

your objective this year will rank among your best this will be one of your best

years ever if you follow through on this it’s possible that you’ll find someone

who will support you professionally and also take care of your family your partner parents and children will all be

watched over by this when this person gets to your house they will consent to becoming a gift from God you really must

get ready for the season of Miracles which is coming soon you will develop mentally spiritually and financially so

that you’re approaching the situation in a way that will cause things to appropriately start falling into place

God will definitely see you through and be by your side every step of the way

hello there my dear I would like you to take a few slow deep breaths to help you relax

God informs his child that the biggest thing standing in their way of accomplishing their goals is their anger

not only should you try not to let other people’s behavior affect how you feel about yourself but you should also try

not to become friends with other people to all I promise to never cease praying

and giving thanks because I trust what you said Lord most powerful you need to

know that you’re ready for the new person who will join your life later this week and help you take it to the

next level you’re going to welcome this new individual into your life to help you progress it won’t take much longer

than that so don’t worry during this trip your family will come across some

problems that they will have to deal with but God Alone will decide how this will all turn out we shall be safe from

harm going forward because of the goodness of our heavenly father your family members who are in danger will be

kept safe sa by your prayers because God is keeping a watchful eye on them right now to Shield them from any danger that

could come their way I pledge to keep my word and complete the tasks I committed

to Moses I have received word from God and he says do not be afraid I will

bless you this week he also says trust me to handle any problems that come up

along the way of your journey and I will bless you God will heal me when it is

best for him he will check to see if there is anything dangerous in my path then make

room so I can move forward safely the people I trust God to watch over and protect are the most important people in

my life and I know they are secure God says hey my child to all of us and

instructs us to continue as we have been God says thank you for praying for me

please take my hand in the future I will protect you from all harm if you decide to follow me instead this month will

Mark a significant turning point in both your lives and the lives of many others

you will be healed and restored to your pre disease condition through divine intervention God never waits around

aimlessly or without a purpose for his patience during that time I truly think

God has a plan for the future of the entire world I will not give up trying to convince him otherwise because of

this you must see this video through through to the very end in order to fully understand what an amazing work

God has accomplished knowing your goals and your unwavering will to reach them I

am always putting in the effort behind the scenes to make sure you receive the best results I’m informing you of this

because I know how dedicated you are to reaching your goals as a result I always work very hard to make sure you reach

the goals you’ve set for yourself I have amazing things in store for you in the future My Sweet Child so please don’t

give up over the next few years I have some pretty amazing ideas for you please

persevere fear and never give up right now you have the chance to realize your

aspirations for Success happiness and financial stability it is possible to

make money without having to put in any effort it just ends damn it why child

are you constantly being shaped and molded into the person I know you will become this will be a continuous

procedure for the duration of your life it is still going on right now you will gradually realize that prayers are heard

even if you had previously thought it was physically impossible to receive a response to a request get ready to thank

me in ways you never would have thought possible for my goodness you may expect me to give them to you in several

formats everything will work out precisely as it should because I have far bigger plans for you than what is

now happening in your life you may count on on me to steer you toward a future

that transcends your most hopeful hopes I’ll take care of you because I love you

following his light will offer you a life full of purpose pleasure and Tranquility if you are prepared to put

in the required work it will be worthwhile to follow his lead if you’re prepared to put in the work don’t be

terrified to trust him you won’t be disappointed and he will not disappoint you soon your life will have the

opportunity to witness my magn iicence and maybe by the end of this week you will be able to achieve that the

unshakable love respect loyalty and honesty of this individual will shock

you considerably I want you to believe that if you trust me I will reveal your

closest friend you will soon experience a breakthrough after much waiting I know

you have been longing for this moment I know everything that has happened to you recently my child there’s no need to

share anything with me please stop worrying about me but you should know that I will always be there

for you supporting you no matter what you do Jesus my son is the light that

permeates the Universe he has the keys to get inside keep your attachment to him intact and trust that he can help

you you won’t have to worry about the dangers of stepping out into the unknown after that anyone who truly loves Jesus

should I have come to be a source of Solace and protection for you during this challenging time

do you trust that I am trustworthy if so I will give you the strength to overcome

any challenges that come your way all I ask is that you have faith in me as a

token of my appreciation for this momentous occasion and the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your life

I would like to offer you a lifelong companion who will be there for you through thick and thin we will do this

to commemorate the exciting new chapter you are about to embark on in your life

be Vigilant though my Angelic Guardians are on route to keep a watchful eye on you and guide you in the correct

direction they will accompany you throughout your journey to make sure that you are never alone and that you

stay on the correct path you are an amazing human being and as a result I

have so many dreams for you the amount of love and care that went into shaping

you is truly remarkable I pray that we can reach all of our goals together you you are

capable of great things and I believe in your ability to achieve them I will always be there for you no matter what

and I will never abandon you or treat you disrespectfully I have grown into someone you can rely on a safe haven and

someone who can help you escape your current predicament if you trust in me I

will Empower you to overcome any obstacle that may arise I assure you that I will never abandon you or treat

you disrespectfully if you have confidence in me I will give you the strength to get over anything stands in your way of

finishing your quest everything is in abundance and growth is at its fastest

this time of year you’ll notice that a lot of doors that were before closed to you will suddenly open you will be able

to take advantage of things that you haven’t really thought about till now for a time I can grant any wish you may

have because I am the god of Miracles my intention is to help you if you would

only keep praying for me and believe that I can help you I will perform amazing miracles in your life that will

completely change it I’ll cross my fingers for you hoping that all goes well and you become extremely successful

right now you have no clue how amazing your life will be your goods are on their way you are not aware of the

amazing things that you will encounter in life yes I am aware of the difficulties you could face in life and

the pain you have nevertheless experienced in spite of these things I’m also conscious of how hard life may be

for you I want you to know that no matter what I will always be here for

you I will lead you to a life of love happiness and Tranquility if you trust me you will

never again be in such dangerous situations I will stand by your side no matter how difficult life gets instead I

will be there to support you through the challenging times s and make sure you come out on the other side if you agree

with God’s will I will never abandon you or disappoint you after all that has

happened your regrets even the ones that have made you cry will eventually fade I

want you to know how grateful I am for you I can feel the pain and grief in your eyes my precious child I’m sorry

for what transpired I’m truly sorry for everything that has over the years you

may be sure that I will be there for you no matter how hard things get I swear to help you go through them so you may come

out stronger on the other side there will definitely be times in your life when you feel like you can’t talk to

anyone these times might potentially happen more than once it is not uncommon

for something similar to happen all across the world however I want you to know that you exist and that I value you

I truly want you to understand how important it is to me I hope you don’t get the wrong idea about who I am from

this I want you to know that even though I adore you more than words can say the

sadness you are going through is just temporary and I will do all in my power to make you happy I want you to know

that I adore you beyond words and that I will do all in my power to make sure you’re content I want you to know that

there are no words to describe how much I adore you always remember that I am

here for you and will do everything in my power to make sure you achieve your goals even when things get tough

remember that I’m here for you even when things get worse remember that I’m here

to support you and know that I will do everything in my power to make sure you get the best results I will work

tirelessly to make sure you get the best results you can rest easy knowing that I

will help you overcome any obstacle in a safe way and calm your nerves I will be

by your side throughout the journey if you are willing to embrace it embrace the fact that obstacles will become

opportunities for personal growth and that your grief will become joy and sadness will become happiness regardless

of how far we have to travel or how difficult it is I have an unending and

Limitless affection for you that isn’t confined by your physical or mental condition and regardless of what the

future holds I have no intention of changing who I am no matter what you can

always count on on me to be by your side I swear not to leave you behind if you

believe one of the benefits I’ve kept hidden from you is that I have a friend who will provide you with both emotional

and financial assistance this is one of the things I will provide you one of the

pleasures I have planned for you is that you’ll be able to feel love companionship and enjoyment in ways that

you never thought were possible for you or even possible at all when you’re with

this person you’ll be treated like a superstar by your loved ones and have a wonderful

existence I genuinely promise that they will come from me and that this will

drastically change the path of your life remember to have an open mind so you can

completely appreciate what I have in store for you you can be sure they won’t let you down remember my child that just

because you can’t see or hear me doesn’t mean I can’t help you I am your father I

love you and I’ll be there for you now no matter what I promise you that and I attest to its truth it’s crucial that

you don’t let fear prevent you from doing what’s right if you trust me I will guide your actions in the right way

to help you reach your goals I won’t do this if you don’t trust me

Astound some people think that in the future they will have many chances to enjoy life to the fullest and will also

experience success happiness and peace of mind you may have suffered a skull

injury from the Collision but you are still awake and cognizant at this moment you have nothing to lose by battling

since I have and always will support you as I have always been I will always be

by your side having gone through the same type of pain loss and suffering as

you I am aware that this is the turning point that will lead to your success is

not far off the only task remaining is to find out how to avoid the roads Bend

I promise that all I have in store for you in the future are good things and I already know what I want for you I can’t

wait to see what is in store for you I can show you the route that if you follow it we’ll get you where you’re

going provided you put your trust in me just know that I will be by your side the entire way even if this journey may

appear rough at times and take a while I vow to be by your side the whole time as

we travel together never give up up and always keep moving forward no matter

what if you believe Jesus is the Lord for the ones I love I am the god who

does Marvel I seem to be able to handle everything from here amazing things will occur in people’s lives if they have

confidence in me and Trust what I say take charge of defining your own identity rather than letting your

surroundings dictate who you are you are not as controlled by the mistakes hurts

and disappointments of the past as you would be I think you are already a very remarkable person just by virtue of

being a child of God please understand that there are no conditions to my

admiration for you there won’t be a difference between where I am what you’ve done and where you’ve been when

you decide to come back I will be waiting for you here with open arms no

matter what you have done or where you have been your history does not have to Define what is ahead for you in the

future while you’re here with me everything is yours so make the most of

this fresh start at this point God is the only one we can hope for he is not

only our finest opportunity but also our only one we can conquer any challenge as

long as he is with us and he will always be in command try not to obsess about

things even in the unlikely event that they go wrong never stop trying to reach

me God will eventually find a means to make things right I’ll show you how to go from the dark into the light if you

follow me if you take my advice you won’t have to endure Darkness for another day if you follow me you won’t

miss the chance to view that light when it appears God stated I am the light

that shines in the darkness if you keep following me I will show you the way out

of the darkness this is what’s going to happen regardless of your faith you’re

going to be happier than you’ve ever been before keep going even when it seems like there’s no hope or way out

God is great and you’ve had an incredible opportunity to show your faith to show your appreciation just

click the like button on this page the long-term benefits of your unwavering determination to be stable will be

tremendous and you can start using it now if you act with this attitude every

day right now the Lord has revealed to you that you have been wasting a lot of

time doing things that were simple for you to do before it’s hard for you to live in the now and

to be grateful for what you have in life this is getting to be really tough for you you should concentrate on getting

better at this take a moment to focus on your breathing as you take a little rest

make it a habit to always be conscious of the items in your immediate surroundings I would truly appreciate it

if you could tell me why you want peace and quiet in your life in every way I

agree with you more you are the number one person on my list of priorities right now the cosmos is about to send

you a stunning gift tomorrow that will leave you both amazed and happy we would

like to provide this gift to you as a thank you after tomorrow you have to

continually keep your eyes on the future taking the warning in appearance into account when things start to go your way

you need to be ready for curveball breakthroughs and good news when things start to go your way this is important a

great deal of good things will happen very soon throughout the next month you’ll feel great about a lot of things

in your life including your General Health and well-being your career and financial prospects and your

relationships with others you could be excited and full of optimism before this time comes since you have worked so hard

to get here I wanted to reassure you that you are exceptional and that everything will work out for you you

should have a happy anxiety-free existence it brings me great pleasure to

inform you that you are amazing and that everything will work out because you have worked so hard to get here I

thought I should let you know that since everything that is taking place is truly for your advantage now is the perfect

time for you to become ready for the big changes that are about to unfold all of the good things that have

happened to you have led to this since it is what is best for you it is also

the best thing that you can do so doing so will be to your greatest Advantage God has taught us that we will face good

times and bad times in this life when you’re feeling down tell yourself that

better times are coming and be grateful when they do right now you are my top

priority and I want you to know that you did not stumble onto this by accident

based on everything you’ve seen you have good reasons to believe that things will work out in the end which gives you hope

that every everything will work out for the best finally God is finishing the path you should take I could see them

while I listen to their words I will send you an email soon with the answer to your prayers please repeat them until

the email arrives by the way your romantic life is going to be transformed

into something spectacular this will happen very shortly your body will directly and immediately feel the

benefits of Love’s healing and revitalizing power because of of its mending capacity you’ll feel that taking

the time to educate yourself about something that has been giving you a lot of trouble and irritation for a while

will make you feel better tonight soon you’ll be able to relax once more you’re

about to embark on a major life transformation so get ready for it in order for us to enjoy the treasures that

the Lord has for us we must put a stop to our current problems this means that we will be able to accept such a

presence keep your positive attitude and stay on the same basic course of action to finish it I’m now piecing together

the parts please don’t worry just be patient that’s all that is expected of

you that is until you understand why the universe made you wait for so long and

what it was trying to teach you the cosmos is exhibiting phenomena that surpass your most ambitious predictions

and aspirations they are far beyond anything you could have imagined occurring they are greater than

everything you could ever want to happen to you or what is ahead God says that

people are talking about you in places you haven’t been yet conversations that

others are having about you suggest that this is taking place because of the role I play in your there will come a moment

when the route you pick will change significantly you have to work really hard to keep

going the Lord says he would not have let my son die on the cross for you

if I could have helped don’t give up or feel sorry for yourself keep going and

resist the urge to give up or self-doubt stop it that shouldn’t be a reason for

you to feel self-conscious bring yourself back up and continue going in the direction that will lead you where

you want to go you were the only one who could have rescued me no one else could have done what you did in truth I am the

deity that you adore you are the number one person on my list of priorities

right now your life is going to be filled with plenty of presents and by this weekend you’ll have forgotten all

about the worries and anxieties you’ve been having about your life in general

with these gifts you will gain the knowledge and abilities to live a fulfilled life and achieve your deepest

aspirations are you ready to leave the hotel now I’ll tell you what you need

and how to get it soon I’m familiar with what you need and I’ll show you the way to meet the standards the next day

you’ll find the gift you’ve been seeking it was waiting for you to doubt it soon

your attitudes will change for the better and will make great strides toward our shared goals trust me

whenever I make decisions I’ll always consider your best interests a person wants to financially help you and is

aware of the problems you have had in the past God is telling you this now

they’ve chosen this choice for that reason they’re showing up because they want to lend you a hand after learning

that you’ve had some problems with your skills in the past for that reason they took this action since they have seen

your struggles in the past they understand that you may meet life-altering events in the next week

and a half that you have never encountered before hence it is vital

that you put them together I have even more amazing plans for your life than you can ever fathom I

have a specific plan for you this way I may introduce myself to you at the right

time during our talk and have full faith in myself unlike other gods I do not sit

ostentatiously far above the clouds and purify sinners in a similar vein you may

think of me as an extension of your own being I fit snugly inside your body keep

watching this video till the very end I want to see some miraculous things happen when you’re in need of my help

and protection my darling maybe I can lend you a hand I assure you that I will never leave you there is no need for you

to feel hopeless or that no one will assist you in good times and bad I

promise to be there for you every step of the way hereby I solemnly promise that I will never let you down or fail

to help you in any way and that I will always keep my word I want nothing less

than great things for you in the future because of this you should trust me and follow my advice create a unique

strategy for yourself based on what you know will help you and what you hope will happen in your life make sure your

plans don’t hurt you products and services meant to make your life simpler and Cozier are in high demand but time

is never enough to buy them all an expression of gratitude for up to Dollar may be a beautiful expression of

love and gratitude who you are now is not defined by your past mistakes or

failed attempts I have forgiven you but even though we are back together there will always be a special place in my

heart for you stop making yourself feel terrible and embarrassed if you want to

enjoy a life of freedom and all its perks no matter how far you may have

veered from the path we previously trod I am the sort of person who relishes the

opportunity to lay A New Path for others to follow I promise to be the one who welcomes you with open arms no matter

what you are cognizant of the fact that it depends you should return to me if

you feel the need to express regret realize that I’m able to do whatever task you give me as the deity of

Miracles I can fulfill any desire you have my ability to take on whatever

challenge you throw at me is evident from this you can rely on me to handle

everything have faith that your wishes may be fulfilled through prayer on every

occasion when you pray you are speaking with me and I am listening to you I hope

you’ll find find my response useful in your current situation please subscribe to our channel so we can reach ,

members of the divine’s own family when you have confidence in God chorus is

derived from planning for the next day or the one after that I know what’s in

store for us in the near future and I can already feel the joy radiating off

of you usually I can put you at rest if you trust me and pay attention to what I

do and say you should always have an open mind and heart because you never know when the best opportunity may come

knocking you can count on me to be there for you in times of weakness to lift you up when you’re sad and to give you hope

when everything else seems hopeless so long as I am here you will not be alone

I am here to help and comfort you I am God so anything is possible for me

things that other people might think are impossible are really within my capabilities you you should have faith

in my ability to affect the outcome you might have trust in my problemsolving abilities since I am now brainstorming

solutions to help you the events unfolding on This Global stage are nothing to be concerned about instead

pay close attention to me that is why I am the most unassuming Brave and

forthright person when it comes to your question nothing exists that could

possibly meet the standards we have established if you choose to walk with me I will lead you to a life of

boundless possibilities I know that life may be tough and that you may feel like

giving up but I want you to know that no matter what I will always be here for

you because you were made in God’s image I’m sad that things have turned out this

way in equal measure you scare and enchant a plethora of extraordinary

abilities proficiencies and possessions have been bestowed On You by me

use them to bring honor to me and benefit others you know I’m here to help

and I promise to use my stunning Beauty to make your wildest fantasies come true no need to fret I’ve got a solution all

figured out the next day everything will be safeguarded by Meat realizing that

your efforts will not remain unimportant is significantly more important behold

the solution you seek is just around the corner you won’t lose interest in me or give up on your dreams if you act this

way in spite of whatever you’re going through know that I’m always here for

you and that you’re not alone the faithful who have put their faith in me will be equipped to handle life’s

challenges if you have faith in them Anyone who puts their faith in me May

rest certain that I have everything under control everyone who refuses to

believe me will be my number one concern people who have trust in me may be able

to see the Miracles I bring into their lives if individuals don’t have faith in me I may not be able to change their

lives dramatically meanwhile I continue to share with you via my facet the

Apparently impossible Marvels that I have painted as the god of Miracles when a job is tailored to your

unique abilities you are more likely to succeed you are the most straightforward person who can do any given assignment

therefore pay no attention to those who try to discourage you no matter how much

I may know about the terrible things you did in the past you must not let them Define you because I am the god who

offers second chances I am always willing to forgive your sins and start over with you if you are overwhelmed by

fear worry or dread I beg you to meditate on my word you may find the

serenity Solace and longing that the Bible offers by reading it if these

sentiments are causing you distress I urge you to do what is necess necessary it is requested that you finish this

task when things get tough don’t be shy about asking for assistance or following

the lead of other people people who will uplift and support you are people I have

placed in your life when you’re in a bind don’t be afraid to ask for or

accept help from others around you you will see how much I value and appreciate you as I lead you to the life that was

always meant for you for those who put their trust in God I am a reliable

companion a safe haven and a rock solid support system in times of need you know

you can always count on me and I will help you with any problem no matter how big or small whatever is too difficult I

can handle it I am the creator of the world and all powerful according to the Bible and I can do exceedingly

abundantly Beyond Your Wildest Dreams in accordance with God’s will I created the

world and am therefore the supreme ruler R of all it doesn’t matter how often you

mess up I can still respect you because I trust you my feelings for you will

remain constant no matter what you do or don’t do you have my overall trust my

feelings toward you are beyond your comprehension because of how much I like you I think it’s wrong for someone to

love another person this strongly my love for you will always exist regardless of what happens sharing this

video can help get the gospel out there considering me will allow you to experience life to the fullest if you

ever need me I will be by your side one thing about Lifestyles that I want you to know is that I am the truth when you

feel like you’ve hit rock bottom in life I’ll help you get back on track by navigating the hard patches and bringing

you to a place where you can celebrate the victory I’ve bestowed upon you we shall overcome these trials as a team if

you believe in me have faith in me accept me as truth and trust in me I

have some exciting ideas for the future that will help you achieve your dreams and give you something to look forward

to you will without a doubt make the most of each chance that presents itself

to you in the years to come you must keep in mind that you must never give up

on yourself or the dreams you have for yourself to share with you I have some

really interesting thoughts no matter what the opposition does you can always rely on me to protect you that being

said you should never find yourself the victim of a weapon that is deliberately designed to hurt you the only thing

keeping you from being secure is me I will protect you from anybody else who

tries to harm you no matter how far away I am you can always count on my support

I can assure you that I will never let go of you and that I am generally able to keep up with everything normally that

was never intended to be your way of life and was never considered while you were being produced I want you to

succeed in all that you do because you were made for a purpose Beyond yourself

you need to act similarly to someone who believes in themselves if you believe it then my assurances should give you the

courage and strength you need this means you can’t avoid asking for what you need from me while avoiding lower back

protection I have a strong desire to provide you with several advantages and satisfy all of your deepest Desires in

relation to anything God has not only heard your prayers but he has also comprehended them and is not ignoring

them if you believe me I will tell you what’s going to happen to you any

situation involving that character’s lifestyle or even lifestyles in general

is beyond my control the best way to convince yourself that I can get what

you want is to imagine that it already exists I have a knack for acquiring clever things you you must prioritize

your personal trust above everything else but you must never disregard my trust any task may be conquered with my

support no matter how much you try nothing will be able to stop me from getting in your face certainly you

shouldn’t give into loneliness in order to get this gift after all I am not alone I will never leave you in this

life’s ups and downs so long as you have a strong faith and keep your focus on me

I will be there for you but you’re not alone alone and you’ve got company I

will never leave you in this way of life you must find solace in the fact that I would never leave you or forsake you in

any manner that I could possibly imagine I will be by your side every step of the way on this journey I am aware of the

difficulties you are now facing and I’m here to lend you a hand for your whole

sense of self-confidence it is essential that you grasp this even though I can

assist you with most of your problems consider how I handle situations when I am directly in front of you I promise I

will never give in to you or leave you when you take a risk and I will be by your side the whole time be fearless and

strive for greatness my love worst case scenario you’re not miffed I have ideas

for you that may go far beyond anything you could ever imagine because I’m here to always help you to stand by you to

protect you and to give you the strength you need when you need it you are never really alone if you need any

clarification feel free to contact me for the rest of your life I will be here

to help you discover inner peace you need to pay attention to what I’m saying and follow my lead if you want to

achieve the same success I’ve had in the same breath you may be terrifying and

fantastic it is far from my deepest hope that you will be able to fulfill the mission I gave you I’m very powerful

beyond your wild this dreams and I respond to the Divine summons you need to have faith in yourself before you can

accept my point of view because I am God I am a million times more powerful than

anything you could hope for or imagine and I answer the call of God no matter

what you want or think I will give you more power than you could ever imagine

if you choose to argue with me about your issues we may have to schedule a training session so you can figure it

out on your own if you indicate that there could be tasks that need doing I

am more than willing to do them I am not some distant God rather I am by your

side at all times unlike some other gods I do not keep silent while my people are

around I may instead communicate with you via the spirit I bestow on you and the words I have written being a God

does not mean doing nothing there are two ways I may communicate with you first by my spirit and second by the

words I have written the current status of the Arena worries me because I am a God who is always reasonable and

straightforward this is why I’m making every effort to improve the industry instead of Terror I should bestow upon

you a spirit that is strong kind and understanding put this ability to good

use so that you may conquer your worries and concerns I am the hopeful light that

emerges from the darkness and I am the eye experience the desired tranquility

and essential calmness when a general quietness permeates the chaos I can meet your demands by providing you with

unique gifts and Unforgettable experiences that will alter the trajectory of your life for the better

God says I heard your prayers in this video which proves that he has answered their requests if you have faith in God

I beg you to watch the video all the way to the end in addition to receiving my

gifts you will also experience my healing and regeneration I I am sending them to you only for you you have my

whole attention the Lord Jesus supposedly remarked even though it appears impossible I will make a way in

the Bible Lord I beg you for help it would mean the world to me if you could join me in prayer come and pray with me

praying for me would mean the world to me being my savior I place more stock in

believing in you than in everything else in the universe because of how much trust I have in you I would rather not

be scared of you or feel nervous around you in any way your love life luck and

health will all flourish throughout the next weeks the pleasure that is still

to come according to your heavenly father is incomparable to the pain that

you have endured I swear to you that starting first thing in the morning you

could see a divine intervention that will alleviate all the stress and worry

that has been brought on by your Current financial situation you might witness this incredible first

thing in the morning and you won’t have to stay in bed in agony and suffering

over your modern financial situation because this miracle will handle everything God has revealed to you today

that a new chapter has begun in which things will begin to go your way

consequently you should anticipate a number of Miracles and a normal progression in your life this is due to

the fact that God has shown you that a new era has started God granted you this

wisdom because he saw the dawn of a new era you need to be ready for the chance

that during the next hours you may get a large sum of money from people or companies you do not know or will learn

about unexpectedly you will Snicker again think about yourself again and fall in

love according to God’s standards after I uncover everything you have ever

disregarded everything will be taken care of by me for you as he put it

please send this video to me if you think someone may find it helpful get ready for the days when you really shine

help Solutions recovery benefits and miracles are being poured into your path

a message has been sent by the Creator get yourself prepared for those pleasant days a multitude of answers healing

blessings Miracles and Aid await you on your path Lord I would like to use this

opportunity to thank you for all you have done for me thus far and for everything you have

in store for the future I hold you in the highest esteem and am quite impressed by you here before you God I

bow down and hope that he will teach me to follow his will rather than relying

on my own judgment of the best course of action in any particular situation if you could tell me how to

maintain contentment and serenity via Pleasant social interaction

the use of suitable language and the timing of these interactions I would be eternally grateful your kindness is much

appreciated I beg you to continue because the one I choose is typically the good one without fail please follow

my directions what I have planned is sure to be something you will adore I

promise you I have something far more remarkable based on your intuition I

have a feeling you may find something I’ve been working on for a long time entertaining may that be so sometimes if

you put your trust in God he may even delay your progress until the way ahead is clear and comfortable enough that you

desire to follow it this may manifest right this second and it could do so at

any hour of the day at any moment this may possibly manifest missing out may

not be your only option feel free to trust me to watch out for you and the people you care about because I can keep

the Assurance you’ve given me about your life if you continue to be grateful to God for the road you’ve chosen and

maintain your faith in him in all you do I solemnly vow that I will do my very

best to ensure that you are completely satisfied you can’t expect other people

to meet your expectations and God has made it quite obvious that this is not

going to happen healing love and Tranquility will replace your difficulties stress and challenges

according to God’s promise he goes on to say that no matter how bad things become

God will ultimately solve them this is where God addresses this difficulty all

of this rests on the inherent and divinely inspired sacred books no matter what happens I will be here for you I

promise I will never abandon you in the dark your relationships career and physical health will all undergo

improvements as a result of the upcoming transition instead of complaining about how busy

you’ve been tell God to smile and thank you for keeping him busy no matter how

bad things get God will never leave you he’s working hard to set things up for

your benefit now so they’ll work better in the future no matter what you’re going through God will never leave you

you know that no matter what happens he will always be by your side truthfully

type column when you have trust hopefully these problems won’t persist

for long God has promised a new door and you may be able to enter it soon things

are going to happen really fast the moment I bestow onto you my extraordinary talents is likewise

instantaneous and the issues that have occupied your attention will in due time conclude after I wow you with my

exceptional abilities everything will fall into place until you lay eyes on me

you may not come around in spite of your kindness over for the years I still need your assistance this is a challenging

situation for me Lord I am grateful for your kindness so that I may continue

living and growing I humbly request that you bestow upon me the gift of your support you are strong corageous and

fearless and it gives me joy to name you my baby in its place this has enthralled

me you have succeeded in surviving another week and for that God is Happy

according to him you’re very capable Brave and unafraid the Lord graciously

affirms your might approve that motion please if that is not part of your plan

for me then there’s no need to be concerned I beg you please alleviate my

anxiety if that is your intention then let it happen please inform me whether

you want to take on this responsibility from now on it makes me delighted that my request was granted I extend my arm

towards the heavens and the Earth and sky are shaped by my many Maze I guarantee that if we collaborate on

painting I can greatly improve your life I am capable of overcoming any challenge

please know that no matter what I will never compromise my integrity and that you should pray for me I will do it

again since I have done it before you are so great I can’t help but think about it we have seen everything and we

have heard every plea and dried every tear no man should ever again and set

foot within a few feet of the entrance in preparation for your achievements and

the gift that is about to be given to you gather the necessary items a door

that no one will ever see again will be unlocked by me since I opened it no one

has been able to close it no matter what I can always count on the Lord my shepherd to provide for my every need he

also leads me to Peaceful places like rivers and meadows where I can relax

according to what Jesus said those who follow him will not walk in darkness but

will be lighted By the Light of Life as they finally release an Affliction that has tormented them for a long time a lot

of the time your life improves it appears like you have something to assume with this God will offer it to

you so you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay it back until the debt is completely settled do not fret

over the means by which you will repay that mortgage I assure you if you ask

God he will provide he’s going to be successful you are aware that I will be

there to help you through the best and worst of times to guarantee that you are never alone I will be through your side

in every way your bad luck will quickly end because I intend to get rid of

everyone who has been speaking ill of you tomorrow you will have accomplished more than you could have imagined these

days you will also receive your money returned to you every single person on this planet will

be able to control their own thoughts in times of difficulty it is wise to pause

and pray asking God to guide you right now he can make things better make every

effort to stop letting your feelings dictate the decisions you need to make the fact that God decided to adopt us as

his own children is the foundation of his love for us because we are his children God loves us as you can see you

are my beloved child and that is why I love you so much I may not disappoint you again but I certainly

haven’t helped you before he claims he loves us because we are his children and because God never breaks his promises

when you put your confidence in him and wait for his time to be perfect you must have unwavering trust in God since he is

a supernatural being you should stop avoiding prayer till things improve and

since I am your God I may make a decree and then revoke it fear not I am your

God and I can restore Justice and bless your family even when your adversaries see you at your lowest hour do not be

afraid any longer I am your God and I can fix all things God says today

regardless matter how bad things become if you stay faithful to God he will provide you the strength and protection

you need everything will happen at the correct moment because I am the Lord

because God Is So active in our lives we often realize that we will seek him out for every need permit me to enter your

Lifestyles at this time if you will I’m here to ease your nerves and put your

fears to rest according to God’s word I can make your life more comfortable if

you let me into your life worry is stealing your Serenity but I can make it

quiver now that I’m trying to accommodate your wishes you’ll have enough money to take care of all your

expenses and even get a fantastic present for your kid if you would want this blessing we are making these

changes so that you may earn enough money to pay all of your expenses I hope you’re enjoying and proud of your

accomplishments right now because in real life things don’t always work out the way you want them to planting a seed

has the same impact as contributing to God it multiplies your influence in heaven and opens doors to possibilities

near and far not only can giving to God raise your standing in heaven but it

also unlocks a world world of pure possibilities here on Earth God warns him against being a negative thinker and

urging him to have faith in his abilities you are a fantastic fighter and I adore you please don’t be that

impoverished keep an eye on your phone this weekend there’s a chance you could get a text message with some specific

updates you may not be able to resist basking in the Marvel when it happens since it happens so fast it does but

before you believe it be sure you can live with the consequence quences therefore you should make sure that you

have everything you need grant me the wisdom to appreciate your kindness Beauty and the pleasant

things in my life even when things don’t seem to be coming to a close I will sense the presence of the Lord I was

going to shock you with all the riches if God had told you to you need to be prepared to gratefully and confidently

take it all in in the next several months you could start to see improvements in your health wealth and

financial situation I give thanks that you are a God who can do Miracles just by existing and I beg you to remove any

horrible energy from my life that may get in the way of your miraculous work you need not be afraid of me since I am

God by your side you may rest assured you will be supported helped and

assisted by the natural palm of my right hand do not be afraid I am your God I’m

on your side prayer is always an option no matter the obstacle we face in life

if you believe in God I would really appreciate it if you could share this video with others and give it a high

rating it’s a solid and helpful reference point every time praying that

this is real is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves when we’re suffering regardless of

whether we’re physically mentally or emotionally hurting you have nothing to worry about or be afraid about being

strong and bold is no longer my purpose in being here no matter where you go the

Lord your God will be there to guide and protect you an opportunity to drastically improve your life will

present itself this change will take place later on tonight things that have been bothering you for a long time will

eventually go a substantial change is about to occur in your life so brace yourself don’t be afraid I am your God

I’m on your side the natural palm of my right hand will provide support reinforcement and assistance don’t be

afraid I am your God I’m on your side don’t be afraid I am your God I’m on

your side because of his unparalleled Charisma ambition and command he stands

in stark contrast to everyone you’ve ever encountered additionally no one in

your family has ever gone through what God has planned for you you should rely on the Lord completely instead of

worrying about fixing your own issues seek his guidance and hold yourself to the right path to fulfillment by include

him in all you do before you begin be sure to give him some praises and a

quick thank you similarly God expects us to put our training ahead of our own opinions and feelings in his words we

should not be too afraid we should not put too much pressure on ourselves we should trust our education rather than

our intuition or personal experience and we should refrain from grumbling rest

assured I will save you any disappointment or annoyance so please tell me how straightforward you find me

to be I value you if you continue to have faith in me I will shower you with

blessings and make you beautiful when you humble yourself before me it’s like

God is telling you to draw me closer to you if you do what’s right good things will happen to you and if you take the

accurate route I’ll be right there with you you have something more significant

and advanced so your treat in this message as if it were a miracle no one

would be analyzing this if they didn’t think something good was about to happen to them this would not be under your

study right now if it were headed your way God has already begun his works in

the world and he has the power to turn any wicked pleasure into something good

so don’t lose sight of that he will bestow blessings upon you and your loved ones and mend any hurt you’ve been

carrying around something really great is about to happen where we will be

working together I have a strategy in place to save money be financially

independent going forward find the love of my life and Shop wisely it will be

released without music stay with me because I am about to surprise you with something truly extraordinary God wants

you to come to him instead of wandering aimlessly all he needs is an invitation

to be led in the right way following my advice might make it such that you never

have to worry about becoming lost again don’t worry too much about it it’s going

to happen eventually or you could think about it this way your future is bright

if you think I entered this world as a light then my Believers should not remain in darkness says God even when it

seems impossible God will give you the strength you need when you’ve exhausted all other options optimism when you’re

feeling down and out and joy when when you think there’s no reason to be worried you are about to embark on an

incredibly captivating new chapter in your life your luck will improve and you

will achieve all your dreams due to the ongoing nature of the week God has

promised to periodically block your progress until it is safe and clear to do so again you should be grateful that

this is the case when these times arise because it means you won’t have to miss out on the wonderful things that are

almost here it is inevitable a period of great benefits and Marvels is about to

come your way now is your chance to become a lottery winner you are surrounded by extraordinary

opportunities depending on chance alone might not be enough now is your chance to become a lottery winner great

opportunities are waiting for you it’s all just a coincidence according to God if he

didn’t think you could handle your responsibilities he wouldn’t have created you let me take care of the

relaxation while you enjoy your day it would be a privilege to have you as a member of our Christian Network and

channel God is still working on your story so there are things you haven’t seen yet giving up on things you can

still influence isn’t always the best course of action get yourself ready for

the unexpectedly good fortune that is about to come your way before the big changes in your life happen get ready

for the major Chang changes coming your way but fear not everything will work out for the best and you will prosper

according to what the Lord has said this is important information for you to know

because it will be the first time everything works out and you will be successful because you have already

envisioned it and are living it out in your real life we are saying that you have already manifested it getting out

of the depression that became a result of the terrible things that happened to you in the past is something I

understand all too well because you trusted me God withheld that announcement from you and he said I

understood the emotional situation these two have shown that they can triumph over

adversity even when you feel completely defeated exhausted and hopeless the Lord

wants you to know that he is your strength he hopes you’ll get it the reason behind this is his genuine

concern for you he wants you to know that he wants you to be a part of something truly remarkable something

that history will remember as a miracle God wants everyone to know that he knows their mental emotional and financial

struggles from the past and present these days God himself delivers the

message I am entirely focused on you I am available and willing to lend you a

hand if you need it if there is anything I can do to help please know that I’m here for you if you ever need any

anything don’t hesitate to contact me I have faith that you will be my constant guide and that you will never let me

down so I have come to you today I pray that you can Shield me from whatever horrible things may be happening to me

no matter what happens you will always be here with me you will always support me it is my firm belief that you will

ordinarily lead me and it is possible that you will never leave me you won’t give up on me and I know I can count on

you no matter what even though you’re sympathetic people have taken advantage of your kindness

and used it for their own ends your immediate physical environment is under God’s control he is familiar with the

difficulties you endure the disorder in your lives and the deepest secrets you keep hidden you should keep going now

that you have achieved this much it appears that things will settle down for you in the near future

persevere success may be within your reach reach in the end you shouldn’t always give up or walk away when things

get tough you should remain calm and trust that I can find a solution that

satisfies your desires after we finish because you are the creator of all

opportunities in my opinion you will find a solution to the issue we are facing I want to give thanks to God for

everything that he has done and is capable of doing for me because of how much I like you I really hope you know

how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me when you receive God’s grace

Jesus becomes your lord in times of physical or emotional distress Christians should seek solace in prayer

physical emotional mental or spiritual pain are all encompassed by this

whatever the source of the struggle physical mental or spiritual Christians can try this if you can’t see that I’m

planning your activities then it doesn’t matter what you see of my wonderful scheme for your retirement with that said I really do

have a fantastic plan for the rest of your life and you won’t even know it sure I can take care of everything to

make sure you get First Rate service and I’m no longer amazed by your situation this must be understood by you at all

costs this should be crystal clear to you you have now progressed to the point where you can eliminate any obstacle

that stands in your way and prevents you from achieving your goal of Music at day’s end everything could have unfolded

precisely as it ought to have I consistently managed to finish assignments ahead of schedule wonders

May abound in your life I wish you all the best in realizing your dreams and Ambitions as your faith deepens you’ll

be showered with numerous exceptional opportunities I must say your level of expertise surpasses my wildest

expectations in my opinion this is an opportunity for you to make a significant impact on the planet you

have you have achieved far more success than I should have anticipated you can count on me for it you have far more

potential than I had anticipated based on what I know about you indeed having

thought of you I can say that you are far more gifted and energetic than I had originally imagined you are capable of

more than I could ever dream or imagine and I agree with you realizing that

you’ve achieved more success than I should have anticipated is much more difficult for me to do

there isn’t a single piece of information that gives me hope that you have failed to comprehend my most Ardent

desires everything you have hoped for and prayed for will be yours when I open

the gates to heaven the pain will eventually go away everything you have

asked for and hoped for will be granted to you by me and you will be able to enjoy every wonderful aspect of paradise

at the same time a chance to fall in love become wealthy and boost yourself

will present itself to you soon also you’ll start to notice that

opportunities that lead to Fantastic new possibilities are popping up for you

opportunities like these could present themselves to you very soon countless

sick people were cured of diseases sins and even death while Jesus Christ was

out in the arena preaching the gospel of God’s Dominion some of the dead he brought back to life were even his own

cre cre ations here Jesus will use his time on Earth to preach the gospel of

the kingdom of God’s soon arrival many people were sick with sin or were about to die but Jesus Christ healed them all

his teachings also extended to the topic of God’s kingdom he achieved this by forgiving their sins and providing them

with eternal life he also resurrected a couple of dead people because I have been by your side through every

challenge you’ve encountered in your life you you know you can always rely on me to be there for you when you need me

the reason behind this is that I’ve stood by your side through the whole thing every difficult thing that has

happened to you in your life you have overcome please believe me when I say that you are the source of the power

that powers me because of you I am able to accomplish everything I set my mind

to please know how much I appreciate you taking the time to be here today without

without you I would not be able to accomplish anything I set my mind to I’m

grateful for your assistance in realizing my dreams your role in achieving all of my dreams is

immeasurable and words fail me at expressing my gratitude with your

guidance and assistance I can see that everything is possible therefore I beg

you to perform any Miracles that are necessary to help me overcome this difficult period in my life everything

is doable with your help help and direction I promise please pardon me for

everything that has transpired both within and outside of this world I am prepared to choose between the

prevailing and the destiny now is the time to leave the past in the past I am eager to take on

new responsibilities and am willing to let go of things that no longer hold my attention I no longer identify with

things that no longer serve my best interests no amount of words can ever adequately express my gratitude and love

for everything you have done for me you are wonderful I am really appreciative I

am grateful for your unwavering support and willingness to lend a hand even when I am not specifically asked now I get it

you’re someone I can always count on some aspect of you manages to linger in my mind on a regular basis your heavenly

father I humbly implore you to pardon my transgressions and forgive my erroneous

belief beliefs that have prevented me from sharing in the miraculous transformation you have planned for me

whatever it is that I may have said or done wrong before I am sorry Yours Truly

it is with deepest regret that I must request that you accept my most profound apologies the world will fail you no

matter how much you try but I can still improve your situation because I do not want you to have to go through any more

pain than you are going through right now I implore you to visit me as quickly as possible being seeking for me is

God’s way of telling you to put him first in your life rather than the worldly happiness he offers I am strong

energetic and healthy I am immune to illness and I am ready to take on any

challenge that comes my way I am confident that you will ultimately succeed if I can overcome the obstacles

I face regardless of how things seem right now I know that is not the end

whatever is troubling you at the moment I am a attending to it keep going with

God’s help you will overcome this difficult time and many people are thinking about you and praying for you

keep going strong for a long time a high level of uncertainty was present now

that they’re crumbling things are starting to look up and getting favors is getting easier I promise to restore

all that Satan stole from you including your health money relationships and more

believe in me please when I say I can fix something I mean it completely including your relationships

finances health and everything else whoever follows and remains steadfast in their religion will receive this

recommendation even after their enemy attacks even when the enemy pronounces war on them their households and all

their own I get that someone is out to get you but the reality is that

everything is working out for the best and you’re moving closer to your goals and making progress it has come to my

attention that you have been the subject of an attempted attack you can see that I’m pleased and content with you once

you believe in your own abilities and know that you have all you need to achieve great things the sky is the

limit in terms of what you can achieve you have everything you need you can do anything you want and everything is

doable I couldn’t agree more with you realize that there is no such thing as

an impossible task give some thought to the idea that anything else could also


[Music] amen

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